Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “How to Know the God on Earth” (I)


How to Know the God on Earth

You all wish to be rewarded before God and favored by God; everyone hopes for such things when they start believing in God, for everyone is preoccupied with the pursuit of higher things, and no one wants to fall behind others. This is just how people are. Precisely for this reason, many among you are constantly trying to curry favor with the God in heaven, yet in truth, your loyalty and candor toward God are far less than your loyalty and candor to yourselves. Why do I say this? Because I do not acknowledge your loyalty to God at all and, furthermore, because I deny the existence of the God that is in your hearts. Which is to say, the God that you worship, the vague God that you admire, does not exist at all. The reason I can say this so definitively is that you are too far from the true God. The reason for your loyalty is the idol within your hearts; as for Me, meanwhile, the God whom you look upon as neither great nor small, you merely acknowledge with words. When I say you are far from God, I mean that you are distant from the true God, while the vague God seems near at hand. When I say, “not great,” it is in reference to how the God that you believe in this day appears to merely be a person without great abilities, a person who is not very lofty. And when I say “not small,” this means that, although this person cannot summon the wind and command the rain, He is nonetheless able to call upon the Spirit of God to do work that shakes the heavens and earth, leaving people completely confounded. Outwardly, you all appear highly obedient to this Christ on earth, yet in substance, you do not have faith in Him, nor do you love Him. Which is to say, the one you truly believe in is that vague God of your own feelings, and the one you truly love is the God you yearn for night and day, yet have never seen in person. Toward this Christ, your faith is but fractional, and your love nothing. Faith means belief and trust; love means adoration and admiration in one’s heart, never parting. Yet your faith in and love of the Christ of today fall far short of this. When it comes to faith, how do you have faith in Him? When it comes to love, in what way do you love Him? You have simply no understanding of His disposition, still less do you know His substance, so how do you have faith in Him? Where is the reality of your faith in Him? How do you love Him? Where is the reality of your love for Him?

Many have followed Me without hesitation to this day. So, too, have you suffered much fatigue over the past several years. The innate character and habits of each of you I have grasped with crystal clarity; interacting with every one of you has been tremendously arduous. The pity is that, though I have grasped much about you, you understand nothing of Me. No wonder people say you fell for someone’s trick during a moment of confusion. Indeed, you understand nothing of My disposition, much less can you fathom what is in My mind. Today, your misunderstandings about Me are snowballing, and your faith in Me remains a confused faith. Instead of saying that you have faith in Me, it would be more apt to say that you are all trying to curry favor with Me and toady up to Me. Your motives are very simple: I will follow whoever can reward me, and I will believe in whoever allows me to escape the great disasters, whether he be God or any certain God. None of this is of any concern to me. There are many such people among you, and this state is very serious. If, one day, there were a test of how many among you had faith in Christ because of insight into His substance, then I am afraid that not a single one of you would be satisfactory to Me. So it would not hurt for each of you to consider this question: The God you believe in is vastly different from Me, and this being so, what then is the essence of your faith in God? The more you believe in your so-called God, the further you stray from Me. What, then, is the essence of this issue? It’s certain that none of you has ever considered such a question, but has the gravity of it occurred to you? Have you given thought to the consequences of continuing to believe in this way?

Today, you face many issues, and not one of you is adept at problem-solving. Should this situation continue, the only ones who stand to lose are yourselves. I will help you to identify the issues, but solving them is up to you.

I take pleasure in those who are not suspicious of others, and I like those who readily accept the truth; toward these two kinds of people I show great care, for in My eyes they are honest people. If you are deceitful, then you will be guarded and suspicious toward all people and matters, and thus your faith in Me will be built upon a foundation of suspicion. I could never acknowledge such faith. Lacking true faith, you are even more devoid of true love. And if you are liable to doubt God and speculate about Him at will, then you are, without question, the most deceitful of all people. You speculate whether God can be like man: unpardonably sinful, of petty character, devoid of fairness and reason, lacking a sense of justice, given to vicious tactics, treacherous and cunning, pleased by evil and darkness, and so on. Is not the reason that people have such thoughts because they lack the slightest knowledge of God? Such faith is nothing short of sin! There are even some who believe that the ones who please Me are precisely those who flatter and bootlick, and that those lacking in such skills will be unwelcome in the house of God and will lose their place there. Is this the only knowledge you have acquired after all these years? Is this what you have gained? And your knowledge of Me does not stop at these misunderstandings; even worse is your blasphemy against God’s Spirit and vilification of Heaven. This is why I say that such faith as yours will only cause you to stray further from Me and be in greater opposition against Me. Throughout many years of work, you have seen many truths, but do you know what My ears have heard? How many among you are willing to accept the truth? You all believe you are willing to pay the price for the truth, but how many of you have truly suffered for the truth? There is nothing but unrighteousness in your hearts, which makes you think that everyone, no matter who they are, is equally deceitful and crooked—to the point that you even believe that God incarnate could, like a normal person, be without a kind heart or benevolent love. More than that, you believe that a noble character and a merciful, benevolent nature exist only within the God in heaven. You believe that such a saint does not exist, that only darkness and evil reign on earth, while God is something with which people entrust their longing for the good and beautiful, a legendary figure fabricated by them. In your minds, the God in heaven is very upstanding, righteous, and great, worthy of worship and admiration; this God on earth, meanwhile, is but a substitute, and an instrument, of the God in heaven. You believe this God could not be the equal of the God in heaven, much less be mentioned in the same breath as Him. When it comes to the greatness and honor of God, they belong to the glory of the God in heaven, but when it comes to the nature and the corruption of man, they are attributes in which the God on earth has a part. The God in heaven is eternally lofty, while the God on earth is forever insignificant, weak, and incompetent. The God in heaven is not given to emotion, only righteousness, while the God on earth only has selfish motives and is without any fairness or reason. The God in heaven has not the slightest crookedness and is forever faithful, while the God on earth always has a dishonest side. The God in heaven loves man dearly, while the God on earth shows man inadequate care, even neglecting him entirely. This erroneous knowledge has long been kept within your hearts and may also be perpetuated in the future. You regard all deeds of Christ from the standpoint of the unrighteous and evaluate all His work, as well as His identity and substance, from the perspective of the wicked. You have made a grave mistake and done that which has never been done by those coming before you. That is, you serve only the lofty God in heaven with a crown upon His head, and never attend to the God whom you regard as so insignificant that He is invisible to you. Is this not your sin? Is this not a classic example of your offense against the disposition of God? You worship the God in heaven. You adore lofty images and esteem those distinguished for their eloquence. You are gladly commanded by the God that fills your hands with riches, and crave the God who can fulfill your every desire. The only One you do not worship is this God who is not lofty; the only thing you hate is association with this God whom no man can regard highly. The only thing you are unwilling to do is to serve this God who has never given you a single penny, and the only One who is unable to make you yearn for Him is this unlovely God. This kind of God cannot enable you to broaden your horizons, to feel as if you have found a treasure, much less fulfill what you wish. Why, then, do you follow Him? Have you given thought to questions like this? What you do does not merely offend this Christ; more importantly, it offends the God in heaven. This is not, I think, the purpose of your faith in God!

You long for God to delight in you, yet you are far from God. What is the matter here? You accept only His words, but not His dealing or His pruning, much less are you able to accept His every arrangement, to have complete faith in Him. What, then, is the matter here? In the final analysis, your faith is an empty eggshell, one that could never produce a chick. For your faith has not brought you the truth or given you the life, but has instead given you an illusory sense of sustenance and hope. It is this sense of sustenance and hope that is your aim in believing in God, not the truth and the life. Thus do I say that the course of your faith in God has been none other than trying to curry the favor of God through servility and shamelessness, and can in no way be deemed true faith. How could a chick be born of faith such as this? In other words, what can faith such as this accomplish? The purpose of your faith in God is to use Him to achieve your own aims. Is this not further a fact of your offense against the disposition of God? You believe in the existence of the God in heaven and deny that of the God on earth, yet I do not recognize your views; I commend only those people who keep their feet on the ground and serve the God on earth, but never those who never acknowledge the Christ who is on earth. No matter how loyal such people are to the God in heaven, in the end they will not escape My hand that punishes the wicked. These people are the wicked; they are the evil ones who oppose God and have never gladly obeyed Christ. Of course, their number includes all those who do not know and, further, do not acknowledge Christ. Do you believe that you can act as you please toward Christ as long as you are loyal to the God in heaven? Wrong! Your ignorance of Christ is ignorance of the God in heaven. No matter how loyal you are to the God in heaven, it is merely empty talk and pretense, for the God on earth is not only instrumental in man receiving the truth and more profound knowledge, but more than that is instrumental in the condemnation of man and afterward in seizing the facts to punish the wicked. Have you understood the beneficial and harmful outcomes here? Have you experienced them? I wish for you one day soon to understand this truth: To know God, you must know not only the God in heaven but, even more importantly, the God on earth. Do not get your priorities confused or allow the secondary to supersede the principal. Only in this way can you truly build a good relationship with God, become closer to God, and bring your heart closer to Him. If you have been of the faith for many years and have long associated with Me, yet remain distant from Me, then I say it must be that you often offend the disposition of God, and your end will be very difficult to reckon. If the many years of association with Me have not only failed to change you into a person possessed of humanity and the truth, but, moreover, have ingrained your evil ways into your nature, and you not only have twice as much arrogance as before, but your misunderstandings of Me have also multiplied, such that you come to regard Me as your little sidekick, then I say that your affliction is no longer skin deep but has penetrated to your very bones. All that remains is for you to wait for your funeral arrangements to be made. You need not beseech Me then to be your God, for you have committed a sin deserving of death, an unforgivable sin. Even if I could have mercy on you, the God in heaven will insist on taking your life, for your offense against the disposition of God is no ordinary problem, but one of a very grave nature. When the time comes, do not blame Me for not telling you beforehand. It all comes back to this: When you associate with Christ—the God on earth—as an ordinary person, that is, when you believe that this God is nothing but a person, it is then that you shall perish. This is My only admonishment to you all.


