Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (II)


Question 3: When the disaster arrives and God returns to Zion, at that time, will there be the Holy Spirit’s work? During the great disaster, how can we experience God’s judgment, chastisement, trials and refinement so that we can perform beautiful witnessing?

Answer: After God returns to Zion, the great disaster will descend, this is inevitable. During the disaster, how can God’s chosen people experience God’s judgment, chastisement, trials and refinement? Which people will have the Holy Spirit’s work? This does not need to be said. Those that seek the truth will have the Holy Spirit’s work, those that do not seek the truth will not have the Holy Spirit’s work. It will be the same as it is today, understand? However, at that time, the method in which the Holy Spirit does work may go through some changes. The people who seek the truth will be guided by the Holy Spirit more frequently. The experience of the Holy Spirit’s work is not supernatural. He lets you seek God’s words by yourself when you experience things. It is similar to when Job encountered trials. He followed God’s word and did some self-reflection and analysis. We also need to follow God’s word and experience it. There are some things in which you cannot just rely on the Holy Spirit’s work. The most important thing should be to rely on God’s word. Ponder and seek the truth within God’s word, this is the most important point. God would not be happy and the Holy Spirit would not work if you only relied on the Holy Spirit’s work and you did not rely on God’s word. This is because God has already expressed His word. It has explained everything clearly. If you do not seek answers within God’s word, if you do not care for and obey God according to God’s word, then you will not have a path. The Holy Spirit’s enlightenment is also based on God’s word! Do you understand this? Job’s experience is the best testimony of God’s chosen people’s experience of God’s work during their trials. In the future, God’s chosen people will all encounter great trials, and even come close to death. These are things that also need to be experienced. At that time, because the trials will be too great, many people will be at a loss and they will be worried that they are done and that they will definitely die. So, they will not read God’s word and they will not eat and drink God’s words. These kinds of people will be eliminated. Once you have determined that you are done, then you are done. This is frustrating. Do not be so sure of yourself, seek and feel out God’s intentions, eat and drink God’s words, read more of God’s word. Once the Holy Spirit enlightens you in God’s word, you will have a path. That is why, right now, you should eat and drink more of God’s word and equip yourself with more of God’s word. When that time comes, it will come in use. If you do not eat and drink God’s word now, if you only rely on the Holy Spirit’s work at that time, I’m afraid that you will make a mistake, you will delay yourself. Do you understand? Let me give you an example. It is similar to a student studying at school. When he is at home, when he is not taking a test, he relies on other people, “Mother, father, give me the answers, help me answer these questions.” “Brother, sister, help me with these problems.” When it comes time to take the test, his parents, brothers and sisters are not there to help. Now, he has to rely on what he has learned on his own to do the test! You understand now that I say it like this! At that time, nobody can help anybody else. Everyone has their own difficulties. Everyone has their own obstacles. That is why if you do not normally read God’s word, if you do not make preparations in regard to the truth, at that time, you will be at a loss and you will have reached an impasse. You could easily be led into the darkness.

Question 4: How should we experience God’s judgment and chastisement so we will have results, so that we can better understand ourselves, understand God and receive cleansing? Please fellowship about this in detail.

