Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (IV)


Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does it mean to rebel against the flesh? How do we rebel against the flesh?

Answer: Specifically, men’s conceptions, imaginations, fallacies and doctrines all come from physical emotions. If you rebel against these things created by the flesh, that is to say, rebel against the conceptions, imaginations, fallacies, deviations, etc., then you will be rebelling against the flesh. Understand? Preferences, emotions, disobedience, notions and imaginations created by the flesh should all be disobeyed, no matter what they are. This is what it means to rebel against the flesh. For example, if you are in the crucial period of experiencing God’s work, but your flesh compels you to find a spouse, should you rebel against it? If you do your duty and endure some hardships, but you lust uncontrollably for fleshly pleasures, shouldn’t you rebel against that? If, when you eat, your flesh compels you to eat meat—you like to eat meat, then shouldn’t you rebel against the flesh? Why should you rebel against your flesh when your flesh wants you to eat meat? Eating meat is unhealthy. If you eat too much meat, you’ll get fat and sick. Rebelling against the flesh is good for your body. Then, should you rebel against lust caused by the flesh? Lust will make you approach and cling to other people. You should say, “I will stay away from them.” It makes you get closer. Well, if you say, “I’ll stay away from them!” isn’t that rebelling against it? It makes you touch others. Well, if you say, “I won’t touch them!” isn’t that rebelling against it? The flesh makes you eat meat. Well, if you say, “I won’t eat it! I’ll eat more vegetables instead. It’s healthier!” isn’t that rebelling against it? If the flesh makes you hate some people, you say, “I won’t hate them! They are my brothers and sisters!” Then you are rebelling against the flesh.

Question 2: During trials, how can we truly obey God?

Answer: First you must understand what trials are. Any major suffering or adversity you encounter counts as a trial. If there’s no path forward, that’s even more of a trial. Some people are stricken with a major illness, let’s say, cancer. This is a serious trial. Cancer is a deadly illness. If you are afflicted with cancer, you won’t know how you will live. No one can shrug off a blow like that. Is this not a trial? Tell me, in an environment like the country of the great red dragon, the sirens of a police car count as a trial too, right? When we in mainland China hear a police siren, we immediately become suspicious: Oh no! Are the police following me? Are they going to arrest me? We panic and don’t know how or where to hide. Just being in that kind of environment is a trial, understand? Nowadays, some new believers, those that have only been in the faith for a month or so, still don’t have any foundation at all. When negative propaganda comes around, their sister, brother or parents might say, “Look! Is this way you believe in true? Look at how many people are spreading negative propaganda. You still think you’re right?” You look, and your eyes do a double-take. “Should I really believe?” Your heart is now at war with itself. Is this not a trial? In summary, when you encounter disaster, distress or pain and there seems to be no way out, that is a trial. Some trials are so serious that you lose all heart. Does serious pruning and dealing count as a trial? Pruning and dealing is also a trial. When most people encounter pruning and dealing, they are unable to sleep or eat well for a day or two, maybe two or three days if it’s serious. I’ve been through this so many times before. That is also a trial, not a small trial, but not a major one either.