This is a very important passage from God. What is so important about it? What is God’s intention? Also, do you understand what problems people have in their hearts for believing in the God on earth? Some people perhaps could tell from the reading that this passage reveals many things. If these things cannot be truly resolved, then it’s hard to say if your believing in the God on earth in this way will win God’s praise. It is an unknown factor! Are you aware of the gravity of this issue? Most people say they are. Those that are aware are okay because they have some ability of understanding, and they revere God in their hearts. Those that aren’t aware of it are in trouble because they haven’t taken the matter seriously and their belief in God is always muddled and confused. Are there not those that think, “Believing in the God on earth, in God incarnate, is not an easy thing. There are so many religious people who do not believe in Him, but I believe. And just for believing, do you know how much I am slandered and humiliated?” You have suffered some hardships. And since you have suffered these hardships, now let me ask you an all-important question: Do you know the God on earth? How much do you know Him and submit to Him? If you have suffered much, yet in the end do not know much about the God on earth, what do you think the consequence will be? Was the suffering all for nothing? You have suffered a great deal. God knows this. People have seen this. But if you don’t seek to know the God on earth, then in the end what will the consequence be? Will you obtain the truth? The God on earth can express the truth, and you accept this, but if you don’t obtain the truth, is this not a tragedy? Isn’t it a great pity? Isn’t it regretful? So, this passage from God is very important, and we will fellowship about it in more detail presently.

How to Know the God on Earth.” “You all wish to be rewarded before God and favored by God; everyone hopes for such things when they start believing in God.” Here God is speaking about the minds of humans; everyone thinks this way. “[F]or everyone is preoccupied with the pursuit of higher things, and no one wants to fall behind others. This is just how people are.” Are these words accurate? As God says, this is truly the condition of man’s mind. “Precisely for this reason, many among you are constantly trying to curry favor with the God in heaven, yet in truth, your loyalty and candor toward God are far less than your loyalty and candor to yourselves. Why do I say this? Because I do not acknowledge your loyalty to God at all and, furthermore, because I deny the existence of the God that is in your hearts. Which is to say, the God that you worship, the vague God that you admire, does not exist at all.” What meaning does God bring to this section of the passage? “[M]any among you are constantly trying to curry favor with the God in heaven.” Why is it that people try to gain the favor of the God in heaven? Do people have ulterior motives in doing this? What intentions are in people’s minds that they persistently try to curry favor with the God in heaven, staying away from, and never thinking of, the God on earth? What kind of intentions are they? “You all wish to be rewarded before God,” this is one of them. Doesn’t everyone wish to receive rewards? This is one hundred percent true—there is not a single person who doesn’t wish to. And a second one: “You all wish to be … favored by God.” So, no matter what people do, they must do it before God. If they do something, but don’t know if God has seen it or not, they will cast about looking for a way to let God know, to let God see it. “If God really cannot see it, then I have done this deed for nothing; this expense has been for nothing; this hardship, suffered for nothing, and I have incurred a great loss.” So, no matter what they do, they must let God see it. What is the goal of letting Him see it? To receive rewards, gain some blessings—this is what is in the heart of every person. When you accomplish some work, fulfill your duty, or do a good deed, how much does it matter if God beholds it or not? What problem will it solve? Is it that critical? Just like a child doing some tasks in front of his parents. What use is it if they praise him? Does it show that he will respect them afterward? Does it mean that later in life he will become a good person? It doesn’t mean anything at all! This is what is in the mind of those who have only just put their faith in God, those who do not have the truth. Once they have understood the truth, they will see things clearly and realize that these matters have no significance. The crucial thing is whether or not we achieve purity, if we can obtain the truth and the life. This is what is most important, isn’t it?

God said, “[F]or everyone is preoccupied with the pursuit of higher things, and no one wants to fall behind others. This is just how people are.” What are the “higher things” that people seek? Someone’s viewpoint is different before and after he understands the truth. When he has not yet understood, what is the higher thing in his heart? Receiving God’s rewards and blessings, these are the highest things, the most important things. And what of after he has understood the truth? What does he place highest then? The truth is then placed highest. Whether you outwardly ingratiate yourself to God or act in His name, it isn’t important. What’s most crucial is obtaining the truth, knowing God, this is the highest way of life! There is nothing more important than obtaining the truth, than knowing God, is there? Some people attain great knowledge throughout life, but what of it in the end? They do not know God. What happens when you don’t know God? Death is inevitable. The most learned scholars, the most acclaimed scientists, in the end they all die. But with those who know God it is another story. If the body of someone who truly knows God dies, the person will go on living. Where do they live? They live in the kingdom of heaven. When Peter was crucified upside down, did he die? He did not; his soul went to the kingdom of heaven. Abraham’s physical body died, but he lives on. Where does he live? He lives in the kingdom of heaven. When the body of this kind of person dies, the dust returns to the earth, but the spirit goes to God. The paths are different, as God has planned! What is His plan? Those who know God, who revere God, are sent to the kingdom of heaven; those who don’t know Him, who don’t believe in Him, are sent to hell. In this world, no matter how great a person is, he will go to hell when he dies. For believers who obtain the truth, their bodies die, but their souls reside in the kingdom of heaven. What a difference in those final destinations! So after a life on earth, those few decades that pass in the blink of an eye, the final destinations are not the same. One above, one below; one in heaven, one in hell; one eternal life, one oblivion. So, your few decades on earth decide if you rest in eternity or in oblivion. Some see this clearly, saying, “No, in my life I choose to believe in God, because in this I will find my final destination.” Some say, “I don’t know if there is a God, so I must choose the realistic, make money, enjoy myself, and live happily. Prosperity is most vital.” Where is the problem here? The problem is the path taken throughout life, isn’t it? Choosing different paths leads to different ends. If you choose the wrong path, your end will surely not be good. It will be tragic. But if you choose the right path, even though others may see it as suffering, in the end you will have a good destination. All this results from the choices made by bright and foolish people.


