How to Pursue the Truth in Order to Obtain Life

Having an Obedient Life Requires Obeying the Truth and Obeying the Holy Spirit’s Work

In order to attain a genuine understanding of the truth and a change in one’s life disposition, one must pursue to enter deeper into the truth and pursue to achieve the result that they are able to live out the reality of the truth. Do you have the reality of obedience to God presently? What are the manifestations of the reality of obedience to God? As an example, when people were communicating God’s words, one individual was able to communicate the light revealed by the Holy Spirit. Hearing that, you thought, “What he communicates is not something man thought up. It is something revealed by the Holy Spirit. I must accept this. If I do not accept this, then I would be resisting God. I must accept and obey without delay.” When people communicate God’s word, others can see whether you obey the truth, obey the Holy Spirit and obey Christ’s authority. This is an extraordinary matter. Regardless of who it is, regardless of what status they have, regardless of how old they are and whether they have experience, if they communicate the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, you must sincerely accept and obey it. From this matter, it can be seen whether someone has obedience. What would those without the truth do? When they see that the brother or sister who is communicating the truth is a new believer and has no status, if they are a district leader or a regional leader, they would think, “Due to my status, I should not listen to you. Even if what you say is correct, or even if you express God’s voice, I will not listen to you. My status is higher. Status is the ultimate authority.” The people who have this kind of perspective have what kind of disposition? This is a satanic disposition. The people with this disposition cannot obey God, because they obey status and hierarchy. A certain regional leader said, “You are just an ordinary brother or sister that communicates the light of the truth. I will not submit to you. You must listen to me. You are under me. Who do I obey? I obey the upper-level leaders because their status is higher than mine.” Notice that his obedience is based on status and hierarchy. Is this in accordance with the principles of the truth? It is not in accordance with the principles of the truth. This is not in accordance with God’s will. Within God’s will, God’s words are the highest authority. If the things I say are not in accordance with God’s words and the truth, even though you are ordinary brothers and sisters, you do not have to listen. In God’s family, what is the highest authority? The visible words of God are the highest authority, Christ is the highest authority, and the invisible Holy Spirit is the highest authority. This is the highest principle in regard to obedience. If you understand this principle and can follow it, you are someone that obeys God. If a certain regional leader says, “The upper-level leaders spoke something. I could tell it is not right, but because they are upper-level leaders, I will listen,” is this a person that obeys God? He does not obey God. He obeys status and power. Those who obey status and power do not regard obeying the truth as the highest principle. They do not regard God as the highest authority to obey. Their hearts do not honor God as great. They have a place for Satan in them and they do not recognize God. Why do I say that they have a place for Satan in their hearts? This kind of person does things based on what they see. If they see that someone’s status is higher than their own, they will obey them. There is no place in their hearts for God or the Holy Spirit! Regardless of what we are engaged in, we must have principles. Even more so, we must put the truth into practice according to principles. You must have an understanding of the principles if you are to put obedience into practice. Do not pressure people with your status when you are working. Let go of your status. If your heart honors Christ as great, God as great, and God’s words as great and high, then you will understand what it is to obey. You will know what the principles of obedience are. When you put obedience into practice, you will be able to do things according to the true principles. This is a person that has the truth and has reality. Presently, just what are you obeying? If you obey the authority of status and you do not obey the authority of the Holy Spirit, the authority of God’s words and the authority of Christ, then this principle is wrong. The path you have taken is not correct. Your practice of obedience is not based on the correct principles. You are simply adhering to regulations and relying on status and hierarchy in your practice of obedience. If this is the case, you are not someone that obeys God. Since you are unable to see God, you do not have God in your heart. If you have God in your heart and feel that obeying God is the number one priority, you will say in your heart, “The highest principle is to obey the God that cannot be seen. I regard the reality of God as the object of my absolute obedience.” If you practice this, it indicates that you obey God. If someone who is higher than you in the hierarchy says something that is not in accordance with the truth and asks you to obey, how should you respond? Do you dare say, “Sorry, what you communicate is not in accordance with God’s words and I cannot accept it. I obey God’s words, not status”? Now, if I said something that is not in accordance with God’s words or the truth, would you dare disobey? What would you say? You should say, “Brother, what you said is not in accordance with the truth and I will not listen to it.” If you say this, then it is correct. You should say this. Do not consider how embarrassed I will feel. If you do this, what do you believe I will think? I would think, “This person is a diamond in the rough. If this person obtains the truth, it is guaranteed that he will wield power for God.” This is how I would look at this matter. Your way of looking at it will not be the same as mine. Why would I see it this way? It is because you are not making things difficult for me. The conclusion you have come