Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God”


Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God.” What is the rule against those who are surely opponents of God? All of them will be destroyed. Don’t forget it. There is the saying, “Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God.” What will be the outcome of these people then? All of them will be destroyed. It can be said that those who are compatible with Christ are obedient to God. What will be the outcome of these people? They will receive salvation. They will survive and enter the kingdom of God. That’s for certain. So, what is the criterion we must attain in pursuing the truth? It is to be compatible with Christ. What does it mean by “compatible”? It means espousing no conceptions on, defiance and resistance to whatever Christ says or does, and obeying Him unconditionally. That is being compatible with Christ. If you still harbor conceptions, judgments and resistance about Christ’s work, then you are incompatible with Christ. If you play along with the great red dragon when it judges and condemns God, and play along when it smears and blasphemes God, then you are surely someone who resists Christ, an enemy of Christ. Your outcome will be the same as the great red dragon—utter destruction. Is that clear now? Some people say, “How do I become compatible with Christ? I go along with the conceptions and imagination of man. I like listening to rumors. I get all kinds of conceptions and judgments whenever I hear something inconsistent with my conceptions. What can I do?” How can this problem be overcome? Read more of the word of God and seek the truth. If you know too little about the truth, you will definitely have too much resistance and defiance to Christ. When you understand more about the truth, you will obey and acknowledge Christ more. When you understand everything Christ expresses, your obedience to Christ will become complete and more realistic. By then, you will really obey and worship Christ. “This is God indeed. Christ is the most practical God with humanity, the embodiment of the truth.” By that time, you will be completely compatible with Christ, and God will be satisfied in His heart. God will say that you are a man who receives salvation, a man who is made perfect. Those who are compatible with Christ will reign as kings in the Millennial Kingdom. They will rule all nations in the next age with an iron rod. This is awesome. Let’s say there is someone who rarely eats and drinks God’s word, and has gained very little truth, but he is quite decent in humanity and without conceptions about or resistance to Christ’s work and words. Is he considered as really compatible with Christ? No. Real compatibility is agreement in viewing things. How can a person’s way of viewing things change and confirm to the truth? It’s achieved by his understanding of the truth. To what extent people know and understand the truth, that’s the extent their view will change. If a man has changed his viewpoint and has true outlook and value of life, then when he comes into contact and speaks with Christ, his point of view will be completely compatible with Christ. Look at a good man. Even if he does not have any opinion on others, he does not speak with any view at all. Does that count as having the truth? He judges whether something is good or not only by his conceptions and imagination. He has no grasp on the truth. Without the truth, it is impossible to avoid resisting God even if he does not want to, because the view in his speech is inconsistent with the truth, which is still resistant to God. God is not satisfied with the principle of his actions, which is inconsistent with the truth. No matter how good his humanity is, it is impossible for him to say or do nothing. For this kind of person, can you tell whether he is compatible with Christ? Such a person cannot be listed among those who are compatible with Christ. A person’s compatibility with Christ is determined according to his level of understanding in the truth. He doesn’t understand the truth, even if he does not say or do anything, his heart is like a piece of dead wood. His existence is soulless.

So what is the way to be compatible with Christ? One must really eat and drink and figure out every word expressed by Christ, and understand more truth from the word expressed by Christ, so that he can be compatible with Christ. Even if such a person does not speak, there is principle in his way of doing things. The things he does glorify God. His actions please God. What he does is consistent with the truth. His actions bear witness for God. You see, to be compatible with Christ, no one can avoid acting with principle. If a person does not speak, can the truth be implemented by the things he does? As long as the truth is in his heart, he can implement the truth just the same, even if he doesn’t say anything. If the truth is not in his heart, the truth cannot be implemented even if he says nothing. It doesn’t matter if he says or does anything overtly. Whether he practices the truth is determined according to his understanding of the truth. If he understands the truth in his heart, what he does is bound to be consistent with the principle. What he thinks is bound to be non-resistant to God. This is absolutely so. What kinds of people are compatible with Christ? They are invariably people who pursue and understand the truth. It is not something that can be accomplished by just someone with a nice personality. If you don’t believe me, go find an old monk or nun. They are nice people who don’t do bad things. See if they are compatible with God. You all say no. Why not? Because they do not eat and drink God’s word. They don’t have the truth. So they are definitely resistant to God. For someone who doesn’t often eat and drink the word of God, who doesn’t often communicate the truth, he won’t understand the truth no matter how long he may believe in God. For someone who gets confused and dozes off when he hears the sermon or reads the words of God, can he understand the truth? This is called confusion. A confused person cannot understand the truth. He who doesn’t understand the truth, even if he has no conceptions when he meets Christ, he will still resist Christ because he has no truth. It is the truth that makes man compatible with Christ. It is the truth that makes man obey God and bear witness for Him. A person without the truth is definitely incompatible with God.

