How to Pursue the Truth and Enter Into Reality

The Relationship Between Knowing God and Change in Life Disposition

Now let’s fellowship about the relationship between knowing God and change in life disposition, because this is very important. We all know that corrupt humanity’s nature is composed of satanic philosophy, satanic toxins, satanic logic, and satanic rules which control everything people do. All the words people hear and all the things people see inspire thoughts in them, and they all produce a reaction, which eventually become a certain kind of viewpoint, treatment, or practice which are controlled by a person’s thinking and perspectives. Whatever a person’s nature may be, he produces thoughts and views that accord with his nature. Why, for example, would a person be selfish? Where does selfishness come from? It is produced by satanic philosophy. Once satanic philosophy enters a person’s heart, he treasures it above all other things and sees it as the truth. Take “every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost,” which drives man to live for himself and believe that to not do so makes him less than human, so he does everything for himself and considers this natural and right, making him more and more selfish. Or “men work as officials in far-flung lands for fine food and fine clothes,” which again produces selfishness; he only wants fine food and fine clothes, rather than to do things for the public good. No matter what this person does, he does it for himself, and this becomes his nature. Satanic philosophies make their way into people’s hearts, are accepted by people as life, and become people’s natures. This is a fact. God does the work of saving mankind through words that judge and chastise people’s corrupt essence. God’s words of judgment are the truth, God uses the truth to judge mankind. When the truth is shown, it is light, and what does light do? On the one hand it strikes down, but on the other it alters. Light brings man life, hope, and way, so when the light of truth shines, people see it and think, “Oh my, this is light, this is the way, this is life, this is truth.” They compare it to Satan’s words and think, “Satan’s words are absurd, evil, and toxic.” How does that comparison turn out? People all have judgment and discernment, they know what is good and evil, so those who love the truth accept it into themselves. When people feel the truth is right, they accept it, and when they feel truth is good, they love it, so after people accept the truth, they begin to use it in place of the absurd words of Satan. They allow it to direct their words and actions. They practice according to the truth and taste that it is life, the way, and true light. That produces a result: Their views on things begin to change, and after they understand more of the truth, their views on life and their values begin to change. And isn’t this the beginning of change in a person’s life disposition? When we first encounter the truth, when we have yet to accept the truth into our heart, when we’re only aware that the truth is good, when we are only capable of rote letters and doctrine, there won’t be any change produced in our life disposition, and in fact just doing a few more good deeds is a good result. One day, when you genuinely understand the truth, when your understanding of truth produces results, when you firmly believe the truth is life, the way, and true light, when you wouldn’t exchange it for anything, when you firmly believe “I will accept the truth, this is the path I have chosen, and I won’t let anyone pull me off it,” if Satan tries to use its philosophy, rules, and theories to deceive you, will it be able to pull you off it? Not at all. Because you’ll compare them. You’ll be able to compare the truth to Satan’s words, and you’ll think, “These things of Satan are absurd, they are evil, but God’s word is the truth, true light, so I’ll accept and obey these things of God.” This is when your understanding of truth will reach a new level. You will begin to treasure truth and value it just as you value life. You won’t let anyone take it from you. When the truth becomes a person’s life, the fortress of his satanic nature is breached, isn’t it? When the breach happens, he will start to think, “A change is happening in my life, everything I studied, accepted, and pursued in the past is wrong, those were the paths of Satan, it was Satan’s theories, philosophies, logic, and rules that corrupted me, made me suffer, put me in bondage, and blinded me, but now I see the true light, I am awaked, God’s word is the truth, it is the true life of man, so I must forsake Satan and follow God, I must accept God’s word as my life, because God is my Savior.” Isn’t this a change in his views on things? Isn’t this a change in his views on life and values? You’ll say, “In the past I plotted this or that for myself, but now I don’t plot for myself, I want to plot out a real life, I need to live to do God’s will, I need to live out a real human likeness, I need to do my best to fulfil the duties of a created being, because this is a real life.” Once a person says these words and begins to walk his own path in life this way, aren’t his view on life and values changing? He no longer wants fine food and fine clothes, “Food and clothes hardly matter at all, they are insignificant, not worth mentioning, I only want to expend for God and live by God’s word, because all things are granted by God, God orchestrates everything. God wanted me to live, so I live, and I will live however God wants me to live. Mankind has lived to today thanks to God’s guidance and supply, and Satan is only something that corrupts mankind.” Once you see these things clearly, isn’t this forsaking darkness for light? Isn’t this walking the path of light? Haven’t such people gained a true and new life? How