Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “How to Know the God on Earth” (VI)


How to Know the God on Earth

You all wish to be rewarded before God and favored by God; everyone hopes for such things when they start believing in God, for everyone is preoccupied with the pursuit of higher things, and no one wants to fall behind others. This is just how people are. Precisely for this reason, many among you are constantly trying to curry favor with the God in heaven, yet in truth, your loyalty and candor toward God are far less than your loyalty and candor to yourselves. Why do I say this? Because I do not acknowledge your loyalty to God at all and, furthermore, because I deny the existence of the God that is in your hearts. Which is to say, the God that you worship, the vague God that you admire, does not exist at all. The reason I can say this so definitively is that you are too far from the true God. The reason for your loyalty is the idol within your hearts; as for Me, meanwhile, the God whom you look upon as neither great nor small, you merely acknowledge with words. When I say you are far from God, I mean that you are distant from the true God, while the vague God seems near at hand. When I say, “not great,” it is in reference to how the God that you believe in this day appears to merely be a person without great abilities, a person who is not very lofty. And when I say “not small,” this means that, although this person cannot summon the wind and command the rain, He is nonetheless able to call upon the Spirit of God to do work that shakes the heavens and earth, leaving people completely confounded. Outwardly, you all appear highly obedient to this Christ on earth, yet in substance, you do not have faith in Him, nor do you love Him. Which is to say, the one you truly believe in is that vague God of your own feelings, and the one you truly love is the God you yearn for night and day, yet have never seen in person. Toward this Christ, your faith is but fractional, and your love nothing. Faith means belief and trust; love means adoration and admiration in one’s heart, never parting. Yet your faith in and love of the Christ of today fall far short of this. When it comes to faith, how do you have faith in Him? When it comes to love, in what way do you love Him? You have simply no understanding of His disposition, still less do you know His substance, so how do you have faith in Him? Where is the reality of your faith in Him? How do you love Him? Where is the reality of your love for Him?

Many have followed Me without hesitation to this day. So, too, have you suffered much fatigue over the past several years. The innate character and habits of each of you I have grasped with crystal clarity; interacting with every one of you has been tremendously arduous. The pity is that, though I have grasped much about you, you understand nothing of Me. No wonder people say you fell for someone’s trick during a moment of confusion. Indeed, you understand nothing of My disposition, much less can you fathom what is in My mind. Today, your misunderstandings about Me are snowballing, and your faith in Me remains a confused faith. Instead of saying that you have faith in Me, it would be more apt to say that you are all trying to curry favor with Me and toady up to Me. Your motives are very simple: I will follow whoever can reward me, and I will believe in whoever allows me to escape the great disasters, whether he be God or any certain God. None of this is of any concern to me. There are many such people among you, and this state is very serious. If, one day, there were a test of how many among you had faith in Christ because of insight into His substance, then I am afraid that not a single one of you would be satisfactory to Me. So it would not hurt for each of you to consider this question: The God you believe in is vastly different from Me, and this being so, what then is the essence of your faith in God? The more you believe in your so-called God, the further you stray from Me. What, then, is the essence of this issue? It’s certain that none of you has ever considered such a question, but has the gravity of it occurred to you? Have you given thought to the consequences of continuing to believe in this way?

Today, you face many issues, and not one of you is adept at problem-solving. Should this situation continue, the only ones who stand to lose are yourselves. I will help you to identify the issues, but solving them is up to you.

I take pleasure in those who are not suspicious of others, and I like those who readily accept the truth; toward these two kinds of people I show great care, for in My eyes they are honest people. If you are deceitful, then you will be guarded and suspicious toward all people and matters, and thus your faith in Me will be built upon a foundation of suspicion. I could never acknowledge such faith. Lacking true faith, you are even more devoid of true love. And if you are liable to doubt God and speculate about Him at will, then you are, without question, the most deceitful of all people. You speculate whether God can be like man: unpardonably sinful, of petty character, devoid of fairness and reason, lacking a sense of justice, given to vicious tactics, treacherous and cunning, pleased by evil and darkness, and so on. Is not the reason that people have such thoughts because they lack the slightest knowledge of God? Such faith is nothing short of sin! There are even some who believe that the ones who please Me are precisely those who flatter and bootlick, and that those lacking in such skills will be unwelcome in the house of God and will lose their place there. Is this the only knowledge you have acquired after all these years? Is this what you have gained? And your knowledge of Me does not stop at these misunderstandings; even worse is your blasphemy against God’s Spirit and vilification of Heaven. This is why I say that such faith as yours will only cause you to stray further from Me and be in greater opposition against Me. Throughout many years of work, you have seen many truths, but do you know what My ears have heard? How many among you are willing to accept the truth? You all believe you are willing to pay the price for the truth, but how many of you have truly suffered for the truth? There is nothing but unrighteousness in your hearts, which makes you think that everyone, no matter who they are, is equally deceitful and crooked—to the point that you even believe that God incarnate could, like a normal person, be without a kind heart or benevolent love. More than that, you believe that a noble character and a merciful, benevolent nature exist only within the God in heaven. You believe that such a saint does not exist, that only darkness and evil reign on earth, while God is something with which people entrust their longing for the good and beautiful, a legendary figure fabricated by them. In your minds, the God in heaven is very upstanding, righteous, and great, worthy of worship and admiration; this God on earth, meanwhile, is but a substitute, and an instrument, of the God in heaven. You believe this God could not be the equal of the God in heaven, much less be mentioned in the same breath as Him. When it comes to the greatness and honor of God, they belong to the glory of the God in heaven, but when it comes to the nature and the corruption of man, they are attributes in which the God on earth has a part. The God in heaven is eternally lofty, while the God on earth is forever insignificant, weak, and incompetent. The God in heaven is not given to emotion, only righteousness, while the God on earth only has selfish motives and is without any fairness or reason. The God in heaven has not the slightest crookedness and is forever faithful, while the God on earth always has a dishonest side. The God in heaven loves man dearly, while the God on earth shows man inadequate care, even neglecting him entirely. This erroneous knowledge has long been kept within your hearts and may also be perpetuated in the future. You regard all deeds of Christ from the standpoint of the unrighteous and evaluate all His work, as well as His identity and substance, from the perspective of the wicked. You have made a grave mistake and done that which has never been done by those coming before you. That is, you serve only the lofty God in heaven with a crown upon His head, and never attend to the God whom you regard as so insignificant that He is invisible to you. Is this not your sin? Is this not a classic example of your offense against the disposition of God? You worship the God in heaven. You adore lofty images and esteem those distinguished for their eloquence. You are gladly commanded by the God that fills your hands with riches, and crave the God who can fulfill your every desire. The only One you do not worship is this God who is not lofty; the only thing you hate is association with this God whom no man can regard highly. The only thing you are unwilling to do is to serve this God who has never given you a single penny, and the only One who is unable to make you yearn for Him is this unlovely God. This kind of God cannot enable you to broaden your horizons, to feel as if you have found a treasure, much less fulfill what you wish. Why, then, do you follow Him? Have you given thought to questions like this? What you do does not merely offend this Christ; more importantly, it offends the God in heaven. This is not, I think, the purpose of your faith in God!

