Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


How can we solve the problem of man always having conceptions about God? This can be solved through pursuit of the truth. For example, some people claim I have embezzled the churches funds, that I stole it and ran away, but does that sound correct to you? I would not steal the churches money and run. Offerings to God are for me to manage and to allocate; how can you call this taking it and running away? That is not what it is. It is my responsibility to allocate this money and I have the authority to do so. So, such a claim is wrong. Some say I have escaped from China and run abroad. This is not so. I carried out my work in mainland China for over ten years. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that God would send me abroad. I thought that as long as God was doing His work in China, I would carry out my duty in China. I never thought of leaving. But this is where God led me; it was His instruction. At the time I had reservations, “I am on a wanted list. If You make me leave the country, then at customs won’t I be trapped? Isn’t this asking for trouble? If anything goes wrong, then surely I will be caught!” But I didn’t say these things. I said to myself, “Obey. Leave!” As a result, at customs, despite the danger, I was not caught. Would you call this running away? This was the Holy Spirit’s guidance, it was God’s instruction. So, once again the rumors spread by the Chinese Communist Party are wrong. They say I was being hunted down so I ran. This does not adhere to the truth. I never considered going abroad. It was God’s instruction to do so. He sent me. I took the risk and obeyed, albeit reluctantly, and so He led me through customs safely. At the time, what did I think about this? “If I make it through customs, then it is because God leads me through. If I do not make it through, then God has handed me over to Satan.” I accepted this. I obeyed!

Should we say that the information which the Chinese Communist Party spreads is hearsay? Some people, in accordance with such hearsay, say: “The way you preach is not true. Look at the leader. He is hunted by the police. He took the churches money and ran away. Isn’t he just the same as a non-believer? How can this way be true?” On hearing the rumors wouldn’t some people think this way? But such people do not believe in God because of hearing God’s voice. They just analyze the situation with the church, the leader, the man. “If this person is approved of by the government, is famous, perhaps internationally famous, if he makes a name for himself and is not accused of crimes by the government or condemned by the religious community, then we’ll accept him. If such a person is accused by the government and by the religious community, well then, he must be a villain. So, no matter how good the message is I will not listen.” Is this an analysis of the true way? This is the logic of one who is confused. It is Satan’s logic. If you research the true way, then you must seek out whether the words spoken by God incarnate really are the voice of God, whether they are the truth and whether or not they are the work of God. This is what you should be investigating. If these words are truth, if they are the voice of God, and they are God’s work for the last days, then despite what Satan may tell us, we will believe in God; because God is truth, and Satan’s mouth is filled with lies. Is there a government in this world which does not lie and deceive? Is there a government whose words are not all fallacious, are not all lies? Look at God’s words. They are the truth. His words are His work. God is righteous and holy. So, God’s work is absolutely correct. Any person can be wrong, but God can never be wrong. Any person can lie, they can be deceitful to trick others. But God does not lie, God is holy and righteous, God is the truth. Some people do not analyze God’s words, they merely look at how the religious community critique the Church of Almighty God and how they critique the leader of the Church. But does this represent God’s words? If you do not believe a person, that’s fine, but you must believe God. If such a person does not read God’s words and they always listen to what Satan has to say, then is it not Satan whom they trust? Then do they believe that it is Satan’s words which are truth? This person’s belief has problems; they actively believe Satan’s words. There are some who, when looking into the true way, look specifically to Wikipedia. They say, “What Wikipedia says is accurate!” But, really, what is Wikipedia? It is still of this world. Is it not written by corrupt humanity? Is it not part of Satan’s evil power? Does it have truth? It does not have truth. It does not serve God, it certainly does not revere God and it is not a group which is witnessed by God. Why do you believe it? It is a pack of lies. It spreads falsehoods. Whichever rumors or lies Satan’s governments create, Wikipedia spreads them. Therefore, is it not an organization which spreads lies? Whichever rumors the Chinese Communist Party creates, or whichever ways they try to discredit the Church of Almighty God, Wikipedia will write them. So, isn’t Wikipedia a tool for Satan to spread its lies? Isn’t it a tool for Satan to deceive man? But when researching the true way why do people believe Wikipedia? Do these people have something wrong with them? Do these people believe that the world is righteous and fair? If the government or religious community makes comments and claims as to which is the true way, which is the true God, then these people believe in this way, in this God. If the government or religious community says something isn’t the true way, or says that some God is not real, then these people will not believe in this way or in this God. Who do these people believe? They believe in the government, they believe in the words of the religious community and the words of religious pastors and elders. So, is this kind of person really one who believes in God? They do not believe in God. They do not trust in God, they do not believe that God is real and they do not admit that God is the truth, for they do not recognize the truth. Therefore, if such a person tries to analyze the true way, on hearing Satan’s lies and rumors, they become paralyzed by them. Is this person an intelligent person? No, they are not. They are confused! There is one principle for my belief in God. If someone is God, if He can express the truth and save humanity, then I believe in Him. My belief for Him is unmoving. And don’t we believe in God in order to receive the truth? To obtain the truth is to obtain God. If you do not obtain the truth then your faith is a failure, it is useless. Only when you obtain the truth can you obtain God. Without obtaining the truth, you cannot obtain God.

