How God Saves Corrupt Mankind

The Manifestations of Mankind Having Been Deeply Corrupted by Satan

To understand how God saves corrupt mankind, first of all we have to know the manifestations of people living in the true state of having been deeply corrupted by Satan. This is the first step. If people lack a clear knowledge of how Satan has corrupted mankind and the actual manifestations of mankind having been deeply corrupted by Satan, it is not easy for them to achieve God’s salvation. To the majority of people, it is not clear to what extent mankind has actually been corrupted. So they think that mankind has truly been corrupted by Satan, but not to the point where they no longer have the image of man, nor so far as what they live out is the image of Satan, nor to the point where they resist and betray God to a degree. So they do not feel they themselves are too deeply corrupted, and they cannot see that they have already completely lost the image of the created man. They all feel that although they are somewhat corrupt, they still have some likeness of man and still have some desirable aspects. It is not easy for these people to pay the price to pursue the truth in order to attain salvation. Because they feel that they are very good and just have some shortcomings, as if they could slowly remedy themselves and change by themselves, therefore they do not pay attention to having their life disposition changed—they ignore it and do not take it seriously. This is a problem that the majority of God’s chosen people have.

Now we will fellowship the actual manifestations of people living in the true state of having been deeply corrupted by Satan. The first manifestation is that corrupt mankind is in denial of God, resistance to God and betrayal of God. Although some people believe in God, inside they resist God, and they unconsciously do things which resist and betray God. Isn’t this a fact? This is a fact. Some people say: “I now admit there is God. I now believe in God.” Although you admit there is God and you also believe in God, is everything that you do in line with the truth? This is one condition you have not met. Do you really obey God? You have not met this condition either. In addition, do you worship God? You have also not met this condition. As you cannot obey God, nor can you worship God and your heart is not in fear of God, is there any truth in you believing in God in this way? There is not. So you are still in resistance to God and rebellion against God in what you do, and you still live in corruption and have not achieved the point of being after God’s heart. This is the real situation. The second manifestation is that corrupt mankind advocates science, is in pursuit of knowledge, becomes more and more arrogant and conceited and does not have God in their hearts. Moreover, they are self-righteous and do as they please and have become the embodiment of Satan. Isn’t this a fact? This is a fact. People all advocate science and pursue knowledge and thus become more and more arrogant and conceited. This is the real situation. When God’s work comes upon people, after reading God’s words, they are unsubmissive in their hearts and they have numerous notions that go against God’s words and God’s work, and they are full of rebellion and resistance within. Isn’t this fact? This is fact. People love knowledge and advocate science, so naturally God is strange to them, and they naturally have notions and antipathy about the words of God and will not accept them. This is a manifestation of mankind’s arrogance and self-conceit. Whoever dares to deny God, whoever dares to judge God or whoever dares to delimit God is arrogant and conceited. The whole religious world crucified Christ on the cross, which represents the arrogance, self-conceit, and recalcitration of mankind. They even dared to condemn and nail God incarnate to the cross, which also represents mankind’s arrogant and conceited satanic nature. This is a fact. Tell me, which person is not self-righteous or arrogant? Intellectuals are very arrogant, those who believe in God are also very arrogant and people who serve God are even more arrogant. It was the people who served God who crucified Christ on the cross. In addition, we can see another fact. All corrupt human beings, whether the knowledgeable ones or the ignorant ones, are extremely arrogant and self-righteous. They all believe themselves but not others and all feel more important and better than others. Is that not so? This is also a fact. Therefore, arrogance is not particular to intellectuals, or particular to those with status in religious circles, but rather, it is a characteristic that all corrupt people possess. Even fools are arrogant people. This is a fact. Everyone is very arrogant and conceited, is self-righteous and feels that they are better than others and that they are really something, so everyone is submissive to no one. This is the second manifestation. The third manifestation is that the whole of corrupt mankind is extremely greedy and they live for their flesh. They are mercenary and selfish and not one person willingly offers charity and help to others. Not one person can willingly give to the poor. The whole of mankind is greedy, selfish and mean. Is this the real situation or not? This is the real situation. No matter whether they are family, brothers and sisters or relatives or friends, even though they help each other, it is also a case of not getting up early without there being a benefit. They are all mercenary and using each other, so there is some “mutual help” amongst them. We have to put quotation marks around this “mutual help,” don’t we? Some people say, “Some people offer up everything they have to the state when they are about to die. Are such people not selfless?” No. Even though they may give all they own to the state when they are about to die, if they were not about to die, they wouldn’t give. Moreover, their offering to the state is in order to acquire a good reputation. If they did not give it to the state, who would they give it to? They have to do so, for they have no alternative. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances are, people are all selfish and mean. No matter whether they are rich or poor, well-educated or illiterate, they are all the same. Man is selfish, mean and insatiably greedy by essential nature. Why is there no real friendship between people? Why is man’s lifelong search for a confidant so very difficult? Because corrupt mankind is arrogant, conceited, selfish and mean by essential nature, and they are all for themselves by virtue of Satan’s philosophy, “Heaven destroys those who are not for themselves.” As people all act in their own interests, how can they be another person’s intimate person? That is impossible. The fourth manifestation is that besides being arrogant and conceited, man is particularly crooked and deceitful in disposition. But to what extent? People all have their own intentions in all matters. In addition, people all use cunning schemes to achieve their objectives. People use ruses when associating with others and all guard against each other. They also collude with each other. Because people are all crooked and deceitful and extremely selfish and mean, they are all calculating others and scheming to profit from others. They all want to claim other people’s good things as their own. Therefore everyone is particularly insidious and vicious. The better educated a person, the more tricks they have and the more vicious they seem. The fifth manifestation is that human beings are killing each other. Human disposition is becoming more and more fierce and vicious and people want everything to belong to them, including the things that belong to others. Therefore people are always struggling with each other and nations are often at war with each other, so are countries. This is all because of mankind’s corrupt nature. Mankind is vicious to a degree that murder for gain often occurs, as well as robbery, killings and such like. When people do not have enough to eat, their vicious side is revealed. No matter who you are, as long as you have money and food, other people will kill you and take your property. Now there is a fashionable noun; what is it? It is revolution. How did revolution come into being? People were poor to a degree that they wanted to end the lives of others. Revolution is pulling others by the hair and cutting off their heads with a knife. This is called revolution. It is like when you are a capitalist and the poor rise up and grab your hair, take a knife and cut your head off. This is called revolution. Revolution is generally referring to cutting others’ heads off. You have all heard of the revolutionary party, revolutionaries and revolutionary comrades. Now how did these nouns appear? How did these things appear? They appeared in the last days when Satan’s corruption of mankind reached a pinnacle and people adopted revolutionary action amongst themselves: “Now that you have money and status, I want to make your property mine. I will carry out a revolution against you. If you have power, I will take your power. The objective of taking your power is to make your property mine, so I will carry out a revolution against you.” This is revolution. The objective of revolution is to seize power, take other people’s money and other people’s property. … Amongst corrupt mankind, which group of people is the fiercest and the most evil? That is the revolutionaries. Those are the fiercest, most evil people. If ordinary people fight over a bread bun or potato at the most they use fists to knock their opponent out, grab the bread bun or potato and run away, but a revolutionary would not be satisfied by this. He would say, “If I take your bread bun or potato, this is only enough for me to eat for one day. I will take everything you have as my own and I must kill you, carry out a revolution against you and make you disappear.” This is what revolutionaries do. This is the fifth manifestation of corrupt mankind. That is the expression of the disposition of killing, massacre and revolution. Now the disposition of the whole of mankind is very fierce. As you see, there are injustices everywhere among mankind and there are many people who are oppressed and many people who do not have enough to eat or enough clothes to keep warm. People are extremely greedy and their hearts are full of anger. So when they see scenes of very fierce and brutal fighting in martial arts films, they really enjoy them and are very willing to watch them. What disposition is this? What does this indicate? It indicates that people are particularly in favor of using fists and force to solve problems. It seems to them that this mankind is too unjust and their hatred can only be quenched by having the unjust wiped out! This is people’s frame of mind. So the more fiercely they see people fighting in martial arts films, the happier they are. If they do not fight fiercely and they pretend, they don’t like to watch it. What is going on? What problem does this indicate? This is a manifestation of people’s corrupt disposition. Human beings are full of hatred and anger toward each other and are looking for opportunities to vent them, and when they see their own enemies, they want to kill them with their fists, to ease the hatred in their hearts. Do you have this kind of hatred in your heart? This kind of hatred is present in it. Who is the main person you hate? What kind of people do you hate? You cannot possibly hate everyone you meet, right? Who is your real enemy? Some people say it is Satan. Why do you not mention the great red dragon? If people hate the great red dragon so much then that is fine. You should say you hate the great red dragon, hate Satan and hate all those demons and beasts that do all kinds of evil. If you can say so, you are right. Some people say, “Is it good to have hatred in one’s heart?” It is not a question of good or bad. What is good, and what is bad? If you want