Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (III)


Further below, God says, “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee in the midst of the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” Do you understand these words? What kind of person will be eternally detested and rejected by God? “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified.” What is the meaning of these words? What does “can never be purified” mean? What are the factors that cause someone to accept judgment but not be purified? The main factor is that they only accept judgment externally. If they accept judgment but are unable to get purified, this means that in the process of judgment and chastisement, they do not seek the truth. The words of judgment that God expresses are all that God is. They represent God’s disposition. Such a person does not accept or acknowledge at all; their acceptance of judgment is an external acceptance. This person does not submit to judgment. This person does not truly obey and seek the truth in order to resolve his or her own corruption during the process of judgment and chastisement. That is why, this kind of person externally accepts judgment and experiences God’s work but his or her satanic disposition does not get purified. This person is still arrogant and conceited, still crooked and treacherous, still speaks lies and deception, still practices fraud and is still a hypocrite. He or she only suffers and makes an effort externally. This person does not have the reality of the truth and has not experienced a change in his or her life disposition. God said, “only accept judgment but can never be purified.” Isn’t this the circumstance? Now what kind of people are these people? In the church, people often say these words “accepts God’s work but does not seek the truth at all.” Doesn’t this refer to these people? After you discipline them, they say, “I am wrong, I acknowledge it, I repent.” Afterward, they do not accept the truth, they do not absorb the lesson and they still do not put the truth into practice. They are the same as before. What kind of problem is this? Their obedience is external. Is it an obedience that truly accepts the truth? It is not. How is an obedience that accepts the truth produced? If someone does not accept the truth, will they have true obedience? Externally, they are sincere and they do not resist, but this does not mean that they truly obey. Only those that accept the truth, acknowledge the truth and can obey the truth will manifest genuine obedience. If your heart does not even acknowledge the truth, then your obedience is just being honest externally and not daring to resist. This is Satan’s philosophy, this is resigning oneself to adversity. You resign yourself to adversity, pursue Satan’s philosophy, and try to never offend anyone. If you know full well that Satan’s demons are pressuring and persecuting, yet you do not resist, declare your position or try to discern this, and you just play along, allowing Satan to direct or control you as it pleases, is this true obedience? This kind of person does not have the truth. He is not a person that accepts the truth. That is why he cannot see through Satan’s regime or the darkness and evil of the world. If he cannot see through this, what can he carry out? He will carry out Satan’s philosophy to protect himself and become someone who tries to never offend anyone. This kind of person simply applies this kind of attitude in God’s family, “Wherever I go, I will obey. Wherever I go, I will listen. It can’t be wrong. This is the principle of a human being. Whatever God says, I will nod my head and say it is correct. I will not rebel, have my own conceptions, judge or resist.” Does this person have a genuine obedience for God? Even if externally, he doesn’t commit any evil, however, inside his heart, he has not accepted the truth. If his heart does not accept the truth, can he feel true remorse? Can he truly know himself? Can he have genuine repentance? Definitely he cannot achieve these results. If these results cannot be achieved, can his so-called “acceptance of judgment” bring him purification? It definitely cannot. Now, the meaning of “only accept judgment but can never be purified” should be clear, right? There are some people who have externally accepted Almighty God for 3, 5 or 10 years, yet I can see that they have not thrown off much of their satanic disposition; they are still arrogant and conceited, and when they encounter situations, they still do not seek the truth. They deal with situations like someone who tries to never offend anyone. Externally, they look like a good person; however, they do not have the truth. Externally this kind of person has not done any evil and they seem like a good person. However, when God looks at them, God sees their inner heart. God will say this person hasn’t been purified. Now you know the reason! The people that God approves are not only externally good.

