Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


Some people, after they believe in God for one or two years, come to do their duty. I ask them, “Do you have a foundation?” They say, “I don’t know.” “Can the rumors or negative propaganda of the great red dragon and the religious communities knock you down?” They say, “No, they can’t. I’ve experienced such things and I know them. I heard them but I didn’t fall.” I say, “OK, you did stand, but can you use the truth to refute these fallacies and rumors? If you can’t refute these fallacies and rumors with the truth, what does that mean? You still haven’t obtained the truth, and you simply saw through to a few facts. Isn’t that right?” You haven’t obtained the truth; you do not really understand the truth. If you can still have conceptions about God, you are still likely to betray Him. Therefore, what kind of process is it to experience God’s judgment and chastisement? It is the process of obtaining the truth, completely rejecting Satan, realizing the truth of your corruption and freeing yourself from Satan’s influence. If you can be struck down by conceptions, influenced or bound up by negative propaganda, then this means you do not have the truth; you have not been obtained by God. God has planned this environment for you: the negative preaching of the religious world, the lies and schemes of the great red dragon, etc. God has placed it here to expose you, examine you, and test you to see if you can see through Satan’s evil plot. He wants to see if you can stay away from these rumors, avoid being bound by negative preaching, truly obey God and follow God. Hasn’t the time come to expose you? You are being exposed. Many people say, “Isn’t the One we believe in the true God? Why doesn’t He get rid of the rumors of the religious communities and the evil plots of the great red dragon? Why doesn’t He just destroy it? If He does so, wouldn’t God’s chosen people be able to believe in Him safely and freely?” Is this kind of thinking correct? Why doesn’t God act this way? Because God wants to obtain a group of people during His work in the last days. He will put these negative things in front of you; He will expose you, test you and examine you every day. The day when you are able to stand firm, bear a shining testimony to God and shame Satan, you will have succeeded in your faith in God. Why do Satan’s lies and negative propaganda constantly revolve around you? Satan is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Now it sees you there for the taking. If you don’t have the truth, you’ll be exposed! Look, why don’t those rumors and conspiracies come to me? Even if they did come to me, they wouldn’t affect me. Forget the current rumors; even if they spread more rumors, I’ll dispatch them rather quickly; a few sentences will solve all of them, and get to the heart of the matter. I’ll strike them all down in an instant. It is easy for me to refute these fallacies. It’s simple and pleasant. They constantly revolve around you, which shows that you do not have the truth. You do not have the truth, so this thing can strike you down and make you know yourself, and reveal your true stature and poverty. Therefore, if you do not equip yourself with the truth and have not the will to seek the truth, you will be taken by Satan. You see many people have believed in God for ten or twenty years, so this matter is not a threat to them at all. They say, “I’ve heard this nonsense before. It’s all fake. What I’ve seen in the Church of Almighty God is the real truth. Everything those guys are saying is false.” They say that God’s family calls people for donations and money, which absolutely is a rumor. God’s family has never called for donations. Any leaders who do this must be replaced. They are all false leaders. Who dares to talk about donation? No one dares say anything to make people donate. Anyone found doing that must be replaced. When you first believe in God, you are not allowed to donate anything. If you do not write an affidavit and sign it, you are not allowed to do any duty. It’s strict. If you say you don’t want to believe in God, then turn around and go! No one will bother you. No one is allowed to hold or pull you back. This is Christ’s kingdom. It’s that strict. The gate is open, but to pass through it, you must be examined. However, you’re free to leave; no one will hold you back or stop you. You’re always free to leave at any time. But anyone who wants to get in must be examined. The gate must be well guarded. This is like the key that the Lord Jesus gave Peter in the Age of Grace, the key to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever Peter bound on earth was bound in heaven. Whatever Peter released on the earth was released in heaven. Is this not the power of the church? This is the power of the church.