Before gaining the truth, most people who are of the faith worship the God in heaven, the vague God. Because in their hearts, all of them know that there is God and they fully recognize the existence of God, therefore they are all filled with imaginings of God. In particular, those who have read the Bible then added many more conceptual imaginings based on God’s words and God’s deeds in the Bible. In this way, men have acquired conceptions and imaginings that get richer and richer, more and more supernatural, more and more ridiculous. Therefore, even when one day they have accepted the incarnate God, they still hold a high regard for the vague God in heaven. It still reigns supreme while the God on earth ranks only second, or even third, in their hearts. This is how men rank God in their hearts. Men follow the God on earth, yet in their heart they continue to worship the God in heaven. Is this not fact? Look at all those who believe in the God on earth. Yet who do they pray to, the God in heaven, or the God on earth? Most of them still pray to the God in heaven, for they believe that the God in heaven is called Almighty God. You pray to the God in heaven, called Almighty God, and God’s Spirit is listening, and how does God feel after He has listened? God says that you are praying to the God in heaven, called Almighty God, but does the God on earth still have a position in your heart? You have pushed the practical God on earth, the incarnate God, off to one side. What mistake have you made? Unwittingly, you reverted to believing in the vague God. Is that not the case? What is the difference between this faith of yours and that of those in the religions believing in the Lord Jesus? There is not much of a difference. You are only reading the words of Almighty God, yet you still pray to the God in heaven. This is a deviation in faith. What consequences does such an act bring? If men continue to believe that, “On earth, all that I eat and drink are the words of Almighty God, but the vague God has a place in my heart, the vague God is ranked first in my heart, it reigns supreme, while the God on earth only comes in second,” what consequences will such a ranking bring? First, this is resisting the incarnate God. Let us not be so severe at the beginning. Let us be more realistic. Such a consequence can impact your understanding of the God on earth. With a faith such as this you will never understand the God on earth, because you are separated from Him by a vague God. Your heart always focuses on the vague God, and you have never come face-to-face with the God on earth, for the vague God is in between, therefore you can never know the God on earth. Does this not impact on you? Is this not a practical problem? This is the first problem. What is the second problem? Because of the vague God’s position in his heart, it is very difficult for man to submit to and worship the practical God. This is the second problem. Third, because the God that man worships in his heart is the vague God, he begins to harbor contempt or disdain for the God on earth. Doesn’t such a malady exist? This malady also exists. Fourth, because man’s heart is filled with conceptions and imaginings of the vague God, he most certainly harbors suspicions and doubts against the God on earth. Due to man using his conceptions and imaginings to measure the God on earth, he begins to harbor suspicions and doubts, and it is very easy for him to resist the God on earth. Is this not a practical problem? Furthermore, if man is entirely certain about the God in heaven, without a single shred of doubt, then can he fully believe in all the truth expressed by the practical God on earth? He would be suspicious and have doubts, “Maybe these words are from man? Maybe they have been adulterated by man?” Therefore, sometimes when the recordings of God’s sermons have been changed, suspicions would start to grow, and in his mind he begins to ponder: “Isn’t this modifying and tampering with God’s words?” and he begins to have doubts. What is the matter here? He is filled with suspicions, doubts, and questions regarding the practical God on earth. Where do such suspicions, doubts and questions come from? This is because he has conceptions and imaginings of the vague God in heaven that are very vivid, he has determined that this God is the true God, beyond any doubt; regarding the practical God on earth, because He wears flesh, because He has normal humanity, therefore man naturally begins to have suspicions. Suspicions of what? “Is this really the voice of the God in heaven? Has it been adulterated by the ideas of men? Is there anything wrong with it? Who is doing the recording? What to do if any of the words have been wrongly recorded?” Various suspicions come up. Some of the new believers asked this question directly: “Who recorded these words of God? Is the person doing the recording trustworthy? Could he have made a mistake while recording?” In short, as long as the vague God has a position in man’s heart, it is a tremendous obstacle and hindrance to man believing in the practical God. This is a fact. Earlier, we discovered this problem from this passage of God, which God continues to reveal here, “[M]any among you are constantly trying to curry favor with the God in heaven.” They are so loyal and honest with the God in heaven. Look at those in the religions and look at their faith in the God in heaven. Isn’t that faith real? There are many people just like us, casting aside their family and leaving behind their careers, never marrying, expending for God their entire life, even martyring themselves for the Lord. Everyone can see their loyalty and honesty toward the God in heaven. However, what did God say? “Because I do not acknowledge your loyalty to God at all and, furthermore, because I deny the existence of the God that is in your hearts.” God does not recognize your loyalty and honesty toward the vague God, because the God in heaven, the vague God, never exists. God is in charge of all things, God’s existence fills the entire universe. Not only the heaven has a God. Can you say that there is God in heaven but not on earth? Such a thing is wrong. It is true that God’s throne is in the third heaven, but do not say that God is only in heaven and not on earth, do not say that God is only on this planet and not on the other planets. It is appropriate to say that God has created all things and rules over all things. God has said that He does not recognize the vague God that you have imagined, then would God have recognized the loyalty and honesty that men have for the God in heaven, and all the suffering that they have borne for it? He does not recognize such things. Why doesn’t God recognize such things? Who can understand this matter clearly? Whoever is able to see through this clearly has a good understanding. Does the vague God that man believes in exist? You must first decide on this matter. Why did God say that it never existed? This is what man must know, this matter must be thoroughly explained, for you will not believe in the words of God if you have not resolved this matter. All of God’s words are truths, and if you do not ponder in such a way, you won’t be able to understand God’s words. Why did God say that the vague God does not exist? Some say that it is because the vague God comes from man’s conceptions and imaginings. This is one interpretation, who else can follow up on that? A brother said that, when he first started to believe in Almighty God, he continued to have the shadow of the Lord Jesus in his heart, as if he was believing in some of his conceptions and imaginings about the Lord Jesus. He then heard the fellowship from God, and he found that many of his conceptions did not match with what God said. It was as if the God that he believed in had some discrepancies with the practical God of this day. He felt that the faith he had was very vague, and whenever he encountered something, he would measure it against his views from before, so that he was unable to accept some of God’s words. For example, when God revealed that men are Pharisees, he felt that God was not talking about him, because he felt that he had been very close to the Lord Jesus, and in his heart he was unable to accept that the words of the incarnate God of this day are the truth. He then introspected who he really believed in. During this introspection, he found that his viewpoints were the same as those of the Pharisees who held on to the name of Jehovah, and that he himself was a Pharisee. He came to realize that all that have been expressed by the incarnate God of this day are the truths, that they are the words of God. He then had this transformation in his understanding. He said he realized that after believing in God for so many years he never had any real knowledge of God, but instead his faith in God had always been immersed in his conceptions and imaginings. This brother’s experience is quite practical, and just such a transformation is something that those pastors from the religions will never achieve in their lifetime.

This issue has now surfaced. Why did God say that the vague God in your heart never existed? Have these words been made clear? Why did God say such things? Look at what this brother just said. When he was believing in the Lord Jesus, he was certain about the Lord Jesus, he had no doubts. But after he accepted Almighty God, he saw the many truths expressed by Almighty God, and then he had conceptions against some of them, and he had conflicts in his mind. What’s going on here? What issue has this addressed? The Israelites had believed in Jehovah God for at least a millennium or two, but when the Lord Jesus arrived, why were they able to crucify the Lord Jesus? What was the reason? When Jehovah God was performing work, all the Israelites had faith. God has revealed so many miracles, He even revealed all the mysteries of how God created everything, created the heavens and earth and all things, including how He created men. Can you say that Jehovah God is not a God in heaven? That He is not the one true God who created everything? He is. He absolutely is. Then why is it that, after believing in Jehovah God for so many years, when finally He incarnated as a Son of man, men crucified Him? What is the issue here? There is much trouble if this issue is not resolved. Where is the trouble? You can still resist God. When God begins His next stage of work, you still can’t recognize Him, and is this not trouble?

Look at some who believe in Almighty God now. When they see so many truths expressed by God that no man could have written, they say, “This is definitely God, absolutely.” Then comes some negative propaganda, a rumor, and their faith collapses, they begin to doubt God. What is happening here? They only recognize God, recognize as certainty that God has incarnated, recognize that these truths expressed by God cannot be expressed by any man, but they have no knowledge of God. This is fact. No matter how much you recognize God, even if you absolutely recognize God, it does not mean that you know God. While you believe absolutely in Jehovah God, while you recognize with certainty that Jehovah is God, it does not mean that you know Jehovah; while you absolutely identify with the Lord Jesus, while you recognize with certainty the work performed by the Lord Jesus, it does not mean that you know the Lord Jesus; while you absolutely identify with Almighty God, while you recognize that Almighty God is the incarnate God, that Almighty God is the God who expresses the truth during the last days, yet it does not mean that you know Almighty God. Is that not the case? Because you do not have any true knowledge of God, you are even filled with many conceptions and imaginings of God. All men have a vague God in their heart, they all have a complete picture of that vague God, they are all able to give you an entire set of theories. Just like the Bible experts from the religions, once the discussion turns to God becoming the Lord Jesus; the Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit; the divinity of Christ; the humanity of Christ; they can give you an entire set of theological theories. That is a framework of the vague God, and it is comprehensive and systematic. Does it mean that they have true knowledge of God? No, it does not, for these things are all conceptions and imaginings of man. What has this fact proven? That not only do the leaders and Bible experts from the religious community have a vague God in their heart, everyone who believes in God has a vague God in their heart. Is this not fact? Now that men have accepted Almighty God, in particular, they have accepted God’s judgment and chastisement, does the vague God still have a place in their heart? Some say yes. Why do you say yes? What is the proof? Give an example. A sister said that sometimes some of the words that God has said and some of the work performed by God did not fit her ideas, then she would begin to have some conceptions, she would feel that God should not have said those words, that God should not have performed work thus. She really did have such ideas. This is a great example, for it is very appropriate. Your being able to have conceptions of God at any time is proof that you have a vague God in your heart. Where did your conceptions come from? Are they not based on your imaginings of the vague God? How do you imagine the vague God? You imagine the vague God in a certain way, and then you take one look at how the God of this day, the practical God, performs work. Once you have made such a comparison, once you have measured the two, you begin to have conceptions, you begin to have doubts, you begin to have judgments, even conflicts, even retreat, even betrayal. These things can all follow. People are unable to control themselves. People have such vivid and meticulous conceptions and imaginings of the vague God, almost like a work of art. And why is this the case? Because people’s spiritual worlds are filled with imaginings, they are filled with imaginings regarding all things. Look, even little kids are able to imagine things. The teacher asks them: “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a scientist when I grow up!” “I want to be a doctor when I grow up!” “I want to be the Monkey King when I grow up!” “I want to be the king, the president when I grow up!” Where do all these words come from? They all come from imaginings, therefore all children are able to imagine. Adults imagine even more things, things even richer than those of the children. The more they read, the more they imagine; many of these imaginings come from books. Could they have so much imagination without reading books? This is particularly true with the Chinese mythologies. They enter a world of fantasy after reading them. Also, Chinese writers write many love stories which young people love reading. The more they read, the more they imagine. In the end, they grow further and further apart from reality, they become less and less satisfied with reality. They begin to have conceptions whenever they encounter realistic matters, they begin to despair, they even commit suicide. This kind of imagination, isn’t it bringing much harm to humankind?


