411 God Uses the Great Red Dragon’s Nation as a Demonstration

1 God has narrowed the scope of His work in the universe, using the country of the great red dragon as a demonstration. He is focusing all of His energy and His efforts in one place. This will have more favorable outcomes and will be more beneficial to His witness. It is under these two conditions that God moved His work of the entire universe to these people of the poorest caliber in mainland China and began His loving work of conquest so that after these people are able to love Him, He can carry out the next step of His work. This is God’s plan.

2 God has paid a great price and expended much effort by carrying out His work in us. It is only because of this that our day has arrived. This is our blessing. In the future, Westerners will envy us for having been born in a nice place, but we all see ourselves as lowly and humble. Isn’t this God uplifting us? The descendants of the great red dragon who have always been trampled upon are looked up to by Westerners—this is truly our blessing. When I think of this, I am overcome by the kindness of God, and by His dearness and closeness.

3 What God does is all incompatible with human notions, and although all of these people are cursed, He is not constrained by the strictures of the law and He has intentionally centered His work around this piece of the earth. This is why I rejoice, why I feel immeasurably happy. Who would dare to think of something like this? But today, this has unexpectedly come upon us. It truly is an enormous joy that merits our celebration. I hope that God continues to bless us and lift us up so that those of us in the dunghill may be made great use of by God, thus allowing us to repay His love.

Adapted from “The Path … (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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