Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (II)


The word of God says “For men are merely maggots upon the earth, while God is the supreme One that fills the universe.” The supreme One mentioned here is the Creator, the one true God who dominates all, who is supreme. How can the maggots that crawl upon the ground ever be compared with the supreme One that fills the universe? The two are incomparable! The maggots are vastly inferior, their wisdom is inferior to that of God. How could the maggots ever know the heart and mind of God, the possessions and being of God, and the nature and disposition of God? They could not possibly know! Then why is it that men cannot know God? They are not intelligent enough, the level of their thinking is not high enough. Most people do not understand the spirit, they cannot understand the truth. Only a small minority of people possess the qualities required by God, but it is also necessary for them to go through the perfection of the work of the Holy Spirit. People cannot attain the truth on their own. Despite the fact that the work of God brings to light many truths that exude His disposition, people are still powerless to comprehend them. Thus, they still need to be perfected through the work of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this the truth? So we see that the work of the Holy Spirit does not come so easily for most of the people who are undergoing the work of God. Is it possible for those who cannot obtain the work of the Holy Spirit to comprehend the truth by virtue of their own intelligence? The answer is that they cannot comprehend it. Some people are of a particularly arrogant nature, they are obedient to no one, saying, “Isn’t your ability to communicate the truth contingent upon reading the word of God? Listen brother, if you can read the word to commune with the truth, then I can too. I’ll read God’s word at home, and I’ll read it every day. You want me to listen to your sermons? Listen to your fellowship? Who do you think you are?” There are many people like this, they don’t obey anyone. If man doesn’t have the work of the Holy Spirit, can he understand the truth? The religious pastors preach the Bible for their entire life, but they do not know the word of God, and have only biblical knowledge, then what could people like this comprehend? Some biblical names and places, geographical knowledge of all the nations mentioned in the Bible and the origin and the character of the apostles for instance. If people only grasp this, then would it mean that they comprehend the word of God? And so, having biblical knowledge does not equate to understanding the word of God, nor does it equate to knowing God. Some of you out there may ask, why is that? It is because man has a low essence, he is living in the flesh, he is not spirit. He is a living thing made of physical substance, he cannot directly penetrate the spiritual world. And when he cannot do so, he cannot understand God, nor can he understand spiritual warfare; he cannot fathom anything. Therefore, man must be enlightened by the Holy Spirit; only under the guidance of the Holy Spirit can he understand God’s word, only then can he know God. Thus, it is predestined that in undergoing God’s work, if you cannot receive the work of the Holy Spirit, you can never possibly be saved, nor can you be perfected.

Let us continue to read the word of God, “the mind of man is akin to a pit of foul water that gives rise only to maggots.” Here God is speaking figuratively about the human mind, that it is like a pit of putrid water. What do you think about the revealing of this phrase? Do you think it’s easy to accept? The scientist would be defiant and say, “Look, though my mind may be like a pit of putrid water, I can produce lots of nifty things, I can create planes, I can make spaceships, I can fly to the stars.” He may talk a good game, but regardless, “the mind of man is akin to a pit of foul water that gives rise only to maggots.” It doesn’t matter whether you can take this metaphor into your heart now, it doesn’t matter how you feel about this kind of figurative language that God uses, one day you will admit to its truth. The word of God does not mean to deliberately disparage man; because God made man, He would not disparage him, but God has given an analogy to the arrogant and conceited people out there to help them understand His meaning. At this point, you may say, “God’s word seems to belittle me; it’s comparing my mind to a pit of foul water, and comparing me to the maggots born of those filthy effluents.” If you have in your mind all sorts of notions and imaginings about God, then they represent your understanding of Him. You’ve come before God, yet you still disobey and resist Him. This proves that all those thoughts and your so-called knowledge of God are nothing more than the pitiful human conceptions and imagination, and that you are a maggot, and your mind is a pit full of stinking sewage! You think you can preach the Bible, right? You can give sermons, right? You say that you are the source of living water, but God said that you are not, because your mind is a pit of foul, putrid water, which maggots are born of. This phrase is part reality, part irony, right? And so one day when people are so full of their own notions and imaginings, and are so resistant to God, to the point that they fall down before God in shame, they will say, “My mind is a pit of foul water, and the thoughts born of it are maggots.” They should acknowledge this. So there are some of you out there unconvinced now, right? Don’t worry. When you have experienced the word of God and His judgment to a certain extent, then you will admit to the truth of this, because it describes what is fit for the corrupted mankind, the people who resist God.

