Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (V)


What results can be achieved from reading God’s words? Regardless of what God’s words relate to, remember, you must at the very least achieve results in four aspects: First, knowing the truth of your own corrupt essence; second, understanding God’s will and how to deal with God’s requirements, that is, understanding what God’s will is and what God requires of mankind; third, understand the reality of truth in God’s words; fourth, from within God’s words, understand the principles of practicing them, as well as the paths to practicing the truth. If you have achieved results in these four aspects, then you have truly understood the truth. You can get results in these four aspects from understanding any truth. Therefore, during the process of eating and drinking God’s words, if someone is able to understand the truth, then that is truly the process of experiencing God’s work. Precisely speaking, the process of man’s experience of God’s judgment and chastisement is the process of them learning the truth of their corrupt essence. It is also the process of understanding the truth and entering into reality. Moreover, it is the process of man ridding himself of his corrupt disposition and attaining true repentance. Lastly, for one who has attained true understanding of the truth, it is the process of their being cleansed and perfected from the truth of God’s words. If someone can achieve results in these four aspects after experiencing judgment and chastisement, as well as come to the knowledge that the process of experiencing judgment and chastisement is also in these four aspects, then hasn’t that person been cleansed and perfected through God’s judgment and chastisement? This is absolutely correct. Some say: “I experienced such things for a year or two in the beginning, then I went back to work. Have I achieved any result from the two years of experience?” At the time, some positive results were probably got from those two years, but since you returned to work and put a few years to waste, those achievements have now been handed back and you will have to start over once again. Once you have to start over, it is not easy to say for certain if the Holy Spirit will still work on you. You will have to double your effort, you will have to pay a huge price, then maybe the Holy Spirit might work on you again. Regarding the path to seeking the truth, one must strike while the iron is hot and go all the way. If you stop in the middle and leave for a few years, then it is all over, and you must start from the beginning again. Some women believed in God for a few years, and the Holy Spirit performed work on them, but then they found a partner, and once that happened, they got pregnant and had to take care of the baby. Such a delay cost them three years, and for these three years, they had no time nor energy to eat and drink God’s words, and the Holy Spirit did not do any work on them. Once their child is several years of age, they once again renew their belief. Aren’t they now starting all over? Tell me, isn’t this woe to these women who became pregnant and had to take care of their child? It is reasonable to say that getting pregnant and taking care of children is not sinning or committing a crime, yet why does God say that they have gotten into trouble? Where is the trouble? It is in that they have given up on the opportunity to receive salvation, therefore they will not be admitted into a wonderful destination, and in the end there will only be destruction and annihilation for them. Isn’t that trouble? Those pastors in the religion do not allow you to investigate the true way, they do not let you accept the work performed by Almighty God. Simply by following this one thing that your pastor has told you, you ended up in trouble. What kind of trouble? Just because you followed this one thing that your pastor told you, you missed the opportunity of being perfected by God during the last days; is this not trouble? You may say that you have not sinned by following what he told you, but in turn, you have missed the opportunity to be saved and perfected, and what shall become of you in the end? You’ll go to hell. Is that not trouble? This is trouble indeed. By saying such a thing, what is the treacherous intention and purpose of your pastor or your elder? To fight with God over God’s chosen people. They would rather you perish, they would rather you end up in hell than let you receive God’s work. They would rather you perish with them and be buried with them. Therefore, with all the things that the pastors and elders from the religions are doing, are they not fighting with God over God’s chosen people? Are they not devils who are causing harm to people and devouring their souls? Everyone says that they are. Therefore, have these pastors and elders sinned? They have sinned grievously. Before God was performing the work of the last days, they were hypocrites; now that God’s work of the last days has begun, they are fighting with God over God’s chosen people. This is no longer merely an issue of hypocrisy, now they have become antichrists. The sin of antichrists is that they are fighting with God over God’s chosen people. Not only are they not bringing the believers before God, but they instead keep control of these chosen people of God, in order to establish their individual fiefdoms. They would rather let these people go to hell than let them follow God. Such is the treacherous intention of the antichrists.