In the religious world, there are many devout people, they say, “We have changed due to our faith in the Lord Jesus. Look, we are able to make an effort for the Lord, do work for the Lord, endure prison for the Lord, and we do not deny His name in front of others. We are able to do many virtuous things, give to charity, donate and help the poor. These are big changes! We have changed, that is why we are qualified to wait for the Lord to bring us into the kingdom of heaven.” What do you think about these words? Do you have any discernment when it comes to these words? It is only through encountering real situations that a person can be revealed as to whether or not they have the truth and discernment. For example, can you discern the theories that a religious pastor talks about? Can you discern the opinions of the religious world? Can you discern the perspectives of the religious world? If you cannot discern these things clearly, how can you have an understanding of God? How can you have the reality of the truth? What does it mean to be cleansed? Do you think that if your behavior has changed and you do good deeds then you have been cleansed? Are these words correct? It is very clear that they are not correct. Someone says, “I have cast aside everything. I even cast aside my job in the world, my family and the desires of the flesh in order to make an effort for God. Is this the equivalent of getting cleansed?” Even if you have done all this, this is not solid evidence that you have been cleansed. So, what is the key point? In which aspect can you obtain cleansing that can be considered real cleansing? Who can tell me? I want to hear your understanding. If you talk about some external theories, it is useless. In which aspect can you obtain cleansing that can be considered real cleansing? Some people say real cleansing is the cleansing of the satanic disposition that resists God. Now, what are the manifestations of satanic disposition that resists God? What is the most obvious manifestation? A person’s arrogance, conceit, self-righteousness and self-pride, as well as his crookedness, treachery, telling lies, deception and hypocrisy. When these things are no longer part of someone, then they have been truly cleansed. We have previously talked about man’s satanic disposition in a sermon. There are 12 key manifestations. Let’s take a look at each one of these 12 manifestations: considering oneself to be the most honorable; going along with those who submit to you and going against those who resist you; thinking only God is superior to you, submitting to no one else, having no regard for others; creating an independent kingdom once you have power; wanting to be the sole wielder of power and the master of all things and to decide things all by yourself. All of these manifestations are satanic dispositions. These satanic dispositions must be cleansed before someone experiences a change in his life disposition. A change in one’s life disposition is a rebirth because his essence has changed. Before, when he was given power, he was able to create his own independent kingdom. Now, when he is given power, he serves God, bears witness for God and becomes a servant for the chosen people of God. Isn’t this a genuine change? Before, he showed off himself in all situations and wanted other people to think highly of him and worship him. Now, he bears witness for God everywhere, he is no longer focused on himself, and he thinks, “No matter how people treat me, it is fine. No matter how people comment about me, it is fine. I do not care. I only want to lift up God, bear witness for God, help others gain an understanding of God, and help others obey in the presence of God.” Isn’t this a change in life disposition? “I will treat the brothers and sisters with love. I will fulfill my duties. In all matters, I will provide benefit for others. I will be compassionate of others in all situations. I will help others obtain the truth and understand the truth. In all matters, I will not think about myself, I will only think about others. I will help others advance their lives and fulfill my own responsibilities.” This is what it means to love people, to love others as yourself! When it comes to Satan, you can discern it, have principles, draw a demarcation line with it and thoroughly reveal the evils of Satan so that God’s chosen people will be spared from its harm. This is protecting God’s chosen people, and this is even more loving others as yourself. Additionally, you should love what God loves and hate what God hates. What does God hate then? He hates antichrists, evil spirits and wicked people. That means we also have to hate antichrists, evil spirits and wicked people. We must stand on God’s side. We cannot compromise with them. Who does God love? God loves those who He wants to save and bless. For these people, we must be responsible, treat them with love, help, lead, provide and support them. Isn’t this a change in one’s life disposition? Additionally, when you have committed some transgressions or mistakes, or neglected the principles in doing something, you can accept the brothers and sisters’ criticism, blame, discipline, dealing and pruning; you can receive all of these things as if they were from God, accept it with tolerance, harbor no hatred, and seek the truth to resolve your own corruption. Isn’t this a change in your life disposition? These are all real manifestations of a change in one’s life disposition. What is the difference between a change in life disposition and a change in behavior? Externally, some people are able to cast aside their possessions and endure suffering but there is no change to their life disposition. There are some people who have had a change in their life disposition; externally, they are the same as everyone else and they can also cast aside their possessions. These two kinds of people can both cast aside their possessions and externally, they are the same. However, not both of them have had a change in their life disposition.

