Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


When Christ comes to earth in the last days, what does He ultimately seek to achieve? What does He want to achieve? Do you know this or not? After a group of overcomers are made, Christ’s kingdom will be realized on earth. Let’s look at what God says in the “Kingdom Anthem.”

Kingdom Anthem

The people rejoice in Me, and the people praise Me; thousands proclaim Me as the one, true God. Thousands lift up their eyes, and watch My deeds. My kingdom descends to earth, My person is rich and bountiful. Who would not celebrate? Who would not dance joyously? Oh, Zion! Raise your banner triumphantly, in celebration of Me! Sing your triumphant song of victory, and spread My holy name! All beings of earth! Oh, Zion! Raise your banner triumphantly, in celebration of Me! Sing your triumphant song of victory, and spread My holy name! All beings of earth! Purify yourselves quickly in sacrifice for Me! Stars in the sky! Return to your original place at once, and illuminate My greatness in the high heavens! I listen closely to the voices of the people on earth, whose songs carry their endless love and reverence for Me! Just as all things are rejuvenating, I come to walk the earth. At the moment, the flowers bloom, and the birds sing, all life full of jubilation! Satan’s kingdom collapses amid the boom of My kingdom’s shotgun salute, destroyed in the reverberating chorus of the kingdom anthem. And it will never rise again!

Who on the earth dares to resist? My descent to the earth brings burning, wrath and all the disaster. The earthly kingdom is already Mine! In the sky above, clouds tumble and billow; under the heavens, lakes and rivers surge and churn to the rhythm of a heartfelt tune. The animals who roost emerge from their caves, and all peoples are awakened by Me from their slumber. They finally have their day they’ve waited for! And they sing the most beautiful song to Me!

What is God saying here? “Who on the earth dares to resist? My descent to the earth brings burning, wrath and all the disaster. The earthly kingdom is already Mine!” These words have authority. They are now being fulfilled. After God issues His words, things start to come to pass. In the blink of an eye, His kingdom is realized. It says here, “Who on the earth dares to resist?” What does this mean? Someone said, “Aren’t religious communities all resisting and condemning too? Isn’t the ruling party, the great red dragon, resisting Him as well?” Yes, they are resisting Him. Well, God says, “Who on the earth dares to resist?” What does this mean? “I will destroy all those who resist Me!” That’s what it means, understand?! What does God say next? “My descent to the earth brings burning, wrath and all the disaster.” This means, “Who are you to dare to resist Me? I have now arrived on earth.” “My descent to the earth brings burning, wrath and all the disaster.” “I’ve prepared all this for you, so resist Me if you want. I will use these disasters to destroy you!” Isn’t that what it means? Now both the religious world and the ruling party are resisting and condemning God. They will soon be destroyed. The great disaster is about to arrive. Do you see? When they’re done resisting, they will be turned to ashes in the blink of an eye, completely destroyed. That’s what it means. “My descent to the earth brings … all the disaster.” After this step of God’s work is finished, the great disaster will begin.

Now, while God is doing His work, He’ll perfect a group of overcomers and His people. How God’s people should experience God’s judgment and chastisement is a matter of great importance. If they don’t know how to experience God’s work, they won’t be perfected. Experiencing God’s work depends on how you read His words. If you know the right way to read them, you will be able to get lots of light. If you can receive the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and understand God’s will, and then you truly obey and stand witness to God, enduring the sufferings you’re supposed to endure and paying the price you’re supposed to pay, you will be perfected. Is it easy to experience God’s work if you don’t know how to read His words? It’s not easy. People have conceptions; they rebel and betray. These behaviors can occur at any time and are beyond our control! You see, some people have just accepted God’s work in the last days for about a month. They start out pretty good, but then along comes a friend or relative showing them some negative propaganda. They stand there paralyzed. Isn’t this disaster coming to befall them? It’s just like rain pouring down, and they suddenly become confused, “Is my faith wrong?” When they listened to God’s voice before, they felt everything was the truth. Why does it not sound like truth now? What is the problem here? The voice of God they heard before was wrong? When you figured out that everything Christ expressed is the truth, were you wrong? Aren’t you too foolish? The truth is always the truth. God’s voice is always God’s voice. This is beyond doubt! How can this fact be changed by the negative propaganda of Satan, the devil? It can’t be changed. So, isn’t it very easy for people to have conceptions on and opinions about God? If so, how do we solve it? First, we must read God’s words more. The consequences of negative propaganda are doubt in God, the truth and God’s words. Therefore, you must eat and drink God’s words more, communicate the truth more, and listen to more sermons. That way you can fight off the negative influence and harm. For example, people that want to be healthy should eat more and exercise more. Eating less doesn’t work. Diseases will continually attack, disturb and torture you. If you eat more, that is, a normal diet, and eat things that help your immune system, you will be healthy. That way, when you do physical exercise, the diseases will run away. At first, people have no power to resist and they have no truth. Therefore, they are vulnerable to negative propaganda. Even if they wanted to push it away or rid themselves of it, they can’t. If you communicate more, read more of God’s words, ponder over the words of God more, listen to more sermons, you will understand more. Satan’s lies and rumors will be destroyed and will not affect you. At this time, is it important to eat and drink the words of God more and ponder over His words more? It’s all too important! Do not doubt God’s words or the truth. You cannot doubt these things. If you do not doubt them, Satan’s lies and negative propaganda will not shake your confidence. If you ever start to doubt the voice of God or the truths expressed by Christ, your confidence will completely collapse, and you’ll be broken down by Satan. Therefore, when you start building the foundation you must eat and drink the words of God more and ponder over all the truths He has issued during His work of judgment. How many of the truths that God issued during His work of judgment have you obtained? How many do you understand? Can you sum up 50 or 100 of them? You shouldn’t just summarize the main aspects. There are too many details contained within each one. If you can summarize 50 or 100 pieces of truths, then you’ll be completely true and obedient to Christ. If you don’t understand enough truths, that won’t do.

