Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (II)


There are some brothers and sisters who have started bringing up some questions. Let’s read some of the questions.

Questions & Answers

Question 1: When I found out that the leaders and workers’ assessment of me is that I am a crafty person that is not worthy of cultivation, the wind was knocked out of me. I feel that I am doing service by fulfilling my duties. When I think of what was communicated in the fellowship of the above, specifically, “service-doers are no good,” the words “a crafty person that is not worthy of cultivation” surface in my mind repeatedly. My heart is filled with pain and I feel very depressed to the point where I just want to give up. However, in my heart, I feel like I have been accused and I do not want to continue on like this. Unfortunately, these words keep surfacing in my mind and the situation keeps on repeating itself. I feel that this situation is very dangerous for me, I do not know how I should experience this so I can stand firm in this environment.

Answer: This person is always negative. When he encounters some judgment or exposure, he becomes negative. Now, what can I say so that this person won’t be so negative? “You are someone who can be cultivated, you are someone that seeks the truth, you are not a crafty person.” If I say some words that coax a child, he won’t be so negative, right? Now, how should this kind of person be dealt with? Well, then is it okay if we say some words that coax a child? When you discover someone is negative and weak, say some opposite things to them, some words meant for coddling a child, comfort them a little and they will no longer be negative. Is it okay if we work like this? Someone says it isn’t. Why is it not okay? Isn’t it easy to achieve results like this? Why is it not okay? When it comes to people who do not seek the truth, if they are not negative, they still do not seek the truth. If they are happy, they still do not seek the truth. Isn’t this the case? Now, how can this problem be resolved? The work that God has come to do is the work of cleansing man of his corruption. It is to resolve man’s corrupt nature. Now, do you acknowledge that God’s word is the truth? God’s words reveal all sorts of manifestations of satanic dispositions and all kinds of natures and essences. Doesn’t this apply to everyone? Do these words only apply to you? Do God’s words only refer to you and leave me out? This means your acceptance of God’s words is incorrect! The corrupt disposition that God’s words reveal applies to the entire corrupt human race. It does not matter whether you have accepted God’s work, these corrupt manifestations, corrupt nature and the truth of this corruption, they involve each and every one of us. Isn’t this the case? First you must know God’s work. Each person has all the different kinds of corruption of the human race that God makes known. Not only do you have it, I also have it and the manifestations of it are the same. It’s just that externally, there is a bit of difference. Some people have done some things that are clearly bad, while others have not done some things that are clearly bad. However, externally, no matter how many clearly bad things someone has done, their nature, their satanic disposition and the things they keep in their hearts are the same. There are some people who have not committed the sin of fornication and they have not performed any acts of fornication. However, is there the desire of fornication in their hearts? Outwardly, someone may never have stolen, but is there greed in his or her heart? Someone may never have embezzled, but do they have thoughts of embezzlement in their heart? Everyone has. You just haven’t been given the chance to seize the opportunity. You were not in the right position and you were not in the right environment, that is why you did not do these things. If I were in a certain position, or if I were in a particular environment, I would be capable of it. If I did not do it one day, I might have done it another. Eight years, ten years, there is no way to guarantee that anybody could fight these impulses for this long. If you stand at the river banks often, how can your shoes not get wet? Isn’t this the case? If someone has status, is he capable of being greedy when it comes to money? Does someone with status have a desire for fame and profit? Is it easy for someone with status to commit adultery and promiscuity? Status reveals what man truly is! If you want to know what kind of things someone is capable of doing, what kind of person he truly is, put this person in a position of power. Within a couple of years, everything will be revealed. His true colors will be fully revealed, right? If someone with status does not do anything that is clearly evil, bad things that the average person with status is capable of doing, if this person has status for a couple of years and does not do anything bad, what does this indicate? Well, this person is rather good. If he really did not do any of these bad things when he has status, then this person is definitely worthy of being admired. I admire these kinds of people. When you do not have status, you can say that you did not do this, and you did not do that, but this does not indicate anything. It’s just that you were not in a position or the proper environment to do these things. Look at how there are some people who are not government officials. They are extremely ugly. What kind of woman would want to be near them? However, if this kind of “ugly person” becomes a government official or the governor of a province, women, even good women, will throw themselves at him. Other people are not particularly good looking, in fact they are unbearably ugly, but they are billionaires. Do women throw themselves at them? We all say they do. Why is this? It’s because they want a share of their wealth. When people fight over wealth, they are capable of anything. They are capable of doing all sorts of evil to get what they want. This is the corrupt nature of humanity. They are unscrupulous! Now if your reasoning is, “I have never done these things, that is why I say that I am a good person,” is this tenable? It is not tenable. If you actually had the status and were under conditions where you were fully capable of carrying out all sorts of evil things, yet you still do not do these things, well, this indicates something about your morality. Everyone would admire this kind of person. You have to see things this way. Someone said, “I am not greedy for money.” Well, it is because you just don’t have the status to earn large amounts of money. If you actually had money yet you were not greedy for it and you were still able to give to charity, if you became a rich and powerful person, yet you still were able to give money to charity, well, people will admire you. This is why everyone has corruption. Nobody should say how good they are, or how great they are. These words are not okay! I used to think that I was a really good person. Once I experienced judgment and chastisement, I became aware that if I had status in the past, I would not have been any better than those corrupt politicians. It would be just a question of how greedy I was. I would not have been necessarily better than those who lusted, it would be just a matter of how much I lusted. You did not commit any crimes because you did not have status. What are you boasting about? Does this indicate anything about your morality just because you were not in a position to commit these crimes?

