Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (II)


We will now continue, and read the passage of God’s words below: “That is to say, in the last days, Christ shall use the truth to teach men around the earth and to make all truths known to them. This is God’s work of judgment.” But what exactly is God’s work of judgment? “That is to say, in the last days, Christ shall use the truth to teach men around the earth and to make all truths known to them. This is God’s work of judgment.” Can religious people recognize this? They cannot. God has revealed these mysteries to us. Even though religious people hear them, they do not understand and even though they read them, they cannot comprehend. This is because their heart is waxed gross! What do religious people think? They say, “In the final days, there will be judgment. In the sky, there will be a white throne, and on that throne will be the Son of man. Then, the judgment will begin. The book of life and the book of the dead will be opened. This is the work of judgment.” Is this not man’s conception of the work of judgment? Then, what is the actual picture as painted in the Book of Revelation? If you only consider things in accordance with the scene as described in words, then you will not understand and you will not be able to explain it. Will the throne appear in the sky for you to see? You should experience the work God actually does on you and upon mankind. If you fail to do that, you would simply form images from the words you have read, and such images are just your imagination. Isn’t this the way of it? If the prophecies in the Book of Revelation come true, what will they really be like? Christ incarnate expresses the truth to those who accept Him, or rather, to all mankind. If you accept it, then you will experience judgment and chastisement. If you do not accept it, then you will not experience judgment and chastisement. This is the reality. This is the truth regarding God’s work, the situation as it really is. Even if you memorize the scene as laid out in Revelation, it is not realistic, and such memorizing does not mean you understand God’s work of judgment. God said, “This is God’s work of judgment.” Now we can see that Christ has expressed all the truth for humanity’s purification and salvation, making it known to all mankind regardless of nationality or language. These words of God, these truths, they are all online; they are all being transmitted through the air. The gospel is being transmitted through the air! All kinds of people all over the world have now started searching and investigating the truth. And in the end, however many accept it, they will be the ones who have a part in God’s judgment work during the last days. Those who do not accept the truth are outside of God’s words, and they are non-believers. In the end, they will be destroyed. So, isn’t accepting God’s work in the last days to accept His favor, His love? It is His favor and His love.

So, what have we received from our years of experience of judgment and chastisement? And what is God’s work of judgment? It is to express the truth. It is to open up Christ’s truth, way, and life to mankind. But what do we gain from experiencing God’s judgment? We get the truth, we get the life. There are those who say, “What we gain is the truth? How can you explain the truth?” If you ask me to explain what the truth is, I cannot do so clearly. But I have much real knowledge of God. Is this not to have gained the truth? Along with increasing my understanding of the truth, I also began to truly obey God. Isn’t this life? Because I have experienced the righteousness of God’s judgment and chastisement, I have developed a reverence for Him. Is this not life? I can speak of much real knowledge about God. Is this not the reality of the truth? Now, there are many of God’s chosen people who can share their experiential knowledge of God’s judgment. But what is this true experiential knowledge? This is the fruit one gains from understanding the truth. If the experiential knowledge which you speak of contains much truth which you really understand, this is called experiential knowledge. If you do not have experience or knowledge of the truth, does this mean you have gained the truth? It does not. There are many people who share their experiential knowledge, and you can tell straightaway that it really contains the reality of the truth! If it really contains the reality of the truth, then this proves they have gained the truth and life. There are some who previously did not know what it meant to obey God. After communicating many words of God to them, someone asked them, “Do you know what it means to obey God?” They answered, “I understand the literal meaning of the words. They mean, whatever God says we must obey, whatever He says we must listen to. Isn’t this obedience?” “Then tell me, what true obedience do you have to God? Are you one who obeys God?” When asked this question, they had no words. That shows they did not have the truth. Suppose