Answer: Experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement means that you must accept all of God’s words that expose, judge, and chastise the corrupt humanity. You must take these words and see how they apply to you, how they relate to your own situation and understand your own corruption. For example, when God talks about the manifestations of the corruption of humanity, the notions and imagination of corrupt humanity, you must reflect on it. After you have identified these things within you, you will feel that God’s words are spoken to you, and to all of corrupt humanity. You will say, “I can see my corruption clearly. I have so much corruption.” When you see it clearly and you acknowledge all of it, you have achieved the result of understanding yourself. One aspect is God expressing the truth of judging the corruption of humanity. What is this truth? Why does God express this truth to resolve this aspect of humanity’s corruption? This truth is what God is and has. It represents God’s disposition. That is why you must truly understand that God’s words are the truth. You must truly understand that what God is revealing is man’s corrupt disposition. This is the truth of man’s situation, it is man’s genuine manifestation, it is one kind of poison in man’s satanic nature. Now, you must ponder how you can resolve this problem. You must accept this truth, accept all that God is and has and cast aside your own corruption. To cast aside your corruption, you must understand it and you must acknowledge it. If you can accept the many words of God that judge and reveal man, if you can relate these words to your own real situations and talk about your own real understanding, then this is achieving the result of genuinely understanding yourself. What is the standard for the result of genuinely understanding yourself? Seeing your own satanic nature, seeing that you have a type of nature inside and when it is revealed it is a satanic disposition. These kinds of manifestations belong to the category of satanic dispositions: arrogance and self-righteousness, chasing status and fame, worshiping man and showing oneself off. Acknowledge all of this. Have an understanding of the composition and substance of all of your own manifestations. Each one of these is a kind of satanic disposition. In the end, you will come to understand the truth of your own corruption, “Oh no, the corruption of humanity runs deep! Truly, it does not have any resemblance to man! If I hadn’t experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, I would still feel that man is good, I would still feel that I am very good! Today, when I look at this, I don’t think this is the case! No wonder corrupt humanity resists God in this way! When dissected in detail, man does not have much normal humanity, or rather, he does not have a bit of normal humanity. Now, once this is said, does he have true human likeness? Man does not live like a genuine human being. It does not matter how lofty man appears to be or how well he presents himself, his whole being is a satanic form, a form of hypocrisy.” Once you see through these facts, would you still say that you are a good person? Would you still say that on this earth, there are more good people than bad people? Would you still worship corrupt humanity? Would you acknowledge that God is righteous and holy? Do you understand why God judges humanity like this? Do you understand how God views the human race in His heart? Can you see that God’s disposition will not tolerate offense? Once you achieve these results, then you have achieved the final results of receiving God’s judgment and chastisement. Based on the final results of judgment and chastisement, we can determine that God does His work of judgment in order to cleanse and save man. This is a certainty. Therefore, by experiencing this kind of judgment and chastisement, you will surely be able to obtain cleansing. But, what is the precondition? Man must accept the truth! Man must obey God’s work! You still resist, deny and do not accept. You are always arrogant and self-righteous. No matter how God reveals the corruption of humanity, you still say that He is judging other people, that He is judging those that are corrupt among the human race, not those that are good people. Isn’t this kind of understanding of yours erroneous? Isn’t this arrogant and self-righteous? Isn’t this not acknowledging the truth and disobeying God? That is why when it comes to the work of judgment and chastisement, some people are able to seek the truth and achieve cleansing and salvation. Some people hate the truth and are fed up with the truth. They know that God’s words are correct and they acknowledge that God’s words are the truth. Even so, they do not accept and they do not obey. In the end, are these kinds of people able to experience a change in their life disposition? Can they be saved and perfected? Definitely not. They will definitely be eliminated. Now, when it comes to this topic, have I spoken clearly about the basics of how to experience God’s judgment and chastisement? First, you must accept God’s word. Do not look at God’s words and simply say to yourself, “This is incorrect, He is not referring to me. I am not so corrupt. I am one of humanity’s good people. This is referring to those who are corrupt among humanity.” If you say things like this, then it is over. In the beginning, I also believed that there were some words that did not refer to me, and there were some words that referred to me. Now, I see it. I have all this corruption inside of me. There are some things that you haven’t done, yet you are still corrupt. Even though externally, you have not committed fornication or promiscuity, inside your heart, you have. In the first few years of judgment and chastisement, it is possible to achieve these results. Now, you see it even more clearly. Whatever God’s word judges and chastises, you have a share in it; it even exists in your bones and in your blood. It does not matter whether you did that kind of thing, you have to acknowledge that God’s word is the truth, that what He says is the fact, it is real. Once you are convinced of God’s judgment and chastisement, you will eventually obey. If you experience it in this way, it is guaranteed that you will be able to achieve results. However, only one aspect of judgment and chastisement are the words. Another aspect is dealing, pruning, trials and refinement. This is also judgment and chastisement, understand? So long as this dealing, pruning, trials and refinement are completely in accordance with God’s words, then it originates from God and it is guaranteed to also be judgment and chastisement. It is an even more practical form of judgment and chastisement. There is some discipline that is an even more practical form of judgment and chastisement. Some dealing and pruning is an even more realistic form of judgment and chastisement. If you accept and obey like this, then you will obtain even more and you will change even faster.

Question 5: Within the work arrangements, it says, “Presently, the majority of God’s chosen people have still not completely entered into the reality of the truth. They have a genuine and solid faith and a will to spend for God. Their greatest lack is the experience of God’s judgment and chastisement and dealing and pruning. If workers and leaders can guide God’s chosen people in this aspect to enter the reality of the truth, church life will completely enter onto the right track and God’s chosen people will be able to completely enter onto the right track of faith.” Please communicate about this: How can workers and leaders guide God’s chosen people to enter into the realistic experience of God’s judgment and chastisement and dealing and pruning? How can they enter onto the right track of faith?

Answer: Each worker and leader has their own job that God has entrusted them with. This entrustment from God has a direct relationship with the duties one must fulfill. Additionally, it also has a direct relationship with the substantive work that workers and leaders should do. If workers and leaders do not attend to their own proper duties, if they walk the path of antichrists, if they bear witness of themselves and show themselves off, can this kind of person fulfill the duties of a created being? No. Now, just what does God entrust them with? Workers and leaders must do the necessary work to guide God’s chosen people to enter into the reality of the truth. This is a leader’s responsibility, their duty. When a family woman becomes a mother, what is the work that she must do? It is to raise their kids and help them become adults. This is the job of a mother, right? Now, as a worker or leader, your job is to hold meetings to communicate God’s word, guide God’s chosen people to eat and drink God’s word, accept God’s judgment and chastisement and dealing and pruning. How should you guide them? When eating and drinking God’s words, you should first talk about your own experience and understanding. When God’s chosen people do not know how to experience God’s word, you should guide them. When God’s chosen people cannot accept it purely, their acceptance is flawed. You must correct this. If you often communicate to them your experience and understanding, your pure experience and understanding, and the way of your practice, is this not the work that workers and leaders should do? This is doing practical work. If you do things like this, you will achieve the results of doing practical work. If you do not engage in your proper duties, if you do not do this practical work, if you do not place this work in your focus, if you always communicate words of doctrine to show yourself off, isn’t this going against God’s intentions? How do false leaders and antichrists fail? This lesson must be absorbed! To be genuine workers and leaders after God’s heart, we must be honest and down-to-earth in guiding God’s chosen people to eat and drink God’s words, to experience and practice God’s words. In the end, we must help them achieve an understanding of the truth and enter into the reality. This is the job of workers and leaders. This is also the job that God has entrusted us with. Understand this!

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