Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God”


Now let’s fellowship about God’s word: “Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God.” What kind of men are specified as opponents of God? Those who are incompatible with God. They are convicted by God. How do they get convicted? They “are surely opponents of God.” This is for sure. Anyone who is incompatible with Christ is surely an opponent of God. So in God’s work of the last days, whether one has a place in the book of life of the Lamb has something directly to do with whether he is acknowledged and approved by Christ or not. If Christ recognizes that you believe in Him, if Christ recognizes that you are compatible with Him, then you are a person who is saved. Those who are “included in the Lamb’s book of life,” as predicted in the Book of Revelation, are the followers of Christ in the last days. Those are absolutely not the people who merely follow behind the Lord Jesus. The stage of just following behind the Lord Jesus is over. Now is the Age of Kingdom of the last days. Only during the working phase of God incarnate can God be referred as the Lamb. When God incarnate is doing work, He is Christ. But it will not be the phase of God’s incarnation when He returns to Zion. Only those who follow the incarnate God, bear beautiful resounding witness for God are the ones included in the book of life of the Lamb. People in the religious world do not understand this matter because they have not followed the Lamb. They are the ones who condemned and opposed the Lamb. They are incompatible with Christ and they are all antichrists. Antichrists are not limited to religious pastors and elders. For ordinary believers in the religion, even members of the Church of Almighty God, if they resist and judge Christ, then they are also antichrists, they belong to the category of antichrists. They are one hundred percent incompatible with Christ.

Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God.” When this is said, the truth is revealed. God’s intention is clear. Of those who believe in God, how is it specified that who obeys and who opposes God? It is based upon whether a person is compatible with Christ or not. This determines the outcome for a believer of God. If your belief ultimately reaches compatibility with Christ, then you are a person who obeys God. Conversely, if your belief fails to be compatible with Christ in the end, you still have many notions about Christ, you still have a lot of defiance, conflicts and suspicions, then you are specified as incompatible with Christ. Some people may say then, “We never had contact with Christ, how can we be specified as compatible with Christ or not?” It does not matter if you had no contact with Christ; whether you are compatible with Christ or not depends on how much you have accepted, how much you have obeyed, and how much you have put into practice the word of Christ. Nowadays, the great red dragon, the devil has been making a lot of rumors, smearing, and saying a lot of hostile and blasphemous words against Christ. What position did you take? Did you stand on the side of Christ to repudiate this nonsense of the great red dragon Satan or did you accept it? If you accepted the great red dragon’s nonsense and fallacy and generated some notions about Christ, what kind of problem would this be? Are people like these compatible with Christ? Everyone says no. Why are they not compatible? What events exposed them? Had the great red dragon not said these hostile, blasphemous and smearing words, these people would not have any notions. Would they be compatible with Christ in this case? Of course not! Now when the great red dragon is saying these fallacious, hostile, smearing and blasphemous things against Christ, they accept them. They have soaked them all up and generated notions and conflicts, and began to deny Christ. What kind of problems are these? Isn’t the nature of this more serious than that of Eve accepting Satan’s nonsense? Eve was bewildered because she did not have the books of God’s words on seeking the true way and distinguishing right from wrong at that time, as she had only heard one statement from God. The moment Satan came to test her, she fell for Satan’s trick and accepted its suggestion by assuming what Satan said was correct and reasonable. But it is quite different in the last days. The great red dragon is none other than the ancient serpent, which has transformed into the great red dragon in the last days. The great red dragon directly expresses the words that attack and blaspheme God. Regardless of how much work God performs, the great red dragon resists, blasphemes and judges all of it. The great red dragon’s nature has not changed but become worse since Genesis. In the last days, man accepts the nonsense of the great red dragon, and then begins to doubt and judge Christ and generate many notions about Him. What kind of problem is this? This sufficiently demonstrates that man does not love the truth, so he disbelieves God’s word. Instead, he believes the great red dragon’s word because he loves evil. In the last days God has spoken so many words, a hundred times more, even ten thousand times more than the lies of the great red dragon, so why doesn’t man believe in any of God’s word? On the other hand, he believed in the very first nonsense that came out of the great red dragon’s mouth. What was this all about? Doesn’t that show man’s satanic nature that prefers evil? He does not believe in the word of God because he loves evil.