How should man deal with God’s words of judgment when he encounters them? We should be practical and realistic. What God’s words of judgment expose is the true condition of our hearts. We must accept and obey. We must not resist or oppose it. What is the use of resisting and trying to reason with God? Can you resolve the problem by doing so? God says that all of humanity is corrupt. How are you an exception? Those that seek the truth acknowledge that they themselves are very corrupt. How do you not acknowledge this? How is it that other people can accept the truth but you cannot? How is it that other people can obey God’s judgment and chastisement but you cannot? What kind of problem is this? Everything that man is, man’s character and man’s attitude toward the truth has been completely revealed. Just now, we mentioned this issue, “immediately losing strength when finding out that a leader or worker’s evaluation of them is that they are a crafty person not worthy of cultivation.” Could it be that this is even more severe than God’s words of judgment? Are God’s words of judgment more severe than this? God judges that humanity is the descendant of Satan, it all belongs to the category of Satan. Do you accept? If you can accept God saying those words and acknowledge that it is the truth, why does learning about workers and leaders’ evaluation of you as a crafty person not worthy of cultivation cause you to become negative and lose your strength? What kind of issue is this? The person who said these things has never accepted God’s judgment and chastisement. If you can accept God’s judgment and chastisement, why is it that you become negative and run out of strength when someone says one sentence? What kind of problem is this? There are many people who do not pay any attention to God’s judgment and chastisement. They especially pay a lot of attention to what workers and leaders say, they keep it in their hearts. If the workers and leaders say that they are not worthy to be cultivated and that they are crafty people, it is more useful and efficacious than God’s judgment. They immediately become negative, lose their strength and become like shriveled eggplants. What kind of issue is this? They believe in God but they do not obey God. Instead, they worship the workers and the leaders. What does it indicate when the words of the workers and leaders are so much more useful and occupy such a position in their hearts? Is there a place for God in their hearts? Are they people who revere God? These kinds of people are in trouble and in danger! They believe in God like this. They do not accept God’s words and they do not accept God’s judgment and chastisement. They only pay attention to the evaluation of the workers and leaders of them. They only care about the kind of image and position they occupy in the hearts of the workers and leaders. When all is said and done, do they actually seek the truth? Are they truly seeking to obey God? This topic really reveals people! If you truly obey God’s judgment and chastisement, then you should care about God’s will. “Oh no, I must understand myself. God’s words contain so much truth that reveals the corrupt human race. He has said so many words. Why do I not keep them in my heart? Why am I not more diligent and attentive when it comes to this? I only think about how the workers and leaders think of me. Isn’t this being too preoccupied with status and reputation?” You only want to have status in the eyes of the workers and leaders so that they will promote you and give you an “official” position. Now, have you achieved your objective? Can you enter the kingdom of heaven? Will you be rewarded and obtain a crown? Doesn’t this kind of person have this kind of intention and goal? Are the workers and leaders your lord? Are they your God? Can they save you? What’s the use if they lift you up, use you and cultivate you? Can they represent God? Notice how the person who raised this question worships the workers and leaders. He does not care about how God thinks of him and whether or not he has status in the eyes of God. He has this kind of thinking, this is very troublesome. Is the path this person takes correct? From this question he raised, you can tell that this person is not someone who seeks the truth. He is especially focused on how the workers and leaders think of him. He is particularly concerned about whether or not the workers and leaders can cultivate and promote him. He is walking the path of the antichrist! This person does not have a place for God in his heart. He does not obey the work of God. Instead, he obeys the work of the workers and leaders. He worships the workers and leaders and does not accept God’s judgment and punishment. Can this kind of person be cleansed and perfected? No, he cannot. This is troublesome.


