The Great Red Dragon’s Poison Is the Root Cause Behind the Notions and Judgments That Mankind Creates About God

How to Understand and Analyze the Notions and Judgments That Mankind Makes About God

Mankind possesses a nature wherein it resists and betrays God and man certainly has many notions and judgments about God, which occurs because mankind has much of the great dragon’s poison within it. This poison wields power over mankind’s heart and therefore has become man’s nature that resists and betrays God. The nature of Satan also dwells within man, which also certainly gives rise to mankind’s notions and judgments about God; this is a natural law. So why does mankind create notions about God? If mankind’s heart is filled with the great red dragon’s poison and the poison has taken hold, then it is impossible for mankind to not have judgments about God or attack Him. This, too, is a natural law.

Now we will conduct an analysis of some of the notions that cause man to judge or resist or doubt God. When some people see that a person who has performed work for God or spent of themselves for God suffers some ailment, has some family misfortune, or encounters a sudden tragedy and an untimely death, these people may then rush to judgment and say, “God still let bad things happen to people who spent of themselves for Him, yet evil people who resist God end up living very comfortable lives. So where is God’s righteousness after all?” So what would you say the nature of this notion is? It is a notion that directly judges and attacks God. This notion causes people to question God with: Where is God’s righteousness after all? Wouldn’t you say that this is criticizing God? It is indeed. When people say these kinds of things it proves that they do not internally recognize the righteousness of God and that they have doubts about His righteousness. So what are these people’s notions based upon? It is based upon seeing that some people who have spent of themselves, endured suffering of illness as well as experienced family misfortunes, or encountered a tragedy and died an untimely death in doing God’s work and when some people see these things happen they create notions about God and begin to judge God. They are unclear about how they should view these situations and based on their logic, it is only right that someone who does work for God and spends of themselves should be safe and sound and receive God’s protection and blessings. This is the logic that some people subscribe to. People see things this way, but is that how God sees things? No, it isn’t. So how does He see things? Some of those who do work for God and spend of themselves have impurities in their work and are ill-intentioned. Furthermore, when doing their duties, they just go through the motions and are deceitful. What do you say about the way these people do work for God and spend of themselves: Are they doing good deeds or evil deeds? You could say that they are doing evil deeds. For the people doing evil deeds, is it reasonable to say that they are doing work for God or spending of themselves? No, that is unreasonable. Based on the notions that people hold, they think that as long as you are doing work for God and spending of yourself for Him, you should receive God’s blessings regardless of whether or not you are doing evil deeds, or harboring ulterior motives, whether or not the work is done well, and how much harm it brings to the house of God. Is this a reasonable argument? No, it is not reasonable. Didn’t we see the pastors and elders throughout the religious community do work for God? They all spent of themselves for God, so why do they crucify Christ? Why did the entirety of the Jewish community crucify Jesus? Did they not also do work for God and spend of themselves for Him? If mankind lacks the ability to differentiate these things and instead uses their own notions and imaginings to consider these issues, then it is easy for them to make judgments about God and doubt His righteousness; it is here wherein mankind’s viewpoints become problematic. When people lack the truth they are unable to see things properly. They’ll believe anyone who waves a banner proclaiming they work for God and think this type of person certainly deserves God’s blessings. No matter how many evils the banner wavers actually do, as long as they do work for God then they deserve God’s blessings. If people act according to mankind’s logic, then they are not principled at all and do not differentiate between right and wrong, as well as do not distinguish what is actually a good deed or a bad deed. People may act without principle, but all of God’s actions are principled. God’s disposition is one of righteousness, so to weigh mankind’s views against God’s must be an egregious error, right? God can search the very depths of man’s heart, whereas mankind can wade no deeper than the surface and therefore cannot clearly see the substance of an issue. For these reasons, mankind’s actions do not contain the truth and are furthermore completely lacking in principle. God is righteous and almighty and He knows what dwells in