Someone says, “Didn’t these people fall for the great red dragon’s trick because they had no truth, thus no discernment?” Is this a valid statement? Not at all! Why not? If they didn’t understand the truth, why didn’t they seek the truth by reading God’s word? Why didn’t they accept God’s word but Satan’s word instead? This exposed their evil nature, didn’t it? Their nature is evil. That’s why they believe in the nonsense of Satan instead of God’s word. What is the final outcome of such people? Destruction because of their opposition to God, as God doesn’t care about them. People in the religious world say, “We all do not accept Almighty God. Let’s see how God is going to destroy the entire religious world.” This statement hit the nail on its head. As it was predicted in the Book of Revelation, God will destroy the religious world in the last days. Someone else says, “Isn’t that too cruel of God? Is that still called mercy and love?” Indeed, God is merciful and loving, but not to Satan. God is merciful to His chosen people, to those who truly believe in Him, but not to the devil Satan. Someone says, “Are there any proofs for what you are saying?” Yes, this was what God had said in the Old Testament age, “visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And showing mercy to thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments” (Exodus 20:5-6). Aren’t these words of God the evidence for this? Look at these two examples. Sodom was destroyed by God. Weren’t there children in Sodom? They did not sin. Why even children were destroyed? What was the problem? The problem was, when they followed the devil, they were of the devil’s brood, including innocent children and infants. They were destroyed because of the sins of their fathers and grandfathers. What was this about? Those who hated and resisted God were punished by God for their sin down to their offspring, to the third and fourth generations. Therefore, the people of Sodom, including their children, grandchildren and great-grand-children, were condemned together. They were burnt to death and burnt to ashes by God. Even their souls were obliterated. This is the proof of God’s lack of mercy to the breeds of Satan. In the age of Noah, other than Noah’s family of eight, all humans were destroyed. Didn’t those people have children, grandchildren, infants and newly born babies? Most definitely so! God destroyed them with the great flood, all of them. What did that prove? God has no mercy for the breeds of Satan who resist Him, including their offspring. God will dispose of them at the time of destruction. Let us look at one more example. What happened to the Israelites who had resisted the Lord Jesus, God incarnate? Ninety percent of the Israelite population was destroyed. Were there babies and pregnant women among them? Yes, they were all destroyed. The entire Israel was destroyed. Not one stone of the temple was left on another. The destruction was thorough and complete. And the Israelites were God’s chosen people. Why did God treat His chosen people that way? That’s because they resisted the incarnate God. They nailed the incarnate God to the cross without any room for mediation or mitigation. They were completely destroyed by God in the end. See for yourself. Even God’s chosen people were no exception. They were destroyed by God like enemies for resisting Christ, even when they were the chosen people. However, since the Israelites are God’s chosen people, what kind of promise did God leave with them? God’s salvation will be upon them in the last days. They have been cursed for two thousand years. The punishment and tribulation for two thousand years have befallen them, even when they are God’s chosen people. They were punished nonetheless for resisting God. So, to resist Christ is to resist God. The crucifixion of Christ made them enemies of God and provoked the wrath of God. As for the religious world’s condemnation of Almighty God, Christ of the last days, what will be their outcome? Will it be destruction by God?