Question 2: How should we deal with those whose humanity is relatively good and who are willing to seek the truth, but because they are controlled by the seeking of fame and status, they walk the path of the antichrist? I see that I myself, within the environment that God has put me in, have still been revealed as walking the path of the antichrist. I feel that my essence is not good and I am afraid of being exposed. I cannot deal with this properly and I feel restrained when performing my duties. How should I practically resolve this? Brother, please fellowship about this.

Answer: This person has a kind of way of accepting and understanding. First, he does not know how to deal with those who walk the path of the antichrist. Additionally, he sees that he himself has been exposed as walking the path of the antichrist within the environment that God has set him in. He feels that his essence is not good, and he is afraid of being exposed. He does not know how to properly address this and feels restrained when performing his duties. He does not know how he should tackle this. Man has a corrupt disposition, isn’t this a fact that everyone acknowledges? Man has a corrupt disposition, a satanic nature. When he chooses a path to walk, he often chooses based on his own conceptions and imagination. He also chooses based on his preferences. Isn’t this a fact? That is, when man believes in God, before he obtains the truth and has an understanding of God, he will commit a lot of errors, he will make the mistake of walking astray and taking the path of the antichrist. He will commit some transgressions and he will be exposed quite frequently as committing transgressions of resisting and acting against God’s will. These are situations that will happen often. However, this is not to say that whoever has been exposed to be walking the path of the antichrist will be eliminated right away. Also, this does not mean that if someone has committed transgressions and does not put the truth into practice, then he or she will definitely be eliminated. Therefore, we can see a truth here, that the people that God perfects, many of those who seek the truth, in the past, they have walked astray. They have all committed transgressions in the past and they have had their corruption exposed. When they did work, they also had mixed intentions. This includes me as well. Isn’t this the truth? We all say that it is. Now, if this is the truth, if someone walks astray and because of this, he thinks that his essence is not good, is this kind of thinking correct? This way of thinking is clearly incorrect.

Now, just what does it mean to have a bad essence? We all have a satanic nature, a satanic disposition. Who has a good essence? Could someone with a good essence obey God without having experienced God’s judgment and chastisement? Could they truly listen to God’s words and revere God without having experienced God’s judgment and chastisement? Who is able to do this? Nobody. Unless the Holy Spirit specifically works on them, right? Here, this person has some issues when it comes to accepting. He walks the path of the antichrist and afterward, he feels that his essence is not good. He is afraid of being exposed by other people, he always feels restrained when performing his duties and he does not know how to resolve this. If you know that walking the path of the antichrist is a mistake, that it is contrary to God’s will, and is the manifestation of resisting God, why do you not repent? Why do you insist on making this mistake? Don’t you need to resolve this problem? Who has not walked the path of the antichrist? I have also walked that path. When I first started believing in the Lord Jesus, I experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in that way. However, when facing the coming of Christ, I had no knowledge of Him and still thought that His word was just the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, the Holy Spirit’s utterance. I wrote “Words of the Seven Spirits” or “Words of the Holy Spirit to the Churches” on the pieces of the word of God and then distributed them one by one. The manuscripts are still kept now. This indicates that when God first started speaking, people still did not acknowledge it, they still had some of their own notions, “Wow, the things this person is saying, it is like He is a prophet. He must have been enlightened.” When did I start to acknowledge God’s work? I suddenly saw the light when God made the truth of the incarnation known, “Oh no, how was I so blind to not acknowledge God? How could I have made this mistake?” It was especially contemptible, selfish, evil and ugly that I competed and tried to measure up to God. Haven’t we all made this mistake? But, does God condemn us? Did God say, “All those who do not know Me shall die”? God has come to do the work of saving mankind. The judgment of God in the last days is completely for the purpose of cleansing and saving man. It does not matter how many detours you have taken, or how much corruption you have revealed. When you experience God’s judgment, you must repent, you must seek the truth, you must obey the truth and you must learn to obey God. In the end, you will obtain the truth and life. Your life disposition will change. At this moment, you will be completely saved. So what happens when you experience a change in your life disposition? First, you no longer judge God. You do not rely on your own conceptions and imagination to examine God’s work. Second, no matter what God does, you are still able to choose to obey Him, even if what He does is not in accordance with your own thoughts or perspectives. Even if He does not save us and He throws us into hell even after He has finished cleansing us, you still do not complain because He is God and He is the Creator. No matter what He does, He is the truth and He is righteous. If you have this kind of reverent heart for God, if you can obey no matter what God does, wouldn’t you say that this is a manifestation that your life disposition has changed? Now, if there is this evidence that there has been a change in your life disposition, would you still be able to resist God? You would no longer resist God. No matter what God does, you would not judge Him. No matter what God does, you would still be certain of His righteousness. No matter what God does, you will still acknowledge that man cannot fathom God’s work. Even if everything that God does is not in accordance with man’s conception, you still acknowledge that it contains God’s good intentions and wisdom. There is truth and mystery that must be sought. You do not choose to judge, oppose or resist it. This kind of person has been perfected, he is a perfected man. Those who have not been perfected make mistakes when it comes to this subject. They resist the first time and they still make a mistake the next time. They resist a second time, they do not accept the truth and they make the same mistake the next time. They keep on making mistakes. This kind of person has not been saved. He is still someone who resists God. The people who have been perfected do not resist God. They do not speak words of judgment against God. Even if they do not understand God’s work, they acknowledge that it contains the good intentions and wisdom of God and at the very least, the purpose of His work is to reveal man. Externally, it would seem that there are some problems with God’s work. If you grasp onto this and do not let it go, you will die. If you hold onto it, then you will be revealed. Those who have a heart that reveres God would say, “I will not judge God. God is eternally righteous. God is the truth. This contains God’s good intentions and wisdom.” This reveals man. When those that revere God see things that are not in accordance with man’s conceptions, they seek the truth and they obey God. Some people say, “If the truth wields power in God’s family, then how come there are still false leaders and antichrists?” Do these kinds of people understand the spirit? They do not know that God has arranged for the existence of these false leaders and antichrists. These kinds of people are foils, they have a use. So why weren’t the tares and the wheat separated earlier? All of this contains God’s good intentions and wisdom. These people just can’t see through this matter.