Can the change in behavior that is talked about in the religious world represent a change in life disposition? Some people say it cannot. Why is it that a change in one’s behavior cannot represent a change in his life disposition? The main reason is because he still resists God. You can see that externally, the Pharisees were very devout, they prayed, they explained the scripture and they followed the regulations of the law very well. It could be said that externally, they were beyond reproach. People were unable to pick out any faults. However, why were they still able to resist and condemn Christ? What does this indicate? They did not have the truth and they did not know God. Externally, they were very good, yet they did not have the truth, that is why they were able to resist God. If externally, they were so good, why does this not count as a change in life disposition? It is because they were still arrogant, conceited and especially self-righteous. They believed in their own knowledge, theories and understanding of the scriptures. They believed that they understood everything and that they were better than other people. This is why they resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus when He was preaching and doing His work. That is why when the religious world heard that Christ of the last days has expressed all of the truth, they condemned Him even though they knew it is the truth. What kind of error did they commit? Externally, they went through such a big change, how was it that they were still able to resist God? How was it that they were still able to be crazily hostile toward Christ? What kind of issue is this? Can a person that opposes and resists Christ enter the kingdom of heaven? Can God bring people who are the enemies of Christ into the kingdom? God would not do this sort of thing. Why did the Lord Jesus curse the Pharisees? It was because the Pharisees resisted Christ and were enemies of Christ. Their mortal weakness was that they vied with Christ over God’s chosen people. They controlled the people that Christ came to obtain. The Pharisees confused these people and they controlled them in the palms of their hands. They did not give God’s chosen people to God, the incarnate God. Isn’t this vying over God’s chosen people with God? This is like a mother entrusting her own children to her sister, “Help me take care of them. After a few years, I will return.” After a few years, she returns and her children do not recognize their own mother. What does this stepmother say? “She is not your mother, I am your real mother.” Don’t the antichrists do this sort of thing? They are there as the pastor of a church, as the overseer or leader of a religious sect. In the end, God incarnate arrives and wants to lead God’s chosen people back before God so that they can accept God’s work. These antichrists try to block this, they control and baffle God’s chosen people. They do not let them inspect the truth. Aren’t these people antichrists? Now, shouldn’t these people be cursed? Of these people’s sins, which one is the greatest sin? It is vying with God over God’s chosen people, understood? This is like the stepmother fighting with the real mother over the children. Now, would you say that this stepmother should be hated? The real mother entrusted her children with the stepmother, and she said, “Help me take care of them for a few years. After I come back, hand my children back to me.” “OK, definitely, the children are yours!” In the end, the real mother came back, but the stepmother did not acknowledge her and even told the children, “She is not your real mother. She is pretending. I am your real mother.” She took these children away from their real mother. Now, what kind of battle would you say is this battle between the real mother and the stepmother? Isn’t this a battle of life and death? The battle between Christ and antichrists is a battle of life and death! That is why the Lord Jesus cursed the Pharisees. What the Lord Jesus’ frame of mind was like back then, you should now know, right? He did work and preached in Judea for at least three years. In the end, he was not able to win over Judaism. Of the entire population of Israelites, only a few believed in the Lord Jesus. Now, who is responsible for this sin? It is the chief priests and scribes of Judaism, also known as the Pharisees. This religious group, they disparaged the Lord Jesus’ name, they said, “Jesus was not conceived by the Holy Spirit and moreover, He is not God incarnate or the Messiah. Do not believe in Him.” After the Lord Jesus was resurrected, the chief priests of Judaism gave some soldiers some money and told them, “Do not say that He was raised from the dead. Just say that someone moved Jesus’ body.” Did they not spread this rumor? Look, this is what the antichrists in religion did to Christ. 2,000 years ago, the first time when God became flesh, the religious world’s leaders treated Jesus Christ in this way. Today, 2,000 years later, in the last days, the leaders of the religious world, the pastors and elders also treat Almighty God like this. Nothing has changed. They have created many rumors about Almighty God. The Communist Party of China has created rumors about Almighty God and the religious world has created rumors about Him. They post these rumors on negative websites. During the times of Jesus Christ, there were no websites. However, at that time, there was some negative public opinion. Now, under the control and pressure of that kind of public opinion, how many followers of Judaism were able to accept the Lord Jesus? People did not have the truth and they did not seek or investigate it. They only heard one side of the story. That is why, today, those who are in the early stage of believing in Almighty God have to go through a rough battle where they swing from one side to the other. These people are like grass swaying back and forth in the wind. One moment, when they hear something positive, they say, “Right!” Another moment, when they hear something negative, they say, “Oh, that is incorrect.” After they finished listening to the negative, someone comes to communicate the positive, and they say, “Oh, that is correct!” Just like this, they bounce back and forth between truth and falsehood. Some people go through 7 or 8 cycles of this. In the end, the positive people communicate the truth clearly and tell them, “Do not listen to the negative. At the time when the Lord Jesus came to do His work, there was a lot of negative public opinion. Stand firm and bear witness. On what basis do you acknowledge Almighty God? You should read His words. These words are the foundation. The rumors are not the foundation. Look at who says these things. Are these God’s words? If they are God’s words, then He is God. Since He is God, then those rumors are the negative propaganda of man. Do not listen to man’s words. Man’s mind is a smelly gutter, the only thing that is born of that are maggots. That is why the things that man says are not the truth. Do not listen to it. Once you listen to man’s words, you will be fooled. Listening to the words of God is correct, do you understand?” When it is communicated like this, some people say, “These words are correct. Now, I will read God’s words.” The more they read God’s words, the more they are certain about God. “This time, my faith is solid. I will not be shaken again.” This is the battle. That is why I say that humanity is like this. When corrupt humanity listens to God, His words cannot enter. Even if God says 10,000 words, they will not listen. Satan says one word, and it enters their hearts and controls them. It is not easy for people to listen to the positive and accept it. You can communicate 100 sentences of the truth, but the results that would be achieved are limited. Negative people spread one rumor, and it enters the heart, it gets stored in the heart. What kind of problem is this? The corrupt human race is pitiable. It is tragic that the human race does not know how to tell right from wrong. It’s a pity. It is also the so

rrow of the corrupt human race. They do not have even one bit of truth, they cannot distinguish. They cannot even recognize God’s voice.

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