Chapter 116. Only Those Who Practice the Truth Have a God-fearing Heart


What is the main thing one should understand when seeking to attain life entry? It is that in all the words spoken by God, regardless of what aspect they refer to, you should find out what His requirements and standards are for people, and from within them, seek out a path of practice. You should use them to check your conduct and perspective in life, and also check all your states and expressions against them. More importantly, you should check against these standards to determine how you should do things, how you should satisfy God’s will in the course of performing your duties, and how you can act in complete accordance with God’s requirements. Be a person with the reality of the truth; do not be someone who just arms yourself with words and doctrines and religious theories. Do not feign spirituality; do not be a fake spiritual person. You must concentrate on practicing and on using God’s words to compare and reflect upon your own states, and then change the viewpoint and attitude with which you treat every sort of situation. Ultimately, you will be able to revere God in every situation, and you will no longer act rashly or follow your own ideas, do things according to your desires, or live within a corrupt disposition. Instead, all of your actions and words will be based on God’s utterances and in accordance with the truth; as such, you will gradually give rise to reverence for God. A God-fearing heart is produced while pursuing the truth; it does not come from restraint. All restraint gives rise to is one type of behavior, but that is a kind of external constraint. Genuine reverence for God comes from—over the course of believing in God—understanding the truth, practicing in accordance with the truth, gradually reducing one’s corrupt disposition more and more, and improving one’s states bit by bit so that one can frequently come before God; this is the sort of process that gives rise to genuine reverence. When that happens, you will know what it means to revere God and how it feels, and then you will realize what sort of attitude, what kind of state, and what sort of disposition people should possess before they are truly God-fearing and are showing reverence of God.


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