to is based on the truth and God’s words. You do not do things because of my status. This is remarkable. Let’s say that you are a church leader or a church worker. Someone listens to you say something that you know is not in accordance with the truth and immediately obeys you because you are a leader and he or she is just an ordinary brother or sister. In this situation, what should you do? Do you dare lay your mistake bare? You should say, “If you obey this, you are wrong. Is what I just said in accordance with the truth? All you see is my status. You do not care whether what I say is correct. You blindly obey it. You are not obeying God. Why do you pay so much attention to my status? Why can’t you distinguish what I say?” If you talk to them like this, aren’t you bringing them into the practical experience of obeying God? You must take the lead in putting the truth into practice. You must forsake yourself. What’s the use of protecting your own reputation, vanity and status? What you should be doing with your brothers and sisters is cultivating them. You must help them to learn to place obeying God, obeying God’s words and obeying the truth above all else. What you must do is discourage the obedience of status. If you do something wrong and the majority of people obey it, do you dare admit to your mistake and analyze whether what everyone is doing is in fact obeying God? Do you dare let everybody talk about it openly? Talk about the corruptions you have revealed and the mistakes that you have made and let everybody analyze them so that from your mistakes, people can learn how to obey God. This is what church life is. This is what it means to honor Christ as great. You must forsake yourself. Do not protect your own status, reputation and vanity. What’s the use of doing that? Those that obey God do not protect their own status and vanity. They are considerate of God’s will. …

What does it mean to truly obey God? God has given His grace to man to enjoy and so, man listens to God’s word. If God allows suffering to come to man, man will not listen to God’s word and will not obey God. If man is given some grace to enjoy, he is able to believe in God and he is able to obey God. Is this true obedience? This is obedience according to man’s notions. It is selective obedience. It is obedience with conditions. This is not true obedience. If man must endure some trials and refinement or suffer but he is still able to obey God, then this is true obedience. This matter most reveals whether man has true obedience. Look, as we believe in God nowadays, we have to face the persecution and harassment of the great red dragon and we do not have any freedom. In this circumstance, if you are still able to obey God, satisfy God and praise God, then this obedience is real. It is obedience of the heart. Notice how, presently, people just say that they are willing to believe in God seriously and willing to satisfy God. However, when they are asked to fulfill their duties, they are unable to fulfill them without going through the motions. They are unable to satisfy God in the fulfillment of their duties. Are such people ones who obey God? They are never able to satisfy God in fulfilling their duties. They do not have the will to satisfy God. They can definitely satisfy themselves, but they cannot satisfy God. When it comes to God, it’s as if all they can do is go through the motions for Him. This kind of person does not have true obedience for God. Now, just what is true obedience? In circumstances where there is an absence of God’s commands, if one can voluntarily obey the authority of God’s word even if it means dying, then this is the highest realm of obeying God. When God disciplines you and issues commands that compel you to obey His words, you obey. If God does not discipline you, does not issue commands and does not compel you, would you obey? If you voluntarily obey the authority of God’s words, if no matter what you do, as long as God’s words come to you or as long as you know God’s words, you voluntarily obey the authority of God’s words, and you voluntarily and willingly do things according to God’s words without your own choice or intentions, then this kind of obedience is absolute obedience and it is also the highest realm of obedience. Today, we believers in God are given a book of God’s words. After you have finished reading, if you can act absolutely according to God’s words and satisfy God according to God’s words, then this is the highest realm of believing in God. Later, God’s words will prevail throughout the earth and will reign and rule on earth. The entire human race will obey the authority of God’s words. At this point, it can be said that the entire human race will have been completely obtained by God. The place where the human race will reside is the kingdom of God. This signifies the emergence of Christ’s kingdom. All of mankind will submit to God’s words. Man will not be differentiated by status. Regardless of who it is, everyone will be under God’s word and they will submit to the authority of God’s word. These people are people that obey God absolutely. Look, today, it is still necessary for some people to monitor. It is still necessary for some people to lead. There must be some people leading even the leaders. Each level must be monitored. People need to be compelled to do work and fulfill duties. Is this obedience absolute? People need to be urged and compelled to fulfill some duties or put some words of God into practice. Therefore, these people do not truly obey God. In regard to the truth of obeying God, is this the proper way to comprehend it? Can you understand it? Another way to say it is, regardless of which rank you are of or what status you possess, what should be the principle behind the way that you put the truth into practice? It should be submitting to the authority of God’s words and following God’s words in everything. Without God’s words, you are not putting the truth into practice. With God’s words, you are putting it into practice. So if you do not understand God’s words and the truth, will you be able to obey the authority of God’s words? This is not possible. Therefore, you must seek to understand God’s words and understand the truth. Once