People’s minds are filled with so much imagination about the vague God, with such vivid imaginings what consequences will this bring? It will only bring a resistance against the practical God. Once man has conceptions, he begins to have conflicts in his heart, which leads to the formation of judgments and resistance, then rebellion and animosity. You see, from conflicts to animosity, such is the progression, and it can happen at any time. Is this not fact? Some westerners accepted Almighty God, and when they were listening to sermons and fellowships they thought it was fine. They said: “Right, right, that’s all correct.” They had conceptions regarding individual things. They were unable to accept the revelation of Paul’s essence, they were unable to accept the fact that God’s house does not welcome homosexuals, and they were unable to accept the revelation that religious pastors are Pharisees. “Pastors have so much love, it is not right to insist that they are Pharisees,” they said. They didn’t yield no matter how you fellowship with them. However, they still had somewhat of a good impression regarding Almighty God, “Everything else You said is true.” Everything else is true, except these few things that cannot be accepted, cannot be overcome. In the end, once they heard some opposing propaganda, they ran away, they stopped believing. What is the matter here? Does your inability to overcome these things prove that all those words spoken by Almighty God are not truths? You deny all the truths. You have no objections to all those truths expressed by Almighty God, yet only because these three things do not fit with your conceptions, you deny God who has expressed such truths. This is somewhat similar to the philosophy of life of Chinese people, for most Chinese people think like this. You treat them well in one hundred things, and they’ll say: “Good, good, you really are treating me well. You are my friend, my best friend.” And then, it just takes one thing from you that they are not satisfied with and they get angry immediately. And once they get angry, they go their own ways. Aren’t most people like this? What does this tell us? That corrupt humans do not care about friendships, all that they care about are their own interests, and they turn their back on you once things go sour. Isn’t that right? When it comes to God’s words, regardless of how many of them that you recognize as truths, as long as there is one thing that does not fit with your conceptions and imaginings, you are able to resist God, you are able to betray God, you are able to deny God. We can see all God’s love for man, for God said: “Perhaps, having heard the way of truth and read the word of life, you believe that only one in 10,000 of these words are in line with your convictions and the Bible, and then you should continue to seek in that 10,000th of these words. I still advise you to be humble, to not be over-confident, and to not exalt yourself too highly. With your heart holding such meager reverence for God, you will gain greater light. If you carefully examine and repeatedly contemplate these words, you shall understand whether or not they are the truth, and whether or not they are life” (“When You Behold the Spiritual Body of Jesus Will Be When God Has Made Anew Heaven and Earth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). How great is God’s patience for people, rescuing them thus? This is salvation to the greatest extent. And how do the corrupt humans treat God? “I recognize all that God has expressed are truths, but as long as there is one thing that does not fit with my ideas or my conceptions, I shall betray You, I shall deny You.” This is how the corrupt humans treat the work performed by God. I have never heard anyone say: “After I believed in Almighty God, I saw that most of the words expressed by Almighty God are truths. While I still have no knowledge of some truths, I cannot pass judgment, and I also can’t deny that those are truths because I have no knowledge of such things.” What do most people say? They say: “I recognize that most of the words expressed by Almighty God are truths, but I am unable to accept certain truths at this moment, I have some conceptions. I believe that the God in heaven might not take such actions, He might still have mercy on us people. The God on earth is indeed quite practical in what He says and does, but there can be no comparison between Him and the God in heaven, for the God in heaven is truly merciful to people. As long as you believe in Him, no matter what you do, no matter how you do it, no matter how you sin, He will still have mercy on you. He will even let you enter heaven after you die.” Is this not people’s conceptions? This is all people’s conceptions. Once the inside of man has been adulterated with many imaginings of the vague God, he begins to have conceptions regarding the practical God at any time. After he has conceptions, once the work that God performs does not fit with his ideas, he immediately has conflicts, he begins to judge, and he even stops believing. Inside man, there are too many imaginings of the vague God, which heavily influence and hinder man’s faith in the practical God. Can you see that now?

Let us talk now about the things that always cause man to have conceptions toward God. What things cause man to be able to rebel against God at any time? He has obviously identified the true God, he has identified that God is the truth, that He has incarnated, yet why does man still have conceptions? That is because man has too many imaginings of the vague God, and these imaginings are too vivid. Once these imaginings are measured against the practical God, conceptions begin to form. Is this not the case? How do people treat the opposing rumors and propaganda from the Communist Party? For some, ten thousand words of truth are unable to leave a mark in their heart, yet only one sentence of the opposing propaganda is all that it takes to hit them where it hurts, such that they are unable to shake it off, and they collapse, and they die, as if being struck by a poisoned arrow. I said: “You’re quick to believe in the words of the great red dragon but you won’t believe God’s words. Are God’s words the truth, or are the words of the great red dragon the truth? Can the great red dragon save you? Does it really have the truth? It lies at every opportunity, everything that it says are lies, all of its words are designed to cause people to die, perish, and go to hell. Then why do you still believe in its words? Why won’t you believe in God?” Why is it so much effort for people to listen to God’s words? Why is it so easy, so effortless to listen to the words of Satan, the words of the great red dragon, and the words of the ancient serpent? People only recognize the existence of truth, but do not believe in the words of truth, for it is not easy to accept the truth. It is easy for them to accept the words of the devil, yet it is difficult for them to accept the truth. In their minds, they are already doing well to admit to the truth, they are very satisfied with themselves. It is not easy at all for such corrupt humans to recognize the truth. Isn’t this the issue here?

After they have finished reading God’s words, some people say nothing about those words they can understand, but as to the parts they can’t accept, they keep saying to God: “I don’t understand these words, I can’t get what these words mean, God, please explain them to me.” You ask God to explain to you, but how is God going to explain to you? Do you want God to take His words back? Is this something that you can decide? God means what He says, and what He means shall be accomplished, and what He accomplishes shall last forever. God’s words are the truth, and what does it mean when you are unable to accept them? It means that you do not accept the truth, it means that you resist the truth. Yet do you still want God to admit that He has made a mistake, and that these words of His are wrong? Are your conceptions and imaginings the truth? You do not accept the truth. If you do not accept it, then don’t believe in God. Why are you debating with God? How dare you ask God! If you dare to ask God, first ask me, and I’ll ask: “Do you recognize that God is the truth?” You might say: “I do.” “Then what are you?” You say: “Not the truth.” “What are you if you are not the truth?” “The devil.” “How can the devil believe in God? Get out and be on your way, devil!” If you were to say: “Regarding this matter, I don’t understand, I am seeking the truth,” then I shall fellowship with you and help you understand. If you have understood yet you still do not accept, then hurry and go back home, for I no longer wish to fellowship with you. Shouldn’t confused people be treated like this? If you are truly someone who seeks the truth, I don’t mind talking for as long as it takes. If you do not accept the truths even though you recognize that they are the truths, then you are the devil, and you’ll be kicked out. Some say: “Isn’t this a lack of compassion?” Where did this come from, saying that this is a lack of compassion? Did it come from religion? Do you know what love is? Do you know what compassion is? That which God has revealed during the Age of Grace was a merciful and loving disposition. You have encountered it, you have some experience of it, you feel that the Lord Jesus is truly merciful and loving, but the disposition revealed by God in the last days is righteousness, majesty, and wrath. It is primarily righteousness and majesty, accompanied by mercy and love. Such is the disposition of God revealed in the last days. Therefore, God’s church in the last days has issued a clearly stated promulgation of the kingdom administrative decrees, with commandments voiced by God Himself. God’s words state: “Defiance means death!” Have you seen these words fulfilled yet? It shall be soon, these words shall be fulfilled very soon, the catastrophe is imminent. When the time comes, you will see. Those who resist will die, blood will flow, and the ground will be littered with corpses. People will die in many different ways.

With the position of the vague God in man’s heart, what harms does it bring to man’s faith in God? How many are there? We mentioned five. And what is the focus of this passage of God’s words? “How to Know the God on Earth.” At the very beginning of this passage of God’s words, God has brought to light the position of the vague God in man’s heart. What is the meaning of these words of God? That it is a dangerous thing for the vague God to have a position in man’s heart. This is the greatest obstacle and hindrance to man’s understanding of the God on earth. You must see clearly through this. Do you understand? To know the God on earth, what issue must you first resolve? You must first resolve the position that the vague God has in each of your heart, as well as your conceptions and imaginings of the vague God. Some say: “When I pray, I pray to the practical God, and when I read, I read the words of the practical God. I also do not believe in the vague God, the God in heaven has no place in my heart. Isn’t the Lord Jesus now Almighty God? Isn’t the Spirit of God inside of Almighty God also the Spirit of the Lord Jesus? Does the vague God still have a position in my heart?” Tell me, everyone, do these words make sense? Everyone says no. Why do they not make sense? Some say that this is because people still have many conceptions, imaginings, misunderstandings of God, as well as suspicions and whatnot inside of them. There are still many such things, and when are they exposed? You still have conceptions and imaginings of God, and they will be exposed when God’s work does not fit with your conceptions. Why are you unable to accept some of God’s words? Why are you dissatisfied with some of the words that God has spoken to you? Why can you still suspect God’s normal humanity? You condemn God’s divinity using His normal humanity. What is going on here? Isn’t this blaspheming God? These are all generated from people’s conceptions and imaginings of the vague God, these are all consequences brought about by the position of the vague God in people’s hearts. People can sin, can say certain things, and that is not a coincidence, for they come from their nature. If you can have conceptions of God, then it is a serious matter. Sometimes, when God’s words turn harsh, people say: “Doesn’t God love mankind? If He loves us, how can He be so harsh? This is not right. If God loves mankind, then He should not say such things.” So, how do you think God should speak, because He loves humankind? Because He loves humans, everything must be handled with kid gloves, always carrying a smile on His face? Are people’s imaginings valid? These imaginings of yours, are they truths?


