211 Gaining the Truth Through Faith in God Is Invaluable

1 I believed in the Lord for a few years, working enthusiastically and running around working hard. I thought that I’d be raptured to the kingdom of heaven, be rewarded and blessed. Through the judgment of God’s words I saw how deeply corrupted I am. My suffering and efforts have been to gain blessings, they’ve been transactions with God. Every day I sin and then confess, I still frequently lie and try to deceive God. Full of a satanic disposition, how could I be worthy of entering the kingdom of God? Undergoing God’s judgment, I’ve finally been jolted awake. I understand that gaining the truth and the life is most important in faith. From now on, I’ll never again strive for the sake of my future and destination. I’m determined to pursue the truth and live based on God’s words.

2 Though I’ve undergone many hardships, many ups and downs in my faith, God’s words have led me through the passes of trials. Though I’ve suffered in the flesh, my satanic disposition has changed. I’m no longer arrogant or rebellious, I’m now obedient to God. Undergoing God’s work, I’ve understood many truths. I’ve seen clearly that Satan is the root of darkness in the world. The great red dragon persecutes God’s chosen people, it is an enemy of God. I deeply hate Satan, I’ll completely forsake the great red dragon. I’m happy to give up everything, I’m firmly resolved to follow Christ. Fulfilling my duty and gaining the truth, this life is not lived in vain.

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