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Question 40: Almighty God, Christ of the last days, expresses the truth and does His work of judgment to purify and save mankind, and yet He encounters the wild defiance and brutal crackdowns of both the religious world and the Chinese Communist government, where they even mobilize all their media and armed forces to condemn Christ, blaspheme against Him, capture and exterminate Him. When the Lord Jesus was born, King Herod heard that “the King of Israel” had been born and he had all male children killed that were in Bethlehem and under two years of age; he would rather wrongly kill ten thousand babies than let Christ live. God has incarnated to save mankind, so why do the religious world and the atheist government wildly condemn and blaspheme against the appearance and work of God? Why do they bend the power of the whole country and spare no effort to nail Christ to the cross? Why is mankind so evil, and why do they hate God so and set themselves against Him?