I’ll use myself as an example. Would you say that the words I say are gentle and mild or are they unreasonably harsh words? Which type of person am I? Do you have a conception of me? Some people will definitely think: When I hear you talk, I am sure that you have some kind of character; when I hear you talk, I am sure that you have some sort of expression when meeting other people and communicating with them; when I listen to you talk, this tone, this manner of speaking, I am sure that you have some kind of appearance, a certain height, the clothes you wear, your bearing and your actions are a certain way. Haven’t you all thought about this before? Now, why is it that you must think like this? Are you accurate in thinking like this? You all say that this is not accurate. If you know that this is not accurate, why do you still think like this? Some people say that people cannot control their minds. You cannot control your thoughts, right? Not thinking about it won’t do. You must think these thoughts. The more you think about it, it’s like the more you have an understanding of me, “Even though we have never met, I know what kind of person you are.” You have figured me out, you finally have an understanding, isn’t this what you are thinking? Now, have you thought about how I would deal with a situation when I encounter it? Can you figure this out? Can you figure out what kind of attitude I will have when I deal with certain types of people? Can you imagine how I will preach each day or how I will communicate God’s words? Some people would say that they cannot figure it out. So, how is it that you don’t think about this? Can you figure out what I will say to you when I see you? There is one more very important matter. When you bring up a question, do you know how I will answer it? You have no idea. Since there are so many matters that you cannot conceptualize, now, is your conception of me tenable? Is it in accordance with the facts? It is not in accordance with the facts and it is definitely not tenable, right? You have so many different preconceptions of me and you still do not know how to think about the key issue. You’ve thought of all this but it is still absolutely not in accordance with the facts and it is not tenable. Now, would you say that you have a knowledge of me? You do not have a knowledge of me. Would this be considered as having a basic understanding of me? This is also not the case. I have used myself as an example to show whether or not man’s imagination is in accordance with the facts. Even though imagination can be extremely vivid, you have already denied that it can form the basis of an understanding of this person. It is not an understanding or the fact. Now, man’s imagination of God is so vivid, yet is it in accordance with the facts? Man’s imagination of God is so vivid, yet is it equivalent to having an understanding or awareness of God? No, it is not. Why is it that man can define God? What kind of problem is this? Some people say that man is too arrogant and that he does not have any sense. If he knows that his imagination is not in accordance with the facts, why does man still believe in his own imagination? It’s as if his own imagination is the truth and that it represents the facts. What sort of problem is this? Isn’t this an example of man’s absurdity? Isn’t this an example of man’s preposterousness? All of you affirm that what I am saying is correct. Now, what do you understand? Tell me. Someone said that man’s conception and imagination is not the truth and they do not represent the facts either. It is too absurd and very ridiculous. What else do you understand? Some people say that man cannot rely on his own conceptions and imagination to understand God. This is correct. Man must thoroughly deny his own conceptions and imagination. He must deny all of it, he must not leave out even a little bit. All of it is absurd and ridiculous.

I used to be arrogant and conceited, particularly self-righteous. In this respect, we are similar. The entire corrupt human race is pretty much the same. Since I preached a lot and I was also illuminated a lot by the Holy Spirit, I was able to understand more of the truth than the average person, and able to see through more things. As a result, I believed that I had a bit of the reality of the truth. I looked down on other people, I thought that I was better than them. So what was the result when God actually came? Once He judged and chastised me, I discovered that I had nothing. The things I understood were because of the Holy Spirit illuminating and enlightening me. I did not possess the reality of the truth at all. From that moment, I did a complete somersault. I was humiliated and I hit myself on the face. I said, “How could I have no sense of shame? This was all the result of the Holy Spirit illuminating and enlightening me. But I still felt I had the reality of the truth. What am I!” Afterward, when I preached once again, I said this to my brothers and sisters, “The things that I have said today that you think sound very good, it is all the result of the Holy Spirit illuminating and enlightening me. It is not because I possessed the reality of the truth. So, please, do not hold me in high regard.” Is this statement good? You all think it is. Why is it good? It indicates that I have some sense and I have some humanity. Now, externally, there is no longer any pride and arrogance, but is there any in my bones? There still is. Why do I say that it still remains? I think that I have watered you for a long time now. You understand a lot. However, when you do things or when you fulfill duties, the result is still not up to par. Yet again, I look down on you. Externally, it seems I have no more arrogance and sense of infallibility, however, in my bones, is it really all gone? It’s still there. Can I be regarded as thoroughly cleansed? You can see through this. I still need to be cleansed, I have not been thoroughly cleansed. Someone asked, “Since you have been perfected, have you truly achieved holiness?” How can this question be explained? When God says that someone has been perfected, then he has been perfected. This is definite. God’s words are the truth. However, here, there is an issue in terms of criteria. The results that God achieves with each step of His work have different criteria. Here, there is the lowliest of criteria. That is, the criterion that man can achieve. We are people that have been corrupted deeply by Satan. The lowest criterion that we can achieve is to basically obey God and be able to work in accordance with God’s intentions. This is the lowest criterion for perfection. When God says that I have been perfected, at most I can say that I have attained the lowest criterion. “Holiness,” this word is not suitable to describe man. Only God is holy. Corrupt humanity is not worthy to claim that they have achieved holiness. We should never say these words. If someone says, “I understand the truth. I have some reality of the truth. I have already achieved holiness,” this is wrong. Do not say that you have achieved holiness. What should you say instead? “I have attained a bit of cleansing.” What do you think about using these words? This is comparatively more objective and accurate. Never say that you have achieved holiness. These words are very wrong and incorrect! Man is not worthy to be called holy. Man is not worthy to say that he can achieve holiness in a hundred or a thousand years, not to mention in these past couple of decades or even couple of years. If God says, “You are holy,” then you are holy. However, man’s holiness mentioned by God is not equivalent to God’s holiness. These are two separate things. Understand? Even if God says that someone has achieved holiness, never assume that this is equivalent to God’s holiness. Man is not worthy. If someone is holy, what are they when they are in front of God? They are still filthy and corrupt. In front of God, man will eternally be filthy. Is it correct to accept things in this way? Even if God commends us, we are not worthy to be called “holy.” Man is not worthy of this word. Man does not deserve this, understand?

The understanding that man has of God is achieved by experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. Take a look at the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. God had not yet done the work of judgment and chastisement. Did man have an understanding of God? He did not. Not only did man not have an understanding of God, but also, man believed in God for many years and only added to the conceptions and imaginings that he had of God. Genuine and true understanding did not increase at all. There was a big increase in conceptions and imaginings. In the end, after believing in God for many years, they nailed the incarnate God to the cross. Even after believing in the Lord for many years, man viewed the incarnate Christ as an enemy. This is the result of believing in God but not having an understanding of God. Now, what is the result that God wants to achieve through saving man? It is that after believing in God for many years, you do not resist God. No matter what God does, you do not have your own notions of it. No matter what God does, and no matter if you understand it or not, you are still able to acknowledge that God is the truth and that your own conceptions and imaginings are absurd and preposterous. You acknowledge that you are nothing, that you have nothing and that you are poor and pitiful in the presence of God. If you can willingly follow and obey God, then this is enough. This is in accordance with God’s intentions. It does not matter how much you understand God or what God does. You must not have any conceptions or requests for God. You must simply obey God without fail. You are able to deny and cast aside your own conceptions and imaginations. If you can believe to this level, then it is not bad. Your faith is quite good. It is more fruitful than the faith of those in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. Can it be said in this way? Saying it in this way is comparatively realistic. Notice how there are some people who, upon hearing the negative propaganda of the great red dragon, “Poof,” they have some conceptions, “Is it really like this? If it is really like this, then I will not believe! Is it actually like this? Can God’s family give me an explanation or a response?” What kind of person is this? You even want God’s family to give you a response. What are you? You are a deeply corrupted demon. Believing in God is a path that you decide on for yourself. Whether or not you want to believe, that is your right. You want God’s family to give you a response, are you worthy? Everything that God’s family does is in accordance with God’s words and the truth. It is done according to principles. Would God’s family explain itself to the world? Would God’s family explain itself to the corrupt human race? So, where should the position and dignity of God’s family be placed? Where should God’s position and dignity be placed? What is the world? What is the corrupt human race? Should we explain ourselves to you? Are you worthy? It’s your choice to believe or not. If you do not believe, then you will die! When Noah was constructing the Ark, he spread the good news for 100 years. In the end, nobody believed. They all thought that Noah was crazy, that he had a mental disorder. What happened in the end? Those who did not believe died. The flood eliminated them. Isn’t it this simple? Should God reveal Himself to someone? At that time, did Jehovah ever say to anyone, “Friend, what Noah says is true. What he says is what I told him to say. He is spreading the good news because of Me. Believe it”? Did God reveal Himself to man? God did not say one thing. If God had enlightened a seeking, investigating and praying man, then he would have entered. At this point, not only would the eight members of Noah’s family have survived, but an additional unbeliever would also have survived. God did not explain one thing to anybody. He remained silent in heaven. In the end, corrupt humanity was exterminated. Isn’t this the case? Presently, the religious world is also full of its own conceptions and imaginations regarding God, “God will absolutely not extinguish the religious world. God will definitely lift these people up and not allow them to endure the pain of disaster.” Are these God’s words or the conceptions and imagination of man? These are man’s conceptions and imagination. You wish that this were so. Look, did God reveal Himself to the religious world? We spread the gospel and so many people seek and investigate, yet not one person can say “God has given me revelation, the way is true.” God has not revealed even one sentence. The Holy Spirit does not work like this, understand? It reveals who are the wise virgins and who are the foolish virgins. When the wise virgins hear God’s voice, they go attend the banquet. The foolish virgins refuse to do so. Therefore, they are left outside of the door. This is revealed by God’s words. The Holy Spirit does not say one thing. He does not reveal one sentence. God works in a hidden way. It has been this way, as hidden as this since the Age of Law all the way till now.

If man relies on his own conceptions and imagination to examine God’s work, in the end, who will be harmed? Man himself, right? Right now, we still regard our conceptions and imaginings of a vague God as an infallible understanding of God, and thus we think that we have understood the truth. How can this be resolved? These things are very deceptive. The result of these things is that they will plunge our life into danger, they are in no way inferior to the poisons of Satan! Externally, they do not look like something negative, but if they are allowed to run their course, they bring about the same results. Externally, it seems like everything is okay. Man thinks he has an understanding of God and he imagines that it is very objective, genuine and realistic. However, these things actually prevent man from having a true understanding of God, from truly obeying God and worshiping God. Instead, these things give rise to man’s conceptions toward, judgments of and conflict with God. It even leads man to betray God. These things seriously harm man! These things are purely a sugarcoated bomb. In the end, they will explode and kill man, they are very dangerous! If we do not dissect these things like this, who would be able to imagine that these things are so harmful to man and that they can cause such severe damage! Were the Pharisees ruined by these things? Of course, I am not talking about those who hated the truth. They should have been cursed. I am talking about those who were stupid and ignorant. They relied on their own conceptions and imagination to examine God. The result was that they denied and rejected God and they were thus eliminated. Now, which one of God’s verses was fulfilled through these people? “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6). They met with death because they were stupid and ignorant!