Whatever God does, you are not qualified to condemn Him, correct? Amongst the religious community and the non-believers there are those who say that the Lord Jesus had a wife and children. There are also those who do not believe the conception by the Holy Spirit was real. They do not believe in the testimony of Mary. They do not believe the Lord Jesus’ words and that He came from God. Instead, they believe in the words of the devil and science. What is the result of all this? They joined the tide of people in the religious community who condemned and resisted the Lord Jesus; they even nailed Him to the cross. Then let us say again, we do not care whether or not the Lord Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. If He expressed the truth, then I will follow Him. If He gave testament that He came from God, then I will believe in Him. I will not listen to the words of others for they should be ignored. The words of corrupt humanity are the words of Satan; they are lies. If they are not truth, then they are lies, regardless of whether they are correct. Sometimes reality is a lie, it is not truth and it does not represent truth. If the Lord Jesus really had a wife and children, would you still believe in Him? Some say they would. If He had a wife and children, why do you still believe in Him? Why? Some say, “If Jesus had a wife and children then He is not the Lord, I won’t believe in Him. If He did not have a wife and children, then I believe He is the Lord, is Christ. But if He really had a wife and children then I will not believe in Him.” This is the opinion held by some. But what is your view? Speak it. Some say the Lord Jesus is God and He could redeem humanity of their sins. Is there anything else? Is there only this one sentence to say about Him? The Lord Jesus is God incarnate, He had normal humanity. If He had a wife He is still Christ. If He did not have a wife, then He is still Christ. Whether or not He had a wife or child does not contradict His substance as Christ our Lord. His substance as Christ does not change. So, if you hear someone saying that the lord Jesus had a wife and children, will you still believe in Him? Some will continue to believe and some will not. Then, why do those who do not believe do so? Because they have conceptions about God. They start to question whether the Lord Jesus’ substance as Christ is real or false, because they think that Christ cannot have a wife or child, for if He had a wife or child then His substance as Christ would change, or become false. Can you see how such a person makes assertions about the substance of Christ? Then tell me what has Christ’s substance got to do with Him having a wife and children? It has nothing to do with it. So, on hearing rumors or negative information saying this and that, one who truly knows the Lord Jesus will not be influenced by it. Their faith in Him will be unmoving. They will obey Him and follow Him. Those who do not understand the substance of the Lord Jesus will develop their own conceptions about Him. It will be easy for them to back away or even betray Him.

Now tell me, If I, as one who is used by God, were to commit adultery, how would you treat me? Would you cast me aside? Convict me? Or would you betray God? Everyone should offer their thoughts. Today, I want to hear the truth from you. How would you treat me? Would it affect you so that you develop conceptions about God and betray Him? Many say that it wouldn’t. So, how would you treat me? When I preach would you listen? Would everyone raise up and demand to vote me out? Some say they would not. Then tell me in principle why you would not? How would you treat me? One must be principled in what they do. So, if this thing really happened I want to know if you would be principled. It is these things that reveal people! Speak up, tell me your thoughts. Some say the man who the Holy Spirit uses has been established by God Himself. And then what? What attitude would I be met with from you? Some say, “The work of the man used by the Holy Spirit is to water and shepherd the churches. These actions are nothing to do with his work, so God’s chosen people should not pay attention to them. Obeying the teachings of the man used by the Holy Spirit and obtaining the supply of life, that is what is most important.” This point of view is about right, would anyone like to add to it? Speak up. Why am I making you speak out? You must speak out. For this is not a simple matter. I will now get to the point which is to resolve the issue of your conceptions. Today, the issue I am going to communicate to you revolves around that of resolving people’s conceptions about God. This is of great importance to you. Now, there are people who read God’s words and form their own opinion. They see that God said: “He who is used by God, on the other hand, is someone who has been prepared by God, and who possesses a certain caliber, and has humanity. He has been prepared and made perfect in advance by the Holy Spirit, and is completely led by the Holy Spirit, and, particularly when it comes to his work, he is directed and commanded by the Holy Spirit—as a result of which there is no deviation on the path of leading God’s chosen ones, for God surely takes responsibility for His own work, and God does His own work at all times” (from “Concerning God’s Use of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Such a person says, on reading God’s words, that they feel that God has already arranged it so that the man used by the Holy Spirit will act as a mediator between God and man; he will transmit God’s will. So, when he is working he is directed and commanded by the Holy Spirit and this can never be wrong. With regard to the adultery, this has nothing to do with God’s work. It is a matter regarding the personal humanity of the man used by the Holy Spirit, but it does not affect his work. Therefore, we should continue to listen to that which he communicates to us. This is the correct way of thinking about this, but there is another important issue. How would you treat me with regard to my mistake? In terms of your opinion of this matter, if I really made such a mistake, how would you treat me? And how would you treat God and His work? This is a key issue. I need to hear your thoughts on this. Please speak up! Is there a need for everyone to comment on this? I’m asking you, so please speak up. I assure you it is for your own benefit. If I do not propose such a question, should you encounter such a thing you will not know how to deal with it and will not be principled in your efforts. Then, you could easily make mistakes. So, who will speak now? One of our brothers spoke out, let us listen to what he had to offer. He said, “It is similar to how I would treat my mother. No matter what mistake she might make, even something like committing murder, first and foremost she is still my mother. This will not change. So, I think, today I believe in God. No matter the mistakes of others or of those who lead me, it will not affect my opinions about faith in God. Just like if you committed adultery, that is your business. It has no direct connection to my belief in God. I will treat you in accordance with God’s words when you are communicating with and shepherding us.” What do you make of our brother’s understanding? It is quite reasonable. This person is very rational. He used this example, the example of his mother committing murder. He doesn’t care whether this act is right or not, she is still his mother, this would not change. Whether or not she has killed, whatever mistakes she may or may not have made, he thinks, he should be filial to his mother and show respect to her in the same way as before. Is this a good position to adopt with regard to this matter? The position our bother has adopted is good. “She is still my mother no matter what. Whatever mistake she may make, it has nothing to do with me. I should adopt a position as her son and stick to it. This will not change. I will treat my mother as a mother should be treated.” Doesn’t this touch upon the principle of how to conduct oneself properly? This is one of the principles of how to conduct oneself properly. Our brother’s opinion on this issue is very good. It is principled and reasonable. It is full of humanity.

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