you truly understand God’s words, then you will truly understand the truth. Once you understand the truth, regardless of what the situation is, you will have God’s words to follow, and in everything, you will put the truth and God’s words into practice, directly obeying God without needing to be monitored. Once you have achieved this realm, won’t you have been obtained by God? You would have been perfected by God’s words. This is the correct way to pursue the truth. Say, for example, that you are a leader of a certain church. Your practice in one particular situation is not according to God’s words. It just so happens that an ordinary brother or sister reads this aspect of God’s words to you. You listen to it and you realize: Oh, I should have done this in this situation. This passage of God’s words has reminded you. What should you do in this situation? You should unconditionally submit to the authority of God’s words, and regardless of whose mouth these words came from, you must obey these words and treat them as the supreme authority. This is the correct way of approaching this situation. This is the greatest reality that those who obey God should possess. In regard to communicating the truth of obeying God, what do you think about this? I’m sure this is beneficial to you. When you have nothing to do, think about this for a bit. Once you start pondering this matter, the Holy Spirit will enlighten you. If you do not think about it, you will not have the Holy Spirit’s work. You must always think about it. Put your heart into pondering it: “What is the truth of obeying God? What is the most crucial thing when it comes to obeying God? What kind of obedience is truly obeying God? Which kind of obedience is voluntary obedience, willing obedience, true obedience, and absolute obedience? Which kind of obedience is forced obedience, limited obedience, selective obedience, superficial obedience, and compelled obedience?” Compare these different kinds of obedience with one another. Summarize each of these states and then reflect on yourself. Ask yourself which kind of obedience you are currently practicing, which kind of obedience you possess, and which kind of obedience you lack. This will make clear to you your own spiritual stature. Now, presently, are you people that obey God? Those that do not obey God will not receive God’s salvation in the very end. What is our purpose in pursuing the truth? It is to be able to obey God. We must understand the truth so that we can obey God. You should know which truths you must understand to obey God, and then put effort into these truths. The more one understands the truth, the more one is able to obey God. How should whether someone is a person that obeys God be examined? The only criterion is whether this person can put the truth into practice. If someone cannot put the truth into practice and does not know what it means to put the truth into practice, can this person obey God? Since he does not know what it means to obey God, how can he obey God? Therefore, being able to truly obey God is a reality that one must enter into if one wants to attain salvation through belief in God. If this reality is absent in him, it is enough to indicate that this person has not attained salvation through his belief in God. What would you say are the minimum things that a person that belongs to God should possess? At the very least, he should be someone that obeys God. If he is not someone that obeys God, can he belong to God? If you belong to God, that means that you are someone that obeys God. If you belong to Satan, then it is assured that you obey Satan. This is a fact. If someone does not know what it means to obey God, would you say that this person belongs to God? He does not belong to God. He doesn’t even know what it means to obey God and he doesn’t know what to do to obey God. Does this person know what it means to put the truth into practice? Certainly not. Therefore, if someone does not even know if what he is putting into practice is the truth or not, yet he says that he obeys God, isn’t he lying? That is why before someone attains complete obedience to God, he should, at the minimum, be able to understand some truths and put some truths into practice. Once he understands more truths, is able to grasp God’s will, knows how to act in order to satisfy God and can satisfy God, at that point, he will truly enter into the reality of obeying God. What are the manifestations of obeying God? This is also a crucial topic. In what matters should you be able to obey God? One of these matters is, as you are enjoying church life, how you should eat and drink God’s words, how you should seek the truth and how you should communicate the truth in order to attain an understanding of the truth. This is how you should put into practice obeying God in church life. That is, you must eat and drink God’s word, communicate the truth, seek the truth and pursue the truth. Also, when you encounter temptations and trials, how should you obey God? When evil people try to entice you, deceive you and tempt you into obeying them, how should you obey God? During times when you are negative, or during times when you encounter disasters or when your life is threatened, how should you obey God? In your daily life when something affects your personal interests or affects your prospects and destiny, how should you put the truth into practice and obey God? These are the few aspects of obeying God. During these times, if what you practice is the truth, if you are able to seek the truth, find the truth, grasp the truth and put the truth into practice, this is sufficient to indicate that you are someone that obeys God. In regard to these aspects, in these circumstances or situations, if you do not seek the truth, if you just adhere to regulations and if you rely on your own notions and imagination to do things, you are not a person that obeys God, you are a person that relies on yourself to live, and you are a person that relies on your own notions, imagination and Satan’s life philosophies to live. Presently, there are some people who have believed in God for many years but who are not ones that obey God. Now, why is it that these people are not ones who obey God? It is