Everything people do must be done for God. God is always watching. God records the way you perform in your belief in God in your file. When the time comes, He will decide your outcome based on your performance. No one can compel you to do anything. Some people say, “I’ve suffered too much for doing my duty.” If you think you’ve suffered too much, go home; no one is forcing you to stay here. You’re allowed to not do your duty. Then why do you need to be pruned and dealt with when you do your duty? This is God’s salvation. And He wants to perfect you. If He doesn’t prune and deal with you, will you change? Without pruning and dealing, can you know yourself? It is very difficult to enter the truth of knowing oneself! Are there any people in religious communities that know themselves? Let’s take Paul as an example. He is the idol of all religious elders and pastors. But did Paul know himself? No, he didn’t. He never proclaimed that his true evil nature was hatred of the truth. He never realized that his nature was that of an antichrist. Instead, he talked shamelessly. He did not dare say he loved the Lord Jesus. He did not dare say why he resisted the Lord Jesus for so many years. Even after the Lord Jesus was crucified and resurrected, Paul still persecuted Him. Why? Because in his nature, he hated the truth. He only said that he suffered so much, trying to show off himself, but he never told people what kind of person he really was. Did Paul have life experience? He didn’t have any life experience, because he didn’t know himself. If he didn’t have self-awareness, how could he have life? Why did he hate the Lord Jesus? Did he ever say why? He never said a single word about it. He also never dared to say he loved the Lord Jesus in his heart. He never acknowledged that the Lord Jesus is God. Instead, He always said, “God the Father,” “God the Father.” He exalted Jehovah God but never exalted Jesus Christ. He said Jesus Christ wasn’t crucified for the sins of man but because of His weakness. (See 2 Corinthians 13:4.) You see, Paul did spread many fallacies. Isn’t that right? Therefore, in this stage of God’s work, God judges, chastises and refines people. What is His purpose? To make people perfect. What does “make people perfect” mean? First, it means making them obtain the truth as life; second, changing their life disposition; third, perfecting their will of loving God and obeying God. If you can achieve these criteria, you are one perfected by God. You see, to be made perfect by God, first, one must obtain the reality of the truth; second, he must have change in his life disposition; and third, he must love God. If you can achieve these results, then you are made perfect.

What results do you need to achieve in terms of pursuing the truth? You have to meet the three criteria for being made perfect. They are as follows: First, you must enter the reality of the truth; second, you must change your life disposition; third, you must truly love God. If you can’t meet these three criteria and you say you have been made perfect by God, then it’s false, it’s fake, not real. To elaborate on this, you must change your values and outlook on life, you must change your perspective on all matters; and in addition, you must do your duty and serve God in accordance with His will. These things all go without saying. There are three main criteria: First, you must obtain the truth, the reality of the truth; second, you must change your life disposition and outlook on things; and third, you must truly love and obey God. Are these three things easy to achieve? Can people that constantly have conceptions really love God? No, they can’t. What are the consequences of having conceptions? First, negativity; second, conflict; third, betrayal. The third consequence is to betray God. Even if such people are still in the church, they have betrayed God. Their hearts are opposed to God. That means they have a betraying mentality! Some people say, “I have believed in God for so many years, and what have I obtained?” What does this question show? It proves that this kind of person has not obtained the truth. Why haven’t they obtained the truth? Their intention is incorrect. They sought to obtain grace and blessings but failed to get them. Anyone who says “I have believed in God for so many years, and what have I obtained?” has a false intention when it comes to belief in God. They believe in God for blessings and grace. When they fail to get them, they say things like this. What kind of person does God bless? He blesses those that pursue the truth, those that truly obey God’s judgment and chastisement, and those who pursue knowledge of God. These are the kinds of people that God blesses. For anyone who has such intentions and who has a will to pursue the truth, belief in God for ten years will yield ten years’ worth of a harvest and belief in God for twenty years will yield twenty years’ worth of a harvest. Many people that believe in God have suffered greatly. People ask them, “What have you obtained? Have you enjoyed the blessings of grace?” “No, over the years of believing in God I’ve understood and obtained many truths. I know God now, and I know how to be a real human and follow the path of life. I’ve seen through this world and this human race. I’ve seen through the wealth and luxury that humans love. They are nothing but fleeting clouds of smoke! They are empty and useless! Only the truth has eternal value. If I obtain the truth, I obtain God. No matter how many hardships I must suffer, what I must forsake or the price I must pay, understanding many truths is still my greatest achievement. I have reached my purpose for believing in God.” Isn’t this better than finding a good spouse? Obtaining the truth is much more important than finding a good spouse. Is it more important than becoming wealthy? Yes, it’s much more important than that too. Fortune is useless. If you’ve just become wealthy, and then an earthquake strikes, “Crash!” everything is gone in an instant. If you’ve just become wealthy and a plague arrives, then you’re dead. What’s the point of being rich? If you’ve obtained the truth, then you have life; you won’t die. It is eternal life. The truth is priceless! Let’s say a person gets a serious illness. At the same time they obtain the truth, they also get cancer. Tell me, do you think they will be panic? No, they won’t. They will say, “I have obtained the truth. I’m no longer afraid of death!” Suppose there is a person who learns that he’s got cancer after an X-ray examination, but he hasn’t obtained the truth. What will happen to that person? He will be in trouble, big trouble. “Oh no! I haven’t obtained the truth, and I’m about to die! They say the latency of cancer is five to eight years. Can I obtain the truth in these years? If I can obtain the truth, it’ll be worth it. If I cannot obtain the truth, I will surely die in hell!” If you die, then all is over. You will not be reincarnated. This is your last chance.