The person who brought up this subject said, “I feel that my own essence is not good.” What does it mean to have a bad essence? If it has been revealed that you walk the path of the antichrist, would you be able to understand the truth? Would you be able to not bring up your conceptions? Would you be able to seek the truth? Do not abandon yourself to despair! If you can seek the truth and you can understand the truth, then you are capable of wise decisions. If you are not able to understand or obey the truth no matter how other people communicate the truth to you, then you will be eliminated. Isn’t this the case? It is useless for you now to feel that your own essence is bad. What constitutes a bad essence? The most important point is, can you accept and obey the truth? You say, “My essence is bad.” Then others ask you, “Do you actually accept the truth?” “My essence is bad.” Now, perhaps this kind of person is truly done for. He belongs to Satan, he does not accept the truth. If you could accept and obey the truth, you would have changed from the time in the past when you said that your essence was bad. Your satanic nature and disposition would have been cleansed and you would have been able to obey God, right? Now, is it the time to trap yourself or is it the time to seek and accept the truth? Everyone says it is the time to accept the truth. It is similar to a doctor letting you eat again, “You have finished the injections and the medication. You can now eat normally again and return to your normal daily activities.” “I have a bad essence, I am sick.” “What do you mean you have a bad essence? After you have finished your injections and your medication, you should eat, exercise and train yourself.” “My essence is bad, I will not train myself. My essence is bad, I will not eat.” What kind of problem is this? You must have a mental disorder, this is very troublesome. Is this a problem that is easily resolved? Do not keep trapping yourself by saying that your essence is bad. What do you mean your essence is bad? Who has a normal humanity after being corrupted by Satan? If you have a normal humanity, then there is no need for you to accept God’s work of judgment, right? Right now, the important thing is whether or not you are able to accept the truth and follow God’s demands and obey God’s judgment and cleansing. Can you put the truth into practice? It is time for you to choose. Do not allow a bad essence to be your excuse to shirk responsibility and limit yourself. You keep on making a racket about how you have a bad essence and you do not make known whether or not you acknowledge that this is the truth, that God’s words are the truth and whether or not you should obey the truth and accept God’s judgment and chastisement. If you do not make a choice, then it isn’t just because you have a bad essence. Perhaps you have some mental problems, right?

To the brothers and sisters who brought up these two issues, do not be negative. Perhaps the things that I had to say are not very pleasant to hear. In any case, just seek the truth and things will be fine. The things I said may not be pleasant to listen to, but I did not have bad intentions. I was just provoking you to accept the truth and not trap yourself. This was my intention. Forgive me if it is not pleasant to hear. I speak very hurriedly, I am frank and blunt. My mouth does not have a filter. This is an inherent characteristic of mine. Though there have been some changes to my life disposition, my personality remains unchanged. Should the evidence of whether or not your life disposition has changed be based on whether your personality has changed? There is no direct relationship between your life disposition and your personality. Your personality will not change at all your entire life. Man’s personality will never change and their appearance will never change. Understand?

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