If you treat a vague God as a real God, if you consider the practical God incarnate as second or third and treat Him as if He were a human being, what kind of sin have you committed? This is the sin of resisting God! Externally, you have accepted God’s work of the last days. It seems that there is still a little bit of difference between this and the Pharisees rejecting the Lord Jesus and nailing Him to the cross. The Pharisees did not accept the Lord Jesus. They did not understand the truth that the Lord Jesus was expressing. Today, if you have accepted Almighty God and have understood a lot of the truth, yet in your heart, you still have a place for a vague God, your heart prays to and reveres a vague God and you place the practical God to one side, this is very serious. This is because you understand the truth yet you still deliberately commit this sin. The Pharisees committed this sin in ignorance. Understanding the truth yet deliberately committing this sin is one degree more severe! You already believe in the practical God, yet your heart still has a place for a vague God. Now, can the practical God permit this? Can He acknowledge you? God really hates it if you have a vague God in your heart. When you have a vague God in your heart, then your devotion is useless, it is in vain and your obedience is not real. God would say that your devotion and obedience has been given to a vague God and not to Him. So, from these words of God, we need to understand God’s heart. God hates people who have an idol in their hearts, the idol of a vague God. Someone said, “I used to believe in Jesus. Can I not imagine what kind of God the Lord Jesus is? I have not believed in the God of the Age of Law, but when I read the Bible and see all the things that Jehovah God had done in the Old Testament age, could it be that I cannot imagine it?” You can imagine it, but are you pondering the truth? Are you pondering God’s words? Are you seeking the truth in God’s words? If you are not seeking the truth, then what is your imagining? It is an absurd explanation of God’s word. It is turning God’s word into idle chit chat. It is not practical!


Right now, when we seek an understanding of God, how do we seek? Based on God’s words in the last days, we should try to discover just what God’s disposition is like, in what manner God treats the human race, what kind of principles God has when dealing with all kinds of different people, which people God saves, which people God destroys and what kind of mercy God shows to people in the midst of judgment and chastisement. When you have pondered in detail these truths and achieved an understanding of it, you will have an understanding of God’s disposition. This means seeking the truth, silent meditation and pondering. This is seeking the truth, it is not blindly imagining things and it is not blindly speculating and making inferences based on man’s conceptions. Right now, when you experience God’s judgment and chastisement, if you do not resolve this practical issue and you blindly imagine and make associations in regards to God in this way, is this seeking the truth? Are you seeking an understanding of God? This is neglecting your main task, right? Notice how there are some people who, once they see God speak about the conclusion of His work in the last days and the coming of the Millennial Kingdom, they think, “Wow, will we be able to see aliens? How do aliens look like? I want to see what kind of spaceships these aliens are flying. That stuff is very cool. It is much more advanced than present-day science. When will we be able to build a spaceship like this?” Is it right to think about these things? Have you thought about these things before, “When will God talk about aliens?” Is there any meaning to this? This is absolutely meaningless. God definitely knows. Why would I say that God definitely knows? Take notice of these things that God says. He talks about God’s disposition and His management plan. He clearly explains the end and final destinations of every kind of person. He talks about God’s intentions. He talks about all the demands that God has of man. Man can see this. This is truly incomparably abundant! God’s words are all-encompassing. These profound subjects, God’s disposition, God’s authority and God’s uniqueness have all been explained thoroughly, nobody can add anything else to it. Anyone who finishes reading these words will say, “Oh, there is no way that I would ever be able to say these things. If God did not say this, I would never be capable of saying this!” Things that unbelievers are involved in, that stuff is easy to talk about. The most difficult and mysterious subjects in the universe are what God is and has, God’s authority, God’s rule and all the different aspects of God’s uniqueness. These are the most difficult things to understand. Humanity will never be able to understand it. If God does not talk about it, man will never be able to imagine it. Now, God has revealed all of these secrets. The things that He has left out all fall under the category of creations. It is even more simple for God to talk about all the different races in all the different galaxies that He has created. From God’s perspective, this is something that is very simple. It is most difficult for created beings to know the Creator. This is a most profound subject. This is why the truths that God expresses are things that would have forever been mysteries for the human race. There is no way for humans to unravel these mysteries. In the end, God expressed all of this. Therefore, there is nothing that God does not know. There are only things that God does not talk about. Why does God not talk about these things? Even if you knew, it is useless. God will not speak to you about it. These mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.

When it comes to experiencing God’s work, we must engage in proper work. If we can understand and enter the truth and the words that God expresses now, then we will have an understanding of God. Just how do we crack down on the position of a vague God? If you have an understanding of the practical God, then it will be easy to crack down. The few questions that I just asked, everybody was able to answer. This indicates that the vague God does not exist. Why does it not exist? There is only one real God in the entire universe. However, the God that you imagine, the one that is constructed from a jigsaw puzzle, is completely not congruent with the real God. They are not the same thing. That is why God says that this conception of God is not real. Do you understand? God said, “[T]he vague God that you admire, does not exist at all.” The unique and real God exists, but it is not the God that you imagine. The God that you imagine does not exist. Now, the real and unique God has arrived. He has put on a human form and is standing right in front of you. Why do you not try to know Him? If you know Him, then you have known God. If you do not acknowledge Him, if you still stand there and continue to blindly imagine and ponder, then you will be eliminated. Your faith will be lost. Additionally, the existence of the real God in heaven is true and it is real. However, when the real God is in Spirit form, there is no way for you to imagine Him. No matter what you imagine, it is completely not in accordance with the essential disposition of this real God. Therefore, there is no way for man to imagine the real God. Man’s imagination will never be real. If you rely on your imagination, you will never be able to understand the real God. If this is the case, then do not imagine. No matter how much you imagine, it is useless. First of all, it is very tiring and futile. Second of all, if you imagine too much, God will not be satisfied and He will convict you. For what reason? God has come in the flesh, yet you still stand there and imagine a vague God. You put the real incarnate God to one side. In the end, because you are imagining this vague God, you end up resisting the real, incarnate God. Haven’t you committed a sin? Won’t you be destroyed because you resist God? That is why God urges you to relinquish this vague God immediately. Obey Him directly and worship the practical God. This is how you should put it into practice. This is realistic. Isn’t this God’s intention? Now, after we have finished reading this section, we finally understand God’s intentions. Now, how can we put this into practice? If there are portions of God’s work that are not in accordance with your conceptions, what do you do? What principles should you put into practice? By all means, do not rely on your conceptions and imaginations to weigh God’s work and whether God is right or wrong. This is the first thing to remember, it is taboo! If you weigh God in this way, it indicates that you do not believe in God, that you have analyzed God and you are a servant of Satan that intentionally resists God. This is very troublesome for you. The second thing to put into practice is to pray to God without delay, “God, even though my conceptions and imaginations of You are very good, they are not the truth and they do not constitute a real understanding. I must declare this to be untrue. I must thoroughly deny and forsake them. I will know You in accordance with Your words. Even though what You do is not in accordance with my conceptions, however, I believe that You are the truth. I will obey You absolutely. No matter what is not in accordance with my conceptions, I will still obey. Since You are the Creator and I am Your creation, it is Your right to treat Your creation any way You like. It is completely within Your authority to do so. Even if You take me as a play-thing, I will still obey. There is nothing that I can say because I am Your creation. I am something that has been corrupted by Satan.” If you can obey to this degree, then even if you have a bit of misunderstanding, it is still not resisting God. This is 100 times better than relying on your conceptions to judge God. Isn’t this the case? From where can we understand the correct implementation of these words? From whose experience can we understand this? Peter said these words. Peter had an awesome experience of this. He understood, “Even if God were playing with humans like they were toys, how would humans be able to complain? What right would they have?” (“Chapter 35” of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Peter had rationality when it came to this aspect. He did not judge God and he did not resist God. He had such sense. We do not possess such sense of Peter’s. We just resist and have our own conceptions. We are not as great as Peter. Isn’t this true? Notice how Peter did not have any conceptions, he just thought, “Maybe I misunderstand God. But even if God toys with me I will still obey. If You want to kill me, I still won’t complain since You are the Creator.” Even though he did not understand God’s intentions, he still did not resist God and he did not disobey God. He obeyed completely. Even though his obedience was ignorant, it is still better than resisting. Resisting is toxic. It is the result of Satan’s poison. Satan’s nature has been revealed.

