Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


This passage of God’s words relates to the truth pertaining to the vision. When one believes in God, they must recognize His work, then they have a foundation. When one recognizes His work, then they can follow Him. If a person’s faith in God is confused, they don’t know why they believe; they believe but don’t know what they should experience. This is what it means to be confused in one’s faith. No matter how long such a person believes, they will achieve no gains. So it is that an understanding of the truth of the vision is very important.

Our communion will now look at a few questions. Why does God do the work of judgment and chastisement during the last days? This is the most important question. God’s chosen people must see clearly. But why does God judge humanity in the last days? What is the meaning of His judgment? Can you express it in your own words? I will read a passage of God’s words: “In the last days, Christ uses a variety of truths to teach man, reveal the essence of man, and dissect his words and deeds. These words comprise various truths, such as man’s duty, how man should obey God, how man should be loyal to God, how man ought to live out the normal humanity, as well as the wisdom and disposition of God, and so on. These words are all focused on the essence of man and his corrupt disposition. In particular, those words that reveal how man spurns God are spoken in regard to how man is an embodiment of Satan and an enemy force against God.” What is this passage saying? If you want to understand why God passes judgment in the last days, then read this passage. After finishing, you will understand why He must pass judgment and what the meaning of such judgment is. Many of God’s chosen people have some knowledge through experience, but that doesn’t mean they fully comprehend, it doesn’t mean their understanding is deep enough. Now, let us continue our fellowship on these issues: First, man’s corruption is deep, they are an enemy force against God. Is this not an objective truth? Some question this, saying, “Humanity has corrupt disposition, this is true, but how can they be an enemy force against God?” Such a person finds it hard to understand. If we look from the perspective of the truth, we will see that many believe in the God in heaven, in an invisible God. This is what we commonly refer to as the “vague God.” About 70% of people admit there exists a God in heaven. But does this suggest that humanity obeys God? It does not, because such faith is not true faith, it is merely a recognition of God, a recognition based on signs that He exists. This does not represent knowledge of Him, it does not represent true belief. Now, what can we use to show that corrupt humanity has become an enemy force against God? Let us put forward some examples. If I do not fellowship about it, then people will not see clearly. They will assume, “I truly believe in God! For Him I can cast things aside, I can put myself out for Him. If He requires my life, then I will give it; whatever He asks of me I will do it.” Do these words represent obedience to God? Do they? There are those who say no. Why don’t they represent obedience? In experiencing the work of God, if you have conceptions about Him or His work, if you have conceptions regarding the man used by God, you will become demoralized, you will back away. So, what problem is this? Such conceptions about God can create negativity, they can cause one to back away. If these conceptions are strong enough, they are likely to lead to betrayal. Is this not how it is for man? So, what does this example show? It shows that man is an enemy of God. Then, what is man’s mentality? How can we describe it accurately? “I believe in God, but that which God does must adhere to my conceptions, only then will I believe, only then will I obey. Then, I will do whatever He asks of me, and however He requires me to be I shall be. But if there is something which does not adhere to my conceptions, then I cannot accept it. I will not believe.” Is this not an enemy of God? When people examine the true way, there are so many rumors about God’s house and God’s work which have been created by the evil forces of Satan and the religious antichrists. Even Wikipedia is spreading and posting rumors. They do not post the truth about God’s house, they do not post the true testimonies of God’s house. They specifically post the rumors of the Chinese Communist government and the religious world. What, then, is Wikipedia? It is a representation of the evil force which exists within the world, is it not? It cannot make comment on matters fairly, cannot justly and objectively explain things. But the rumors, the attacks, the lies formulated by the Chinese Communist government and the religious world, they are all posted. This proves the world is evil! After developing such conceptions, people stop believing. “I believe Wikipedia, it is correct. If Wikipedia says it is the true way, I’ll believe it. If the religious pastors say it is the true way, I’ll believe it. If the Chinese government says it is the true way, I’ll I believe it.” What is the problem here? This proves the depths of man’s corruption and that they have become an enemy force against God. But there is still clearer, greater proof. That is, each time when God becomes flesh, why is He condemned by the world, by the religious community and cast aside by the people of the age? Why is this? Has God incarnate committed a crime? The first time that God became flesh was through conception by the Holy Spirit. The religious community did not believe it. They say it did not accord with science. But what is science?! They don’t believe God’s words. The whole of the Jewish faith did not believe them. What does this prove? Corrupt mankind is an enemy of God, is it not? Nailing Christ incarnate to the cross was to invite death! What was the result? The Jewish nation was destroyed, and for two thousand years the Jews were scattered about the world, reduced to slaves. Eventually, the adversity which befell them was almost too horrific to imagine. The devil, Hitler, killed millions of them. Some ask, “Aren’t the Israelites God’s chosen people?” God’s chosen people resisted God and as such received His righteous punishment! When God becomes flesh in the last days, He is condemned again by the religious community. He is also condemned by the Chinese Communist government who pursues Him and tries to kill Him. They create many lies and slander to discredit the Church of Almighty God. What does this prove? Corrupt humanity has become an enemy power against God. So, this time, how will God treat humanity and this world? He will totally destroy it. He will bring down disaster, the like of which the world has never witnessed. He will totally and thoroughly destroy the world, and this will be known as retribution for what humanity has done. What does this prove? That mankind’s corruption is deep and it has become an enemy of God. Is this concrete proof? It is. Now, can we admit that humanity has become an enemy of God? Then, is God’s judgment during the last days necessary? Is it appropriate? It is the most appropriate way. So, God says, this time, when He becomes flesh, He brings with Him disaster. But where is this disaster? When God incarnate has finished expressing the truth and created a group of overcomers, disaster will befall this world. This disaster is a part of God’s work during the last days, it is part of His judgment during this time. God’s judgment during the last days consists of two parts: First, the perfection of a group of overcomers. Second, the bringing down of disaster on humanity. This part will be the peak of the judgment: the rewarding of the good and the punishment of the wicked.