Look at all the pastors and elders from the religions nowadays, aren’t they all sealing off their churches? We attempted to go into those churches and spread our gospel, we tried many clever ways to enter the churches, yet we were thrown out in the end. What are these pastors and elders doing? They are fighting with God over God’s chosen people. They are doing all that they can to control God’s chosen people, not allowing them to enter the kingdom. They would rather go to hell and have God’s chosen people follow them to their deaths. While they live another day, they want you to live another day with them, to offer them food and drink. Is this not drinking the blood of saints and devouring the soul of men? The religious people have to make offerings to them every day. These offerings are made to God in name, but in actuality they are accepted and enjoyed by these evil servants. Look for yourself, who is benefiting from the offerings being made to God’s house? The offerings made to God’s house have all been spent on the expansion of the kingdom. Those who spend all their time fulfilling their duties, are they not being taken care of by God’s house? Furthermore, all those books and materials that God’s chosen people require, to eat and drink God’s words, are they not procured and provided freely by God’s house? Hasn’t God’s house paid for all the expenses for God’s chosen people who run around? Those pastors from the religions keep all those offerings made by the believers to God for themselves, and they wouldn’t even let them enter the kingdom of heaven after enjoying all those offerings. Therefore, all those offerings that you have made to God have all been in vain, for God has never gotten to enjoy any of them. Those pastors and elders are bewitching you, controlling you, not letting you accept Christ of the last days, and you listen to what they have to say. If you say you have made your offerings to God, yet God has shown you no kindness, is this right? Who told you to listen to those pastors and elders? Who told you to be bewitched and controlled by them? Who told you not to investigate the true way? Who told you to not see through the true nature of the devil? You are perishing and being annihilated as a result of your own ignorance, isn’t that so?

The most critical thing when experiencing God’s work is how to treat God’s words, how to seek the truth, for these are the fundamentals. Tell me, what are the different approaches to experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, what are the paths? Who can give me a summary? Someone said, first, to accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, this is the first approach to practicing. This is correct, and this is undeniable. Second, to accept pruning and dealing is also to experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, which is also the more practical judgment and chastisement. What is the third approach? After experiencing some trials and refinements, after some suffering, one has also attained understanding of the truth of God’s words, come to know God’s disposition, therefore this is also experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, and this is the third approach. Is there yet another approach? Speak up, any one of you who has experience of this. Someone says that it is the discipline from the Holy Spirit. The discipline and punishment from encountering facts, now this is potent. Some have already experienced this, such as those who have been expelled, those who simply got ill, were punished, disciplined, or abandoned by others. The discipline and punishment from encountering facts is very potent, and most who have experienced this step would certainly have cried and shed tears. These are the four major ways to experience God’s judgment and chastisement. You can also say that these are the four approaches. So tell me, which approach have you experienced the most? Tell me, which approach is the most important, the most critical? Of these four approaches, which one results in the least suffering? The least suffering results from experiencing the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, but those who suffer little usually gain little as well. They read God’s words, but they just go through the motions and do not put their heart into it. They have neither accepted nor sought the truth, and they have not compared God’s words with themselves. What have these people suffered? They push all those words of condemnation and revelation onto others, while embracing all those words of blessing for themselves. What have they suffered? They only seek enjoyment of the flesh and have not suffered much pain from the words of God. Some who seek the truth have suffered from God’s words, and how did they suffer? Their corruption was revealed, therefore they seek God’s words for self-reflection; when encountering dealing and pruning, they seek God’s words to write their repentance letters. After such ponderings, they shed real tears, praying in tears, and that is when they have really suffered from God’s words, while they have never truly suffered before this. Having received severe pruning, dealing, and discipline, they sought several passages of God’s words when writing their repentance letters, they shed tears, and they suffered. Most people experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s words through this approach, which is passive. They only compare themselves with God’s words when encountering failures, setbacks, or when encountering dealing and pruning, and this is when they suffer a little. When reading God’s words as usual, especially during times of peace, without dealing and pruning, without trials and refinements, without failures and setbacks, people just go through the motions. They ponder God’s words a little and feel that they’ve done all there is to do and they are satisfied after having gained some small illumination. Therefore, most people have suffered very little when reading God’s words. And in what way do they suffer? First, suffering when being pruned and dealt with; second, suffering when not having a path at times of encountering trials; third, encountering disciplines, encountering sickness, being punished, and thereby suffering. When catastrophe suddenly arrives and someone in their family dies, or their assets disappear or their house collapses, those without the truth would now wail and cry their eyes out. If the suffering from God’s words is small, then there will certainly be suffering when one encounters trials, is that not the case? In short, if someone has not suffered all that is his due, he will not understand the truth, and he will not attain transformations in life disposition. Look at the judgment that David suffered, how many tears must he have shed for him to finally attain true repentance? Some, after only shedding two or three tears, think that they have suffered, think that their disposition has been transformed. Who are they trying to fool?