You long for God to delight in you, yet you are far from God. What is the matter here? You accept only His words, but not His dealing or His pruning, much less are you able to accept His every arrangement, to have complete faith in Him. What, then, is the matter here? In the final analysis, your faith is an empty eggshell, one that could never produce a chick. For your faith has not brought you the truth or given you the life, but has instead given you an illusory sense of sustenance and hope. It is this sense of sustenance and hope that is your aim in believing in God, not the truth and the life. Thus do I say that the course of your faith in God has been none other than trying to curry the favor of God through servility and shamelessness, and can in no way be deemed true faith. How could a chick be born of faith such as this? In other words, what can faith such as this accomplish? The purpose of your faith in God is to use Him to achieve your own aims. Is this not further a fact of your offense against the disposition of God? You believe in the existence of the God in heaven and deny that of the God on earth, yet I do not recognize your views; I commend only those people who keep their feet on the ground and serve the God on earth, but never those who never acknowledge the Christ who is on earth. No matter how loyal such people are to the God in heaven, in the end they will not escape My hand that punishes the wicked. These people are the wicked; they are the evil ones who oppose God and have never gladly obeyed Christ. Of course, their number includes all those who do not know and, further, do not acknowledge Christ. Do you believe that you can act as you please toward Christ as long as you are loyal to the God in heaven? Wrong! Your ignorance of Christ is ignorance of the God in heaven. No matter how loyal you are to the God in heaven, it is merely empty talk and pretense, for the God on earth is not only instrumental in man receiving the truth and more profound knowledge, but more than that is instrumental in the condemnation of man and afterward in seizing the facts to punish the wicked. Have you understood the beneficial and harmful outcomes here? Have you experienced them? I wish for you one day soon to understand this truth: To know God, you must know not only the God in heaven but, even more importantly, the God on earth. Do not get your priorities confused or allow the secondary to supersede the principal. Only in this way can you truly build a good relationship with God, become closer to God, and bring your heart closer to Him. If you have been of the faith for many years and have long associated with Me, yet remain distant from Me, then I say it must be that you often offend the disposition of God, and your end will be very difficult to reckon. If the many years of association with Me have not only failed to change you into a person possessed of humanity and the truth, but, moreover, have ingrained your evil ways into your nature, and you not only have twice as much arrogance as before, but your misunderstandings of Me have also multiplied, such that you come to regard Me as your little sidekick, then I say that your affliction is no longer skin deep but has penetrated to your very bones. All that remains is for you to wait for your funeral arrangements to be made. You need not beseech Me then to be your God, for you have committed a sin deserving of death, an unforgivable sin. Even if I could have mercy on you, the God in heaven will insist on taking your life, for your offense against the disposition of God is no ordinary problem, but one of a very grave nature. When the time comes, do not blame Me for not telling you beforehand. It all comes back to this: When you associate with Christ—the God on earth—as an ordinary person, that is, when you believe that this God is nothing but a person, it is then that you shall perish. This is My only admonishment to you all.


What is God’s greatest intention for man in doing the work of the last days? For them to know the God on earth. Why does God require that people must know the God on earth? Some people will certainly say, “Because it is only by knowing the God on earth that one can truly know the God in heaven.” This is true. If a person does not know the God on earth, he will never be able to know the God in heaven. Isn’t that right? So, how does one know the God on earth? You must eat and drink of the truth expressed by Him. The more you eat and drink of His word, and the more you are clear about His word, the more you will know the God on earth. If you do not eat and drink of His word, and do not fellowship the truth He expresses, will you be able to attain knowledge of the God on earth? You all know that you can’t. There are some people who, after they have believed in God for a few years, are still unwilling to pursue the truth. They are always pondering, “What do I need to do for God? I need to make some dedications to God, like spreading the gospel, or leading people toward God, or I should think about how to spread God’s name and bear testimony to God, to do something great, and only then will I be one of those whom God loves most.” What is the result of this? They have not accomplished anything great, but when they encounter some negative propaganda of the great red dragon, or, to use spiritual terminology, when they meet the temptations of Satan, they fall over poisoned. What kind of problem is this? Not having knowledge of the God on earth, you will not be able to stand firm, and if you say you want to follow God to the end, that is just your own wishful thinking. With just a rumor, the great red dragon can smack you down to the ground; with but one deceptive word Satan can bind you firm and make you unable to follow God; one word of negative propaganda from the devil can confuse you until you are utterly bewildered. It can make you passive and lose faith. What causes this? If people have no knowledge of the God on earth, they will be fragile and powerless like this. We always say, without the truth you won’t be able to stand firm after all! Now, there are many people who are new to the faith who are swaying in the face of those negative propaganda and rumors of Satan. They can never manage to stand up. Aren’t these people paralyzed? You see so many of those people who follow God, who every day perform their duty as created beings, who bear witness to God, and who spread the name of God. The more they do their duty, the more energy they have, and the more they eat and drink of the word of God the greater their faith is. The more they listen to the fellowship and sermons, the more luminous they become in their hearts. Only such people can be called people who follow God. As for those people who are always turning in circles within Satan’s negative propaganda, why are they not able to stand? Why can’t they forsake fleshly things? Why can they not perform their duty? What is the cause? They are poisoned inside, and people who are poisoned become people who are paralyzed. Are paralyzed people those who follow God? This kind of person is not someone who follows God. Although with his words he says, “I do believe in Almighty God, and I certainly haven’t left the church,” are these words reliable? Although you haven’t left Almighty God nor the church, what about your heart? Does it stand by God’s side? Can you obey God’s work? Are you a person who reveres God and shuns evil? No. So will God acknowledge you? Don’t think, “I haven’t left the church, I’m a person who believes in Almighty God.” These words are not believable. You haven’t entered into the reality of the truth in God’s word. You are of the people outside of God’s word. In the eyes of God, who are the people outside of God’s word? In our human eyes, unbelievers are those who don’t believe in God and do not acknowledge that there is a God. In the eyes of God, if you don’t eat and drink God’s word and do not practice the truth in God’s word, then you are an unbeliever outside of God’s word. So, those people who only believe in Almighty God in name, but who cannot practice His word nor accept the truth He expresses are not acknowledged by God.

There is a term in the Book of Revelation which says: “And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defiles, neither whatever works abomination, or makes a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life” (Rev 21:27). Only those whose names are in the Lamb’s book of life will have a place in the kingdom of heaven. What does it mean to say “they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life”? It refers to this group of people who follow Christ in the last days, suffer along with Him, and who are devoted unto death to bearing witness to Him. These people have a place in the Lamb’s book of life. If Christ does not acknowledge that you follow Him, and does not acknowledge that you are a person of true faith, do such people have a place in the Lamb’s book of life? They have no place, do you understand? What kind of people does Christ acknowledge? Those who dare to acknowledge in front of everyone that “I believe in Almighty God!” Do you have this bearing of witness? Have you publicly borne witness that Almighty God has appeared to do His work? How much do you really know of Almighty God? If you do not have true knowledge of Almighty God, is it possible that God will acknowledge you? Those who do not have true knowledge of Almighty God have no place in the Lamb’s book of life. This ought to be clear! There is even more meaning here in this piece of God’s word. It is in order to completely save and perfect us, to make us people who have true knowledge of God. In this way, we will have a place in the Lamb’s book of life. All who follow Christ of the last days and who are loyal to the end will have a place in the Lamb’s book of life. If Christ of the last days acknowledges that someone follows Him, bears witness to Him, and is loyal unto death for Him, such people are the overcomers. Before the great calamity, God will make such a group of overcomers. There are some people who always have hope, saying, “When will the great calamity befall us?” When this group of overcomers has been made, the great calamity will occur. Isn’t the great calamity currently about to occur? The “four blood moons” have appeared, the prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled, and it is a fact acknowledged by the exegetes that when the “four blood moons” emerge, the great calamity will soon begin. The great calamity is not like the common wars and common earthquakes of before! It is a calamity that has never occurred since creation, so it is called the great calamity. Wouldn’t global nuclear war be a great calamity? It would be a great calamity. Wouldn’t an earthquake with a magnitude above nine be a great calamity? Wouldn’t a massive plague that sweeps every country in the world be a great calamity? Wouldn’t it be a great calamity when most countries in the world face crop failure and famine? These are great calamities. Earthquakes with a magnitude of seven or eight aren’t great calamities. Those are just small, localized disasters, regular disasters. Isn’t that right? What is the meaning of the coming of the great calamity, do you know? What does the great calamity bear witness to, and what does it foretell? Can you see through it? Just talking about the great calamity but not having knowledge of it is not acceptable. The great calamity bears witness that God has begun to unleash His rage against this evil, dark age. It bears witness that God is not only merciful and loving, but righteous, majestic, and wrathful. This has already befallen people. What does it foretell? It foretells that this evil humanity will be destroyed, and after it is destroyed, what will appear? Christ’s kingdom will appear on earth. Now, if you have seen this step of God’s work, what should you do? The topic of “How to Know the God on Earth” seems especially important.