How can we truly obey God during trials? You must search for the truth and obey the truth in order to really obey God. If you do not search for the truth, you won’t be obeying God, no matter what you do. Some people say, “Satan is trying to confuse me and make me believe negative things. I won’t listen to it. Isn’t that obeying God?” This doesn’t count as obedience. True obedience to God means obeying the truth. All we can say you’re doing here is rejecting Satan. You haven’t run from God or been tricked by Satan, but that doesn’t mean you’re really obeying God. Therefore, to obey God you must walk in His will and seek the truth. After you understand the truth, you say, “I hold fast to the truth. I practice the truth.” This is the most precise, accurate way to obey God, understand? What does “obeying God” refer to? It refers to obeying the truth and practicing the truth. Obeying the truth, well, give an example. What does it mean to obey the truth? If you just say you’re obeying the truth and you understand the doctrine, but in practice, you don’t even know what the truth is, then how are you obeying? This isn’t something you just say. Talk is useless. For example, encountering negative propaganda is what causes most new believers to become at war with themselves. Their internal struggle over this negative propaganda usually lasts a year or so. During this struggle, they’ll have days where they come out of it. However, a few days later, they encounter more negative propaganda and fall into it again. They stand up, and then fall down. They fall down, and then stand up again. It goes on and on this way for about a year. Then they won’t listen to anyone who spreads negative propaganda. They reject it. This is fine. When you encounter negative propaganda you should pursue the truth and listen to God’s words. You say, “The more I read God’s words, the more I feel they are God’s voice and the more I feel they are the truth. It is correct to believe in Almighty God; He is the true God! This negative propaganda of yours has nothing to do with my belief in the true God!” For example, in their negative propaganda, someone remarks that this person being used by the Holy Spirit is like this or that. You should say, “That person isn’t the one I believe in. I believe in Almighty God!” Isn’t this what it means to stand your ground? They tell you the Church of Almighty God specifically cuts out the eyes and ears of non-believers. You should respond, “Well, they should have them cut out! Because they are devils! It’s true that the Church of Almighty God doesn’t cut out their eyes or ears, but it will still happen when they go to hell! Let the demons cut out their eyes and ears then!” However, the Church of Almighty God has never cut out someone’s eyes or ears. If such a case existed, the Chinese Communist Party would have already exposed it. The entire world would have exposed it. Isn’t that right? Would the Chinese Communist Party ever miss an opportunity like that? To this day, they’ve never found a case, so these are all Satan’s lies and rumors, right? Unbelievers say, “The people in the Church of Almighty God believe in a person. We know who the person is.” It’s true that He is a person. God has become flesh. How could He not be a person? If God became flesh but did not have the outer appearance of a person or normal humanity, then He would not be God incarnate! Therefore, we believe in a real person, but a person with a divine essence. That person is Christ, the practical God. The Lord Jesus is the incarnation of God Himself. Christians believe in the Lord Jesus, but the Jewish people still scorn them. They say, “You believe in a human. We all know that. His name is Jesus. Everyone in our country knows it. We don’t believe He is God. Your beliefs are wrong!” How many people in Christianity doubt the Lord Jesus because of these factors? None, isn’t that right? We believe in a human; that’s correct, because He is God incarnate. If God incarnate did not have normal humanity, He wouldn’t be called “incarnate.” Angels are spiritual body, but we do not believe in angels. We believe in Christ, God incarnate. If He was not a person, how would that work? He must be a person. If He wasn’t a person, “incarnate” would have no meaning; He would not be God incarnate. If He’s a person, can He get married or get sick? Getting sick and getting married are normal. They do not affect the true essence of a person. Does God condemn people for getting sick? Does it count as a sin? No, it doesn’t. As for marriage, does marrying a wife and having a child count as a sin? No, it doesn’t. Therefore, these things are normal. Regardless of what people in the religious community say, even if these things were all true, they are not sins, let alone actually fake. Isn’t this so? They say the Lord Jesus was not conceived by the Holy Spirit. What evidence do they have? I believe in the conception by the Holy Spirit. I believe in whatever God testifies, all of His words. I do not believe the words of humans. Humans’ words are all nonsense! If you can’t see this, then you are a person of low quality. Isn’t that right? You do not think normally.