to have love, can you love the devil Satan? Can you love it? You cannot love it. Now only God truly loves us. If we truly have love in our hearts, we should love God. Why can people not love God? If you cannot love God, how can you love people? That is not realistic. Is that not the case? Some people amongst corrupt mankind, especially those who are of the great red dragon and of Satan, they oppress others and deprive them of what they own. If you do not hate them it proves that you cannot distinguish good and evil and do not have real love and hate. If you cannot love God with your love and you cannot hate the great red dragon with your hatred, that shows that you have no truth and are not clear about what to love or hate. Your love is a confused, blind love, and your hate is a confused, blind hate. The whole of corrupt mankind has been corrupted to the degree that they are full of hatred, murder and viciousness inside. This means that Satan’s corruption of mankind reaches its peak. Corrupt mankind has these five corrupt manifestations. This is a fact. It results in the whole of mankind becoming increasingly evil and the world becoming more and more dark and corrupt mankind becoming more and more corrupt. People have all lost their conscience and reason. They have no dignity and no integrity and no humanity. Now the whole of corrupt mankind is living in sin, enjoying the pleasures of sin, but they feel no guilt. This is their real condition. Corrupt mankind has already been so corrupted as to not be able to extricate themselves from living in sin. Now haven’t we seen that the whole of mankind is getting more and more evil? Do you see any organization or group that can really send forth the voice of the truth, the voice of righteousness and the voice of true love? You cannot see that. If you go to all kinds of media and all kinds of political parties and listen to their voices, you also cannot see that. So the whole world’s political arenas and art circles and all the other walks of life are full of darkness. Corrupt mankind has been corrupted to this degree and everyone sees it. Everyone feels that the world is getting more and more evil and more and more dark. When you live in this world, if you follow this trend, will you not become more and more corrupt? Are you following the worldly trends now? If you follow the worldly trends, what will you feel? What will you feel if you dance in the ballroom or when you are amongst groupies especially? You will feel empty and bored. In addition, you will feel that you are slipping more and more into the abyss of sin, and that you cannot control yourself and do not know how far you will fall. Will it not be this feeling? You will not be sure how far you will slide, and will feel that you are in great danger, and that if you slide down like this, then there will be trouble in a few days, and if you slide down for a year or two years, it is not certain whether your life can be saved. Now haven’t you seen that it is too dangerous to live in sin? When you live in sin, you live under the curse of God and every day there is the threat of death. You can see that some people have unwittingly got a kind of plague and some people have unwittingly got AIDS. Is this not a curse? This is the curse of God upon them. Is it not dangerous to live in sin? It is too dangerous. Some people follow the world trends and are always in pursuit of romance and ultimately they get AIDS. This is a terrible outcome and a sad ending. Now some people do not care at all about life and death. They say that being happy for one day before dying is worth it. You see, they do not hesitate to put their own lives at stake. Form this we can see that mankind has become so corrupt that they are utterly devoid of self-respect and integrity. This is the real situation with people. Are people not quite terrible at this point? So now we have to stay away from the worldly trends. They are more terrifying than Babylon. Now, through hearing the sermons and fellowshiping about the truths in God’s words, you have also felt that mankind has been so badly corrupted that now if one does not pursue the truth to attain salvation, then he is beyond salvation. You now feel a little scared. Thankfully, God has come to save people. If God had not come to save people, then this mankind would be finished and all ruined.

How Satan Has Corrupted Mankind

How has Satan corrupted mankind to this point? What has Satan used to corrupt mankind to this point? Why did you fall into depravity in this dark world day by day to the point of living in sin? What is the force that drove you to take the dark and evil path? What is the force that made you sink deeper and deeper into the worldly trends? It is important to think about these questions—how Satan has corrupted mankind and actually what is the ideology that has dominated you and made you more and more corrupt. Why was mankind corrupted by Satan? It was because mankind did not have the truth and did not have the words of God. After God made man, God commanded man to only eat the fruit of the tree of life, but not the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As man was tempted by Satan, man disobeyed the words of God, and ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. From that time on, mankind has been distant from God and in betrayal of God. Because mankind’s ancestors did not listen to the words of God, they were corrupted by Satan. This is the origin of man’s corruption. Mankind has been corrupted by Satan. What methods has Satan used to corrupt mankind? We should be clear about this. From Genesis in the Bible, we see that Satan first deceived man with lies so that man doubted God’s words and accepted its “gifts.” Satan deceived mankind with lies, so that mankind became skeptical of God’s words, with the result that mankind became distant from God. This is Satan’s initial method of corrupting mankind. Let us then look at the ways in which Satan has corrupted the whole of mankind. In