would someone have such motivation without a new life? People forsake everything to serve God and live to do God’s will, do you understand the power of such motivation? Hasn’t there been a change in the views on life and values of people who can give up their lives without hesitation, who feel duty-bound to accept that which is entrusted by God and fulfill their duty, who feel that this is natural and right, who refuse to let anyone stop them from doing so, and who are capable of saying and doing so? Don’t they have a new life? Which portions of God’s word become new life in people? Many, many parts of God’s word comprise a life, not just one or two sentences. And if you don’t know these many parts of God’s word, if you don’t draw a deep understanding of the truth from many parts of God’s word, can you achieve this result? When change occurs in your views on life and your values, a change has occurred in your life disposition. A change in your views on life and values is half a change in your life disposition, it has at least half the effect, because at least you’ve chosen your path and begun to walk it. Without having chosen your path, could there be such a complete change in your view on life and values? Once you begin walking that path, what controls you? Isn’t it your new views on life and values? When a person pursues the truth to a certain degree and understands some of the truth, he then says, “No, I can’t live for myself anymore, I have to live for God.” His work, children, and future become worthless, they become garbage, so he forsakes these things. Is that a foolish choice? Is he insane? No, there is thinking behind this, his views on things have changed, and his views on life and values have changed. Some people take any detours, they lose the work of the Holy Spirit and are dismissed, but they still don’t leave God, they still perform their duties and forsake everything to follow God. What drives them to do that? They know this is the true way. They clearly understand that, “God’s work is to save and perfect man, and even though I’ve failed, the truth exists, and God’s work remains, so I have to stand back up, remake myself, and keep going. Stumbling and failures are common, but I can’t leave the true way, I can’t leave God’s word, because this is the root of what it means to be human.” Even though we can’t see obvious change in some who has this viewpoint and who can practice like this, his views on life and values have begun to change. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to expend like this and pay this price. Is it easy to abandon a loving family, a good job? Do people simply do that on an impulse? Someone would have to pray and seek for many years to make such a decision. It’s not a small decision, not simply seeing an item of clothing that looks good and buying it on an impulse. Who wouldn’t consider for months and seek for years over such a big decision? No one is that foolish. When views on life and values begin to change, if someone is of high caliber, understands the truth, can accurately see the essence of things, can accurately discover God’s will in all things, and can accurately practice based on God’s word, then he achieves knowledge of God. When someone does things correctly, can find the correct basis for action, has an accurate and pure understanding of God’s word, is not confused by any new and novel things he encounters, is able to discover God’s meaning and God’s will in them, and is able to correctly resolve them using God’s word, this is the effect of achieving knowledge of God. No matter what problems or new things someone with true knowledge of God encounters, even if the world is turned upside down, he doesn’t get confused, he simply goes quietly before God, prays to seek God and God’s will, and before long, I promise he will have penetration into the matter and know how to use the truth to handle it. This is the effect of achieving knowledge of God. When someone achieves knowledge of God, what follows? In all things, his practice is in accordance with God’s will. Doesn’t that make him someone who is obedient to God? And if he can become someone who is obedient to God, doesn’t that mean there is a change in his life disposition? The most important expression of a change in life disposition is that a person becomes someone who is truly obedient to God. Perhaps his spiritual stature is still small, perhaps he can’t fully experience certain things, and perhaps certain matters can still confuse him for a few days, but after experiencing them once, but the second time or any time these things happen after that, he is no longer confused, he knows how to practice in accordance with God’s will, and he knows how to obey God. There has been change in this person’s life disposition. Upon what foundation is change in life disposition built? The foundation is knowledge of God. What is the result of change in life disposition? True obedience to God. Those who are truly obedient to God have achieved change in their life disposition. Some ask what a change in life disposition would be like, and the simplest explanation is that it’s someone who is obedient to God. It’s an explanation no one can deny, because this is someone who understands the truth and sees problems accurately, can understand God’s will, and has true knowledge of God, so their faith in God is sincere. Have people like this been perfected by God? Yes, without question. This is the result of the Holy Spirit’s work, to make people know God, bring about change in life disposition, and allow people to become truly obedient to God. People’s outward appearance doesn’t change when they achieve change in life disposition, they are still the same height and have the same personality, and they look the same way. What changes is that they become obedient to God, and this is proof of a