Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God”


Let’s continue fellowshiping the word of God. “Prior to contact with Christ, you may believe that your disposition has been entirely transformed, you may believe that you are a loyal follower of Christ, and you may believe that you are most worthy to receive the blessings of Christ. For you have traveled many roads, done much work, and brought forth much fruit, so you must be a person who receives the crown in the end.” Are there a lot of people that speak these kinds of words? There are many of these kinds of people. In the Age of Grace, there were many people like this. There are also many in the Age of Kingdom. They keep these thoughts in their mind. Let’s continue reading. God said: “Yet there is one truth that you do not know: The corrupt disposition and rebellion and resistance of man are exposed when he sees Christ, and the rebellion and resistance exposed on such occasion are more absolute and complete than on any other.” This is the truth, this is a fact. Why is it that man’s rebellion and resistance becomes so completely exposed whenever he sees Christ? Why is it usually not so completely exposed? Usually man does not see God, so his rebellion and resistance to God cannot be exposed. But when he sees God, he starts to have notions in his mind, he starts to produce notions directed at God and rebel against God directly, and he starts to judge and resist God. So, at this time his rebellion and resistance is more completely exposed than at any other time, for it is aimed directly at God. What one exposes in front of his fellow man is usually directed at another person, not at God. But some of what is directed at another person partially touches upon God, though it is not aimed directly at God, so it cannot be said that this is the most complete exposure of one’s rebellion and resistance to God. You can see how that is so, right? “It is because Christ is the Son of man and possesses normal humanity that man neither honors nor respects Him.” It is because He is a man, especially an unremarkable and ordinary man that people’s arrogance and self-righteousness, and their dishonor and disrespect toward Him are so completely exposed. If Christ were a lofty man, or if He were a man who could perform miraculous signs and wonders, then people would have some fear of Him, and they would not dare expose themselves so completely. Isn’t that so? Think of someone that I have dealt with and pruned. He generated notions and resistance, and then what did he say behind my back? “How does he not have the courage to come to my home? He knows that if he came I would report him!” What do you think about this person speaking in this way? “He knows that if he came I would report him!” Antichrists and wicked men are like this. Men that have been expelled are like this. When I saw that this was a wicked man, I dealt with him, I exposed him. When I did this no words were uttered from his mouth. But behind my back, the more he pondered it, the angrier he became. As he became angrier, hatred grew in his heart until behind my back he said something like: “He knows that if he came I would report him, that I would have the police arrest him.” But if Christ were able to perform miraculous signs and wonders like the Lord Jesus, and put people to death or bring the dead back to life just by saying a single word, would this person dare report Him? He would not report Him. If he were to see this, he would think to himself: “Wow, He has divinity, He is able to perform miraculous signs and wonders, He really is God. So if someone were to say something that resisted Him, then wouldn’t they be done for as soon as He uttered a single word?” He wouldn’t dare do it. So, with God incarnate appearing as an ordinary man who cannot perform miraculous signs and wonders, and who cannot come and go as He pleases, people then dare to persecute, they dare to condemn, and they dare to resist. There’s nothing they wouldn’t dare to do. This completely exposes the nature of mankind. If God incarnate were able to perform miraculous signs and wonders, this would conform to people’s notions, and they would be able to constrain themselves a little bit more. So, would they be so completely exposed? They would not. If man is not completely exposed, how can he be unmasked and judged? So, with Christ coming again in the last days, the significance of His incarnation is complete. For there are no miraculous signs or wonders in His incarnation in the last days. He is an ordinary man. His divinity is concealed. This completely exposes the essential nature of mankind. In particular, this exposes those who do not love the truth and who dare to so frantically condemn and say all sorts of blasphemies. These people are completely exposed. Is this not the wisdom of God? This is the wisdom of God. So, in this way, when God determines the outcome of all men in the last days, it is completely just and fair, for He will determine each man’s outcome based on all they have done and all they have shown. Nobody will be able to fake who they are, the true facts will be made known, and in this way each man’s outcome will be determined in a just and fair manner. God is so wise in working this way! If Almighty God and the Lord Jesus in the flesh were completely the same, if He were conceived by the Holy Spirit and could perform miraculous signs and wonders, could this kind of result be attained? If that were so, there would be many people in the religious world who would also believe, and the great red dragon would not dare to act with such resistance. If that were so, would it make it easier or more difficult for God’s work of judgment in the last days to have a favorable result? It would make it more difficult. In addition, it would also make it more difficult to determine a man’s outcome, for many men are hypocrites and live under false identities. On the outside it doesn’t look like they do anything wrong. So, that is why it makes so much sense for God incarnate to be a normal man. Therein lies the wisdom and almightiness of God. This is totally the wisdom of God!

