Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (II)


Let’s continue to read the word of God, “it is unquestionable that God still appears as the incarnate image to do this work among men.” “God still appears as the incarnate image to do this work among men,” the meaning of this statement is profound. Is it feasible for God to appear among men as the Spirit? Some people say it is not. Why is it not feasible? You all have feelings in spirit, and you know whether it is feasible or not. But when I ask you, “Why is it not feasible?”, you can’t explain it, right? If one can explain it, then he truly understands. He does not merely have the perceptual knowledge, but he also has the rational knowledge. If God appeared as the Spirit to work among men, could men see Him then? Could men touch Him? No. When men could neither see nor touch Him, what kind of trouble would it cause? Imagine yourself sitting at home when you suddenly hear the Spirit talking to you. You run toward the sound to investigate but see nothing. “Who is talking to me? Yikes! Where is He?” What would happen when you couldn’t find anyone? You would be scared to death and afraid to stay at home. You would be fleeing from the house and telling everyone, “There is a voice in our house, but no one is there!” No one would dare to enter your house. Investigating reporters would wonder, “We don’t hear any voice. Are you losing your mind?” When you are sent to the mental hospital for examination, they would say, “This person is not ill.” “Why the delirious talk when there is nothing wrong in him?” It is easy to cause chaos. Therefore, God cannot do this kind of work directly as the Spirit. Doing this kind of work as the Spirit, whether speaking through thunder in the sky, in the flame, in a tornado, in the middle of the house, or talking to someone in a crowd, is utterly out of the question. People will lose their nerve; they will panic and fall apart. Is it not the case?

You see, when a Christian wants to pray to God, he can serenely close his eyes anytime, anywhere, and starts praying to God. However, if the Spirit suddenly spoke up to you one day, would you be able to keep on praying? If God’s Spirit abruptly spoke to you each time you prayed to God, you would be scared out of your wit in one or two episodes. You wouldn’t dare to pray anymore. Is it not so? The human fabric is not cut out to handle such supernormal event. If you don’t believe it, imagine yourself in a room alone at night. After turning off the light, you see a pair of glowing eyes in the dark staring at you. Aren’t you afraid? You bet. People cannot take it; they break down easily; they lose their minds easily. Even a ghost story frightens most people, doesn’t it? This is the frailty of mortal flesh. It cannot withstand supernormal acts. Therefore, when God wants to save man, when God wants to appear to him, there is only one befitting way—to incarnate and appear to him as the Son of man. This is most suitable for humanity itself and for its needs. Look at how man behaves when he greets the incarnate God. When his heart says, “You are the incarnation of God,” what does he think in his mind? “I don’t see any semblance of God in Christ. He does not seem to carry a divine air.” Yet his heart still admits, “This is the incarnate God. Since He expresses the truth, He is the Spirit of God realized in the flesh.” Then he ponders in his mind, “The Spirit realized in the flesh indeed lacks an air of divinity after all.” His heart is always in such a dilemma. His dilemmatic state makes him think, “Oops, the incarnate God is not supernormal, how nice! He is just a common man regardless of how I look at Him.” So he no longer has fear in his heart. “I am veritably looking at an ordinary man, not God’s Spirit realized in the flesh. This kind of contact with God does not frighten me. I will simply treat Him like any other man.” Isn’t this the mindset of man? When man harbors this mindset, the intended result of God’s work is actually achieved. God’s normality and reality are achieved. Man is no longer afraid. No matter how you look at it, he is treating God like a man. As such, God’s word and work can proceed as normal without hindrance. God can deliver His word and express the truth at will. On the part of man, since the incarnate God’s humanity is so normal, His appearance so common in every aspect, you treat Him as a man in your heart. However much you recognize Him as God incarnate deeply within, you interact with Him like a man. This way, when His judgment, revelation and stern words become intolerable to man, man resists and defies in his heart. The corrupt disposition of man is inevitably revealed. If God spoke to man in the image of the Spirit or an angel, would he dare to reveal his corruption, resistance and defiance? You wouldn’t dare. No amount of gall would make you dare. “This is God after all! God speaks as He pleases. When He judges me, I must submit. I am powerless. If I resist, I am dead!” This way, God appears and works among man through the incarnate image of a man. When He expresses the truth, man’s defiance and corruption manifest themselves. The manifestation of such things provides the foundation and convenient evidence for God’s judgment work. As soon as man reveals himself to resist and defy God, God’s expression of the truth will be a natural outcome, with all the pieces falling into place. Therefore, the work of God is based on the corruption of man to express the truth, relying on the evidence and fact of man’s defiance and resistance for Him to express the truth for His work of judgment. As such, God’s work of judgment will proceed smoothly, in a way that is practical, normal and consistent with man’s concepts. When God judges the corruption and defiance of man and exposes his nature and essence with the truth, His work can proceed normally and attain the desired results. Unwittingly, man undergoes God’s judgment and chastisement. After he has suffered a lot from the judgment, condemnation, chastisement, and refinement of the word of God, he learns about God’s disposition and essence. Then he realizes this, “Oh! The incarnate Christ is the embodiment of God’s Spirit. He is really God appearing in the flesh. He is so different from the people and prophets used by God. He really has divine essence!” This is the actual empirical process in which God’s chosen people experience God’s judgment and attain the knowledge of God. So he who has endured so much pain from judgment, trial and chastisement because of the truth expressed by Christ will be utterly convinced of the incarnate God and prostrate before Him. Such a person is conquered by God’s word, completely conquered.