Additionally, what is an understanding of God? Remember, an understanding of God is not something that man can imagine. It is something that man obtains through experience. It is the result that is achieved through experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. Therefore, do not imagine. Experience more and imagine less. This is much more practical and realistic. Understand? When man experiences God’s work, what is the most rational way to do so? Obey God more, experience God’s work more, imagine less. Try not to imagine, it is useless. No matter how man imagines, it is still not the truth because a true understanding of God can only be achieved through experience. It definitely cannot be produced through imagination. Remember this. During the Age of Law, people had not yet experienced the judgment and chastisement of God. That is why many people were brimming with imaginings of God. During the Age of Grace, people also did not experience God’s judgment and chastisement. People relied on their imagination even more so when it came to God. The more people rely on imagination the more troublesome it is for them. The day that God comes, they will oppose Him. Isn’t this the result of imagining too much? Is there anything that is beneficial to imagining too much? It harms and ruins you! A true understanding of God is achieved through experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. It is the result of experience, not imagination. No matter how much man uses his imagination, it is useless, absurd, preposterous and it definitely does not accord with the truth. Once you see through this matter, you will no longer blindly ponder it. The more you experience God’s work, especially when you experience more of the things that God does that are not in accordance with man’s conceptions, if you are someone who seeks the truth, then your understanding of God will become more and more real. Your understanding of God will become increasingly accurate. This is absolute. If you commit these words to memory, you will no longer rely on your imagination. What do you think of these words? Are they truthful? People develop close relationships through association, not through imagination. Without contact, emotional attachment cannot be produced. It can’t be imagined. Man’s understanding of God is achieved through experiencing God’s work. If you have experienced too little of God’s work, then you are full of imaginings when it comes to God. In the end, this only ruins and harms yourself.

God said, “Although understanding God’s disposition is indeed important, and knowing God’s substance cannot be overlooked, no one has ever thoroughly examined or delved into these issues. It is plain to see that you have all dismissed the administrative decrees I have issued” (“It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). What subject is brought up here? The administrative decrees have been brought up here. If man in his faith in God does not focus on understanding God’s disposition, understanding God’s essence, what kind of mistake is easily committed? What kind of dangers are easily produced? It becomes easy to offend God’s disposition and transgress against God’s administrative decrees! You can see how there are some people who do not understand God’s disposition. When the great red dragon produces negative propaganda, when the religious world produces negative propaganda, at that moment, these people start producing conceptions about God. Once these conceptions have been produced, there are things that need to be said that cannot be kept inside one’s heart. At the most, they can be kept inside the heart for a few minutes or a few days. However once a suitable opportunity arrives, it comes out. Do you know what are the consequences once these things come out? Your life suffers a loss, for you have resisted God and blasphemed God. There is no way to redeem this loss! Spilt water cannot be recollected. You cannot take back the words of judgment and conviction against God. The angels, Satan and God have all heard them. Therefore, if your heart is not equipped with the truth and if you do not have an understanding of God, once Satan starts tempting you, it is troublesome, all sorts of consequences will easily arise! In the past, there were some people who said some blasphemous things about God. They asked me, “The blasphemous things that I said in the past, will God be able to pardon them?” I said, “Well, it depends on how you pursue the truth. If you genuinely pursue the truth and fulfill your duties well, perhaps God will not remember this incident. If you do not pursue the truth, well, you will end up being punished for two sins and then this becomes even more troublesome. You need to work twice as hard because you committed a serious transgression. You have resisted God, this is very serious.” Some brothers and sisters who just started believing, they haven’t believed for more than a short time and they hear some negative propaganda. They suddenly ask for a leave of absence and they go home to rest for a period of time. They rest for a year to two years, or even three to five years and then they return. What kind of problem is this? Betrayal. Some people believe very fervently. They go and spread the gospel and bear witness to God. “Bam,” they get captured by the great red dragon and they get beaten. They are unable to bear it and they completely sell out. They become a Judas overnight. What kind of issue is this? How can someone so fervently spread the gospel and then suddenly become a Judas? How do these things happen? Who can explain this clearly? If man does not have the truth, he will easily be trapped by temptations. Without the truth is it easy to fall in the midst of temptation? It is too easy. Two workers and leaders are there communicating about work and then “Pow!” The door is kicked in, a couple of police enter and take them away. After they are taken away, they are beaten brutally. They cannot take it and become a Judas. After they sell out, they are released a few days later. After they are released, the incident is over, they are no longer captured, yet they have fallen spiritually. They have no strength in their faith in God, not an ounce of strength. What would you say is their final destination? Do they still have a good final destination? They do not. You can see that usually, they are quite zealous. How is it that they can suddenly become a Judas and betray God? They believed in God for so many years. Even in their dreams they never imagined that they would betray God. Then all of a sudden, they come into contact with disaster, calamity falls from the sky! What kind of issue is this? If you do not seek an understanding of God, there is a possibility that at any moment, you can betray God. This is because devils are howling like lions and marching everywhere. You can encounter temptations anywhere and at any time! Is it okay if you do not equip yourself with the truth when you believe in God? You must pursue the truth. If you do not have the truth, when the great red dragon targets you with a rumor, “bam,” you will be hit. “Is it really like this? Is it truly like this? God, if this thing is true, then I cannot believe.” He does not believe God’s words yet he prays. Who will tell you? Can God tell you, “I am the truth. Do not listen to Satan’s rumors and lies”? God will not say this to you. The path you take is your choice. Right now, this is the state of the world. This is the path of believing in God. Devils are all there. There are devils on the earth, they are on the internet and they are in the church as well. There are even more of them in the religious world. Everywhere is filled with devils. Is it okay if you do not pursue the truth? You can be eaten alive at any time by the devils! How should you pursue the truth? You must experience God’s work. When you encounter all the different kinds of God’s judgment and chastisement, dealing and pruning, refinement and trials, you must pray to God and have a mind to obey Him. No matter what God does, you must obey. If you have more obedience, you’ll understand more of the truth. If you seek the truth more often, you’ll understand more of the truth. Just continuously seek the truth. The Holy Spirit will illuminate you, and people will communicate with you also. Being blessed by God, your life will gradually grow bigger. It will grow bigger until it reaches a point where all of Satan’s temptations, rumors and tricks will not affect you. You will be relatively safe, as if you were placed inside a safety deposit box. Nobody will be able to defeat you. In the end, you will understand more of the truth. You will have the truth as your life. Satan will not be able to corrupt you. At that point, you will be truly awesome, you will be a mature adult. At that time, when you see whatever book, poison, Satan’s philosophy or Satan’s logic, you will say, “These are harmful teachings and they are fallacious! Who are you trying to confuse? I will expose this.” Once you see it, you will understand and you will see through it. When you reach this stage, you will be safe because you have the truth as your life. Satan cannot corrupt you anymore. Whatever situation you encounter in this evil world, you will understand and know how to deal with it. You will know how to respond to it. Can Satan still harm you? To some people, whatever rumors and lies are effective on them. To me, they are fallacies and heresies. Satan does not dare come at me with this or that. If Satan tries to corrupt me with some fallacies, I will refute it. One of my sentences can refute one of Satan’s fallacies. A few sentences and it will disappear without a trace. However, if it says one or two sentences, you won’t make a sound. Three or five sentences and you lose your strength. If it says five or six sentences, you start crying and you run back home. Satan is happy when it sees you run away. It says, “My lies are very effective on him. A few lies and he becomes confused like this. He is not worthy, he cannot hold his weight. We do not even believe our own words but he really believes them. This person is too naive.”


Is it important to pursue the truth? It is. If so, what should you remember? You should remember the most crucial point: Is there a way to know the God in heaven? There is no way. In the entire universe, the things you can know are limited. Hence, in order for people to know Him, and to attain in the last days those of one heart and mind with Him, God became incarnate to do His work in the world. The incarnation gave people a chance to know God. Through experiencing the judgment, chastisement, word, and work of God incarnate, you will attain a true understanding of God in heaven. That is why the God incarnate is the practical God. The God we cannot see or the God we imagine is the vague God. Let us face the practical God, experience His work, and attain an understanding of the practical God. This way, our understanding of God is real and what God commends. Is this the way God works? God came as the Word become flesh. Why did He come? To give us what chance? To give us the rare chance to be made perfect! Today, we can experience God’s work in the last days, and hear so much of God’s voice and speaking—this is the first time since God created this world and mankind that He speaks to mankind like this; the first and the last time. So we are given this opportunity. There are more than seven billion people in this world, and only our group of people has received God’s work, judgment and punishment in the last days. What does God want to complete in us? To help us gain the truth as life, know God, and become people of one heart and one mind with God. The moment God makes complete this group of ours, He will begin to send catastrophes to destroy this evil world. This is the meaning behind God’s work of judgment beginning with the household of God in the last days. Then if we are experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement in the last days but always treat God with human conceptions and imaginations, will this delay us being made perfect by God? This will greatly delay us. As long as you have conceptions and imaginations in your heart, it will be difficult for you to earnestly pursue the truth. If a vague God has a place in your heart, it will be difficult for you to submit to the practical God. If you worship the vague God, then you won’t fear the practical God! So many people may ask: “How come I have a hard time loving God? I know pursuing the truth is meaningful and correct, but why is it hard to pursue it?” What is the root of the issue? There is another one enshrined in your heart, and that one is not God. It is fake and nonexistent. You need to hurry and dismantle the shrine! If you do not dismantle the shrine, you cannot devote your heart to the practical God.

