God is incarnated in Mainland China, that is, the inland called by fellowmen of Hong Kong and Taiwan. When God came to earth from heaven, no one in heaven or on earth knew it, for this is the true meaning of God coming again in a hidden way. He worked and lived in the flesh for a long time, but no one knew it, and even today still no one has knowledge of it. Maybe it will forever be a “mystery.” When God came into the flesh this time, no one could possibly know it. No matter how great a scale the Spirit works on, God always remains quiet and never shows any sign. It can be said that this stage of work seems to be done in the heavenly realm. Although people all see it, they do not know it. After this stage of God’s work ends, all people will wake up from their long dream and suddenly change their usual attitude. I remember that God said, “When God comes into the flesh this time, it is as if he falls into the tiger’s den.” That is to say, when God works this time, he comes into the flesh and is born in the place inhabited by the great red dragon, so God comes to earth this time at a greater risk, confronted with swords and spears and bludgeons, with temptations, and with murderous-looking people, in danger of being killed at any time. God has come with wrath, but he has come to do the perfecting work, that is, to do the second part of the work after the redemptive work. In order to do this stage of work, God has exerted all his mind, and he tries every possible way to avoid the attack of temptations and remains humble and hidden and never shows off his status. Jesus saved man from the cross, and his purpose was only to accomplish the redemptive work, but he did not come to do the perfecting work. As such, God’s work had only been half completed. When the redemptive work was finished, it means that only half of the work in the entire plan had been finished. When the new age was about to start and the old age was passing away, God the Father began to deliberate the second part of his work and began to prepare for it. It might not be prophesied in the past that God would be incarnated in the end time, so it laid a foundation for God’s coming into the flesh in a more hidden way this time. When all men were unaware and the day was just dawning, God came to earth and started his life in the flesh. When this moment came, men did not know it. Maybe all men were fast asleep, maybe many watchful men were waiting, or maybe many men were praying silently to the God in heaven. But among these many men, no one knew that God had come to earth. God works in this way for carrying out the work more smoothly, for achieving better working results, and for avoiding more temptations. When spring slumber is broken, God’s work will have long ended. He will leave the earth and end his drifting and sojourning life on earth. Because with his work God has to do it and speak personally and man cannot interfere, God endures great sufferings and comes to earth to work personally. As man cannot do God’s work on his behalf, God descends to the place inhabited by the great red dragon to do his own work at a risk which is thousands of times higher than that in the Age of the Grace, exerting all his mind to redeem this group of poor people, this group of people in the dunghill. Although no one knows his existence, God is not distressed, because this brings a great benefit to his work. People are all extremely vicious. How could they tolerate God’s existence? So, when God comes to earth, he always keeps silent. No matter how cruel people are, God does not care about that at all, but only does the work he ought to do, in order to accomplish the greater commission of the Father in heaven. Who among you has ever known God’s loveliness? Who cares for the burden of God the Father more than the Son? Who can understand the will of God the Father? God the Father’s Spirit in heaven is often worried, and the Son on earth often prays for the will of God the Father and works his heart out for it. Who knows God the Father’s heart that loves the Son? Who knows the beloved Son’s heart that misses God the Father? It is a hard choice to be separated in heaven and on earth. They always look at each other from afar and accompany each other in spirit. Mankind! When will you care for God’s heart? When will you understand God’s will? The Father and the Son should be together; why should they be separated in heaven and on earth? The Father misses the Son as the Son loves the Father. Why should he be waiting eagerly and expecting anxiously? Although they are not separated for a long time, who knows how many days and nights the Father has been anxiously expecting, long expecting that the beloved Son will return early? He watches, he sits quietly, and he waits, none of which is not for the purpose that the beloved Son will return early. When can he, who is drifting about on earth, meet him again? Although they will forever be together from the day they meet again, how could he bear their being separated in heaven and on earth for thousands of days and nights? Dozens of years on earth are like thousands of years in heaven. How could God the Father not be worried? When God comes to earth, he goes through all kinds of hardships of the world as man does. God is innocent; why should he undergo the same sufferings as man does? No wonder God the Father expects the Son with such an anxious heart. Who can understand God’s heart? God has given man too much; how could man requite God’s heart enough? But man has given too little to God; how could God not be worried because of that?