because they do not have the truth and it is also because even though they understand a bit of the truth, they do not practice it. If you do not put the truth into practice, can you be someone that obeys God? You must put into practice many aspects of the truth. Only if you can put the truth into practice when it comes to almost all matters that are relatively important to people does it indicate that you are a person that can basically obey God. However, you are not someone that obeys God 100%. If you can attain 70 to 80% obedience to God, then you are someone that basically obeys God. Some people cannot be obedient until death. During life-threatening moments, they are capable of betraying God. Some people are capable of betraying God and disobeying God when they are faced with situations that involve their individual prospects and fate. When some people are faced with matters of great benefit or personal benefit, they are capable of betraying God, denying God and disobeying God. Don’t these things truly reveal whether someone is obedient? If someone is able to obey God in trivial matters, it is because that does not involve their interests, life, prospects or fate. When it comes to important matters, if they are unable to obey God, then it is possible to conclude that this person does not obey God. Presently, in what important matters are you able to obey God? If you are able to cast aside personal interest, disregard your own life and even dutifully lay down your own life if need be, then you are a person that obeys God absolutely. If this is the case, have you had a change in your life disposition? Yes, you have had a true change in it. You have changed 100%. The change you have experienced is not slight. Presently, the greatest difficulty for people is that when they face significant trials and when they encounter situations that involve their individual life, prospects and fate, they are unable to obey God. This indicates that their life disposition has not changed or has changed very little. Presently, what is your condition like? Isn’t it the case that your life disposition has changed very little? Your life disposition has not completely changed, so the degree to which you obey God is very limited. If God’s family requires right now that you leave everything for God, are you able to do it? Can you leave your husband (wife), children and worldly occupation? If what is waiting in front of you even consists of boundless suffering or the forfeiture of your life, will you be able to obey? This is the time when people will be revealed. Once people are faced with this kind of situation, they do not dare respond. They do not dare respond to God immediately. This indicates that the degree to which they obey God is very limited.

… Now, do you know what it means to obey God? If you know what it means to obey God and the principles for putting into practice obeying God, in the future, you will know whether what you are doing is obeying God. Moreover, you will discover when going through a particular experience, whether you are someone that obeys God. Now, if you ask an ordinary brother or sister, “Are you someone that obeys God?” they would be unable to answer this question. They would feel, “Where should I start? What should I say? Am I someone that obeys God?” They would feel it difficult to say, for they don’t know what to say. Why is this? It is because they do not understand this aspect of the truth. So they are unable to examine themselves. If you are clear about this aspect of the truth, you will know whether you possess the reality of it. If you do not have the truth, you will be unable to determine whether your deeds and conducts constitute obeying God. You will only have one method of examining, “If I see God and He tells me something or asks me to do something, when I do it or I do not do it, only then will I know whether or not I obey God.” Notice how you will use the simplest method to examine whether or not you obey God. This will not do. Let us suppose, for example, that God comes over to you and asks you to do something. Tell me, who would externally disobey? Everyone would obey. Externally, you are asked to do something. When it comes to ordinary matters, you are able to obey. The only things you will not do are things that will involve your death. If you are asked to go and buy something, find someone, notify people about a certain matter or give something, you would do it like anybody. Even a satanic demon would be able to obey. If this is what you do, your obedience is simply adhering to regulations. If you are given 10 instructions, you can obey at least 8 of them. The other 2 times, you give some excuse because you find it a bit difficult and you are not willing to do it. This is not true obedience. How do we measure whether someone’s obedience is true obedience? True obedience is obedience within one’s life. It is amazing. Nothing can hinder those who possess it from obeying God. Regardless of the circumstance, they will obey. They feel that disobeying is painful and that it is not okay, and they will think, “Even if I lose my life, I must obey.” Only if you have this kind of obedience will you know whether you are someone that obeys God. Take, for example, the person that you love the most. Who can cause you not to love them? Regardless of the circumstance, you will satisfy the person you most love. Even if it means losing your life, you will satisfy them. This is the summit of love. Obedience within one’s life is the same way. Since you love God, you can obey Him even if it means your death, or even if it means being nailed upside down to a cross. You do not have any reason to give, and you do not weigh whether it is right or wrong or whether your perspective is right or wrong. You just obey. It is similar to how a soldier obeys orders as his mission in life. This is obedience within one’s life. … If you only obey status or obey according to the principles of hierarchy, you are someone that resists God because you are not someone that obeys the truth or someone that obeys the Holy Spirit. Obeying the guidance of the Holy Spirit and obeying the truth are higher than all other principles.

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