Do you now know the God on earth? How many years have you had faith? How much do you know about the God on earth? Are the negative propaganda and lies of the great red dragon and religious circles able to confuse you? Are they able to bind you? Are you able to use the truth to refute them? Do you have the courage to say “no” to Satan? Do you dare to say to Satan, “No! This isn’t how things are! I will not listen to what you say! Everything that you say are lies and fallacies”? Do you dare to speak like this? Most people say they dare to. Some people can’t open their mouths. Right when they are about to, they think, “True or false? Is it like that?” Right when they are going to open their mouths to say “no,” they think, “Oh, what if it’s true?” Then they aren’t able to speak this word, “no.” What is the problem here? Without knowledge of the God on earth, you will be unable to say “no” to Satan. You will want to say “no,” but will not be able to open your mouth, because in your heart you are already doubting and have already accepted Satan’s lies. Isn’t this the case? What is the reaction that immediately follows accepting the lies of Satan? First, you will doubt God, and say, “Is God real? Is He actually God? If He’s not, then I can’t believe, and I won’t be tricked!” This is the first reaction: doubt of God. If it’s a person who has believed for a number of years, and has no doubt about God, he will say, “Christ is Christ, and this cannot be wrong. The incarnate God is absolutely true.” He has no doubt. But he comes up with notions, thinking, “Could Christ do this? Is the person used by God really like this? That I can’t believe.” What mistake is this person making? It is accepting the suggestions of Satan, being tricked by Satan’s temptation, and coming up with notions about God. Do all those who are able to doubt God have knowledge of God? They do not have knowledge. People who have knowledge do not doubt God; at most they come up with some notions. Then what is the problem leading to a person producing notions? It’s because in his heart he has imaginations, and he has delimited God. He has delimited God as being like this or that, and that God would absolutely not be like this or that. Then, when his conclusions do not align with facts, he comes up with notions. How do notions arise? First, notions come about through the imagination; second, notions come about through delimiting God. If you first make a delimitation of God and have imaginations, then afterward when you see that facts are not in accord with notions and imagination, you will come up with notions. If a person delimits God, what is the problem? Do people who delimit God have knowledge of God? They do not have knowledge of God. Why do they want to make these delimitations? They are too arrogant and self-righteous. Is God something you can imagine? Can man imagine God? Can people imagine God’s being, God’s disposition, God’s almightiness and wisdom, and God’s actions? If man could imagine what God has and is, then man would become God. When God created the heavens and earth and all things, He simply spoke a sentence, and the matter was done. How can you imagine this? How did God create the sun and the moon? With just one utterance, “Let there be light,” light came to be. Say a sentence and see for yourself, can you accomplish things like this? God says a sentence at will, and within it there is a great mystery! Can man imagine it? Man can’t imagine it. How do you think God created mankind? He took up a speck of dust. When He took up this speck of dust, how did it become human in form? How were the organs, nervous system, and energy pathways formed? Is man able to imagine this? People’s brains are just pits of foul water. Could they imagine God? Isn’t that just dreaming?


But see those who know God, who have seen the truth of the incarnation, who see clearly that the incarnate God has a divine substance. When Satan’s tests come, when Satan’s lies come, when they face that negative publicity, will it knock them down? It will not. Without knowing God, no matter how much you acknowledge God it’s useless. It’s not about acknowledging God, but knowing God. Acknowledging God is no substitute for knowing God, is it not so? Thus God demands that God’s chosen achieve a knowledge of God from God’s words, that they must seek the truth, eating and drinking God’s words, making God’s words the foundation of their lives, this is the task entrusted to the chosen by God. Now many people say “I am certain of God, now I want to do my duty, I want to prepare good deeds, so as to win God’s praise.” Can you show you have the truth merely with enthusiasm for your work? Many people doing their duty are discouraged by negative publicity, and as soon as they get discouraged, just try to get by with whatever. Is this a glorious and resounding testimony? If you don’t truly submit to God, whatever duties you perform will be useless. If you do not have a true knowledge of God, your slogans and arguments will be useless, no matter how many of them there are. Therefore, only seeking truth means one believes in God in a down-to-earth manner and has entered onto the right track of believing in God. If your belief in God reaches a true knowledge of God, Satan’s tricks, negative publicity, the siege from the religious world will be of no avail against you, you will not bat an eye, but stare down Satan and laugh! The devil’s palaces will shake with your laughter, and then you will be an overcomer. Can you achieve this? Will it be easy to defeat Satan without seeking the truth? Will it even be possible? Some people facing these things say “I don’t know what to do.” When that difficulty comes, they say: “I don’t know how solve it.” When someone is spreading the gospel and is asked a question, they say: “I can’t communicate this, I don’t know how to answer.” What kind of problem is this? Without the truth, with no understanding, is this not a failure of stature?


God mentioned about some problems in this passage that we particularly need to communicate about. What are the problems being mentioned? “In the final analysis, your faith is an empty eggshell, one that could never produce a chick.” What kind of a problem is this? Being an empty shell means that you have such a faith that you only recognize God, the incarnate, all the words expressed by God as the truth and the work of God, but you don’t pursue the truth or know God from His word. The consequence is your inability to attain true knowledge of God or stand witness upon temptations. Isn’t this so? Merely recognizing Christ as God, the incarnate, the truth, the true way, without pursuing the truth, can this kind of person receive the life? You all say no. In that case, is the faith of this kind of person an empty eggshell? Do you understand the meaning of empty eggshell now? What exactly is an empty eggshell? What does he have in his faith in God? He only recognizes three things: God as the incarnate, God’s utterance, and God’s work. What happens in the end? He hasn’t experienced the judgment and chastisement of God’s word, hasn’t pursued the truth or knowledge of God in His word, and he ultimately hasn’t received the life. Therefore, this kind of belief is an empty eggshell that can never give rise to a chick. Some people just recognize like that. When Satan tempts them this way or that, what do they say? “Impossible, isn’t it? Impossible.” Just one word, impossible. And then what do they think in their minds? “The incarnation of God is real. The truth expressed by God is also real. In the last days, God’s judgment work creates a group of people who overcome. This is even more the fact. These three points are all true. Is that negative propaganda true after all? Which one is true?” They are confused. How can this be resolved? Some people believe both sides. They believe in God’s word, the testimonies of the house of God, as well as the word of Satan. That’s how they believe. Are there such kind of people? Are such people true believers in God? Can they bear true witness to God? Can this kind of faith last? No. This kind of faith contains so many negative things and antagonistic things. Do you think these people are tired? Yes. How tired are they? Isn’t it quite painful? Can their spirits get released? Some people say this is quite painful. The spirit does not get released. When they do their duties, do they have a true obedience to God? Can they offer loyalty to God? Can they truly love God? Not at all. How can this problem be resolved? Is there a way? Some people say, “We are unable to see these facts. When Satan speaks, we do not know if it is true or false. We just believe it anyway. Satan’s words are perhaps true, and God’s words are even truer. So we just believe both.” Does it work? You all say no. Why not? The words you accepted are fighting inside. The opposing positive and negative sides are fighting in your hearts. Isn’t it true? When the heart is always at war and always at fight, it affects the person’s performance of duty, his obedience to God, and his love for God. Especially with the nonsense of Satan that is poisonous, once you accept it, you cannot help but doubt God and form notions. You won’t be able to love and obey God. It will certainly lead to pessimism, withdrawal, and sudden death. It is a poison. How can this poison be disposed of? Easy. It can be disposed of by understanding the truth.