the hearts of men. He also knows the substance of man’s actions, so God lets Satan have these evildoers, or He lets calamity befall them or He curses them. This proves the righteous disposition of God and we should praise Him. There are some evil people who keep doing things to resist God, and if they become leaders, they would do everything possible to promote those evil people to lead their brothers and sisters and the work they do would be disruptive and disturbing. The result would be to delay the salvation of God’s chosen people. Would God really bless them who would interrupt and dismantle His work in this manner? Therefore, people who hold notions such as this are completely lacking in the truth and their views on things go beyond belief! When people lack the truth it is easy for them to create notions about God and it is easy for them to make judgments about God. Now do you see this clearly? If someone, as a leader or worker, disrupts God’s work and interferes with the life progress of our brothers and sisters, generally running amok, when these kinds of people are finally cursed by God, will you hold such notions? Will you still say where exactly God’s righteousness lies? You will not, right? We are now able to distinguish those who can form these kinds of notions; for them, number 1. Do not have any understanding of the truths; and number 2. Are unable to seek the truth when things happen because they rely on their own thinking to speak and view things. The result is that they come up with these kinds of notions that judge God and attack Him. Such people are foolish, right? A great fool indeed! Furthermore, their dispositions are quite malicious, but where does this maliciousness lie? They are brazen enough to judge and criticize God; thus is the malice of mankind. These notions are representative of mankind’s nature and shows that they lack humanity, an observation which is quite true. What nature does this represent? It shows that mankind’s nature is satanic. Mankind’s notions illustrate that they are impervious to reason and lacking conscience. To go so far as to criticize God shows a lack of humanity, as well as indicates that the poison of the great red dragon dwells within mankind. It is the poison of the great red dragon that denies God, doubts God, and attacks God; this is the malicious aspect of the great red dragon’s nature. Anyone who would dare to attack or judge God is a very malicious person, and isn’t maliciousness the great red dragon’s poison? It is indeed. It is the great red dragon’s poison, malice, which wields control over humanity and causes them to attack and judge God. Mankind has this poison and so maliciously attacks God, mankind must be the spawn of the great red dragon, right? It shows that mankind is indeed the dutiful progeny of the great red dragon. If this type of person does not pursue the truth, then their life disposition will not change and they will be subject to God’s curses. It is offensive to God’s disposition for people to levy criticism, judgment, and attacks against Him and those who have such conceptions are directly offending God’s disposition.


We will analyze once more an aspect of mankind’s notions. When God requires of us to cast aside everything to pursue to love God, be loyal to Him, and satisfy Him, some people believe the following: “God is also very selfish. He just wants people to love and satisfy Him.” What do you say the nature of this notion is? It is a notion that directly judges against God and attacks God. This is a very serious offense against God’s disposition. We know that God is the Lord of all creation and the Ruler of all things; we know that He is righteous and He is the truth and that all of the requirements God has for mankind are meaningful. It may be said that His requirements contain truth and mystery within them. … Now we have experienced God’s work and we have at least had a very distinct taste of one point: The more we pursue the truth, the more we will know God. Haven’t we all had this experience? What sort of effect occurs when we have a knowledge of God? It seems as if we have truly returned to God, our Creator, which gives people a feeling of rest and brings great comfort, peace, and joy to their hearts, isn’t that right? The more of an understanding we have about God, the more clarity we will have about the truth. The more of an understanding we have about God, the more we will live out human likeness, and the more we will truly resemble the image of a real person. The more of an understanding we have about God, we will live a more genuine life. God asks that we not only have faith in Him, but that we also seek to know Him, so what do you say about the meaningfulness of God’s requests? Through requiring our pursuit of Him, God makes us live out the image of a real person and a true human life day by day. God does this so that we will at last fully enter rest; this is very meaningful indeed! After mankind was corrupted by Satan, what feelings toward God appeared in mankind’s heart? Resistance, blame, and even hatred formed in their hearts. One could say that