Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


Some people base their opinions of me on what they are like themselves. They fornicate with people, so they think I too must, secretively, fornicate. If they steal offerings given to God’s house to spend themselves, they think I must do the same. If they speak letters and doctrines, they assume I do the same. In general, if they do something, they think that I will also do such a thing; whichever type of person they are, they think that I am also that type of person. Does this kind of person understand the truth? They do not. What is the essence of this person’s belief in God? They do not pursue the truth, their belief exists only in their own notions and imaginings, and it is serious. How serious is it? They use their small-minded ideas to assess others, to assess their betters, and even try to assess God. Is this not arrogance and conceit? It is arrogance and conceit. They don’t even know they are no better than anyone else. Who do they think they are that they can judge others based on their own standards? How can all people be the same? If all people were the same, then when the world is destroyed so will all mankind; or, when we are saved, all will be saved. In which case, why bother to destroy part of them? Why does God need to reward the good and punish the wicked? Because each person is different. Some can accept God. They can feel that, “The truths and the words that God has expressed are so good that I must eat and drink these words, and I must pursue the truth.” Such a person believes. However, some people have no interest in the truth, saying, “No matter what you say, I just don’t believe you. I only believe in money, believe in pleasures of the flesh.” Some can believe in God and accept the truth. If they understand the truth, then they can carry out the truth. Some people believe in God for many years but do not carry out even the smallest amount of truth, to the extent that they may even do much evil. Isn’t this the difference that exists within corrupt mankind? It is. People are different. Although their corrupt disposition is the same, in essence, there are still differences. Am I the same as you or different? You would all say I am different. How am I different? Every day I must eat and sleep. If I don’t eat I will be hungry, if I get sick I will feel pain. These things are all the same. But in terms of doings one’s duty, are we the same? Or in terms of carrying out the truth? In terms of these things, we are different. If you don’t believe this, but we were to live together for a few years, you would see that I am different to you. I am not interested in those things which interest you. The pain which I can endure, you may have no way of enduring. The things which I do, you may have no way of doing. Would you dare insist we are the same? Of course, you wouldn’t. This is the difference between people. On any given day, I can guarantee that I will not tell a lie, can you? I can speak at length and never tell a lie. Can you guarantee the same? You cannot. On any given day, I do things and people can see that they are meaningful, they are of benefit to others. You cannot do such a thing. On any given day, I can resolve many problems but can you? Each day I can talk casually with others and help them. Who here can do that? Those pastors in the religious community can deliver sermons, well, I can speak off the cuff and give better ones than they can. I need not think at length or prepare, I can simply sit and speak, and what I say will contain more reality than what they said. So, are people different? When this stage of work is complete, many will have gained the truth, and the differences will be even greater. Before the work is complete though, the differences remain small. But when the work is finished, when some people really have gained the truth, when they can really obey God, when they can endure suffering at any cost without complaint, when they really understand God, then the difference between those who do and do not pursue the truth will be even greater. Greater and greater the differences will become! This is the effect of God’s judgment. To those who pursue the truth, God’s judgment in the last days is cleansing, is salvation, is perfection. To those who are bored with the truth, who hate it, the judgment is condemnation, destruction and a curse. So, to those who fully experience God’s work in the last days, they feel that His judgment is full of meaning. Without God’s judgment, we would never obtain His truth, would never be able to achieve changes in our life disposition. This is the most meaningful part of God’s work in the last days: to perfect a group of overcomers. This is the fruit of God’s six-thousand-year management plan.