As for all of Satan’s nonsense, remember that you should maintain an attitude of denial at all times. This is a principle. Why is that? Someone says, “You think that Satan’s words will never be consistent with the facts. Isn’t it stereotyping Satan?” It is not stereotyping; it is a conclusion derived from Satan’s nature. Satan’s words are always adulterated, they always contain its ulterior motives. When Satan speaks of them, things become distorted beyond recognition. What Satan says is just the opposite of fact. It distorts the facts and turns black into white. It creates rumors and fabricates things out of nothing; it pins nonexistent things on you. This is one scenario of how Satan speaks. Satan has told lies from the very beginning, and there are several kinds. The first kind is a lie that is an utter fabrication; it’s something that simply doesn’t exist, but is pinned on you from hearsay. Another kind of lie comes from embellishment, and once something has been embellished it’s not in line with the facts, either. There is still another kind of lie that is a distortion of fact, inversion of black and white that turns right into wrong and wrong into right. These are the three primary kinds of lies; they are very common. Satan says, “Believers in Almighty God often abduct people when they spread the gospel.” Isn’t this a distortion of fact? (It is.) Satan also says, “For those who don’t accept, believers in Almighty God will cut off their ears and noses and gouge their eyes out.” We’ve preached the gospel to so many people; what is the proportion of those who have accepted it? If all those who do not accept had their eyes gouged out, their noses and ears cut off, how many of them would have been cut off altogether? Who has ever seen even one such case? So, everything Satan says is a lie and is nonsense. Satan has also said that The Church of Almighty God was created by the man used by the Holy Spirit—isn’t that nonsense? Had it not been for the appearance and work of Almighty God, who could have created The Church of Almighty God? Do church members believe in the man used by the Holy Spirit or do they believe in God? They believe in Almighty God, not the man used by the Holy Spirit. Since the man used by the Holy Spirit is not the one they believe in, why did the Chinese Communist Party say that The Church of Almighty God was created by the man used by the Holy Spirit? Wasn’t it a bold-faced lie? The CCP also said that Eastern Lightning is a cult. Are they arbiters of the truth? Are they religious experts, professional appraisers? Do they understand religion? Do they have any true faith? Do they have any qualifications to determine which religions are cultish and which are orthodox? The CCP is the world’s largest cult: Satanism. Are they qualified to determine which denominations are orthodox or cultish? Who appointed the CCP as the judge and appraiser of religions? They have the nerve to pass judgment so casually—this is called utter shamelessness. Satan even said: “Almighty God is a woman in Henan.” This is nonsense. Christ was clearly born in a city in northwest China. Henan is in the central plains. Satan saying that Christ was born in Henan is a bold-faced lie! It is a rumor invented by Satan. Isn’t it sheer nonsense? (It is.) So how should people regard these rumors fabricated by the CCP? You have to look at its history. The CCP has never spoken a true word. Not only has it never spoken a true word to the Chinese people, but it has never told the truth to the world. What is the Communist Party? The Communist Party was created by Karl Marx. Where did Karl Marx come from? Karl Marx was a believer of Satanism. He claimed that he was the savior who wanted to save mankind, so he wrote the Communist Manifesto and Capitalism. He wanted to use force and violence to seize political power and then control the whole of mankind. This is the truth. Has the Communist Party said these things? Have they announced this to the world? They have never uttered any truth, not a single word. Has the Communist Party said anything about the terrible things they’ve done? What is their ultimate goal? Have they said anything about it? Not a word. Everything they say is a lie. The so-called things like “Serve the people, work for the people’s benefit,” aren’t these nothing but lies? These are all lies; not a word of it is true. Then why do you believe the words of the Communist Party? In examining the true way, examining God’s appearance and work, why do you believe the words of Satan the devil? This is a problem. When you examine the work of God, you need to examine His utterances and see if these words of God are the voice of God, if they are the truth and the work of God. Then look at whether the Holy Spirit’s work is in The Church of Almighty God. What have these people achieved after many years of faith? Do they have any knowledge of God? Have there been any changes in their life disposition? Have the toxins of Satan been cleansed? You need to examine these things. You don’t examine the words of Almighty God, don’t examine whose words God’s chosen people of The Church of Almighty God eat and drink or whose work they are experiencing—why do you go to the great red dragon and believe Satan the devil’s words? Why do you believe the words of the religious pastors and elders? What kinds of creatures are they? They are wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing; they are hypocritical antichrists; they are wicked servants; they are demons that devour human souls. Why can’t you see through into their essence? This is the greatest ignorance and foolishness of human beings.

To examine the true way, one must read the words of Almighty God. Only after that will you know whether what Almighty God expresses is the truth, and whether it is the voice of God. If you confirm that it is the truth and the voice of God, then you can be certain it is God’s appearance and work. If you are certain about that, when Satan once again says negative, contrary things, will you still believe them? Who is it that you really believe in? Do you believe that the word of God is the truth, or that the word of Satan is the truth? This is the choice that man faces. What would be the choice of a person who truly possesses reason? The word of God is the truth. Can the great red dragon express the truth? It can’t express the truth—it can only talk nonsense, create rumors, and tell lies. It can only deceive you and keep you away from the true way. Why do you believe it? When people make a choice, they should first and foremost choose the truth. I will accept whoever possesses the truth. I will accept whoever can express the truth to save me, cleanse me and perfect me. If you cannot express the truth to cleanse me, if you cannot save me, then everything you say is nonsense and I won’t listen to a word of it. Listening to you is of no use. Isn’t that the case? Some people particularly listen to Satan’s words. And what happens when they do so? When the true God comes, they miss Him, they do not accept Him. What is the consequence of failing to accept Him? The consequence is annihilation and death! What work has God come to do in the last days? First of all, God will make perfect a group of people, then save a group of people, and finally destroy mankind—these three things. The first thing is to perfect a group of people before the disaster. The second is to refine and save some people. The third is to destroy all who belong to Satan through the disaster. What is meant by destroying all who belong to Satan? How broad is the scope of Satan’s ilk? God says, “[E]xcept for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” That is, in the latter phase of the catastrophe, all those who have not accepted the work of Almighty God will die. Now that we can clearly see, if man listens to Satan’s rumors and nonsense, denies and refuses God’s work, what will be his outcome? He will be destroyed and turned to ashes! Now we can also confirm this: Those who heed the rumors of the great red dragon and religious circles will ultimately be destroyed by God. Why will these people be destroyed? Because they have not accepted the work of Almighty God. They have been deceived and shackled by Satan and thus haven’t accepted the true way or come before God. As a result, they will be destroyed by God in the end. So, the consequence of listening to Satan’s rumors and nonsense is death.


Some people say, “How many years do I have to pursue the truth in order to attain an understanding of God? I have yet to attain the truth, so what should I do when I encounter the tricks and rumors of Satan?” Is this problem easy to tackle? Let me tell you the truth. If you firmly believe that Almighty God is the incarnate God and that He has begun to utter His words and has appeared to perform His work, then no matter what Satan says, first of all, do not listen. Say no to Satan. Secondly, you say, “Even if what you say is all true, I cannot deny God. I will still accept God’s work.” This is true faith. Why do I say this? Don’t regard this statement as very ordinary, for it has a deep meaning to it! “I suppose, even if what Satan says is true, Almighty God is still God. He is still God appearing and performing His work. Why wouldn’t I accept Him? Even if what the devil Satan says is true, it cannot be denied that He is the incarnate God and that this is God’s judgment work in the last days.” Is it correct to say this? You all say yes. “Even if it is all true in what you say about The Church of Almighty God kidnapping people and cutting off their noses and ears, Almighty God is still God’s appearance at work. Even if there are those kinds of people in the church, God is real. My faith resides in God, not people of the church. Which church does not have wicked people and nonbelievers in its mix? Which church is not mixed with false leaders and antichrists? Every church has them. But it is God whom I believe in.” This is what a person with true faith says. Some people are purely ridiculous. When a wicked person appears in the church, they would say, “I no longer believe in Almighty God because there are wicked people in the church.” When some people discovered the presence of antichrists in the church, they said, “I don’t believe any more. How can there be antichrists in the church? The presence of antichrists should not be found in the true God’s work.” When some people were arrested by the great red dragon, they said, “I don’t believe any more. If God was real, why couldn’t He destroy the great red dragon?” What do all these things have to do with God? What do they have to do with your belief in God? Nothing at all. It is God who is behind all these arrangements. When you believe in God, God is the One you believe in. What does it have to do with these matters? When someone felt alienated because I spoke too sternly to him, he said, “I don’t believe in Almighty God anymore. The brother spoke so harshly to me. He didn’t show any love. I don’t believe anymore.” What do the way I treated you, and whether I have love or not, have to do with your belief in God? I am not the one you believe in. Why are you so irrational? Am I right or wrong? If you’re really certain that He is the true God, you won’t doubt God no matter what Satan says. Is the incarnation of God just a hearsay to you? Is the truth expressed by God just a lie to you? All of this is true. Could you write the truths expressed by God? Who else could possibly write them? Could anyone in the religious world speak these truths? No human being could speak these truths, let alone the great red dragon. The incarnation of God is real. The Word appearing in the flesh is real. The truth expressed by God is real. The judgment work of God in the last days is real. Millions of people are experiencing it right now! Even if the rumors made up by Satan were true, could you still deny the fact of God’s work or the truth expressed by God incarnate? No, you couldn’t. What Satan says has nothing to do with God at all, nor does it have anything to do with God’s work. They are totally unrelated and are poles apart from each other.