What are the other most egregious types of negative propaganda? Saying the Church of Almighty God tricks people out of their money. Do people say that? You see how new members of the Church aren’t even allowed to donate anything, so how is the Church tricking people out of their money? Who does the Church trick out of their money? Have you ever been told how much money a person that accepts the work of Almighty God must donate? Does anyone say that? Not only does no one say it, but new believers are barred from donating anything during their first year in the faith. If they do try and donate, the Church won’t accept the money. It’s not even allowed to give sermons about donating in the Church. We can’t even talk about donating. In addition, all of our books are free of charge. In that case, where does all of our money come from? Tell me, if it’s not the work of God, how could the Church have this much money? Is this not due to the work of God? No one who donates to the Church is dumb. Can you really bar people from donating? Some people have been expelled, but they donate more. They say, “I was expelled. I have sinned. I must do some good deeds to make up for it!” They donate quite a bit. If you tried to limit them, you wouldn’t be able to. Therefore, the truer the way is, the more they will donate. If they do not donate, they’ll be afraid they won’t be blessed and won’t be in accordance with God’s will. They can’t help but do good deeds. If this is a false way, they won’t be able to donate no matter how you try to persuade them. No one is foolish. Isn’t this the case? Then aren’t those just rumors? They say we are after money or tricking people out of their money; that is a lie. They say we’re love swindlers; that’s even more of a lie. They say we cut out the eyes or ears of non-believers; that’s even more of a lie. They say we’re bribing people to join our Church, that’s still a lie. They say I was pursued and escaped overseas; that’s even more of a lie. When I came overseas, God was leading me here, God sent me here. If God hadn’t sent me here, do you think I would still have been courageous enough to go? Would I, a wanted person, still dare to go through customs? As soon as they saw what I look like, they would apprehend me. They would throw me in jail. If God wasn’t leading, who would dare go out? A wanted man would not dare to go out, right? The propaganda of the great red dragon is nonsense, right? It’s too easy to see through this stuff! You have listened to my sermons for all these years. Tell me, am I the kind of person that the great red dragon says I am? Although you have never seen my face, if you do come in contact with me, you would immediately see that I am not a bad person. I don’t trick people. I never force anyone to do anything, nor do I ever cheat anyone. When I speak to people, I’m always gentle, thoughtful and reasonable. As soon as I say that, some people disagree. They say, “You are reasonable? You nearly killed me when you dealt with me!” Wasn’t that a special case? I am not like that in everyday life. That is work. Work and life are two different things.

If you stay in the Church of Almighty God for a while you’ll know that not one sentence of the lies spread by the religious community or the great red dragon is true. You’ve all experienced it, right? Those people who have never encountered the Church of Almighty God before and do not understand it still believe that the words of the ruling satanic regimes of the world may all be true, those people do not know that the great red dragon has never uttered one true sentence. The great red dragon doesn’t even speak truthfully to those within its ranks. It is filled with in-fighting and class warfare. Does it speak any truth? Therefore, all the people of the great red dragon are demons. Their mouths are full of lies. You don’t know which of their words are true and which are lies. Every sentence they say carries ulterior motives. Every sentence they say furthers their own objectives. That’s how devilish they are. Shouldn’t they be destroyed? Look at something that the devil of the great red dragon once said, “The yearnings of our people for a better life, that’s what we fight for.” Isn’t this nonsense? This is nonsense! They fight and struggle for positions every day, killing each other. If common people want to believe in God and have a better life, they persecute them to the point where they have nowhere to stay. Believers in God are beaten to death for no reason. Yet, the CCP still talks about the goals they “struggle” for! The object of their struggles is to kill you, to make you die. Isn’t this the truth? Aren’t they telling lies? Everything the devils of the great red dragon say is lies. They lie through their teeth. These words represent their true nature! Therefore, how can you ever believe anything these demons say? They never even utter one true sentence; it’s all lies! They’re just devils! Real devils! 99% of the pastors and elders in the religious community are satanic devils. These people will definitely not obtain salvation. God says when the great disaster arrives, only a few of the people from the religious community will return before God. However, those people definitely won’t be pastors or elders. Remember, most of the pastors and elders are antichrists, devils and confusing people. They all block people’s paths to the kingdom of heaven. They’re all demons that devour people’s souls. For some people, as soon as they hear me say this, they’re not satisfied. They’re always defending their pastors and elders. Why do you defend them? Why aren’t you mindful of God’s will? They compete with God for His chosen people. They grab hold of the believers and try to control them; they do not want to give them to God. This makes God’s heart hurt. God hates them! Why don’t you stand on God’s side? Why don’t you say a few words of justice? Would you mind if the Lord Jesus cursed the Pharisees? You’re still standing on the side of the Pharisees? Then you’re on the wrong team! It can be said that whoever loves, worships or feels warmly toward religious pastors and elders is definitely not a person who loves the truth. God’s house does not like these types of people and does not welcome them.

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