someone says, “I have followed the Lord all my life.” Others may ask him, “You have great seniority because you have believed in Him your whole life, but what knowledge do you have of our Lord?” Then, such a person can utter no practical words in response. “What knowledge do I have? The Lord is merciful and loving. After believing in Him I have enjoyed the Lord’s grace and blessing. My daughter got in to university, and after I prayed for her she also got a good job. Later, I prayed for her to find a good partner, and before they had children I prayed for them to have a son. As a result, they did have a son. You see how much we have been blessed! Does this not show that I know the Lord?” Does this mean one knows the Lord? It does not. If one has experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, and has personal experience of His righteous disposition, His searching of one’s heart, His intolerance of offense against His disposition; if they have been taught a painful lesson and in the end have truly repented, and they have developed a reverence for God in their heart, then do such people know God? We would all agree they do. What knowledge do they have of God? They would say, “I can bear witness that God’s disposition is righteous and holy, and this is absolutely true! I can bear witness that God can search a person’s heart, and this is undoubtedly true! God exposed in full the truth of my corrupt self. He did it perfectly and precisely.” No one has spoken to God of the things within you. Yet, anything that you can think of, God can point out to you. Many people, on reading God’s words of revelation, will cry and shout, stating, “God’s words, they describe me, He is totally correct. How could God know what is in my heart? Yesterday, I had such thoughts and now God has spoken and revealed them to me.” There are many who have spoken such words. They go on to say, “God searches people’s hearts. This is so true. God really does search people’s hearts!” Deep down, in your bones, you yourself may not be sure what your nature is, what you really are. But when God reveals it to you, then you will suddenly see with clarity: “Now, I know that God’s searching of our hearts is absolutely true.” This is knowledge from experience. Then, when you hear, “God’s disposition does not tolerate offense. Have you experienced this?” You can reply, “Oh, it is so awesome! God’s disposition really is not to be offended!” If you reveal your corruption without realizing it, God will show you the essence of your corrupt nature. If you deliberately offend and resist Him, then He will become enraged, and then He really will discipline you and even punish you. Some people, when they are cutting vegetables, “bang,” the knife slips and cuts at their finger. Luckily, the finger isn’t severed, but looking down at their exposed bone, they say, “Oh! I know that something I’ve said has offended God. He is disciplining me.” While working, “bang,” they get injured, and they think, “I know clearly why I have been hurt.” Some are in car accidents, some get sick. All of them are being disciplined by God. They say, “God’s disposition really allows no offense!” There was a person who spread his own notions about God. After spreading such things, he became sick, his stomach was in pain. At the hospital, he was discovered to have “late-stage cancer.” After returning home, he spoke frankly to his relatives. What did he say? “I have offended God.” His family replied, “Why did you always spread your notions and negativity? I knew you wouldn’t have a good end, it was inevitable that God would punish you!” And he said, “Now I know, God’s disposition allows no offense!” Too late. A few months later he was dead. There is a book belonging to God’s house entitled Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God. In it there are over 800 examples which represent His punishment. In actuality, there are more than ten thousand examples, at least fifteen thousand cases. Because many are quite similar, it would be meaningless to include them all in the book. After verifying their accuracy, eight hundred examples were compiled. So what can we see in these eight hundred examples? That God’s disposition is not to be offended! If you deliberately condemn God and resist Him, then in the end He will take your life! So, as God has carried out His work for the last days, there have been many within the religious community who have resisted God and been punished, more than ten thousand examples in fact. Within God’s house there have also been many who have received punishment. Those antichrists are expelled. The evil ones, those antichrists, are all eliminated, some are even cursed and die. The fruit of God’s judgment is as follows: On the one hand, those who pursue the truth become pure, and are made perfect. On the other, those who do not pursue the truth; who hate and despise the truth; who do much evil, they are the ones who are punished. This is the reality of God’s judgment. It is exactly so!