Let us look at the word of God once more, “whereas each stage of the work directed by the thoughts of God is the fruit of God’s wisdom.” This is the truth. Where is the truth in this phrase? People usually don’t understand this passage after reading it, and they never recognize the mystery in it. Now, how should one receive this passage? Here it says, “whereas each stage of the work directed by the thoughts of God is the fruit of God’s wisdom.” Every stage of work is the crystallization of the wisdom of God. In His every stage of work, God expresses many truths, and His work achieves the fruits that God has predetermined, and every step is what the mind of God has commanded. The mind of God will be able to command every stage of His work. So just how high are the mind and thoughts of God? Can they be measured by man? No, they are forever immeasurable to man! The mind of ​​God absolutely cannot be measured or apprehended by any man. The mind of ​​God can reveal His omnipotence! Every stage of the work His thoughts command is unable to be interrupted, disturbed or ruined by any evil force of this world. The work commanded by the mind of God can achieve victory over Satan, it can conquer mankind, and accomplish all. The mind of ​​God is much higher than the mind of man, but how much higher are the thoughts of God? No metaphor can be used here; no words can express it, correct? This is the biggest difference between God and man; there is no language with which we can fittingly describe it. God said the following, “Man constantly wishes to contend with God; then I say it is self-evident who stands to lose in the end.” Does this even require explanation? Were man and God to contest, would God have to make a great effort, or rack His brains to figure out how to deal with man? Of course He wouldn’t have to. And why not? Because long ago, tens of millions of years ago, before the creation of human beings, God had perfectly understood the resistance and rebelliousness of mankind. Therefore, every stage of the work commanded by the mind of God is the crystallization of His wisdom. God just uses His mind to command the work and how each stage should be accomplished. In this way, He can fulfill His management plan and save mankind. His work is sufficient to conquer man, cleanse man, and save man. What His mind commands can accomplish all, so is it really necessary for God to stew over how to deal with mankind? Absolutely not. Why is it unnecessary? People are maggots on the ground, every person’s mind is a pit full of foul water. God sees all with perfect clarity and knows all before the ages. Man is God’s creation, so He knows everyone all too well. Right? Everything we have communicated today serves sufficiently to confirm and ascertain this passage.