an element of hatred against God formed in the hearts of men, which was determined by the nature of mankind. With an element of hatred against God in their hearts, can people love God? They can’t, right? So what is the significance of God asking us to love Him? The most important thing is to resolve the satanic nature within us. It is in light of our nature that He has requirements of us; the more we pursue loving God, the more that the element of hate in our hearts is exposed. It is just like when we recognize our own corruption and our own nature; when we realize that we really are in the category of people who resist God and there is too much hatred of God in our hearts, it is then that we feel how deep our corruption goes. This harm is brought by Satan and it is the result of Satan’s corruption. It is here that we begin to despise Satan and approach God and draw near to Him and therein we begin to love Him. It is through the pursuit of loving God that we achieve a change in our life disposition and come to know the substance of our own corruption. Finally, as our hearts come to truly love God, what is it that we come to enjoy? We can enjoy God’s love and His riches given to us. When we finally have love for God in our hearts, we will feel that we are living the way people should truly live and that the God we believe in is truly worthy and deserving of mankind’s love! The result will be that we will receive God’s blessings and obtain a true life. This is the meaning behind God’s requirement that we love, know, and satisfy Him; the mystery here is profound indeed! What are God’s intentions behind His requirements of us? What does God hope to obtain through us? Nothing. God gives everything to us and everything to mankind. God has no intentions that we should give Him gifts or provide anything to Him. So what does God want us to dedicate to Him? God has no requirements, except that we be faithful to Him, submit to Him, and finally that we have an understanding of Him and that we live a true life while possessing truth. If we do that, God is satisfied. God requires this of mankind because He is the Lord of all creation and His requirements of mankind are therefore right and proper. If corrupted mankind had these kinds of requirements for people that wouldn’t be appropriate; it would be arrogant and very unreasonable. For the Lord of all creation to require that the beings of creation submit to Him and satisfy Him is natural and right. It is proper, just like a mother and father requiring that their own children be obedient, do what they say, and be respectful. Nonetheless, some people still make judgments against God, saying things like “God does this to be selfish,” so what is wrong with what they say? What type of person says things like that? Someone who would say God is selfish is just utterly lacking in humanity. Only the devil Satan could say something like that! People with this notion about God would probably say something at home to their own father, “Why do you want me to respect you? You are so selfish!” If their mother asked that they be obedient and do as she says, they might say, “What kind of mother are you? You are so selfish!” What do you think of someone who would say this to their own parents? This type of person is a terrible son or daughter, a real jerk. You could say that whatever requirements the Lord of all creation had for His created beings would not be over the top and that anything He would require would make sense. Why would we say that? Firstly, God does not covet anything we have. Everything we need actually comes from God and is given to us by Him. Secondly, the reason behind God’s requirements for us are so that we can live out human likeness and possess truth, and the knowledge of the Most Holy One will give us true knowledge and wisdom so that we may live a true life. The benefits we get from God’s requirements are actually exceedingly good and we obtain so very much from satisfying His requirements. What God enjoys is only that people submit to Him and worship Him; these are things that calm God’s anger. Therefore, God’s isn’t really asking too much from us. Does God eat our food or drink our drinks? Does God otherwise use mankind’s goods? He has no need for us, but we need all of the things that God prepares for us. This is God’s love! God wants us to love, submit to, and satisfy Him. This is God’s exceptional elevation of us and this is God’s love truly being given to us. Nonetheless, none of us are worthy of loving God and we don’t deserve to enjoy His love. God has never said that Satan the devil should love Him, but has God ever asked those unbelievers to love Him? Are they deserving to love God? No, they are not. We are also not deserving to love God because of our corrupt substance, but God nonetheless has requirements for us, which is an opportunity for us to be a man. Isn’t this God’s elevation of us? Isn’t this an example of God’s grace? When God requires these things of us, we are full of gratitude and yet others actually say that God is selfish. These kinds of people really are like the devil Satan