Tell me, is it important to suffer from God’s words? Everyone knows that it is important. Some only accept the judgment and chastisement from God’s words, and to them pruning and dealing are from men, therefore they do not accept it. How should one look at being pruned and dealt with? If such pruning and dealing is administered by the Holy Spirit, but attained through the hands of men, has it originated from God? In many instances, the Holy Spirit would prune, discipline and deal with us through individuals and things around us, or sometimes even through unbelievers. Such things do happen, and I have experienced them all. Sometimes, when being willful and careless among the unbelievers, saying the wrong things, one is taught a lesson by others; sometimes, we do things with a lack of wisdom, and when preaching the gospel we ran into a brick wall. This is a lack of wisdom, not carrying things out according to God’s will. During the Age of Grace, I also did many foolish things by relying on my passion which ultimately failed. So why am I stating certain things and rules in black and white, during the Age of Kingdom? These are all my conclusions from the failures that I have experienced. How certain evil spirits perform their work, I have learned from the Age of Grace. Those who speak in tongues and translate them are all evil spirits. Look at all those prophets in the religions, they are all false prophets and evil spirits. Someone might say: “I’ve seen Jesus revealing Himself to me, pointing out to me which place on the map is going to have an earthquake.” This is an evil spirit, so don’t listen to its nonsense. All those prophets walking in the religions are all false, they are all evil spirits. Some people do not agree, and while they might not say it out loud, they think: “Once the God which that prophet was speaking of should fulfill his prophecies, you are going to bring shame upon yourself.” These people are even betting against me in secret. Go on, place your bets! If I dare say such words, could they be empty words? Of course, I had to look at what they said. Would I have dared say empty words if I had not looked at what they had said? Regarding the experience of God’s judgment and chastisement, let me honestly tell you this: If you do not put effort into understanding God’s words, if you do not suffer much with God’s words, you will certainly encounter many trials and refinements that will cause you suffering. No one can lessen this suffering. It can be said that the sufferings and pains that each man must go through are preordained by God, and there is no escape. Therefore, you better put in more effort into God’s words, you better put in more effort in seeking the truth, then you might not need to receive the disciplines and punishments from encountering facts. Let’s submit to God’s work thus and experience God’s judgment and chastisement.