In the past, when I exposed the fact of the religious world’s resistance to God, some people who came from the religious world always had some notions and opinions against me. What was the problem? What was the essence of their being unhappy with me? In fact, they were unhappy with God, they had notions about God. Why do I say this? What I say is based on the word of God, not mine. It is God who has revealed the truth behind the religious world’s resistance of God. It is God who predicted in the Book of Revelation the final outcome of the religious world. My word is consistent with the word of God. If they are unhappy with what I say in consistent with God’s word and generate some notions, then they certainly have some notions about God’s word on this matter. Isn’t that what it is all about? That’s why it is not a simple matter to be compatible with Christ. You must understand all the truth expressed by Christ without contention and incompatibility with God, completely recognize it as the truth and genuinely obey in order to be compatible with Christ. If you have conflict with God in the word of Christ and fail to accept the truth expressed by Christ, you are definitely incompatible with Christ. There are many people in the religious world who always listen to the great red dragon upon examining the true way instead of listening to the word of God. If you don’t listen to the word of God, how can you ascertain God’s work and appearance? Can it be the word of the great red dragon that bears witness for God to you? Does the great red dragon have the truth? Is the great red dragon right? Can it bear witness for God? Can it recognize God? Since the creation of the world, has there ever been a time when the devil Satan recognized God, a time when it recognized the word of God as the truth? Has Satan ever said anything like this? Look at the ruling parties in the world, does any one of them say that the word expressed by Almighty God is the truth, or the word said by the Lord Jesus is the truth and so the people of their entire country should accept this truth? Which ruling party has borne witness for God like this? Which God has the great red dragon recognized as the true God? They don’t even see through what kind of creature the great red dragon is, but they believe its word. According to the word of God, whoever believes the nonsense of the great red dragon is its pious scion. If you believe the nonsense of the great red dragon, will God acknowledge you as a believer of His? God will absolutely not acknowledge the scions of the great red dragon as those belonging to Him. God says you belong to the great red dragon. The great red dragon is your master, your god. You are a doer of evil. Therefore, what breeds are the ones who can generate notions about God in the word of the great red dragon? They are all scions of the great red dragon, the worshipers of the great red dragon, and the followers of the great red dragon. They are not fit to meet Christ! These people are certainly antichrists. They are resistors of God! There is not a good person among those who believe the nonsense of the great red dragon! If I were to spread the gospel, I would tell them, when you believe the nonsense of the great red dragon, do you still expect the great red dragon to confirm for you who is the real God? Do you really expect that? Are those the wisdom, logics and philosophy you use to verify the true way? Why don’t you read more about God’s word? Is the great red dragon capable of bearing witness for God? It is the devil that distorts, resists and blasphemes God. It will never say anything fair about God, never bear witness for God, and never recognize the word of God as the truth. Why would you believe it? The more the great red dragon blasphemes God, the more you should hate it, and the more you should love God. This is called a wise man. If someone who believes in God for years can still believe the nonsense of the great red dragon and have notions about God, clear him out, reject him! He is not fit to believe in God. In expelling and purging people, the family of God is resolute and thorough. I said this before, from the beginning of God’s work to now, God’s family has expelled about half a million people. Someone says, “So many people? If God pities, God saves these people, they will gradually improve over the time they believe in God, won’t they?” Is this a valid statement? No, it isn’t. The nature and substance of a man will never change. If he is a man who doesn’t love the truth, he will never change. The breeds of the devil Satan will never turn into people who accept the truth. For the antichrists, the wicked, and evil spirits, as well as the homosexual, God’s family resolutely and steadfastly purges, expels and totally disposes of them. Based on the word of God, the family of God only emphasizes on the quality of its members, not their large number. Look at the era of Noah, after the flood only a family of eight was left behind, not an extra one. Was there anyone to give Noah a hand? Definitely so. People said, “They should at least be allowed into the ark.” No, it was not allowed. Not a single person other than the family of eight. We can see that in His salvation, God’s administration, the administration of the kingdom is stern. It is execution by principle. It is the manifestation of God’s righteous disposition. No helpers or service-doers were allowed or kept. Noah was the only righteous person in that era. Were Noah’s three sons and daughters-in-law righteous people? No, they weren’t. Then why were they allowed to stay behind? They benefited from Noah’s clout, mainly for the purpose of reproduction of offspring. Noah’s three sons were not righteous men, but they obeyed the word of their father. For that reason, they were left behind to reproduce human beings.


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