58. The Principles of Forsaking the Great Red Dragon

1. See through the reactionary essence of the great red dragon which savagely defies and attacks God, and deceives and devours man. Let hatred and curses arise in you for the great red dragon;

2. You must expend faithfully for God, dedicate yourself completely to God, and fulfill the duty you are supposed to fulfill to shame Satan;

3. You must pursue the truth and allow God’s words to take charge and hold sway in your heart. Purge and cast away all the poison of the great red dragon and live by God’s words;

4. Accept God’s words as your life, make a clean break from the great red dragon, do not be restrained by the great red dragon in the least, and be utterly faithful to carrying out God’s will.

Relevant Words of God:

In many places, God has prophesied gaining a group of overcomers in the land of Sinim. It is in the world’s East that overcomers are gained, so the landing spot of God’s second incarnation is without a doubt the land of Sinim, exactly where the great red dragon lies coiled. There God will gain the descendants of the great red dragon so that it is thoroughly defeated and shamed. God wants to awaken these deeply suffering people, to awaken them completely, and to have them walk out of the fog and reject the great red dragon. God wants to awaken them from their dream, have them know the essence of the great red dragon, give all their heart to God, rise up out of the oppression of the dark forces, stand up in the East of the world, and become proof of God’s victory. Only then will God gain glory.

from “Work and Entry (6)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

God intends to use a portion of evil spirits’ work to perfect a portion of man, so that these people can completely see through demons’ deeds, and allow everyone to truly understand their ancestors. Only then can humans completely break free, not only forsaking the posterity of the demons, but even more so their ancestors. This is the original intent of God completely defeating the great red dragon, to make it so that all of man knows the great red dragon’s true form, completely tearing off its mask, and seeing its true form. This is what God wants to achieve, and it is His final goal on earth for which He has done so much work….

from “Interpretation of the Forty-first Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

I have spoken so many times that God’s work of the last days is in order to alter each person’s spirit, to change each person’s soul, such that their heart, which has suffered great trauma, is reformed, thus rescuing their soul, which has been so profoundly harmed by evil; it is in order to awaken people’s spirits, to thaw their cold hearts, and allow them to be rejuvenated. This is God’s greatest will. Put aside talk of how lofty or profound man’s life and experiences are; when people’s hearts have been awakened, when they have been roused from their dreams and know full well the harm wrought by the great red dragon, the work of God’s ministry will have been completed. … for God’s work is the complete salvation of man—man who has been redeemed, who still lives under the forces of darkness, and who has never roused himself—from this gathering place of demons; it is so that man may be freed of millennia of sin, and be beloved of God, completely striking down the great red dragon, establishing God’s kingdom, and bringing rest to God’s heart sooner, it is to give vent, without reservation, to the hate that swells your breast, to eradicate those moldy germs, to allow you to leave this life that is no different from an ox or horse’s, to no longer be a slave, to no longer be freely trampled upon or ordered about by the great red dragon; you will no longer be of this failed nation, will no longer belong to the heinous great red dragon, you will no longer be enslaved by it. The demons’ nest will surely be torn to pieces by God, and you will stand beside God—you belong to God, and do not belong to this empire of slaves.

from “Work and Entry (8)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

As a created being, you should of course worship God and pursue a meaningful life. If you don’t worship God and live in the filthy flesh, then aren’t you just a beast in human attire? As a human being, you should expend for God and endure all suffering. You should gladly and assuredly accept the little suffering you are subjected to today and live a meaningful life, like Job, like Peter. In this world, man wears the devil’s clothing, eats food given by the devil, and works and serves under the devil’s thumb, becoming trampled in its filth. If you don’t grasp the meaning of life or the true way, then what is the point of your life? You are people who pursue the right path, those who seek improvement. You are people who rise up in the nation of the great red dragon, those whom God calls righteous. Isn’t that the most meaningful life?