Let’s read two paragraphs of God’s word. “All men wish to see the true countenance of Jesus and desire to be with Him. I believe that not one of the brothers or sisters would say that he is unwilling to see or to be with Jesus.” This is the desire of man. Everyone thinks that way. The following is what God says. “Before you have seen Jesus, that is, before you have seen the incarnate God, you will have many thoughts, for example, about Jesus’ appearance, His way of speaking, His way of life, and so on. However, when you really see Him, your thoughts will swiftly change. Why is this? Do you wish to know?” Do you want to know? If so, then let us read on. “While man’s thinking indeed cannot be overlooked, it is much more intolerable for man to alter the substance of Christ.” What is the substance of Christ? The substance of Christ is divinity, truth, and Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. If you don’t have the truth, the way and the life, what then when you see Him? After exchanging a few words, you won’t get along with Him. There is a Chinese parlance that says, “Even half a phrase is too many when there is no rapport.” Conversely, the conversation won’t end when there is rapport. That’s why I say, without the truth, man will not be compatible with Christ. Why won’t there be compatibility? It is the lack of rapport. That is what “not getting along” is all about! There is no common language, isn’t it? That means the conversation will run out of topic after a couple of words and become an argument. Inconsistent opinions easily lead to arguments and disputes in short order. A person without the truth should understand the truth somewhat and fear Christ. When Christ asks him something, he will say “I don’t get it.” And if Christ continues, he will listen with an obedient heart and with reverence. If that is so, there will not be any conflict or rebellion before Christ. However, a person who lacks the truth is usually absurd, arrogant and presumptuous. When he hears the truth expressed by Christ, he doesn’t understand it. He feels that it disagrees with his conceptions and imagination. So he wants to express his view. He will reveal his views and opinions, and show off himself before Christ to win Christ’s favor. As a result, Christ will be disgusted with him. Why is that so? That is the sign of being incompatible with Christ, isn’t it? When a person puts up an animated act before Christ with his arms flying around, he is resisting Christ and offending God’s disposition! You show off in front of the master with your arms flying around, what are you trying to accomplish? Are you playing Satan the devil? How much do you know? Who are you preaching to? Are you preaching to Christ and showing off yourself? Save it. How do we say it in an idiom? It is called “showing off in front of the master,” isn’t it? “… it is much more intolerable for man to alter the substance of Christ.” The substance of Christ cannot be altered by man. That is the substance of Christ. Therefore, when you pass the absurdity of Satan, the conceptions and imagination of man, Christ is repulsed by you. If you seek the truth, Christ will see that you have some sense and will talk with you for a moment. If you don’t seek the truth but show off your tricks and knowledge instead, you will provoke the detestation of Christ. He will say it is all absurdity. What is that you are still trying to show off? Don’t you know your limit? Your lousy act is not worth a dime. Does it have anything to do with the truth? You don’t even scratch the surface. Beneath your neat and impressive outlook, your dignified, elegant and delicate demeanor, there is a pile of absurdity and nonsense. You have been humbled now, haven’t you? This is your judgment, isn’t it? That is for blindly showing off.

Let’s continue reading God’s word. “You regard Christ as an immortal, a sage, but none regard Christ as a mortal with divine substance.” Man regards Christ as an immortal, as a sage, with his imagination, is it wrong? It is wrong. If you have this kind of imagination, you will definitely find that Christ does not match your conceptions once you see Him. You have never thought of Christ as a normal person with divine substance. At first glance, you will say, “Oh, He is a very ordinary person. Is Christ supposed to be such a person after all? How can He be God?” You see, your conceptions are coming out. You have actually treated Christ as an immortal, as a sage, in your imagination. You ended up seeing an ordinary person and your conceptions just popped up without control. This is how you failed after seeing Christ with your imagination. Conversely, if you know that Christ is a normal-looking person with divine substance, you will understand that, though Christ has a normal and ordinary appearance He holds the essence of truth inside. The truth inside cannot be seen from appearance. A book cannot be judged by its cover. The ocean cannot be measured with a bucket. As long as you understand this, it is fine. You will not generate all sorts of conceptions and resistance when you see Christ. This means that you have some sense. “Therefore, many of those who yearn day and night to see God are actually enemies of God and incompatible with God. Is this not a wrong on the part of man?” It’s wrong to live by your imagination and conceptions. Isn’t it so? “Even now you still think that your belief and loyalty are such that you deserve to see the countenance of Christ….” That’s how many people think. They assume that they are fit to see Christ because they are faithful and loyal to God. Does merely being faithful and loyal to a vague God make you fit to see Christ? He who thinks that he is fit to see Christ merely because he is faithful and loyal to God needs to reexamine the basis of his assumption, doesn’t he? Are faith and loyalty the criteria for God’s praise? Does that represent man’s understanding of God? The saints and apostles throughout history were faithful and loyal to God too. Some were even martyred for God. Were they fit to see Christ? Some people say no. Why not? It was because they didn’t know God. Their life disposition hadn’t been transformed. People like them were unfit to see Christ. He who lacks actual knowledge of God or knows too little about the truth is unfit to see Christ. A man who lacks the truth will resist God. This has nothing to do with how much faith or loyalty he has. Does having faith and loyalty alone mean knowing God? Does having faith and loyalty alone mean the transformation of life disposition? Therefore, having faith and loyalty alone does not mean the actually possessing of the reality of truth. It does not reach the criterion for God’s salvation. A person’s faith and loyalty does not equate with absolute obedience to God. He may still resist God. A person like this may not commit heinous evil, but he is still resistant to God because he lacks the truth and transformation of life disposition. You should see this clearly. People in the religious world will never understand this aspect of truth. They reject the work of God in the last days and only believe in a vague God, so they will never understand it. Their beliefs are in vain.

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