The deep corruption of mankind to the extent that it has become an enemy of God is not only reflected throughout the world but in every corrupt person, who resists God. Is this difficult to accept? Some say, “I have accepted Almighty God, am I also resisting Him?” You are, because you are not yet made perfect. Before you are perfected, you are one who resists God. Now, is this difficult to accept? Some say, “I am certain about God. I sacrifice and expend for Him.” But, do you have conceptions about God? If you have such conceptions, then you are one who resists Him. If you truly love God, then it is good, you are not one who resists Him. And, if you don’t love God, if you have conceptions about Him, then you are one who resists Him. Anyone who has conceptions about God resists Him. However, some say, “I have some conceptions, but they are not that extreme.” Regardless, you are still resisting God. Only if you have no such conceptions, and if you can see all there is to adore about God and truly love Him, can you then be said to have changed your life disposition. This kind of person is one who obeys God and does not resist Him. Do you dare claim to have no conceptions about Him? Do you? If you do not say you have none, then you must have conceptions about Him. If you have conceptions about Him then you are resisting Him. So why must you have conceptions about God? What has God done to give you such conceptions? If you dare to have conceptions about God, then you are vilely arrogant and you do not understand Him. Just ask the angels, who dares to have conceptions about God? All that God does is righteous, is truth, is holy. He who dares have conceptions about God invites death! Some say, “If God’s work does not adhere to my conceptions, then I will have questions about it. If it does not adhere to the way in which I imagined it, then I shall also question it.” What theory is this? Isn’t this Satan’s logic? It is. Saying such a thing proves that Satan’s nature exists within you. Only if God’s work adheres to your notions, will you stop having conceptions about Him. If He does not adhere to your conceptions, then you develop notions about Him. So, what are you? Are you truth? Are you righteousness? Are you holiness? Are your conceptions the truth? Are the conceptions and imaginations which man has the truth? You all admit that they are not. If they are not then why do you use them as a measure of God? Why? Your audacity knows no bounds, you do not revere God! You dare to appraise Him. Are you not one of Satan’s brood? It goes without saying that you cannot appraise God, is it acceptable for you to appraise me? It is not acceptable, and yet you even dare to appraise God? If God, before your very eyes, cursed a person and caused their death, would you have an opinion about that? If God cursed an entire family, a family which resisted Him, and so they all died, were destroyed, would you have conceptions about it? If God spoke and an earthquake came, destroying an entire country, and the scene was so horrific you couldn’t bear to look, would you have thoughts about it? If you have conceptions about God, then this is proof you are Satan. You do not obey Him, you do not accept His righteousness. When the Lord Jesus came to earth did He have to adhere to the laws and rules? He did not. If on the Sabbath He wished to go into the fields and pick the ears of corn, then He could. He could disobey the law. He could work on the Sabbath. What of it? Do you have a problem with that? If you have problems with the way that God works then you invite death! He could deliberately break the rules, ignore them, because He was the Lord of the Sabbath. On the Sabbath He could work, and however He chose to work, do you dare question it? If you have conceptions about the way in which God works what does this prove? That you do not understand God, you resist Him. Now, many people believe in God according to their notions, perhaps 99% believe in their notions of God. But is this kind of belief successful? It is not. Why not? Because the process by which you believe is in resistance against God. You do not obey Him, you do not understand Him, you do not worship Him. If you have conceptions about Him how can you worship Him? You believe in the God of your own imagination. But is such a God plausible?

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