change in their life disposition, the most important and most fundamental proof. Some might ask, “But doesn’t such a person have any individual demands?” Where it doesn’t interrupt or impact the performance of his duties, yes, but if God doesn’t allow those demands, he can immediately put a stop to them. He has normal humanity. Some might ask, “Does someone still feel lust after a change in his life disposition?” Yes, but not unconstrained lust. He doesn’t sin. If he is one of our brothers, he doesn’t seek a beautiful woman by his side. If she is one of our sisters, she doesn’t fall in love with the nearest handsome man, she finds a proper boyfriend, or simply doesn’t look at all. Such people can overcome the flesh, no matter how difficult, and are not constrained by sexual desire. Is this abnormal? No, it’s normal. Do such people enjoy eating meat? They’re happy to eat it if there is meat, but are fine without it, and perform their duties normally even if there are only vegetables to eat. They don’t let it get in the way of their work. Those without a change in their life disposition complain without good food. It affects the performance of their duties. They lose all human likeness without good food. The lack of meat is unbearable. Even the slightest suffering is unbearable. They are different from those who have achieved change in their life disposition, aren’t they? What do those who have achieved change in their life disposition wear? Whatever is available. They are happy to wear fine clothes, but don’t suffer constraints if they can’t. They’ll wear rags before letting it get in the way of their work. They can suffer when suffering is required, and don’t let enjoyment get in the way of performing their duties. There has been a change in the life disposition of such people, hasn’t there? Those who have achieved change in their life disposition don’t suffer the constraints of any person, matter, or thing. They can endure any suffering, are happy to enjoy good things when conditions permit, and don’t complain when conditions don’t permit, because such things don’t constrain them. Can your behavior express such things? Ordinary people can’t do it. Suffering no constraints, being fine with enjoying good things when conditions allow and treating it properly when they don’t, not insisting on enjoying good things, letting nature take its course, not allowing things to get in the way of one’s duties, and doing things according to principle is an amazing accomplishment! What is the principle at work? Not suffering the constraints of any person, matter, or thing, being content without its presence, not treasuring it if it is present, not thinking something is owed or necessary. It is the absence of such demands or such logic. If it is not present, it is the absence of thinking God insists on taking something away from you. If God says not to eat something, you simply don’t eat it. You don’t ask why, you don’t need a reason, you don’t worry about whether God is right or wrong, and you don’t concern yourself with whether God is right or wrong. Your obedience is absolute. Obedience is your life. If God tells you to uproot a tree and replant it upside down, you say “I don’t care if it’s unreasonable, I’m going to replant that tree upside down, and if it dies, I won’t complain, because even if it dies, I’ve done the right thing.” Why were you right? Because you abided by the principle of obedience to God. God’s words aren’t in accord with man’s notions. The tree dies, and the tree’s death was deliberate, but God doesn’t care whether the tree dies. God cares about what you do, about whether you can obey words not in accord with man’s notions. That was the intended effect. How are you going to argue with God? God is the truth, and God uses this act to see whether you obey things not in accord with your rationality and notions, to perfect your obedience, so what argument do you have? You might say, “God, You want me to replant that tree upside down, but it will die, the tree can’t survive like that, You’re being very unwise.” Did God ask you to investigate whether He is wise or unwise? God is doing this to train your obedience and your understanding of His will. Do you imagine you have the truth by misunderstanding God’s will? Isn’t that arrogance and self-importance? Why are you arguing for rationality if you don’t possess the truth? Learning to obey is the most fundamental lesson. God’s will is that you obey, not that you debate whether God is right or wrong. This is the most difficult lesson to learn. The greatest corruption in man is that he argues for rationality, that he refuses to obey what he sees as irrational, and that is his doom. That is his lethal weakness. Arguing for rationality is the most difficult obstacle for man to overcome. Are those who argue for rationality obedient? Do people who obey argue for rationality? What do the obedient focus on? They focus on discovering God’s will, and if you haven’t discovered God’s will, you don’t know God’s intentions, which proves you have no knowledge of God. You are still misunderstanding God and still resisting God, aren’t you? Can someone unable to discover God’s will be made complete by God? Is it easy for them to understand the truth? Absolutely not. So, if you find fault with God and point out things you think are wrong in God’s work, you are wrong. You don’t know God’s intentions. You don’t understand the results God’s wisdom intends to achieve, why God does things in a certain way, or the significance of God’s actions. This is why the more God’s work doesn’t accord with man’s notions, the more significant it is. What does this significance refer to? Perfecting your obedience, perfecting your ability to discover God’s will, and making you able to obey God. This is a mystery!

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