Suppose there is someone who really recognizes Almighty God as the second coming of the Lord Jesus and as the appearance of God who performs His work in the last days, and Satan says to him, “The Church of Almighty God is a criminal enterprise that has been condemned by the atheist Chinese Communist government and the religious world as an evil religion.” He will retort, “What does that have to do with my belief in Almighty God? Would you dare to say that Almighty God is not God? Would you dare to say that Almighty God is not the incarnate God? Would you dare to say that the truth expressed by Almighty God is not the truth? If you would, then why don’t you express a truth to me? Pastors and elders of the religious world keep denying Almighty God. Are they capable of expressing even one truth? Why are they babbling about when they can’t even express any truth?” Some people have made up a lot of rumors about Christ, and have made up a lot of rumors about the man used by the Holy Spirit too. Some people ask whether or not these rumors are true. “Would you still believe in Almighty God if the rumors were true?” And they reply, “If the rumors were true, I would still believe.” Why would they still believe even if the rumors were true? Because these rumors have nothing to do with God and God’s work. Someone has written a book saying that the Lord Jesus had a wife and children. Do you still believe in the Lord Jesus? You all say yes. Why do you still believe? Someone cannot accept it, he thinks, “The Lord Jesus should not have been married. He was God incarnate to do redemptive work, to be crucified. Why did He have a wife and children? If the Lord Jesus had had a wife and children, I would not believe in Him anymore.” Is this a valid idea? You all say no. Why not? Whether the Lord Jesus had a wife or children, He is still God incarnate who has accomplished the work of redemption. This is undeniable. Whether He had a wife or children is irrelevant to God’s redemptive work. These are two separate matters. It is neither a sin nor a crime to get married and have children. It is normal humanity ordained by God. Isn’t this what it is about? After creating Adam, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” So God made him a help meet named Eve. Adam and Eve were the progenitors of mankind. They propagated mankind. You see, marriage was ordained by God. Over five thousand years, from the eight survivors of the annihilating deluge in Noah’s time, to the population of seven billion people nowadays, how many folds has mankind multiplied? From eight people to seven billion in five thousand years. Wasn’t it preordained by God? Is it a sin to get married and have children? Has God ever condemned it? Is there any proof of God’s condemnation, words of God’s condemnation? None. If you could get married and have children, but only the Lord Jesus was not allowed to do so, what kind of logic is it? The notion that it is a God-given right for you to get married and have children but a sin for the Lord Jesus to do so is entirely your weird idea and illogic, isn’t it? Is this a justifiable rule on the Lord? You all say no. How should people face the fallacies, deceptions and lies of Satan? First, deny them, reject them, and say no to Satan. Second, whether its lies are consistent with your notions and imaginings or not, they have nothing to do with the appearance, work and incarnation of God. There is no contradiction at all.


Right now, how should people know the God on earth so that they no longer do evil and resist God? What is the purpose of God expressing so much truth? It can be put in this way: It is so that mankind can know God. Someone said, “Isn’t it for the purpose of cleansing and saving mankind?” Yes, they mean the same thing. Could it be that these two are contradictory? By what means can the purification and salvation of mankind be achieved? The two can be achieved through knowing of God. Can you be purified if you do not know Him? Can you be saved if you do not know Him? Can you obey God if you do not know Him? Can you worship God if you do not know Him? If you do not know God, everything else that you say is empty. Isn’t this the case? Now, with regard to knowing God, what is the basic principle that you must focus on? You must eat and drink and experience God’s word. Only in this way would you be able to understand the truth, isn’t this so? Every time we gather, we read a passage of God’s word. We have fellowship after we finish reading. It does not matter how many times we have fellowship about a particular passage of God’s word. The more we have fellowship, the better. It is definitely not okay to not have enough fellowship. If we have fellowship in this way, we can understand some truths. When people do not know God, what must they do at least? What are the basic principles that they must possess? First, do not believe in the lies of Satan. Second, never define God. Defining God is a mistake. To define God is to resist God. Defining God provokes His anger! All those who define God are people who do not know God. Why is it that you are able to accept Satan’s suggestions? That is because you are always defining God. If you do not define God, regardless of what Satan says, you will not believe the things it says, and the matter is settled. Once you accept Satan’s suggestions, once you define God, Satan’s lies will take effect in your heart. Isn’t this related to man’s conceptions and defining God? People have their conceptions and imaginations originally, but they do not necessarily produce their own conceptions in all matters. However, once their conceptions and imaginations delimit God, they will produce real conceptions soon after. Notice how every person who has their own conceptions and imagination defines God, “God would not do this. God would not do that. God would definitely do this. From my point of view, I think God would do this.” Isn’t this an example of defining God? Once you define God, if what He does is not in accordance with your definition, and if what He does is not the same as what you imagine, you will come up with your own conceptions. Are your conceptions in accordance with God’s word and the truth? Why do you not seek the truth? When people have their own conceptions, why do they not seek a basis for them from within God’s word? Isn’t this a problem?

Some people doubt God. What do they doubt about Him? God reveals a few of the main conceptions that man has, as follows: “You speculate whether God can be like man: unpardonably sinful, of petty character, devoid of fairness and reason, lacking a sense of justice, given to vicious tactics, treacherous and cunning, pleased by evil and darkness, and so on.” There are six doubts in all. What kind of people are the people who have these six kinds of doubts? These are the most cunning people. How can we describe them in vernacular? Aren’t the most cunning people devils? The devil has been telling lies from the beginning. These most cunning people are pure devils, classic devils! Would God acknowledge the faith of those who have these kinds of doubts about Him? Can God save and perfect them? He definitely, 100% cannot! The hearts of those who have these six kinds of doubts are quite evil. If they surmise that God is this bad, then it is over for them. These people’s hearts are evil. Look, what do some people say? “Can the man used by the Holy Spirit embezzle money? The world’s government officials are corrupt. Isn’t he corrupt as well? The world’s government officials play around with many women. Doesn’t he also play around with women? The world’s government officials abuse their power. They promote their own trusted aides and friends. Isn’t he also capable of this?” These people imagine that I am capable of doing the same things as the world’s government officials. What kind of people are they? You all say that they are cunning people. Why don’t they think that perhaps I am a little better than the world’s government officials? I am much better than these government officials. Why don’t they think a little better of me? Why do they think that I am equivalent to the world’s government officials? What kind of problem is this? Isn’t this evil? It is not right to use a vile person’s heart to measure people. Are all people exactly the same? People are quite different, and there are many ways in which they differ. Although their corrupt dispositions are the same, their characters are not the same. Their natures have differences. Some people love the truth. Others do not love the truth and instead like and advocate evil. Are we on the same path as the officials of the great red dragon? We are not on the same path as them. Why are we not on the same path? What we accept is the truth. The path on which we walk is the proper path of life. They, on the other hand, walk the path of the devil. They walk the way of the official’s career. Do we share a common language with them? We do not share a common language with them. If people in God’s family have these six kinds of doubts about God, it indicates that they are very evil and treacherous. They do not believe that God incarnate carries uncorrupted humanity. They do not believe that the man used by God loves the truth and is an upright person. This is very treacherous; these people are suspicious of everybody. Isn’t this someone who resists God the most? God has exposed these people. These are most cunning people. This is one aspect of the situation. What is the other aspect? God said, “Such faith is nothing short of sin!” It is nothing short of sin. They are done for. God does not save these people. Do you understand?

