255 The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything


In the vastness of the universe,

countless, countless creatures live and multiply.

They follow the cycle, the cycle, the law of life,

and they obey the one constant rule, they obey.

Verse 1

The dead take with them the stories of the living,

those who live, they repeat the tragedy of those who die.

And so mankind cannot help but asking:

Why do we live? Why do we die?

And who commands this world we live in?

And who created the human race?

Was it truly Mother Nature who created humanity?

And is mankind really in control of their own destiny?

Bridge 1

Mankind does not know who is the Sovereign of the universe,

and much less do they know the beginning

or the future of the human race.

Mankind merely lives amidst this law perforce.

And nobody can escape it, there are none who can make it change,

for in heaven and amongst all things, always and for eternity,

there is only One who’s Sovereign over everything.

Verse 2

He is the One who has never been known or beheld by mankind,

the One in whose existence man has never believed,

yet He is the One who breathed life into man’s ancestor,

gave man life;

He is the One who gives nourishment to mankind,

so that they can be;

He is the One who’s guided, who has guided mankind;

man’s survival depends on Him.

He rules all the things in the cosmos,

He is Sovereign, Sovereign of all living things.

Bridge 2

He commands the four seasons,

and calls forth the wind and the frost and snow, and the rain.

And He brings the sunshine to all of humanity

and ushers in the night.

It is He who laid out the heavens and earth,

gave man mountains, lakes

and gave rivers and all the life within them.

Verse 3

His deeds, His wisdom and His power can be seen everywhere.

This is also the way with His authority—

it is omnipresent.

Each of these laws and rules is the embodiment of His deeds,

and all of them reveal His wisdom and His authority.

Bridge 3

Who can be exempted from His mighty sovereignty?

And who can discharge themselves from His designs?

All things exist beneath His knowing gaze,

and they all live under His sovereignty.

Man cannot fail to accept His existence

when they see His deeds and the power He wields.

Man has no choice but to acknowledge Him

and the sovereignty He has over all things.

Bridge 4

Mankind lives and dies under the eyes of God

and for His management,

comes and goes back and forth, over and over.

And without exception,

it’s all part of God’s rule and design.

His management has never stopped;

it moves forward.

He will make mankind aware of His existence

and trust in His sovereignty;

He’ll make man behold His deeds and to His kingdom return.

This is His plan and the work He has been managing,

been managing for thousands of years.


This is His plan and the work He has been managing,

been managing for thousands of years.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Appendix 3: Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst God’s Management

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