Chapter 116. Only Those Who Practice the Truth Have a God-fearing Heart


What is the main thing one should understand when seeking to attain life entry? It is that in all the words spoken by God, regardless of what aspect they refer to, you should find out what His requirements and standards are for people, and from within them, seek out a path of practice. You should use them to check your conduct and perspective in life, and also check all your states and expressions against them. More importantly, you should check against these standards to determine how you should do things, how you should satisfy God’s will in the course of performing your duties, and how you can act in complete accordance with God’s requirements. Be a person with the reality of the truth; do not be someone who just arms yourself with words and doctrines and religious theories. Do not feign spirituality; do not be a fake spiritual person. You must concentrate on practicing and on using God’s words to compare and reflect upon your own states, and then change the viewpoint and attitude with which you treat every sort of situation. Ultimately, you will be able to revere God in every situation, and you will no longer act rashly or follow your own ideas, do things according to your desires, or live within a corrupt disposition. Instead, all of your actions and words will be based on God’s utterances and in accordance with the truth; as such, you will gradually give rise to reverence for God. A God-fearing heart is produced while pursuing the truth; it does not come from restraint. All restraint gives rise to is one type of behavior, but that is a kind of external constraint. Genuine reverence for God comes from—over the course of believing in God—understanding the truth, practicing in accordance with the truth, gradually reducing one’s corrupt disposition more and more, and improving one’s states bit by bit so that one can frequently come before God; this is the sort of process that gives rise to genuine reverence. When that happens, you will know what it means to revere God and how it feels, and then you will realize what sort of attitude, what kind of state, and what sort of disposition people should possess before they are truly God-fearing and are showing reverence of God.


Previous: Recently, online, I have seen many videos and films of The Church of Almighty God. There is quite a lot of content and it is quite positive. However, the internet and Wikipedia contain some negative propaganda in regard to The Church of Almighty God. This propaganda states that what the Christians of The Church of Almighty God believe in is a human being. It says that The Church of Almighty God was found by Mr. Zhao. It says that it is a man’s organization. I do not quite understand this matter and want to ask you to communicate about it.

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63. The Bible says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, then why do you say that the Bible isn’t fully the words of God?

“The Bible is not entirely a record of God’s own utterance; rather, it is just an account of the first two stages of God’s work. Part of it consists of the words of the prophets, and part of it documents the experiences and knowledge of people who were used by God down through the ages. Unavoidably, the writers’ own opinions and knowledge are mixed in their experiences. Many books in it are colored by human notions, prejudices, and erroneous understandings... "

18. Some people have said, “If we keep the way of the Lord Jesus and conduct ourselves in accordance with His requirements, if we are humble and patient, love our enemies, bear the cross, subdue our body, preach and do work for the Lord and witness Him, if we strive in these things, we will become holy.” Why is it wrong to say this?

“The sins of man were forgiven through God incarnate, but it does not mean that man has no sin within him. The sins of man could be forgiven through the sin offering, but man has been unable to resolve the issue of just how he can no longer sin and how his sinful nature can be cast away completely and be transformed. The sins of man were forgiven because of the work of God’s crucifixion, but man continued to live in the old, corrupt satanic disposition."

27. We believe that when the Lord was nailed to the cross, He bore and forgave our sins. Therefore, we have already been distinguished as holy and are no longer of sin, and we do not have to accept God’s judgment and cleansing work of the last days. Why is it wrong to say this?

“You only know that Jesus shall descend during the last days, but how exactly will He descend? A sinner such as you, who has just been redeemed, and has not been changed, or been perfected by God, can you be after God’s heart? For you, you who are still of your old self, it is true that you were saved by Jesus, and that you are not counted as sinners because of the salvation of God, but this does not prove that you are not sinful, and are not impure."


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