from “Practice (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Today, you can seek to be made perfect or seek changes in your external humanity and improvements in your caliber, but of principal importance is that you can understand that everything that God does today has meaning and is of benefit: It enables you who live in a land of filth to escape the filth and shake it off, it enables you to overcome the influence of Satan, and leave behind the dark influence of Satan—and by focusing on these things, you are protected in this land of filth. Ultimately, what testimony will you be asked to give? You live in a land of filth but are able to become holy, and no longer be filthy and impure, you live under the domain of Satan but divest yourself of Satan’s influence, and are not possessed or harassed by Satan, and you live in the hands of the Almighty. This is the testimony, and the proof of victory in the battle with Satan. You are able to forsake Satan, what you live out does not reveal Satan, but is that which God required that man attain when He created man: normal humanity, normal rationality, normal insight, normal resolve to love God, and loyalty to God. Such is the testimony borne by a creature of God. You say, “We live in a land of filth, but because of God’s protection, because of His leadership, and because He has conquered us, we have rid ourselves of the influence of Satan. That we can obey today is also the effect of being conquered by God, and it is not because we are good, or because we naturally loved God. It is because God chose us, and predestined us, that we have been conquered today, are able to bear testimony to Him, and can serve Him; so, too, is it because He chose us, and protected us, that we have been saved and delivered from the domain of Satan, and can leave behind the filth and be purified in the nation of the great red dragon. … If people look at you and say, “Though God said you are the descendants of Moab, what you live out has proven that you have left behind the influence of Satan; although those things are still inside you, you are able to turn your backs on them,” then this shows that you have been completely conquered. You who have been conquered and saved will say, “It’s true that we are the descendants of Moab, but we have been saved by God, and although the descendants of Moab used to be forsaken and cursed, and exiled among Gentiles by the people of Israel, today God has saved us. It’s true that we are the most corrupt of all people—this was decreed by God, this is fact, and it is undeniable by all. But today we have escaped that influence. We detest our ancestor, we are willing to turn our backs on our ancestor, to utterly forsake it and obey all of God’s arrangements, acting according to God’s will and achieving His requirements of us, and attaining the satisfaction of God’s will. Moab betrayed God, he did not act according to God’s will, and he was hated by God. But we should be caring of God’s heart, and today, since we understand God’s will, we cannot betray God, and must renounce our old ancestor!” Previously I spoke of renouncing the great red dragon—and today, that is mainly the renouncement of people’s old ancestor. This is one testimony of people’s conquest, and regardless of how you enter today, your testimony in this area must not be lacking.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

To bear testimony to God and shame the great red dragon you must have a principle, and a condition: In your heart you must love God, and enter into the words of God. If you do not enter into the words of God, then you will have no way of shaming Satan. Through the growth of your life, you renounce the great red dragon and bring utter humiliation upon it, and only then is the great red dragon truly shamed. The more you are willing to put the words of God into practice, the greater the proof of your love of God and loathing of the great red dragon; the more you obey the words of God, the greater the proof of your longing for the truth. People who do not long for the words of God are people who are without life. Such people are those who are outside the words of God, and who belong to religion. People who truly believe in God have a more profound knowledge of God’s words through eating and drinking the words of God. If you do not long for the words of God, then you cannot truly eat and drink the words of God, and if you have no knowledge of the words of God, then you have no means of testifying to God or satisfying God.

from “Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The most key thing is that their inner life has changed. The truth expressed by God becomes their very life, some of satanic poisons within have been eliminated, the perspective of the person has completely changed, and none of it is in line with that of the world. He sees the schemes and poisons of the great red dragon clearly; he has grasped the true essence of life. So his life values have changed—this is the most fundamental change and the essence of a change in disposition.

from “The Difference Between External Changes and Changes in Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

God has spoken so many words, yet who has ever taken them seriously? Man does not understand God’s words, yet he remains unperturbed, and without yearning, and has never truly known the substance of the old devil. People live in Hades, in hell, but believe they live in the palace of the seabed; they are persecuted by the great red dragon, yet think themselves to be favored[1] by the dragon’s country; they are ridiculed by the devil yet think they enjoy the superlative artistry of the flesh. What a bunch of dirty, lowly wretches they are! Man has met with misfortune, but he does not know it, and in this dark society he suffers mishap after mishap,[2] yet he has never woken up to this. When will he rid himself of his self-kindness and slavish disposition? Why is he so uncaring of God’s heart? Does he quietly condone this oppression and hardship? Does he not wish for the day when he can change darkness into light? Does he not wish to once more remedy the injustices toward righteousness and truth? Is he willing to watch and do nothing as people forsake the truth and twist the facts? Is he happy to keep enduring this maltreatment? Is he willing to be a slave? Is he willing to perish at the hands of God together with the chattels of this failed state? Where is your resolve? Where is your ambition? Where is your dignity? Where is your integrity? Where is your freedom? Are you willing to lay down your entire life for the great red dragon, the king of devils? Are you happy to let it torture you to death? The face of the deep is chaotic and dark, the common folk, suffering such affliction, cry to Heaven and complain to earth. When will man be able to hold his head up high? Man is scrawny and emaciated, how could he contend with this cruel and tyrannical devil? Why does he not give his life to God as soon as he can? Why does he still waver, when can he finish God’s work? Thus aimlessly bullied and oppressed, his whole life will ultimately have been spent in vain; why is he in such a hurry to arrive, and such a rush to depart? Why does he not keep something precious to give to God? Has he forgotten the millennia of hate?