Among people, almost no one understands God’s eagerness, because they are too poor in qualities and quite numb in spiritual feeling, and they pay no heed or attention to whatever God does. Therefore, God is always worried about people, as if their bestial nature will break out at any time. From this, it can be seen all the more that God is confronted with great temptations when he comes to earth. However, in order to make a group of people complete, God, laden with glory, tells all his will to them without any concealment. He has determined to make this group of people complete, so whether it be suffering or temptation, he disregards it and just does his own work quietly. He firmly believes that when he gains glory one day, people will know him; he believes that when people are made complete by him, they will fully understand his heart. Now, whether some people tempt him, or whether some misunderstand him, or whether some complain against him, God does not care about it at all. When God descends in glory, people will all understand that whatever God does is for the sake of mankind’s happiness, and they will all understand that whatever God does is for mankind to live better. God comes confronted with temptations and also comes with majesty and wrath. When God leaves people, he will have already gained glory, and he will go laden with glory and the joy of return. The God who works on earth, however men reject him, does not care about it, but just keeps doing his work. During the several-thousand-year history since the creation of the world, God has done numerous works on earth and has gone through all kinds of rejections and slanders from the world. No one has welcomed God’s coming, but they all have given him just the cold shoulder. In the several thousand years of hardships, men’s doings have long broken God’s heart. He no longer looks at their disobedience but makes another plan to transform and purify them. The ridicule, slander, persecution, tribulation, pain of the cross, exclusion by men, and so on God experiences in the flesh, God has long tasted enough of them. The God who comes into the flesh has undergone all kinds of sufferings of the world, which the Spirit of God the Father in heaven has no longer borne to look at. With his head up and his eyes closed, he has been waiting for his beloved Son to return. He only hopes that people will all listen to and obey him and be extremely ashamed before his flesh and not be disobedient to him; he only hopes that people can all believe his existence. He has long since expected nothing higher from people, for he has paid too high a price, yet people rest without worries and pay no attention to his work at all.

In today’s talk about God’s work there are many “baseless words,” but they have much to do with people’s entering in. I just talk about work and then about entering in, but both aspects are indispensable. When these two aspects are combined together, it will be more beneficial to people’s life. They complement each other and are both profitable, causing people to better understand God’s will and promoting the relationship between God and people. Through today’s talk about “work,” it is so that the relationship between people and God will change for the better, both sides will better understand each other, and people will better care for God’s burden and feel the same way as God does and will have more faith in being transformed by God and wait for God’s reappearing. This is God’s only requirement for people of today—living out the image of loving God so that there will be the crystallization of God’s wisdom glittering in the dark age and that their living out will make a glorious page for God’s work, shining forever in the East of the world and attracting worldwide attention and all men’s admiration. This is even more the better entering in for those who love God in the present age.

Now, God’s work done in a hidden way in Mainland China is drawing to an end. Most of the people in all Christian and Catholic sects and denominations who thirst for God’s appearing and pursue the truth have returned before God’s throne, received Christ’s saving work of judgment and chastisement, and entered into the Age of the Kingdom. Those wicked men who refuse to accept the truth expressed by Christ and who condemn and resist Christ have been eliminated by God’s work done in a hidden way. What awaits them is only God’s judgment of the great day and the final punishment. When God appears publicly, they will not be among the saved. Even at present, they have already lost the working of the Holy Spirit and fallen into darkness.

During the spreading of the kingdom gospel, we have clearly seen that mankind has been corrupted by satan too deeply. They are so foolish, stubborn, and disobedient. They only know to enjoy God’s grace but are disgusted with and hostile to the truth expressed by Christ. It seems that they allow God only to bestow grace and peace upon them but not to judge, chastise, or bring disasters on them, and that they allow God only to work according to their notions and imaginations but not against their free will. If God does otherwise, God is not God and they can reject and protest to God. Thus it can be seen that mankind’s nature of rebelling against God is really deep-rooted. If the Holy Spirit had not worked greatly to save people by inspiring and guiding them in various ways and even disciplining and punishing them, how could they turn to God? This is altogether God’s great power. Without the working of the Holy Spirit, what could man do? We have once again tasted God’s love. God not only has endured a world of humiliation because of being incarnated, but has to save with great patience the corrupt human beings who eat, drink, and enjoy him but spare no effort to resist, condemn, and deny him. Among those who return before God today, who does not weep and regret? Who does not hate and curse himself? They are like Job, who laid his hands on his mouth and repented in dust and ashes when seeing his poorness and pitifulness. God’s ways of saving people are so wonderful. People have experienced God’s work too little, and there is indeed no one who knows God. We have seen with our own eyes the facts of God’s working in the end time and seen a large number of testimonies to the working of the Holy Spirit guiding people to turn to Almighty God. The glory goes only to God. We have only sorted out a very small number of typical testimonies for people to enjoy. Brothers and sisters in the Lord who read this book, we hope that you can take the initiative to seek God’s appearing and work and follow God’s footsteps immediately. Otherwise, you will be shut out, for God has said, “God’s work never waits for anyone who cannot keep up with his pace, and God’s righteous disposition is merciless toward anyone

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