For many, especially new believers, once they have read some of God’s words and they have seen some words of judgment, chastisement, and condemnation, they begin to doubt God’s words, they begin to have conceptions, and they say: “Could God condemn mankind thus? Could God say such harsh and severe words? Could they possibly be spoken by man?” Then they begin to doubt God’s words. What’s the mistake they’ve made? It’s called doubting God, resisting God, right? Are there people who worry what might happen if some of these words are not God’s words? Are there people who worry like this? Those who have such worries are the most foolish of people. There are some absurd people, and they have done a foolish thing. What foolish thing? Some small changes have been made to certain of God’s words, and while the meaning has not changed some of the grammar has been revised so that they can be better understood. These men then said that this was changing God’s words. In particular, “Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning” and “The Words of the Son of Man Incarnate as He Walked in the Churches” have been arranged according to recordings, and they were slightly changed and abridged when they were being arranged. These men said that this was changing God’s words. Is what they say correct? Those who understand the spirit say that this is wrong, while those who do not understand the spirit and abide by rules kept their silence. They think that: “If these words have been changed, then they are no longer God’s words.” Couldn’t the literal form of God’s words be changed? While the literal form can be changed, the truths have not been changed, therefore the truths have not changed. Among all of God’s words, which ones can have their literal form changed, and which ones cannot have their literal form changed? We see two languages used in God’s words, one of them is the language of divinity. The language of divinity was directly written by the hand of Christ, and so was expressed directly from the administration of the Holy Spirit. Those words are completely unchanged. The portion of “God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe” is unchanged, while the discourses at the end were also directly written by Christ, so those words are also completely unchanged. They are not allowed to be changed. If Christ does not allow a single word to be changed, none of those words can be changed. God’s sermons and recordings are communicated through human languages, and those can be changed, they can be streamlined, refined, and abridged. Therefore, the most critical discourses written in the language of divinity regarding God’s work of the last days are completely unchanged. The sermons and seminars given by the Son of man in the church, these have been abridged and refined. And what of the truths? Have they been changed? They have not been changed one bit, but the language is now more refined. Do not always become stuck with rules. God’s words are God’s words. God’s words are alive. It does not mean that they are no longer God’s words once some words have been changed, because the meanings of God’s words have not changed. Let me be earnest with you. Do you think that it is possible to remain completely accurate when translating the Bible? How many mistakes must there be when translating the Bible? No one knows. Many meanings have been changed, and the language is no longer the same. Isn’t that the case? Let us take the Chinese Union Version Holy Bible, which was translated by those who do not believe in God. How many mistakes must there be? Yet we still must treat God’s words as accurate. Furthermore, those words spoken by the Lord Jesus in the New Testament were recorded by the apostles, working from memory. They summed up God’s words through recollection, therefore when these apostles were writing the Four Gospels in the Bible, were there any discrepancies? There were discrepancies, but can you say that those are not God’s words? You see, there were discrepancies even among those words that they learned straight from the Lord Jesus. There might be a word that’s different here, or a few words that are different there, but the truth behind these words has not changed, has it? Therefore, do not hold onto words and sentences with a death grip, and say: “God’s words must be complete and exact! God’s utterances, who recorded them? Were they accurately recorded? Is there proof? They must be accurately recorded to be God’s words, and if there should be one word of difference, then they are no longer God’s words!” If this is the way that you believe in God’s words, then go to heaven to believe in God’s words. Don’t stay on earth, for such is the environment on earth, this is the way that the Christ on earth operates, and these are the words spoken by Him. This is the way you are told to believe, and if you believe in this way, then the Holy Spirit shall perform work on you, and the Holy Spirit shall enlighten you. If you do not believe in God’s words, and say that they are no longer God’s words once they have been slightly changed, then go to heaven to believe in God. Don’t believe in Christ, and then watch yourself going down to hell in the end. Those who believe will eventually be perfected and enter the kingdom, and you who do not believe shall go to hell. Who caused this? Is it not man’s absurdity that caused this? It is caused by absurdity. This is the way that you must believe, without doubt, one hundred percent. Submit like this, accept it like this, and you shall be on the right path. Christ is God incarnate. He has not changed, He is not wrong, and He has not been impersonated. The man used by the Holy Spirit has not been falsified; he is there talking to you just like this. This is how I talk, and after my talk, it is typed out and arranged and my ramblings are taken out, those meaningless words are taken out. After my talk has been abridged, everyone looks at it and says that, “Ah, quite good, now it reads fluent and well.” Isn’t that good? These are man’s sermons and fellowships, and have there been changes compared to the original recording? There have been no changes in most places, but some small things have been taken out here and there. What of the sermons by Christ? What of His fellowships and seminars when He walked in the churches? Those were changed in the same way, they were refined in the same way. The truth will always be the truth. No matter which way you tell it, the truth is always the truth. It can be expressed in different forms, there is not a predetermined set of words from which the truth can be expressed, whereby the truth is no longer faithfully expressed because of one misplaced word. Therefore, do not have conceptions when reading God’s words, do not doubt God’s words, for every one of God’s words is the truth. In the end, all shall come to be in accordance with God’s words, the end of mankind shall be determined based on His words, whether one is condemned or rewarded is based on His words. These are God’s words, these words count, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these words. There is no need for men to be oversensitive, for it serves no purpose.

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