The vague God is not the practical God. It cannot replace the practical God. Why can it not be the replacement? Can the vague God conduct the work of judgment? Can the vague God express the truth? Can the vague God save us? It cannot do anything. Then why do we enshrine it? Hurry and dismantle the shrine. Just believe in the practical God and all is good. It is the practical God who saves us. It is the practical God who expresses the truth to us. It is the practical God who grants us the truth and the life. The practical God is our real God. What point of view should we now have? That is, whoever can express the truth and save us is our practical God. Whoever can express the truth to cleanse us and make us perfect, is the God we should believe in. Is this a practical way to believe in God? Very practical. There is definitely a God in heaven, but not the way we imagine Him. Does the God of heaven exist? He exists, but we have no way of knowing Him. Now the God of heaven came to earth, put on flesh and became a practical God. Hence we need to believe in the God on earth. You should stop imagining the God of heaven. Regardless of how you imagine that God, it will still be unrealistic. Regardless of how you imagine, it will still be completely different from the God in heaven. Hence no matter how you think or what perfect thing you imagine, if God says it does not exist, it is vacuous and invalid, then you think in vain. Now do you get it? If you get it, then you should focus on the practical. This practical God that is God incarnate is not made up by us. He is called the practical God because He is God’s Spirit embodied in flesh, who has expressed so much truth and done practical work. Is this practical God a figment of our imagination? Is He created by people? He is in fact the God of heaven embodied in flesh. It is the God of heaven who attests to us, “This is the practical God that all of you need to believe in.” This is the testimony of the Holy Spirit! Hence, when the practical God speaks, it is also the Holy Spirit speaking. Then who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit’s intrinsic identity? He is the only true God that created the heavens and earth and all things. His intrinsic identity is the Creator. He put on flesh and came to allow us to believe in Him, this incarnate God. This is the practical God. Whatever is gained from believing in this God is the truth and the life. If you have not gained anything from believing in this God, then you are useless, and are completely eliminated. Even if you imagine about the God in heaven for thousands of years, it is still useless. No matter how rich your imagination is, even if you turn it into a book or a theory, it is useless, vacuous, and not recognized by God. To God, those theories written by theologians are worthless and written in vain. Today we accept the practical God on earth and gain some experiential understanding of God. Even when it is only a bit of experiential understanding and not a book, God sees this and finds it extremely precious. This is the only one of its kind since the creation of the world. This is a true understanding of God! What God commends is a practical understanding, not imagined reasoning. That is why it is better for people’s faith in God to be more practical.

Do not keep thinking about what the God in heaven would do when you believe in the practical God. Do not think about this. The will of the God in heaven is all in the word of the practical God, right? You connect the only true God who created the heavens and earth and all things with the incarnate God. These two are one. Seeing the incarnate God is equivalent to seeing the God of heaven. If you want to know how the God of heaven speaks, utters His voice, lives, and works, look at the God on earth and you will know that everything is normal, suitable, and not at all supernatural. That is how practical this is. Hence, now people should quiet themselves in front of God, eat and drink God’s word, meditate carefully, and seek the truth. When conceptions form, you should forsake the flesh, deny your conceptions and imaginations, and only acknowledge Christ as the truth, the way, and the life. No matter how good, people’s conceptions and imaginations are not the truth, the way, and the life. Ultimately, they are nothing but harmful poison. Just think like this and you will have peace: “I only believe in Christ. I only believe in God’s word. No matter how correct the conceptions seem, I simply will not believe them. Conceptions are not the truth. For many years I always submitted to conceptions, and based my belief in God on conceptions and imaginations. I was never commended by God. Now I will simply compare the conceptions with God’s word. Any conception that is not in line with God’s word, I will throw it out. Any conception that is not in line with the truth, I will stomp on it. That is how I will treat conceptions and imaginations.” Then everything is good. Until one day, all you have in your heart is all the truth that Christ has revealed, and all you have is God’s word. There is no more conception or imagination. That is when you truly gain the truth and the life. Your conceptions and imaginations have been completely forsaken and denied by you. You can say that as long as a person completely removes all conceptions and imaginations in the process of experiencing God’s work, then all he will have is the truth, the way, and the life. All he will have is reality. Do you understand? If you want to know exactly how much understanding of God you have, ask yourself first whether you still have conceptions and imaginations. Do you still have conceptions or misunderstandings of God? If there is truly no misunderstanding at all, and no conceptions at all, and you no longer measure things based on conceptions and imaginations, then you have the truth and the reality, and have entered the reality. If you still have a lot of conceptions and imaginations, if you are likely to form conceptions about everything and likely to misunderstand God on everything, then you do not have the truth at all. You are a troublesome person who will betray and resist God at any time. Are you clear on this? In your experience this entire time, have you formed conceptions about God? When conceptions formed, how did you resolve them? By listening to your testimony, I can tell how much reality you have. All who can accept the truth, who can solve problems by seeking the truth and communicating the truth, need a few years of experience to be free of conceptions and misunderstandings about God. That is reality. If you have believed in the Lord in religion for many years, and just accepted this stage of God’s work to enter God’s household, do you think it is possible to not have conceptions? Is it possible not to have misunderstandings? It is impossible. To attest that a living person is God, can people not use their imagination of God to measure it? It is impossible! Everyone goes through this. I also went through this just like you. Conceptions always form because of this. But people who have a God-fearing heart do not speak about it. Instead they ponder and seek in their heart, and who knows which day, they will understand the truth, and there will be no conceptions. Some people think about it for a while and forsake themselves, concluding that “this conception is not the truth, only the work of God is practical,” and then move on.


Now, would any of you still have any notions about Christ’s normal humanity? You see how much the great red dragon hates me, how much it attacks me. It wants to arrest me the soonest chance it gets and put three bullets in my body. It hates me this much. Within all of its negative propaganda what crimes has it revealed that I’ve committed? There are none. What does this show? It hates me so much, but it cannot declare that I’ve committed any crime, so then am I not the best person? The great red dragon takes every opportunity to capitalize on its enemy’s vulnerable point. It would be strange if after getting something against its enemy it did not make a big deal out of it, spreading enough propaganda to make sure that the whole world knew about it. It would be strange if it did not prosecute you! It cannot find a problem with me. What law does it think I have broken? Does it say that I am cheating people out of their money? It does not dare say this. It also does not dare say that I cheat women, or that I am corrupt, and it certainly does not dare say that I am a counter-revolutionary, or that I am a part of a rebellion. It even less dares to say that I am guilty of inciting to overthrow the state or leaking state secrets. It does not dare convict me of anything. There is God incarnate, and there is the one used by the Holy Spirit, neither of whom have committed any crime, neither of whom have done anything to violate the laws of the nation, neither of whom have broken the clauses of any law. Only belief in God violates the policy of the Communist Party. In China, violating party policy is a serious crime. The Communist Party thinks it’s a serious crime and that violating a law is secondary. The constitution stipulates that people have freedom of religion, but the policy of the Communist Party does not permit people to believe in God. So, those of us who believe in God are violating their policy. So, the Communist Party, this evil political party, wields satanic power and resists God and hates the truth as much as possible. But it has not even exposed a single sin that has been committed by God incarnate or the one used by the Holy Spirit. You always have your notions, but why do you have these notions? Do you not understand the normal humanity of Christ? Within the truth of the incarnation has normal humanity not been mentioned? Is God possessed of normal humanity? Since He is possessed of normal humanity, He lives a normal human life and has the manifestations of normal humanity. He must eat food and wear clothes. He must rest and have work. This is all normal. Now, with such a normal human life, where everything is ordinary, and where no crimes are being committed, why do you have notions about this? It’s the same as the Lord Jesus who did not commit any crimes. He just violated the law and did not follow it, and then the Pharisees condemned Him. It is because the Lord Jesus expressed the truth that the Pharisees convicted Him of blasphemy. But do these two things constitute sins? These are not sins, but they were convicted by people through blind application of the rules based on their notions and their imagination.

These two people—God in the flesh and the one used by the Holy Spirit—they have committed no crimes. The Chinese Communist Party so frantically condemns, attacks and suppresses The Church of Almighty God, but they have not said which crimes have actually been committed by God incarnate and the one used by the Holy Spirit. Are these two not the best people? These are the best people in the whole world. Have you seen how the Communist Party condemns those leaders within their own ranks? Not only do they convict them of all kinds of crimes, but they will even go so far as to put them to death, or go through the law to sue them or imprison them. But what about for us? Does the Communist Party condemn me? What crimes do they dare say I have committed? They haven’t written a single one out. There isn’t a single criminal charge they can arrest me for, they don’t have the facts. It would be of no use if they were to bring any accusations upon me, isn’t that so? That’s why I don’t understand how some people cannot distinguish the negative propaganda after they hear it, and instead get notions. What kind of notions do you have? God in the flesh has expressed so many truths, and I have fellowshiped about so many truths and preached so many sermons, and not a single word of what I have spoken has been political. It’s only been to expose the great red dragon, so that other people won’t get trapped by it, and that they can see clearly its substance. Do I ask you all to go fight against it? To go marching in the streets? To go protest against it? Do I tell you these things? Do I tell you to get involved in politics? I do not tell you these things. I tell you how to experience the work of God, how to distinguish the false words and deceptions of Satan, how to see through the schemes of Satan. Some people cannot accept the true way; they are always developing notions and are even capable of betrayal. These kinds of people do not have love for the truth. If they want to walk away, then let them. Do not try to stop them. If they walk away after having accepted the true way, this means they are walking straight into hell. They are betrayers, they are exposed, and nobody should stop them. The doors to the house of God are open wide, and whoever comes in must undergo rigorous examining, and write an application. You are free to leave, to walk out on your own accord. But you will have to register, and afterward you will not be able to return. Leaving is easy, but coming in is hard. If you do come back after having left, since you have already committed one betrayal, whether or not you are admitted again will have to be determined according to God’s standpoint and God’s words. In the future, coming in will become more and more difficult. Each and every person who comes in has to undergo rigorous examining. Leaving becomes easier and easier—you can do so as you please. Regardless of who it is, regardless of how many years they’ve believed, if they say “I don’t believe anymore,” that’s fine; they need not say anything else and they can leave without delay. After that, they will not be allowed to return, or it will be very difficult to return. This is the kind of system that the house of God has.

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