Presently, I notice that there are quite a few people who would believe God no matter what He says. They are especially pious. Whatever God says, they cooperate with Him. Even if God exposes people’s dispositions or hits the nail on the head when He exposes people, they say Amen and obey; they are happy and do not look anxious. That is why God likes these people when He sees them and says that they are people who truly believe in Him. Some people have a suspicious look in their eyes after they see God. Their eyes are fixed when they see God. It is as if they are saying, “Who is this?” Their eyes have a look as if they see God as a stranger. “What kind of person is this? Is He like this? Could this be God?” What kind of person is this? Do they have a normal human nature? No, they do not. Their hearts are full of doubt, so they definitely have that kind of expression in their eyes. For some people, when God saw them, He told me, “Look, this is the first time I have seen these people, but when I see them, I feel as if they are the people in God’s family. It’s as if I have known them for years. They are not unfamiliar at all. These people are good people. They are predestined by God. That person next to them is not good, I feel as if he is a stranger. He stares with fixed gazes as if he harbors doubts. Judging from his eyes, he is somewhat merciless. On seeing him, you would think that he is perhaps an unbeliever. He is not a true believer. His attitude is not normal.” Is there a difference here? There is a difference. If you are able to doubt God, then it is over. This attitude is not good; you are too cunning. When hearing or seeing God express the truth, most people will say, “This is the reality of the truth. God is definitely the best and most kind-hearted person!” If He was not the best and most kind-hearted person, how could He express so much truth? How could He manifest so much of God’s disposition and all that God has and is? This is definitely the best kind of man. Can evil people express the truth? Religionists also cannot express it. The great red dragon is even more demonic, and so, how can it express the truth? Everything it says is a lie. It tells lies without batting an eyelid. That is why when kind-hearted people and relatively honest people hear the truth, they believe. “I do not believe Satan the devil. I firmly believe in God. I can see that God is most kind-hearted and the best. I can also see that the man used by God is definitely not bad.” If you cannot believe in such a kind of person or the man who is testified to by God, who can you believe then? Could it be that you would believe your mother and father? Are your mother and your father reliable? Can they lead you back to God? Can they guide you to know God? Can they lead you to the kingdom of heaven? There are some people whose faith is very good. “I believe in God. I believe the man used by the Holy Spirit. I do not believe my mother or my father.” This is correct. This is a good faith. Since your mother and your father do not have the truth, they would still be considered part of the corrupt mankind however good they may be. Some people do not believe in God but in their mother, their father and themselves instead. They do not believe in God or His word. What kind of problem is this? They do not even believe in God and always have doubts about God. Sometimes God would communicate the truth to certain people. When they hear it, they reply, “Oh no, the person sitting beside God does not treat me well. I will listen to whether or not he says anything bad about me to God. I will listen to what God has to say and how He treats this person. If God treats him well, I will have my own perspectives about that, for I am very disgusted with him. I will see what kind of people God likes. Does He like people who flatter and fawn, people who use flattery to get what they want? If He likes them, then God is not much different from the leaders of the world!” What kind of person is this? Do they have a problem? Look how sneaky and secretive they are. One look and you can tell that they are a treacherous person. They do not have a normal human nature and do not believe in God. If we have genuine faith in God, we would obey God no matter what His arrangements are. Even if God allows us to die and go to hell, we would still obey. We would not even question Him. This is true faith. You do not have faith, you are always studying, doubting and putting up defenses against God. Isn’t living like this very tiring? Would you achieve the salvation of God if you are living like this? You would definitely not. All those in God’s family who are always doubting and suspecting God cannot be saved. They are not people who love the truth. They do not even believe in God. Who would you say that they can believe in? They are suspicious of even God. Who would they not be suspicious of? These are very troublesome people.


Right now, how should people experience God’s work so that they can know God? In other words, how does God do things so that man can be perfected? Particularly, when someone does not understand God’s word, how can they deal with this? Why are the things that God does contrary to man’s notions? Why are the things that God chooses to do not in accordance to man’s notions or imagination? It is as if God does things to be specifically in opposition with man. What kind of issue is this? Whoever has a grasp on this matter understands God’s intentions. God became flesh as a female and chose a flesh that is unremarkable to man. The appearance of this flesh is nothing special, just an ordinary normal person. The man that God uses is not tall. He is in fact quite average. In particular, God’s words and utterances are particularly against man’s notions and reveal the actual fact about man’s corrupt essence. The above-mentioned things are most contrary to man’s notions. Additionally, in God’s work, God permits antichrists and all sorts of evil spirits and wicked people to enter His church. He permits the great red dragon to frenziedly suppress and capture believers. He permits the religious world’s blasphemy, resistance and condemnations. God does not strike down these people nor does He destroy them. Why is this? This is a mystery! Does this indicate God’s powerlessness, or does it bear witness to God’s almightiness? (It bears witness to God’s almightiness.) Why do we say this? It is because God is not afraid of how you condemn or resist Him. God is not afraid of you no matter how many things you say, how many allegations you make and how savage your actions are. He allows you to do whatever you want. He allows Satan to tyrannize and tell falsehoods as it wishes, yet God is not afraid. He does not pay attention to any of this. This is because after the conclusion of this stage of God’s work, this mankind will be destroyed, and before He destroys mankind, He must collect evidence and proof. Only when He finishes doing this can He then destroy mankind. God said that the God on earth is “instrumental … in seizing the facts to punish the wicked.” That is why, in order to collect evidence of the evil things that evil people do, He allows them to reveal themselves and to play their part. Once they have played their part for long enough, then He will punish them and capture them in His net. After the judgment work of the last days, God will do the work of concluding the age; to conclude the age, He has to have evidence and He has to have facts. This is why God must allow Satan to play its part. The more savage and unrestrained Satan’s actions are, the more clearly everybody can see it for what it is. The truth would be publicly acknowledged, and the evidence would be complete. If God immediately destroyed the great red dragon before it had resisted Almighty God and spread so many rumors, what would the consequences be? The great red dragon would say: “God is unjust. We have not done much evil, yet He destroys us.” Moreover, in the spiritual world, Satan would not be convinced. It would accuse God. That is why everything that God does must be done to utterly convince people, to shut Satan’s mouth and put it to shame. These are the principles of God’s actions. Did God know in the beginning of all the evil things that the great red dragon would do and all the lies it would spread? God definitely knew that the great red dragon would resist Him. And what is the significance of God incarnating in China? It is to contest against the great red dragon and to destroy the great red dragon. When God incarnated in China, the great red dragon would definitely launch a vicious counterattack, and it would savagely seek to kill, resist and condemn God. What does God’s prophecy say? “Wherever the incarnation appears, so the enemy is destroyed from that place. China is the first to be annihilated, to be laid to waste by the hand of God. God gives absolutely no quarter to China” (“Chapter 10” of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God says that the great red dragon will be the first to be destroyed before the world gets destroyed. What does this indicate? Before God incarnated in the flesh and before He had performed His work in the last days, He already knew of all these matters. God knew that the great red dragon would definitely do this, and that is why God spoke these prophecies before He destroys the great red dragon. Why does God have to make prophesies first before He brings about any major event? Do you know what are the results that He wants to achieve with His prophesies? Have all the world’s major events been prophesied in God’s words? The things you can see have been prophesied and the things you can’t see have also been prophesied. The things that happen today have been prophesied. So have the things that will happen tomorrow, the day after and in the future. The events happening a few thousand years later have also been mentioned. Look at the prophecies of Revelation. The existence of Christ’s kingdom, the realization of Christ’s kingdom, the emergence of a new heaven and new earth and what happens in eternity, everything has been mentioned. At the very least, from the near arrival of the present-day great disasters all the way to the events a few thousand years in the future, they have been prophesied in a simple manner. What does this let people see? It shows God’s sovereignty over this universe. That is one aspect. It allows you to understand God’s sovereignty. Why is it that you will know God’s sovereignty once you know that this prophecy has been fulfilled? Basically, God’s almightiness has reached a particular stage. From the beginning when He created mankind, He prophesied the things that would happen to mankind. He prophesied what would happen and when it would happen. From the beginning of the existence of the human race, God’s prophecies came true one after another. What kind of result was produced from this? Man can see the almightiness and wisdom of God’s rule! Isn’t this the knowledge that emerges? Now, look at how the whole human race lives. In order to survive, they battle, negotiate, fight over and kill each other, especially all kinds of devil kings, who are sly and crafty. They are full of crafty plots and machinations. Who can arrange for them to do things according to God’s predestined plans in the end? If they knew about God’s predestined plans, would they be able to avoid and escape from them? “I will not do things according to God’s plans.” Can this be done? It cannot be done. Regardless if they know or not, they will live and do things in accordance with God’s predestined plan. They will do this and they will do that, and in the end, everything will come about as predestined. Would you say that this is difficult? Right now the human race uses remote control technology. There are remote control planes, cars and several kinds of flying machines. Now, can human beings be remotely controlled? They cannot. Presently, science and technology has advanced to the point where your position can be tracked. Wherever you go, a computer can track your position. Whenever you go through customs, your identity, your record and your individual profile appears. There is no need for you to strip your clothes or for them to use a machine to examine you, to look at your identity card or look up your records; right when you cross customs, they will have this information available to them. Technology has advanced to this stage, but can it control people? Can it tell people what to say and what to do? It cannot. You cannot control what people say and do. You cannot guarantee that someone will say something or do something. But God has clearly prophesied your life destiny and what will happen to you throughout your life, like who you will meet at what time, what circumstances you will be in, and what situations you will finally encounter. In the end, all of this will come about as prophesied. This is God’s almightiness and wisdom. What is even greater than this is that from start to finish, every member of the human race is within the control of God. Not one person falls outside the confines of God’s predestination. From these things, is it possible to understand a little about God’s almightiness and wisdom? When you look at the entire universe and the world, all the things that happen every day have come about as predicted by God. Damascus became ruins as prophesied. The Israelites were ecstatic and they celebrated! Now, the biggest prophecy is quickly being fulfilled. Something is going to happen to Jerusalem. The entire Islamic world and all the atheistic countries of the world will join forces to attack Israel. All these things will come about as prophesied. God’s rule is truly almighty. Now, how does God rule? How does He control things? Man’s ideas and thoughts are completely random and constantly changing. Why is it that they follow God’s predetermined path? Why is it that nobody can escape this? Isn’t this God’s almightiness? It is not easy for someone to control someone else, right? Can the Communist Party control people? They cannot control people. Why? They cannot control people’s thoughts. They can only use the strategies of man to control people. One way of doing this is they do not let you have passports in case you will escape. Another way is they use telephones and computers to control you and monitor you. Do you think that this is severe? Now, why is it that they have to monitor you? It is because people do not listen to them. They are unable to control people. That is why they use these means trying to control people. From this, we can see that God is almighty, right? Only God can control the human race. Only God can rule over the human race. This is God’s power. This is God’s authority! Nobody can escape from this. In the end, everyone will do service for God according to His predestined plan. Even if you don’t want to do so, it is no use. This is decided by God’s almightiness, wisdom, power and authority. This is the power that the Creator has!