from “Work and Entry (8)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

May God enlighten us, so that we can all know His loveliness, love our God in the depths of our hearts, and express the love all of us have for God in different positions; may God bestow upon us unswerving hearts of sincere love for Him—this is what I hope for. Having said this, I feel a bit of sympathy for My brothers and sisters also living in this land of filth, so I have developed a hatred for the great red dragon. It hinders our love for God and entices our greediness for our future prospects. It tempts us to be negative, to resist God. It has been the great red dragon that has deceived us, corrupted us, and ravaged us until now, to the point that we are unable to repay God’s love with our hearts. We have the drive in our hearts but in spite of ourselves, we are powerless. All of us are its victims. For this reason, I hate it from My very core and I cannot wait to destroy it. However, when I think again, this would be to no avail and it would only bring trouble to God, so I come back to these words—I set My heart on doing His will—loving God. This is the path that I am taking—it is the path that I, one of His creations, should walk. It is how I should spend My life. These are words from My heart, and I hope that My brothers and sisters will gain some encouragement after reading these words so that My heart can gain some peace. For My goal is to do God’s will and thus live out a life full of meaning and brilliance. In this, I will be able to die without regrets, with a heart full of gratification and comfort. Would you like to do that? Are you someone with that kind of resolution?

from “The Path … (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


1. “Favored” is used to mock people who seem wooden and have no self-awareness.

2. “Suffers mishap after mishap” indicates that the people were born in the land of the great red dragon, and they are unable to hold their heads up high.

The Man’s Fellowship:

Forsaking the great red dragon is not only with the words from the mouth. It will not do for only the mouth to talk of forsaking the great red dragon; there must be a real manifestation of it. What are real manifestations? Here are several aspects of it: First, you must truly recognize the reactionary nature and real features of the great red dragon, and attain authentic loathing of it. Second, you must stand on the side of God and expend yourself for God, and devote yourself to God, which means that you must do your duty to the fullest. Third, you must pursue the truth, and allow God’s word to take possession of you, so that God has status in your heart and reigns supreme in your heart. Your ability to carry out and enter into these three aspects shows that you have truly forsaken the great red dragon. If you have not achieved and entered into these three aspects, this shows that you have not forsaken the great red dragon. Some people have absolutely no knowledge of the nature and essence of the great red dragon, and do not see through the action and behavior of the great red dragon at all. They therefore don’t have genuine loathing for the great red dragon. Is this sort of person one who forsakes the great red dragon? No, he is not. Without even the slightest understanding of the great red dragon, how would he be able to forsake the great red dragon? As he can’t see through the true features of the great red dragon, if someone said that the great red dragon was good, he would also say that the great red dragon was good. If someone said that the great red dragon was bad, and told about the bad things it did, he also would say that the great red dragon was bad. Does this kind of person know the great red dragon? He does not know it. So, is it possible for him to have genuine loathing for the great red dragon? This sort of person does not have genuine loathing for the great red dragon. The great red dragon has razed your home, and you hate it passionately. Is this genuine loathing? It is not. This is a personal enmity. You have not thoroughly understood the nature and essence of the great red dragon. You hate it only because it razed your home, only because your personal interests were harmed. This does not show that you genuinely hate it. Because you do not understand its nature and essence, and you have loathing for it only because of personal enmity, this cannot be considered to be genuine loathing. If you have thoroughly understood its nature and essence, though it does not raze your house, you still hate it. Though it does not persecute you, you still hate it. This hatred is genuine, because you really have seen into its nature and essence, which gave rise to loathing. It is loathing that stems from a sense of justice. This is genuine loathing. This is the first criterion of forsaking the great red dragon. Second is the ability to follow Christ, go to all expense for God, do the utmost of your duty for God, and offer yourself to God. If you practice in this way, this is a manifestation of forsaking the great red dragon. You go to all expense for God, which demonstrates that you do not serve the great red dragon and you are no longer its accomplice. You expend yourself for God and are able to do your full duty. This is a manifestation of satisfying God, and forsaking the great red dragon. Moreover, you offer yourself to God, and desire to follow God and serve God your whole life long. This is a manifestation of forsaking the great red dragon. Hence when you can achieve these criteria—going to all expense for God, following Christ, doing your duty to the utmost and offering yourself to God, this is the second manifestation of forsaking the great red dragon. Third is the necessity to pursue the truth, and to allow God’s word to take possession of you, which then allows God to have status in your heart, and ultimately allows God to reign sovereign in your heart. You can submit to God, and obey God’s orchestrations and arrangements in all things. This is a manifestation of truly forsaking the great red dragon. When these three aspects of practice have been achieved, this proves that you have genuinely forsaken the great red dragon and have completely turned yourself toward God.

from “The True Significance of Forsaking the Great Red Dragon to Receiving Salvation” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (III)

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