Let us read a passage of God’s words: “Many have a sour taste in their mouths about the second incarnation of God, for man finds it difficult to believe that God shall do the work of judgment as an incarnation. But I must tell you that often the work of God greatly exceeds man’s expectations and is difficult for the minds of men to accept.” These words are very true. On hearing that God has become flesh once again, many get a sour taste in their mouth. “How can He become flesh again? The first time God incarnated Himself in the flesh was to absolve us of sin. He made us a wonderful promise, to come again and accept us into the kingdom of heaven. Isn’t this great? Isn’t this the end? Why does He return again in the flesh, especially when it is to carry out judgment?” Since things do not adhere to their notions, people feel a little conflicted. This is true, is it not? What does this truth show us? With regard to this, God said, “But I must tell you that often the work of God greatly exceeds man’s expectations and is difficult for the minds of men to accept.” These words explain it clearly, do they not? With regard to God’s second coming and His work, man always makes guesses and judgments based upon his own conceptions and imagination. As a result, God’s work exceeds the expectations of man, it does not adhere to his conceptions and imagination and in fact it is completely at odds with man’s notions of God. Isn’t this the reality of the situation? It is, and this is how God works. In accordance with such truth, you should be able to come up with a conclusion. What conclusion? With regard to God’s work, one should never, ever view it according to the conceptions and imagination of man; one should never, ever define God’s work in accordance with man’s ability to think and infer. If you continue to do such a thing, you are truly a fool. Worst of all, if you stubbornly persist with your conceptions and imaginings, you would continue to resist Him and be cast out by Him, and the consequences are unimaginable! Isn’t this a lesson in of itself? Some ask, “Why? How can it be this way?” Here, God’s words explain it, “For men are merely maggots upon the earth, while God is the supreme One that fills the universe….” If God’s work exceeds the expectations of man and none of it adheres to man’s conceptions and imagination, then how should we understand the following words? “For men are merely maggots upon the earth….” You are merely a maggot upon the earth, how can you measure the supreme One who fills the universe? You are an insignificant creation; how can you fathom what our Creator does and how He works? Is it not so? These words are the truth, are they not? Have any of you discovered the truth in these words? Please tell me. Of course they have the truth, all of God’s words are the truth. But many people read them time and again, year after year, and they cannot see the truth in them. This is very problematic. Such people cannot read the truth in the words, and they ask, “Where is the truth? Tell me. I cannot see where the truth is.” The truth is in God’s words; sometimes, the words themselves are the truth, sometimes the truth is hidden. “For men are merely maggots upon the earth….” In these words, the truth is hidden. What truth is hidden within them? That man, the creation, is, in the eyes of God, but a hoard of maggots upon the earth with no means of ever measuring all that the Creator does. Isn’t this the truth? It is the truth. To put it in a nicer way, we are all His creations. To put it in more realistic terms, how insignificant are we the creations? To what extent are we insignificant? How pathetic is our intellect, our intelligence and our mode of thinking? In God’s eyes, we are merely maggots upon the earth. Man’s intellect is hardly any different to that of a maggot. How many years would a person need to live before developing an intellect which could understand God? If they lived to a thousand, would it be enough? What about ten thousand? Some say it would still not be enough. What about 100 million years? People still say one would not be able to measure God. Why? Man’s intellect will not increase indefinitely, it is fixed, it is limited. No matter how long a person lives, their intellect is limited. For example, throughout a person’s life, what level can their intellect reach? They can understand things as they appear on the outside, but can they explain them all? They cannot. Can they understand the inner essence of animals? Can they discover the ultimate laws which govern all things? They cannot discover any of it. When man learns some knowledge, nothing changes. Look at what happens after man learns a little knowledge, a little science, what things does he create? Man’s development of science has allowed him to create weapons and tools and the means to destroy himself and the natural environment. Isn’t this fact? So, what of man’s intellect? Man’s intellect isn’t even enough for him to protect himself, or to live a long life, or to prevent himself from becoming ill, or even to plan for and realize his own wishes. Nor can he curb his own desires. So, what of this supposed intellect? It is equal to having no intellect and no skill. What is the cost of using man’s intellect to develop science? The cost is the destruction, by man, of the natural and ecological environment. And what will be the end result? The development of science will, in the end, destroy mankind. When scientific development reaches its peak, it will be the end for humanity. Is this not true? This is the highest achievement of the intellect of man, to create his own destruction. Now tell me, is man smart and intelligent? Will he be able to protect himself? God’s words say, “For men are merely maggots upon the earth….” Actually, man is dust upon the earth, and if we speak of dust, it is not living, it has no brain, it is simply a material. But if we speak of maggots, they have life, they can crawl upon the ground, they can eat and they can live for a few days. This is a maggot. Are maggots worth anything? They are not. Then tell me, if men are merely maggots upon the earth, then does their vanity have any meaning? It is meaningless, is it not?

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