fact, it has also used lies to deceive the whole of mankind into denying God and staying away from God. When we were young, the textbooks said, “There is no God in the world and people are born from their parents. All things in the world were created by nature and there is no God at all in the world, and no Savior.” Aren’t these Satan’s lies? When people start to understand things, Satan uses lies to deceive people, make people suspicious of God, deny God and keep away from God, and make people accept all of its lies. As a result, mankind has become more and more corrupt and their corruption has become deeper and deeper. The great red dragon uses atheism to deceive mankind. The great red dragon says, “There is no God in the world; that is legend. There has never been a Savior.” Are these not the great red dragon’s lies? It plants an atheistic seed in the minds of the young. Is this not Satan corrupting mankind? And then it makes people accept a “gift,” saying, “Now you are reliant on the CCP and the state to get food and clothing. Your happiness is given to you by the CCP.” Is this not Satan deceiving people? This is Satan deceiving people. Who gives us our food and clothing? They are bestowed by God. But the great red dragon says they are given by the CCP and the state. Is this not a lie? If they were not bestowed by God, though you work and you toil, could you get grain? If God did not give mankind blessings, did not use the sun to shine on mankind, did not give mankind a good climate and did not give mankind the spring rain, could mankind get grain from farming the land? The grain we can get and what we get to eat and wear are bestowed upon us by God and made ready by God. This is true. Satan uses lies to deceive human beings, saying it is the state that feeds the people, that the people rely on the state for food and clothing and that the people should thank the CCP and the state. This is Satan using lies to deceive mankind and to corrupt mankind. This is a fact, right? Satan has corrupted mankind by fabricating a set of communist theories and fabricating a happy paradise for mankind to pursue and to work hard for, but after some people have worked hard for it for decades, where is communism? Where is the happy paradise? There is none! So, this is a scam! For decades, those demons have got hold of what people have earned by their hard work, their blood, sweat and tears, through trickery. It has all been seized by those deceitful demons—the so-called party. This is the real situation of Satan’s corruption of mankind exactly. In addition, the things in the textbooks written by the great red dragon, its propaganda, its public opinion and everything publicized in its newspapers are all heresies and fallacies. This is also a fact. Before, when people were very young, the great red dragon talked to them about class struggle, told them its quotations for Chairman Mao, spoke about laying stress on politics, and spoke about the dictatorship of the proletariat and all of its other theories. The bookstores were full of books promoting all of the great red dragon’s ideology and theories. The great red dragon required children to read these books every day, at school, at home. It required people to study them at their work place before starting working in the morning and after finishing work. They had to study and discuss them every day. The production teams also had to hold big meetings every day to study the newspapers and study politics. Now we can see that all of the great red dragon’s ideology and theories are heresies and fallacies. Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and all the theories spoken by the other kings of the devils from the great red dragon are all fallacies and heresies. People have been poisoned by these heresies and fallacies and the result of being poisoned by these things for decades is that the depths of people’s hearts are full of arrogance, full of greed, full of deceit, full of selfishness and full of killing and hatred. Is this not the outcome of Satan’s corruption? The great red dragon has always used its theories and ideas, all the lies it created, to deceive, corrupt, influence, and educate people so that it has eventually corrupted them to a degree that they become neither humans nor ghosts and not even a little normal humanity remains in them. … People have a lot of Satan’s philosophies inside them, especially those well-educated people, who have more philosophies of Satan inside. What are the common philosophies of Satan? I’ll read you some of them: “The less trouble, the better.” “Words are but wind; seeing is believing.” “Each person sweeps the snow from their own doorsteps; they do not bother with the frost on their neighbor’s roof.” “Imps fear demons, and demons fear devils.” “Heaven destroys those who are not for themselves.” “A man dies for money; a bird dies for food.” “All lay loads on the willing horse.” “Legitimacy belongs to the winner; the losers are always in the wrong.” “A wise man submits to circumstances.” “It is not foolish to forgive others; one reaps the benefits of doing so in the future.” “Speak good words in harmony with others’ feelings and reason, as being frank annoys others.” “To be a scholar is to be at the top of society.” “Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans.” “The county official can’t order people around like the local one can.” “Say ‘I don’t know’ to every question, and you’ll be beyond reproach.” “Money makes the world go round.” “Food is Heaven for the people.” “As a small mind makes no gentleman, a real man is not without venom.” “Bury yourself in the classics and ignore what is going on beyond your immediate surroundings.” “Officials are just looking out for number one, not the public.” These are all Satan’s famous sayings, Satan’s philosophies. Do these things have a place in people’s hearts? They all have a place in people’s hearts. Before when you did not have the truth, you felt: “These words are right. If I knew these words before, how much less wrong things I would have done. These words are great, really realistic, really practical and useful.” Didn’t you have such ideas about these words before? So, you copied these words into books and engraved them in your hearts, and when you encountered situations you recited them to warn yourselves. For example, when encountering the enemy, which of Satan’s famous sayings would appear in your heart? You would think: “‘It is never too late for a gentleman to take his revenge.’ I should not be anxious but be patient. I’d better not let him perceive it.” Is it not so? What did you do when you encountered a bad situation? This philosophy of Satan that was inside you would arise: “‘A wise man submits to circumstances.’ I need to quickly steer the boat.” What philosophy would you use when you wanted to do something that benefited yourself at the expense of others? “‘As a small mind makes no gentleman, a real man is not without venom.’ Well, everyone does it.” When you encountered some unfair situations, though you wanted to right wrongs and say some words of justice, inside your heart, you would ponder: “‘The less trouble, the better.’ I should just mind my own business.” Now it seems that amongst evil humankind, implementing these satanic philosophies, you will be safe and sound for a while, but what is the final outcome? Can you really stay safe and sound? No matter how freely you can use these satanic philosophies, you will still have to die in the end, because you do not have the truth and these philosophies cannot save you. They cannot save you from corruption, cannot save you from Satan’s influence, and cannot save you from God’s curse. Using them this way at present can only protect your physical body from trouble, but cannot save you from Satan’s influence. This is a fact. So these philosophies are just the philosophies of life, not the truth, and cannot solve any fundamental problems. If you have these philosophies, can you resolve your corrupt disposition? Is it not the case that you cannot? In addition, as your corrupt disposition remains unresolved, you will become more and more corrupt. Thus, will you not perish ultimately? So you must see through Satan’s philosophies. They are not the truth and cannot save people. To be precise, if you can gain the truth, which is much higher than the “wisdom” of these philosophies, it can really resolve problems for you from the root. …

Satan uses its lies to corrupt mankind. What do Satan’s lies include? Remember that in the eyes of God, everything that is contrary to the words of God and the truth is lies, and all of Satan’s theories, philosophies and ideology are lies! What do the great red dragon’s poisons that we have mentioned before include? They include all the theories of atheism, materialism, Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, all of the great red dragon’s theoretical doctrines and all its discourse. These are all the great red dragon’s poisons and Satan’s philosophies. Everything that is written in the great red dragon’s books is Satan’s lies. Every sentence is Satan’s lie and every sentence is the great red dragon’s poison. So, are there a lot of the great red dragon’s poisons and Satan’s lies? There are too many. If someone asks you, “What are Satan’s lies?” you can say, “All atheism and materialism, all arguments about life, about revolution, and about the doctrine of the state and all arguments about other so-called isms are Satan’s lies, Satan’s philosophies and the great red dragon’s poisons.” You can explain like this. Do you understand? What effects have Satan’s poisons and philosophies produced in people’s hearts? The first is that Satan’s philosophies and theories have changed people’s goals of survival. Satan has given people a fake, hollow goal to strive for. So, some people strive to join the CCP and to devote themselves to communism. Have they not been cheated by Satan? Some people dedicate a lifetime of effort to the great red dragon. They speak and do things for the great red dragon and put all their efforts into bringing about the great red dragon’s so-called goals. Are these people pitiful or not? In the end, what do they achieve? When they die they get one appellation, and that is “a person reporting to Marx.” Where is Marx’s location, do you know? It is hell. It is the eighteenth level of hell. They go to report to the very bottom level of hell. All people of the great red dragon go there to report to their ancestor, to report to Marx. Finally they have such a name. Is this an honor or a shame? This is a shame. This means they have been poisoned, used and deceived by Satan. They have given or dedicated their whole life to Satan and served for Satan’s goals and objectives. These people are the most pathetic. Furthermore, people, after being corrupted by Satan, pursue the rewards from Satan, that is, the so-called honor and status that Satan bestows on them. Some people under Satan’s domain are unscrupulous in fighting for a position and they do not hesitate to offend anyone to fight for it. They struggle to gain office. Some shed blood, sweat and tears for many years for reputation, a title or to join the great red dragon’s party and then finally swear an oath to join the party in front of the great red dragon. Are such people pitiful? These are the people who have been corrupted, poisoned and finally devoured by Satan. As for the remaining people, most of them, after being corrupted by Satan, live by Satan’s philosophies, poisons and rules and eventually undergo countless sufferings. Tell me, what is the outcome of living based on Satan’s poisons? Besides being deceived, the outcome is suffering. It will not bring people real life because it is not the truth. It cannot let people live out the normal humanity. It gives people a wrong goal and causes people to take the wrong path and pay a heavy price for a wrong pursuit. Is it not deceiving and harming people?

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