God sets this kind of environment up for us. The great red dragon spreads all kinds of rumors, persecutes us and brings harm to our families. The religious communities participate in all kinds of false preaching, their absurd notions flying about. How should you pursue the truth so that you are in accordance with Christ? If you’re not advancing down this path, you’re retreating. There’s no other choice. You’d better pursue the truth and break free from Satan’s influence. Then Satan won’t be able to hurt you anymore. If you do not pursue the truth, you will be handed over to Satan in the end. If you do not have the truth, you will die in the end, and you will die in the same way non-believers do. When people experience God’s work and His judgment and chastisement, they must have three principles. First, when you have your own conceptions, you must remain sure that God’s words are the absolute truth and that the incarnation is the manifestation of God. You must know that no matter what God does, He is always the truth; He is always righteous! You must be certain about this first. If you are certain about this fact, then conceptions will not be able to beat you. You have your own protection. Second, do not talk about your own reasons or trust your own feelings. You must be clear about this fact: You cannot trust yourself, and you are nothing. Everything you think is wrong! Everything you feel is wrong! All your own reasons are ridiculous! By doing so, you can completely deny and forsake yourself. This is the second principle. Third, do not believe man's nonsense. Anyone who has not been made perfect by God does not have the truth, and many of the things they say are specious, are their own conceptions, imaginations, or doctrines. Do not listen to them; do not be deceived by them. Only believe in God’s words. That is correct. This is the third principle. Fourth, the more conceptions one has, and the more he tries to reason with God, the more it proves that he is arrogant and conceited. The more arrogant and conceited he is, having conceptions against God and reasoning with God, the more it proves that he is of Satan, the devil. You must keep this principle. Whenever you start to have your own conceptions, you should think, “Now I’m being arrogant and conceited!” When you start talking about your own excuses, you should tell yourself, “I am Satan because I can’t obey God! Only devils and Satan always find excuses for themselves.” At this time, you’ll hate yourself. If you hate yourself, you’ll be able to forsake yourself and stand on the side of God. These are the four principles to accepting God’s judgment and chastisement. What do you think of these four principles? Are they useful? Every person can be helped by practically applying these principles. It’s only beneficial; there’s no harm in it. If you do not have these four principles, the very minute you start having conceptions, you’re vulnerable to collapse and being knocked down, unable to stand up. Sometimes, you will need some days to recover. There is danger in this, the danger of betrayal. These are the four principles to experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. What is the first of the four principles? Identify God’s words as the truth; don’t doubt that God’s words are the truth. As soon as you have this doubt on your mind, you will be completely paralyzed and fall into hell. It will be too late then. Second, do not reason with God; don’t trust your own feelings. Third, don’t believe man’s nonsense. Fourth, the more you have conceptions and try to reason with God, the more it shows that you are arrogant and conceited, that you are Satan, the devil. You should curse yourself. “I am a satanic devil! I am an antichrist. I should be punished!” This is good. This means you are freeing yourself from your conceptions. There are some more detailed things which you also need some principles to solve. First, sometimes when you have conceptions in your heart, you should select a few paragraphs of God’s words to read and ponder. Then your heart will definitely be enlightened and you will no longer be attacked by your own conceptions. This is a little tip. Second, when a problem happens and you’re perplexed and don’t know what to do, what should you do? Pray more. Pray to God a few times, seeking the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. When you come before God and say something sincerely, you will feel like your problem has eased quite a bit. An inner light will shine, and you’ll feel like it’s not that big of a problem after all. If you go before God and say a few words, it will be very different than not saying anything at all. If you don’t pray, your insides will be like dead water. If you pray, this water will start to stir. It will be different, and things will change. This is the second of the four principles to solving problems. Third, when you have no other way to turn, seek the truth. Talk with the brothers and sisters that understand the truth. Don’t suffer in silence. Do not allow yourself to stay trapped in a dark corner. Open your heart and talk to others that understand the truth. Share your experiences with each other. This will give you a lot of enlightenment and make you feel like you have a way forward. Perhaps some of the brothers and sisters have experienced this issue before and can help you solve your problems immediately. This is the third principle. The third principle is a little tip on spiritual experience. It never fails. Fourth, when you encounter major problems, do not worry or make any decision in haste. Wait for God’s time. If you pray a few times, perhaps after praying for a while you’ll gain some enlightenment. You’ll seem to get a grasp of the situation and understand the way forward. So wait for God, and do not make any decision in haste! If you become nervous, make blind decisions or jump to a conclusion, when God’s time arrives and He makes you understand, it will be too late to regret. The toothpaste is already out of the tube. This especially applies to looking for a spouse. You must wait for God; do not be hasty. A decision made in haste will lead to trouble. It can easily lead to bad consequences! You must wait for God’s time. I have failed many times. This is a lesson I’ve drawn from my experience. What do you think of these four principles? They’re somewhat useful, right?

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