You can see that we, as a group of people, just believe in God. No matter what God says, we believe. No matter what God does, we do not have our own notions. No matter what God does, we obey. One day, we will be made complete by God. To what degree will we be made? Whatever God does that is not in accordance with our notions, we will say, “You are God, I will not doubt You.” If God does something that is utterly not in accordance with our imagination, we will bear witness and say, “You are God. I am determined to believe in You and follow You. I will not doubt You. However contrary it is to man’s notions and imagination, You are still God. You are the truth. Your essence does not change.” What happens in the end? When God fights against man’s notions to a certain stage, what kind of result is achieved in the end? People no longer have their own notions. Whatever God does, He is God. Whatever God does, you still obey. Whatever God does, you still worship God. At this point, won’t you have been made complete by God? Now, someone said, “God has expressed so much truth. If we can eat and drink all the truths that God has expressed, can experience them and clearly understand them, then won’t there be a day that we will understand everything that God does? Perhaps one day, we will be able to guess at what God does. Since we know God, whatever God does, we will know. What God can do, what He is able to do, what He will surely do, we’ll be able to fathom these things after we know God.” Are these words correct? Someone said it is not correct. Why is it incorrect? Someone said that it is because man can never see clearly what God does. As for these truths that God has expressed, even though they represent God’s disposition and all God has and is, how much of God’s life do they represent? What is the proportion? They do not even represent one ten thousandth. What about one hundred millionth? Or one trillionth? They also do not represent that much. It’s like a drop of water in the ocean. Is it okay to say it like this? It is okay. Why does God have to be witnessed in this way? It is because man cannot fathom God. God is too great and man is too insignificant. No matter how much of the truth you understand, you still cannot fathom God. In front of God, man will forever be like a baby! When we experience these present truths, understand them to a certain degree, no longer define God, and obey whatever God does, then we will have fear for God and be able to shun evil. This is the result that God wants to achieve through His work in the last days. In other words, God’s words and God’s work are specifically in opposition to man’s notions and imagination. Is this matter meaningful? It is very meaningful. What kind of work does God rely on to enable man to know Him? He relies on work that is not in accordance with man’s notions in order to conquer man and allow man to have knowledge of Him. If everything God does is in accordance with man’s notions and imagination, would man be able to know God? There would be no way for man to know God. Therefore, do not rely on your notions and imagination to examine situations. The more you examine, the more it shows you are ignorant. The more you examine, the more it reveals you are preposterous and absurd. Isn’t this the case? For instance, when someone said that the Lord Jesus married and had children before, you became bewildered, “Oh no, did this actually happen? The Lord Jesus is the truth, He is the way and He is the life. There is no way that He could have married and had children.” Does marrying and having children have anything to do with God being the truth, the way and the life? Is this a contradiction? It is not a contradiction. Why do you deny the Lord Jesus due to someone telling you that He married and had children? Isn’t this a mistake? Satan has deceived you merely with this lie. Truly, you do not even have a bit of the truth. Some people get deceived here. They become paralyzed and ill. They do not believe in God anymore. Simply speaking, they are incurable! What are you doing blindly defining God? Why do you want to define God? Those that know God would never define God. Those that do not know God always want to define God. They do not change despite admonition. God is the truth. God is a mystery. Man can never fathom Him. Isn’t this the case?