Lots of people out there say, “There are many in the religious community who have not yet accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days, is God’s work at this stage over? Will God still save those people?” Did God ever talk about this? Has God explained it clearly? Yes, clear as a bell. Way back at the beginning of this stage, when the chosen people of God had not yet truly experienced His word, God first spoke about the accomplishments and the disasters to be brought in this stage, as well as the fruits of this work. That is, when the work had not yet officially started, God had said all that needed to be said. First there was the word of God, that which God has foreordained, the fruits established by God, and the fact that God has established this stage of work, and then the chosen people of God began to experience His word. So, what do you see from this point? Some people say, “How is it that you’ve been explaining this for a long while, but I still don’t understand? So what you’re saying is that God first spoke, and when no one had experienced His word, the work of God at this stage was essentially complete, which is supposedly a simple fact, but, I still don’t get it. Is it that when people have not yet been born, their lives have been mapped out for them from beginning to end? That the problems people run into every day of every year, and the things that happen in life have all been predestined? Like the people had been through it all before; is that what you’re saying? Come on, it’s all so implausible.” What I am saying may sound a bit unrealistic, but the completion of God is absolutely real. You may not admit it today, but there will come a day when you will admit it, and so when this stage is over, when the great disasters are over, you will look again at the fact of God’s completion, and see that it was done long ago. So what we experience of our life, what will come, the duty that we are to perform, and the road that we are to take; are these not all that God has in store for us? God has predetermined all for you; from the day you were born, everything has been arranged for you. Though you may have not taken a single step down the road of life, the direction has been preset for you. Everything in your life has already been made real for you by God. So, when I put it to you this way, can you wrap your mind around it? Why is it that no one can escape the dictates of fate in his life? No matter how you struggle or how much knowledge you learn, it cannot allow you to escape the rule of God, isn’t that just the way it is? Non-believers and ignoramuses refuse to give themselves over to God, they say the fate of man is in his own hands; yet what happened in the end? They were unable to change their own destiny, they died exactly as they were supposed to, and did exactly what it was set out for them to do, they struggled against fate for their entire life, and finally were not able to win over fate. Some people say, “I’m not the prettiest rose in the bunch, I’m going to get plastic surgery.” But you’d still be the same you even if you did it—fate will never change. Some people spend money on many cosmetic surgeries only to destroy the bones in their face, but that cannot stop fate. Some people have their legs sawed to lengthen them, so they saw them and then have a section added, but that can’t stop fate. Whatever will be is all due to fate. Wouldn’t you say that just about sums it up? So is plastic surgery a good thing? I hear you all saying no. Whatever image God gives us is what we should keep for our entire life, we should obey the arrangements of God, and pursue the truth with every ounce of energy in us. According to what God requires of us, we should give it our all and ultimately live a proper human life. If so then we will not have lived in vain, and if we can perform our duty well in the end, it will mean that we’re a qualified creature. It is what people should pursue in this life; to perform one’s duty properly is a mark of a qualified creature. We should put forth our best effort to perform our duty well, and in performing our duty we try to live out the reality of the truth, become obedient to the truth, become obedient to all that God has arranged; we should perform our duty in accordance with God’s requirements to satisfy Him. Thus, we can perform our duty up to standard. When the performance of our duty is up to standard, we will become a qualified creature, and we can receive God’s approval, and ultimately God will arrange for us the beautiful destination. And how do we attain the beautiful destination? We have to do our duty properly and pursue the truth and be able to obey God and worship God, thereby becoming a qualified creature who meets with God’s approval. It’s just that simple.

Some people prefer to stay at home believing in God, but are you really able to perform your duty by just sitting at home? No, you are not able to do it well. So are you following God? The answer is no. You are just an idle, self-entitled homebody who happens to be a believer. If you are not a follower of God, can you attain the truth and the life? Can you achieve knowledge of God? If you are nothing but a lazy idler sitting staring off into space, then you’re good for nothing and will achieve nothing. Therefore, you should do your duty. And in doing so you need to practice and experience what God asks of you so that you may bear fruit—only in this manner can you be counted as a follower of God whose name will be written into the Lamb’s book of life. You spend all your time in the secular world in the pursuit of money and wealth, you sow your wild oats with great abandon, you buy luxury cars, you live in a mansion in the lap of luxury, so is this following God? This is not believing in God, nor is it following Him! God does not recognize this kind of faith, and God says you are an unbeliever, a false believer. Then you are finished; you believe in vain! You see in religion there are those who say, “How can I believe in the Lord and be saved?” “You need to be baptized!” “How can I be baptized?” “Go to the river, or if conditions aren’t right, you can be baptized in a vat of water.” Or if there are no material conditions like a vat available, then pour a pot of water on your head, or the pastor could take a bit of water in his hands and rub it onto the top of the head. “Fantastic! You’re baptized and you now have a place in the kingdom of heaven.” Is this following God? Is this following in the footsteps of the Lamb? Never leaving His side and being faithful unto death? This is what is called religious ritual. Do religious people do ridiculous or nonsensical things? Following in the footsteps of God requires that you first must accept all the truths that God has expressed, which are the life that God has given unto mankind, and the foundation for man’s survival. If you do not accept these truths, then believing in the Lord for eight hundred years would all be in vain—and an exercise in futility! To receive all the truths expressed by Christ in the last days is true faith in God. In performing your duty, you should experience and practice the truths, so that these truths and these words of God can become your life, your true faith and your true love. Only this means that you are someone who has attained the truth and the life, and who truly follows in the footsteps of the Lamb. Only this kind of person will have his name written into the Lamb’s book of life.

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