He who is conquered by the word of God, why can he prostrate before God? Why can’t the antichrists prostrate before God? Where is the difference? Similarly reading the word of God, experiencing the work of God, why are the chosen people of God able to prostrate before Christ, the incarnate God they have accepted? These truths can conquer all those who truly accept God, make them prostrate, obey and recognize that the incarnate God is the practical God, the heavenly God. Why are the antichrists unable to prostrate before God, unable to really obey God, despite having accepted Almighty God and having acknowledged His word as the expression of God? What are the reasons for this? Why do religious pastors not accept these truths? Why do they not recognize the incarnate God? What are the reasons for this? If you can see through these things, you will know what kind of people are cleansed, saved and completed by God’s work of judgment, and what kind of people are eliminated. Man can prostrate before God, not because Christ’s flesh is great and agreeable to man’s concepts, but because the word expressed by His flesh is the truth and expression of God that represents God’s disposition. Man has experienced it, so he could prostrate before Christ to truly obey the work of Christ, to truly have fear for Christ. For those who completely reject the truth, they are not interested in the truth. They think, “I am such an important person. Can I obey an insignificant Christ? This does not work. It is a loss of dignity.” They can’t be submissive. What is the problem? They have no fear for God in their hearts. So God humbly conceals Himself in the flesh of a normal man, to see who can prostrate, who can obey, who can really love and worship Him. Doesn’t the incarnate God reveal man the most? The incarnate God reveals man the most. The truth expressed by God reveals man the most. Therefore the way God works is so wonderful, so wise, and so practical! Some people had believed in the incarnation of God for twenty to thirty years without genuine obedience and fear. They were eliminated ultimately. Other people have believed in the incarnation of God for a few years. When they see the image of God in the flesh, see the disposition and essence of God and all that God has and is, a true love for God is born in their hearts. They say in their hearts: “Christ, even if You are more humble, hidden, and inconspicuous in appearance, You are still my most admired God, to whom I’m most grateful. You are also the most supreme and honorable God. Even if You are more humbly hidden in the flesh, You are still worthy of praise and worship!” In which people has the judgment work of God achieved such results? In those who love the truth. Results are achieved on those who accept the truth. Those people will be ultimately completed. Their names are inscribed in the book of life of the Lamb, that is, in the book of life of Christ. Some people say, “Does Christ have a huge book called the book of life?” It is not a huge book or great book; it is a number inscribed in the heart of Christ for you which says, “This is a man who genuinely pursues the truth. This is a man who fears God.” The heart of Christ recognizes you. Isn’t there a place for you in the book of life of the Lamb? There are some people who have believed in the incarnation of God for ten or twenty years. Christ does not recognize them because their faith is professed rather than true. They do not love the truth. God does not recognize them. Their belief is in vain. Without the recognition of God, is there a place in the book of life of the Lamb for this kind of man? No. They believe in God for nothing. It is all in vain.

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