With just one word, Christ exposes the nature and essence of this corrupt humanity and the fact that they are the descendants of Satan. This is the truth. When the Lord Jesus came, He exposed the truth about this wicked age of fornication, “This is an evil generation…” (Luke 11:29). It’s written in the Bible, “The whole world lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). This means that this world is ruled by the forces of Satan. Though Satan’s forces appear as individual ruling regimes, the power lies with Satan. Satan is controlling this corrupt humanity. The ruling of any corrupt man represents Satan. Everything he does is Satan’s work. Some people can’t see this. They say, “Why does this person do so many bad things as soon as he becomes president?” Some people say, “It’s because of the power of the presidency. It changes whoever assumes that position.” What do they mean by “changes”? It means that Satan has come into power. Satan is controlling this human race. This is a fact, one that is rarely understood. You see, everyone wants to control their own fate. Has anyone successfully taken control of their own destiny? Has this ever happened before? No. This is enough to prove that Satan is controlling humanity. Which people are controlled by which spirits, this is a fixed thing. No one can escape it! If you really want to free yourself from Satan’s influence, there’s only one way. You must accept God’s work. As soon as you accept God’s work in the last days, God will sanctify you, keep you and put you in His own domain where Satan can’t touch you. Therefore, there are many of God’s people, on whom the evil spirits do not dare work. They don’t dare try and take these people’s lives. These people are in God’s hands; they are marked, and Satan doesn’t dare to touch them. Look at how people use geomancy, divination and witchcraft. They claim it keeps them safe, but people that believe in God have no need for these things. True believers do not practice geomancy, divination or witchcraft, but Satan still can’t harm them. They are in God’s hands; they are managed by God. This is all the truth! Everything God says is the truth. God exposes the fact that this dark world is controlled by Satan. This is the truth. God exposes the fact that in essence, the corrupt humanity is the descendant of Satan. This is the truth. God will save this deeply corrupted human race, which means God will change the fact that humanity has been corrupted into devils by Satan. He will take these people who were corrupted into devils by Satan and turn them back into humans. Is this process simple? Do people have to suffer? They must suffer a lot; they must go through many different processes and experience many works of God, all kinds of works: the judgment and chastisement of God’s word, plus pruning and dealing, trials and refining, the service of all types of evil forces of Satan the devil, and even the torture of illness, before they can leave their deep corruption and transform into a real man. Therefore, if people want to comprehend God’s work, gain the truth and transformation of their disposition, and be obtained by God, there is no way apart from suffering judgment and chastisement. Look at how those religious people believe in God. No matter how long they believe, they wouldn't achieve any result, because they can’t change. They can only do a bit of good, exhibit a bit of good behavior, and they think God will approve of them. They think of God much too simply. God sees through your bones; He sees that your true essence is devilish. You are all descendants of Satan. You still want to enter the kingdom of heaven? You don’t have a chance. Therefore, it is not easy to experience God’s work. You must endure a lot of suffering, and there must be the great red dragon to serve as a foil. Sometimes God hands you over to Satan’s prison. He makes you refine yourself in prison for a while to see if you change your heart toward God. Sometimes He makes you ill and tortures you for a while to see if you complain, if you can endure the suffering or not. Sometimes He prunes and deals with you to see if you can accept the truth and obey the truth or not. Sometimes He lets you live a comfortable life to reveal if you indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, if you betray Him and fail to perform your duties. Therefore, these different environments are how God makes people perfect. They have all been put in place so that God can make people perfect.

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