Let me give you an example. Abraham had no children when he was 99 years old, yet he had so much property. His body was getting weaker and weaker at this point. He prayed to God, “God, You’ve given me so much property, but who will inherit it after I am gone? Can You give me a son?” So, God gave him a son. For about ten years, he raised his son and saw his son as his living treasure full of life and energy. Abraham was very happy. At this point, God came and said, “I need you to sacrifice your son to Me.” When he heard this, Abraham was confused, “Huh? Did I hear wrong? What is this? You gave me a son, how could You want him back now? Oh, I shouldn’t have talked like this to God. I was irrational. Could it be that God really wants me to sacrifice my son to Him? God can’t be this type of God, who would contradict His own words. Oh no, what am I to do?” So, he prayed once more, “God, did You really say this? If You really did say this, then I won’t have any opinions. I will sacrifice my son to You.” God said, “Yes, this is what I mean.” After that, God did not say anything else. “God, I will obey You.” So, Abraham started making the preparations to sacrifice his son to God. He found a suitable place and piled a bunch of firewood. He had to kill his son on the pyre and light the fire to burn him. Could he really go through with this? This was his own living, breathing son. Abraham was in contact with so many clansmen and gentiles. They would fight with him for territory and property. He would always yield. He would not strike them, and he would not kill them. He would rather take a loss and yield. He was a kindhearted person. However, to kill his own son, how could he do this? Now, wouldn’t you say that he was crying everyday throughout this ordeal? He could have washed his face with his tears. Was Abraham weak? He was definitely weak, he could not go through with it. How many times would you say that he prayed to God? Certainly, he prayed to God many times. In the end, he made up his mind, “These are God’s words. I must obey! I won’t argue. If I argue, I would hate myself. I would slap my own face.” This is what he did. He obeyed. Once he obeyed, the situation took a turn for the better. It turned out to be a false alarm and Abraham actually obtained God’s blessing. After believing in God for so many years, at that instant, after he finished hearing God’s words of blessing, it was the most emotionally stirring point of time in his life. Abraham lay on the ground and stared at the sky with tears of happiness rolling down his face as he prayed, “God, only today do I know You a little bit. You are so good, You are so lovely!” God spoke one sentence and Abraham obeyed. If we encountered this situation, how would we react? Would we be able to obey? This situation could not have been one of Satan’s rumors. At that time, the great red dragon did not exist. God required Abraham to offer his only son as a sacrifice. The meaning of “sacrifice” was that Abraham’s son would die. This did not mean that his son could simply go and serve God. This is the truth of the matter. Would you say that if people encountered this situation today, they would have their own notions? Of course they would! Most people will immediately say, “God, why do You go back on Your word? How can You take back what You have given me? How can You do this? Even we humans would not do this. As God, You should be even less likely to do this.” As members of the corrupt human race, we would definitely say something like this. I do not know if other people would say this, but I know that I am fully capable of saying this. Would you say that Abraham had read the Bible before? How much of God’s word had he listened to? Did the Bible even exist at that time? This was before even the time of Moses. The work during the Age of Law had not begun yet. Was there even a Bible? However, Abraham did not have any notions when it came to these words of God and this command. He simply obeyed. As a result, he received a great blessing. How many people do you think would be able to obey this kind of command from God? How many people would be able to accept it? Someone said, “Fortunately, we are not faced with this situation. Otherwise, if we were faced with this situation, we would be exposed as people who resist God and thus, nonbelievers.” It is because of this reason that we do not encounter these kinds of situations. We are not worthy to face this kind of decision, right? Now, tell me, how should we believe in God? Abraham did not have the Bible. How did he believe? He had a heart that reveres God. He was able to obey. He did not have notions about God. Clearly, God bestowed a son to him. When God wanted Abraham to give his son back to Him, to offer his son as a sacrifice, why was he able to obey? This was the faith of Abraham. This was why he received such a great blessing from God. It was because he was able to obey in this way. No matter what God did, Abraham did not have notions. No matter what God did, he would obey. Saying these things is quite easy. They are just a couple of words. However, to put these words into action is very, very hard. When it comes to the great red dragon’s rumors and the religious world’s lies today, if Abraham encountered these sorts of things, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for him? Would it cause Abraham to stumble? These lies and rumors would have absolutely no effect on him. Would this even be a trial for him? Even if God commanded Abraham to do something that is 100 times more severe and not in accordance with man’s notions, he would still be able to obey. Whatever God says, Abraham still obeys and does not have any notions about it. How can you produce these notions? Think about whether or not these are God’s words. If these are God’s words, then He is God. If He is God, then it does not matter how much it is not in accordance with your notions, you must obey. Obey wholeheartedly. Kneel down and obey. Obey unswervingly. Obey for all eternity.

Some people listen to so many of God’s words, yet when they listen to one sentence of the great red dragon’s negative propaganda, they start to be suspicious all of a sudden. It is as if God’s words are not true and the work that God does is false. Do these kinds of people have faith in God? This is not faith. The faith of Abraham and Job was genuine faith. They harbored no notions no matter what God said. What were the most important words that Peter spoke in his testimony? “Even if God were playing with humans like they were toys, how would humans be able to complain? What right would they have?” Did these words spoken by him show genuine faith? (Yes.) Some people say, “I will always obey, no matter what God does. The lies spread by the great red dragon amount to nothing! Even if all the things that the entire religious world and the great red dragon say were true, I would still believe in Almighty God.” Does this show a genuine faith? Only this shows a genuine faith. Why do you believe in this manner? Because you can see that God is real, you can see that the things that God says are true, and you can see God is doing the work of perfecting man. This is why, no matter what the great red dragon says, even if what it says were true, God would still be God, and God will forever be God! Someone says, “Now, is it the case that no matter what God does, He is still God?” Correct. This is how it is. Let’s say you have two children. With one word, God causes your two children to die. Is He still God? Would you still believe? If God lets your entire family perish in an earthquake, would you still believe? (Yes.) Why would you still believe? Because this does not affect God’s essence and the reality that God is still God. God is God. No matter how many things God does that are at odds with man’s notions and no matter how many destructive things He visits upon mankind, He is still God. Isn’t this a genuine knowledge of God? (Yes.) No matter how many good things Satan does, it is still Satan, right? Someone says, “Then how do you tell the positive from the negative?” What are positive things and what are negative things? What is correct, and what is wrong? What is true and what is false? How do we differentiate these things? Everything God says is the truth and is positive, because God is the truth. All the things that Satan says and does are evil, wicked and fallacious. They are all negative things. It is fine if you define these things in this way. No matter how many things Satan does that people think are good, it is still Satan. No matter how many things God does that destroy and punish mankind, He is still God. It is an objective fact. For example, regardless of how your father beats and scolds you, he is still your father. If he treats you well, he is your father. If he does not treat you well, he is still your father. No matter how he treats you, he is your father. Why do I say this? It is a fact that he is your father. If it is an established fact that he is your father, then nothing that he does can cause this fact to be untrue. This is the correct way to see things. Someone says, “Of the things that God does, there are some matters in which I do not see how it could be the truth, nor do I see how they could be beneficial to mankind.” In this case, you must seek the truth, listen to fellowship and sermons, and read and ponder more of God’s word. As for the key aspects which cannot be clearly explained by man, pray to God about them and perhaps the Holy Spirit will enlighten you, and then you will be able to understand a bit more. One day, you will know that whatever comes from God and everything that God does or says is the truth, and all of it is positive. Is this a good way to experience God’s work? (Yes.) If you always try to delimit God, you will never be able to know God. Once you learn how to obey God, you will be able to know God. This is the secret to obtaining the truth!

How do you know the God on earth? Never define God. To define God is to resist God. Those who define God do not know God. It does not matter if what Satan says is true. God is still God. God is still real. If you have notions and you do not understand, then you must seek the truth. If you do not seek the truth, do not judge and speak carelessly. If one day you are suspicious about God because of one of Satan’s lies, then in the very end, you will be sent to hell. In hell, you will be burned forever. Insects will bite you continuously. At that moment, you will say, “God, save me. God, save me!” God will say, “Do you believe in Me? You never believed me before. Why should I save you? My words have already been spoken. Those who do not believe in Me will be wiped out in hell. All who do not believe in Me must perish. What qualifies you to shout at Me to save you if you did not believe in Me? Did I tell you not to believe?” Why do you not believe? Do you not believe because of one of Satan’s lies? Go look for Satan. Why did you listen to Satan’s words? Do you believe what it says? Why do you not believe in God? You are the cause of your own narrowmindedness. You have tricked yourself. Did Satan bind your hands and feet? It told you one lie and you listened? You deserve to be punished for your sins. Who can you blame if you do not know God? Isn’t this the case? All those who listen to Satan’s lies, doubt God and abandon God will meet with retribution in the very end. At that time, would you still dare call out to God for salvation? Would God answer you? Whatever you say to God would be useless. God is God. The truth is the truth. Nobody can change the fact that God has accomplished. Why does God allow Satan to slander, discredit and spread rumors about Him? He does this in order to reveal man and see who truly believes in Him, who truly loves the truth and who truly believes His word. This will also reveal who has no doubts about God and who does not believe Satan’s lies. That is why God’s church is “trapped” in all sorts of “nets.” This is done in order to filter out all those evil people who do not love the truth. All these nets are the different kinds of rumors and lies that Satan concocts. Over there are nets for Almighty God’s church. Those outside the church fall into these nets here when they try to seek and investigate. All those who love the truth can enter but those who do not love the truth are filtered outside of these nets. Isn’t this the case?

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