If corrupt humanity refuses to accept God’s judgment, then what will happen? They will be destroyed by God. Of course, those unbelievers will be destroyed. But those who believe in the Lord can also be destroyed. Look at these words here: “If you are still awaiting Jesus to take you up to heaven, then I say that you are an obstinate piece of deadwood. Jesus will not acknowledge a false believer such as you who is disloyal to the truth and seeks only blessings. On the contrary, He will show no mercy in casting you into the lake of fire to burn for tens of thousands of years.” These words condemn those in the religious community who are merely awaiting the Lord Jesus’s return with the clouds. Do you now understand what will happen to such people? To fail to accept Almighty God’s judgment in the last days and still expect entry to heaven is to daydream. Corrupt humanity must accept God’s judgment and chastisement in order to obtain the truth, achieve changes in their life disposition, and become one who obeys God and worships Him. If man cannot gain the truth, then there will be no change in his life disposition. Without such a change, good behavior on the outside is useless. Good behavior does not pertain to a change in life disposition—the devil can still do some good work. Look at what the great devil of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong said: “If a person does one good thing, it is not an accurate representation of them. What is difficult, is to do good for one’s whole life.” If even the great devil could do one or two good things, then what meaning is there in corrupt humanity carrying out a few good deeds for the sake of obtaining blessings and entering into heaven? It would be far too easy, would it not? So, does the carrying out of many good deeds represent a change in life disposition? It does not. What do pastors in the religious community say? “We who believe in the Lord have changed. Who can say that we haven’t? We now have the credentials to enter heaven.” What credentials? You obstinate pieces of deadwood! You just wait for the Lord Jesus’s return when He will cast you into the lake of fire to burn for tens of thousands of years. You dare say you have changed. Such a claim is a blatant lie! Can you discern the differences now? Does a change in outward behaviors and the doing of some good deeds represent a change in life disposition? We can all see that it does not. Man has tamed tigers, has tamed lions. As such, the beasts may even let people pet them, ride on them, play with them and run with them. But one day, if they get angry or displeased about something, with one bite they can kill their masters. What’s the problem? The problem is the beast has not changed in nature. Regardless of whether it knows you, one sudden burst of anger and it will devour you. Humanity’s corruption runs deep! They have already become an enemy force against God. With just a few simple conceptions, they can resist God. With just a simple grasp of something, they develop notions, and never stop! See now the degree to which some people hold conceptions about God. When God wears a piece of clothing that they have not seen, they steal looks at it. If they’re sitting near to God, then they thrust out their fingers and squeeze it in their fingers, “What material is this? I haven’t seen it. Where was it made?” If God wears a watch, their eyes fix on it. “What make is that? Is it a famous brand?” Presently, such people think, “I haven’t seen such clothing before, I haven’t seen such a watch.” And they become negative. They develop notions. What notions could they have? “When Christ comes to do His work, why would He wear a fancy watch? It’s not right. Christ shouldn’t wear a nice watch, He should suffer. Christ’s life is one of suffering. If He isn’t suffering, then He is not Christ.” Are these not the words spoken by corrupt humanity? What is the essence of this way of thinking? This kind of person hates God! They think that Christ should suffer. “If You wear nice clothes, You don’t suffer, You are enjoying Yourself, it is not acceptable! You are not Christ. I have my notions about this! You’re wearing a fancy watch! I have my notions!” If God eats a good meal, “I have my notions!” If some brothers and sisters see God is in ill health and buy Him something to help, such a person would still take issue with it. They would say, “How come you didn’t buy me anything? Why, it’s not fair!?” Such people have notions about everything. Isn’t corrupt humanity rebellious? So rebellious. If God’s situation becomes a little better, then man is not happy. But if God is always sick, always suffering, wearing tattered clothing, then man is happy. “Oh, this is God!” Isn’t man’s heart full of evil? Aren’t his thoughts bad? His thoughts are so bad! What is the meaning of God’s suffering? God suffers, firstly, because He is clothed in an ordinary flesh. God on high wears the flesh of one creation. This is, in of itself, a form of immense humiliation. Some say, “This so-called humiliation, why is it that I do not see it as such?” Let me offer you an example. You are a human, if in the next life God brought you back as a mouse, would you not consider it humiliating? “Make me a mouse? A mouse is just like a rat, living out its life in a hole. What does it eat? Corn and chaff. It is much more lowly than being a person; it really would be humiliating!” This is what it meant for God to take on human form. God on high donning the flesh of mortal man is in itself an act of great humiliation. Only God is able to do such a thing. To save mankind God has suffered this immense humiliation; He wears the flesh of man. Is this not the suffering which God endures? Aside from this, God has expressed much truth to man but they remain rebellious and they don’t accept it. Most detestable of all, the Chinese Communist Party and the religious community fabricated rumors and lies to sully, desecrate and attack God. You can imagine how indignant God would feel about it! Let us look at an example. If you are a good person and someone spreads rumors about you, they say you have raped women and robbed banks, and say that the house you live in was obtained through corruption and bribery, and that it was all acquired through robbery. How would you feel? Would you be angry? If you are a lady, and someone spreads a rumor that you are cavorting with many men, and acting as a mistress, wouldn’t you be angry? If they said the money you made came from prostitution, from selling your body, wouldn’t you be indignant? You would be. This is how corrupt humanity treats God. Don’t you think humanity such as this should be destroyed? If a person treated me as such, I would hate them to my very core, hate them as an enemy. I would not be able to love my enemy. Loving one’s enemies, as it was spoken in the Age of Grace does not mean the love of Satan, but the love of those who do not recognize God’s work. Those unbelievers who do not understand our faith in God and so speak words of resistance and judgment, these are the enemies who should be loved. But true evil spirits, true devils cannot be loved. The Lord Jesus said “love your enemies,” but He was not telling you to love Satan or the devils. This must be properly accepted. But there are some who blindly speak about literal meanings and apply rules. I cannot love my enemies. The pastors and elders of the religious community hate me, they curse me, and I hate them in return because they are demons. If brothers and sisters have notions, I don’t hate or curse them, I patiently go about my work. I communicate the truth to them. Isn’t this normal humanity? “Love what God loves, hate what God hates.” I do not observe religious rules; I do things in accordance with the truth.

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