and just plain impervious to reason! God is the Lord of all creation and all powerful. Isn’t it an example of God’s love for us that He, being so great, asks us, being no more important than dust and dirt, to love Him? Isn’t this God’s elevation? Why don’t people see this? Why do they go so far as to make judgments against God? How can people judge a God so deserving of love? Wouldn’t you say they are devils to do that? This is how I analyze their notions, are my words too harsh? There is some anger in my words because I feel angry when I see people with these types of notions and I feel disgusted with them. They are not worthy of being people! Tell me, if God judges and chastises us, what would that indicate? It would indicate that God loves us and that He elevates us. Who are we worthy of being judged by God? Can’t you see who you are as a person? If the great and almighty God judges us humans like the dust and dirt, and judges us humans corrupted by the devil Satan, wouldn’t that be God’s elevation? Doesn’t it mean that God sees us and treats us as humans? That He treats us as His chosen people? Isn’t that right? This is indeed the great exception that God makes for us! Has God ever said to the devil Satan, “Love me and obey me.” No, He has not. So why does God make these requirements for us? What differences are there between us and those unbelievers? Do we stand taller than they do? Are we that much better than they are? We are not much better than they are, but God requires that we love Him and He does not ask that of them. Why is this? Isn’t this God’s love for us? Isn’t this God’s elevation of us? If people cannot see God’s love and elevation, aren’t they being very absurd? Are you clear on this now? Perhaps I’ll bring up a not quite suitable example, but if I were to blame some people among you, or deal with some of them, would you say there is a problem with that? It would indicate that I am treating them like a fellow brother or sister. If I always ignore it when some people do evil, is that a loving thing to do? Isn’t that lacking in love? Then why do I ignore them? I mull it over in my mind and if they are not a fellow brother or sister, I need not deal with them, I can ignore it. See, you have discernment on how man handles such things. Can’t you see now why God does things the way He does? If a father disciplines his son or daughter, what does that indicate? It indicates that he loves them, so he treats them like the son or daughter that they are. If a father saw his son or daughter do evil yet he never concerned himself with it, that would mean he was fed up with them, and he would ignore them and not treat them like a son or daughter. Is that right? These things can all be properly distinguished. If people don’t understand these things then they are likely to talk back to God, go against God, and blame Him. Aren’t people that do those things just completely unreasonable? Aren’t they just ungrateful? Aren’t they blind to the good intentions of others? Do people like that have any humanity? Wouldn’t it be right to say that they are just animals?

Above, we have analyzed several notions of judging and resisting God. The creation of these notions represents the nature and substance of corrupt mankind and shows that mankind carries the nature of the great red dragon within it. It is thus inevitable that mankind would judge and create notions about God. Why does mankind do this? This is a very serious issue. Why doesn’t mankind create notions or judgment against the great red dragon? Why doesn’t mankind create notions or make judgments about the world or corrupt humanity? Why do they only do this against God? This just shows that corrupt mankind is descended from Satan and is the kin of the great red dragon. As offspring of the great red dragon, humanity has been influenced and indoctrinated by it for decades. Humanity has therefore fallen victim to many types of the great red dragon’s poisons. These poisons have seeped deep into the hearts of men and caused them to have nature that resists and betrays God. Therefore, when God has come to do His work, mankind responds by creating notions and judging Him. The facts show that all of these whose notions and judgments of God are rather serious belong to the devil Satan. The nature of these people all share a common feature: malice. Because they have a malicious nature they attack God and judge God. Such people may have eaten and drank God’s word and enjoyed God’s grace, but when they hear one thing that doesn’t conform to their will, they come up with notions about God and they judge Him. Isn’t that malicious? They wouldn’t make up so many notions and judgments about their own parents, so why do so against God? Furthermore, these notions are particularly malicious, and they are attacking and blaspheming God in nature. From this we can see how deep-rooted the problem of the great red dragon’s nature is within people, People who have believed in God for years can still make notions and judgments against God and this is really a problem.

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