Let us continue reading the word of God: “It is because God lives in the flesh that the rebellion of man is brought to light thoroughly and vividly. So I say that the coming of Christ has unearthed all the rebellion of mankind and has thrown the nature of mankind into sharp relief. This is called ‘luring a tiger down the mountain’ and ‘luring a wolf out of the cave.’” When we have read up to here, can you see the wisdom of God or not? This is the result that is achieved when God becomes incarnate as a regular man in the last days. You see in the religious world how their resistance has become more frantic and more radical, and you see how the great red dragon’s attacks and blasphemies have gotten more savage and more sinister. This proves that the purpose of God’s work is being achieved, for they are being completely exposed. Right now we are spreading the gospel in the religious world, but the religious world is starting to totally seal the churches off. It is a new round of condemnation and blasphemy being launched by the religious world, but soon their outcome will be completely determined. So why do we say that the antichrists in the religious world are the enemy of God? It’s because they try to exercise control over God’s chosen people and those who believe in God. They do not deliver them to God. They are fighting with God over God’s chosen people. They are trying to claim that they are equal to God. They are trying to set up an independent kingdom. So, God hates and curses the antichrists much more than He hates the Pharisees. So, when the great disaster arrives, the religious world will meet with more complete and more obvious destruction, so that people can witness the hatred that God has toward the religious world. Is God’s hatred toward the religious world greater than His hatred toward nonbelievers? Yes, it is. Why is it greater? They also believe in God, so why is it that God has such great hatred toward them? Because they are interrupting and disturbing God’s work. They are obstructing the carrying out of God’s will. They are trying to hold control over people who believe in God. They are trying to control them within their churches, not allowing them to receive the true way or investigate the true way. They have ruined the souls of many people who believe in God, so it is they who are the enemy of God. Nonbelievers have no faith and are devils. God will just directly destroy them, so He does not get very angry about them. This is not so with the religious world, for they have set themselves against God, they disturb and interrupt God’s work, and they have committed countless evils! They have ruined the souls of many people who believe in God! They truly do have a lot of debts and blood on their hands. They are devils drinking the blood of saints. Therefore, God hates them even more than He hates those nonbelievers. That is because He directly destroys the nonbelievers, but for the religious world He will punish and destroy them. This you ought to understand. For many people, as soon as they hear me unmask the antichrists of the religious world, they have a bad reaction, they get notions, and they feel dissatisfied with me. What kind of people are these? These are people who do not love the truth. They worship the pastors and the elders of the religious world, which proves that they are going down the same path that those in the religious world are. So, they are in resistance to God.

Let us go back and read some more from the word of God: “Can you say that you are loyal to God? Can you say that you show absolute obedience to God? Can you say that you are not rebellious?” Do you dare say these things? Your faith, faithfulness and obedience toward the vague God won’t be counted, God says there is no confirmation or piece of evidence for that. So what does God use to reveal the true fact? He uses the work of Christ and the expressions of Christ to reveal man. What is your attitude toward Christ? What is your attitude toward the truth? Do you have faith in Christ? Do you obey Christ? Do you have faithfulness in Christ? Based on this, God can determine how much faith, faithfulness and obedience you have in God. This is based on facts, so it is the most practical! You say that you obey God, the God in heaven, so now think about whether or not you are obedient in your treatment of Christ. If you are obedient in your treatment of Christ, then that proves that you are obedient to the God in heaven. You say that you have faithfulness in the God in heaven, but if you do not have faithfulness in Christ, then that proves that your faithfulness in the God in heaven is false. If you say that you have faith in the God in heaven, but you do not have true faith in Christ, then your faith in the God in heaven is also vague and not practical. But God does things in a very practical way! So, it is Christ in the last days who comes to carry out the work of judgment, to determine the outcome of every person. This is the most just, fair and rational manner. 

Let us continue reading the word of God. “Some will say: Each time that God creates my surroundings, I always obey and never complain. In addition, I hold no notions about God. Some will say: All the work tasked to me by God, I do to the best of my ability and am never remiss. Then I ask you this: Can you be compatible with Christ when you live alongside Him?” Think about it. You say that you are able to obey everything from the God in heaven, that you are able to complete everything He entrusts you with, yet God asks you this word, “Can you be compatible with Christ when you live alongside Him?” He uses this to confirm whether your obedience, your faithfulness and your faith in God are actually true or false. If you are compatible with Christ, then everything you utter is true. If you are not compatible with Christ, then everything you say is false. God is just and fair to all people. Below the word of God also says: “And how long will you be compatible with Him? One day? Two days? One hour? Two hours?” Do you all think you are truly compatible with Christ if you are compatible with Him for one hour or two hours? If you are compatible with Him for one day or two days, is that being truly compatible? It is not. If you are compatible with Him for one or two years, is that being truly compatible? That also is not. If 3 to 5 years go by, or 7 to 8 years go by, and the whole time when the work of God is being carried out you are always able to be compatible with Christ, then this could demonstrate the point. Some people do service for Christ only for a year or two. What do these people say? “There will be great disasters in these two years, I must hurry and do service, or else I will be forsaken!” Then once two years pass, they look around and think to themselves: “No disasters have come! They haven’t come, so I might as well not do service, I might as well enjoy the world and enjoy my wealth.” Is this being compatible with Christ? The service this person did for that year or two wasn’t without resistance. They had their notions and imagination. It was limited obedience. They were reluctant. It was not real. Nowadays there are still people who always ask this question: “When will the great disasters actually come to pass? Can’t you give me a specific time? If you tell me right now a specific time, then I will forsake everything, I will cast away all, and I will expend myself for God. If you cannot give me a specific time, do not deceive me, I still want to enjoy the next several years.” What is wrong with the people who speak like this? Are they sincerely expending themselves for God? Is expending themselves in this way being truly obedient to God? Are they compatible with Christ when they pay the price like this? They expend themselves in a limited manner, for a set amount of time and under particular circumstances. “I will not expend myself for God until the great disasters are here.” They act out of fear of disasters! What does it mean to be afraid of disasters? It means that they will only do some service for God whenever they feel afraid of death. This is a transaction. This is wanting to take advantage of God. This is cheating God! So are these kinds of people resisting God? Not only are these people not obedient to God, but they are also trying to carry out a transaction with God. They are trying to cheat God, fool God and resist God. Is this an okay way to look at it? Our opinion is based on understanding thoroughly the essence of the issue and it is a definition according to the essence of the issue. Can the religious world accept this kind of definition? Would the religious world be okay with accepting it? They are not. The words are so practical and the conclusion is based on the essence of the issue, yet they do not accept it. So do these religious people love the truth? Do they have the ability to receive? This is unknown, isn’t it?


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