How to Seek to Love God and Testify of God

The True Love of God and Testimony to God Are Only Achieved Through Seeking to Understand More Truths

What is most important to achieving the true love of God? You must pursue the truth so as to understand more truths. When you have a clear understanding of the truth, and ultimately gain the knowledge of God, knowing that the substance of God’s life is love and righteousness, you will sense the loveliness of God, that God is indeed lovely. It is because people love God that they are able to achieve holiness; it is because they love God that they are able to obey God; it is because they love God that they are able to practice the truth; it is because they love God that they perform their duty gladly, without any hint of a transaction; it is because they love God that they are able to endure all pain; it is because they love God that they loathe the great red dragon, and loathe all those evil and ugly negative things; it is because they love God that they boldly bear testimony to God, and expend themselves for God, fighting to their last breath, and thus is a beautiful and resounding testimony born. Is entry into the reality of all these truths not driven by the love of God? As for all who are careless and perfunctory when they perform their duty, do such people love God? All who are incapable of practicing the truth—do they love God? All who are not willing to expend themselves for God, who never bear testimony to God or exalt God, who always show off themselves—do they love God? All who beg for mercy when they are arrested by the great red dragon—do they love God? All who walk the path of the antichrist—do they love God? All who betray God and turn into Judas after being arrested—do they love God? All who do not perform their duty gladly, who have never spread the gospel and testified to God—do they love God? These people have no love for God. They do not pursue the truth, nor do they seek to enter into the reality of the truth, much less do they practice the truth, or perform their duty willingly, but they still wish to sit upon a sedan chair and be taken directly into the kingdom, they still cling to fantasies that they shall remain and enter the kingdom. When people do not love God, are they not selfish, contemptible, without shame? You have seen these facts. When people’s hearts have no love for God, what kind of humanity is this? Do they have any humanity? All who lack any love for God have evil in them; they possess no humanity, they have not the slightest conscience or rationality. All who have believed in God for many years and yet have no love for God—do such people have humanity? Are they humans? If people believe in God to the very end and yet remain incapable of loving God, can they be saved? So just what does it mean to truly return to God? It means being able to love God from within your heart, being able to give thanks to God from within your heart, and believing that God is lovely from within your heart. Only this is truly returning to God and living before God. Some people are believers and have spent several years living the life of the church. Why are they not able to gladly expend themselves for God? Why, as they perform their duty, are they not able to do any real work, to plant their feet firmly on the ground and do real things, to give a little of their strength to spread the gospel of the kingdom—what is the source of the problem? It is because they have no love for God. Some people expend themselves for God, but this is for the sake of their own status, and in addition to status, it is in order to be blessed and rewarded; the performance of their duty is grievously tainted, and this leads to them walking the path of the antichrist, and not receiving God’s blessings, and so they are like Paul. Paul gave up everything to spread the gospel and testify to God for at least twenty or thirty years—so why, in the end, did he not receive God’s approval, and was instead punished? Because he did not love God. He did not perform his duty gladly; he did it to be rewarded, to receive the crown. When he expended himself for God, such things were hidden within; it was for the sake of receiving his own crown, of being rewarded. His heart did not love God. Such a person was so contemptible and selfish. Today, are there such people among those who expend themselves for God? These people walk the path of the antichrist, not the path of Peter. Peter loved God. After he came to know the Lord Jesus, there was gradually born in him the love of God; he loved the truth, and upon hearing the words of Jesus he said, “Oh, this is exactly what I have been searching for, it is exactly what I need, it is exactly what I must gain.” He put aside his own fleshly prospects and followed God. Peter’s was the pure love of God. Paul, after hearing Jesus preach the message, began to condemn Him, to make assertions about Him, and to oppose Him. Both had heard Jesus preach, so why were there these two different outcomes? One obeyed and followed, and one was disobedient and antagonistic. What’s the issue here? Is it that they were two different types of people? They were two different kinds of human being, and thus they treated God’s words and God incarnate differently. When people love God, they can be made perfect, and thus Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love Me, Simon Barjona?” This was to awaken the love of man. As long as you showed your love, God will work in you, and make you perfect—though it is not the case that you will have been made perfect as soon as you start to love God. The more you love God, the more you will be made perfect. When you have love of God, the Holy Spirit begins to work; He has chosen you, and works in you, and resolves to make you perfect. Why does God make perfect those who love Him? There is meaning in this, there are truths and mysteries to seek. Which are true human beings: those who can truly love God, who love justice, the light, and righteousness, or those who love evil and wickedness? The true human beings are the ones who love fairness and righteousness, who have a sense of justice. How are true human beings produced? What is their spirit? It is the spirit of angels. The angels have descended to earth and been reincarnated as humans—and these are the ones that God shall save. Those who have the spirit of angels have a love of God that is pure; the unbelievers consider them simple and a little silly, for they give no thought to themselves, they don’t fight for their own reputation, interests, status, and prospects, and they always pursue the truth and persist in believing in God. For such people, the more they hear preaching which is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, the more eager they become, and the more motivated and inspired they are in their hearts; thus is it revealed that some people are different from others. Those whose love of God is pure love to hear the message; they love to pursue the truth, and if they are guided by someone who understands the truth, they grow quickly, growing ever higher like mushrooms after the rain or blooming sesames, which shows that such people possess the spirit of man. Whenever I meet some people, I look at what their reaction is when I begin to speak or fellowship: In those who are attracted to the truth, the more they listen, the more impassioned they become, and the more moved they are. Some even cry, and say, “My hungry and thirsty spirit has finally found nourishment, it has gained something, it has been watered and provided for. At this moment, I have heard words that are genuine.” So why are some people like this, and others not? Some people have no interest in the truth. Do such people have the spirit of man? They do not. When you preach the truth to an animal, it has no reaction; when you speak to someone who is spiritually dead, he has not the slightest response, and after listening for a while he becomes tired, and falls asleep—is this not so? There are some people who love God, and these people are very pure. Their love of God is especially true, and they loathe whoever they hear blaspheming against God and opposing God, they grind their teeth with hate. Such people are real human beings, and they are the ones whom God resolves to make perfect—you understand this, yes? Despite the fact that, prior to completely gaining the truth, they sometimes reveal corruption, and do stupid things, or sometimes lack wisdom, there’s no need to be anxious—these are the very people who God shall make perfect, there is the work of the Holy Spirit in them, and it won’t take long before they make swift progress. … When we fellowshiped about the love of God in 1992, there were some brothers and sisters who said, “Why is it so difficult to love God? Why is it so hard to practice the love of God?” Among those people, there may be those who are now able to love God, who have begun to change, for this is achieved through pursuing the truth, through understanding the truth; it is not accomplished through some fleeting impulse or a spurt of effort. Thus, if you are to enter into all of the realities of the truth, and perform your duty properly, then the love of God is fundamental, it is the driving force, it is the root. Those who have no love for God always think to themselves, “Why is it so hard to practice the truth, and why is following the flesh within such easy reach?” They must have love—you understand now, yes? This is the root of the problem.

If you always focus upon loving God, upon entering the reality of the love of God, upon working hard—and moving forward—when it comes to the love of God, then gradually, you will find the path to practice; gradually, you will know God’s love, you will discover much that is lovely about God, your love will become ever more true, ever clearer, ever greater, and it shall no longer be empty, but will contain the reality of the truth. At the start, seeking the love of God will not seem to have had any obvious effect, but once you’ve concentrated on loving God for a year or two, you will see an effect, and it is guaranteed to be fruitful for you—for when you focus on the love of God, God knows that your heart is focused on the truth, that your efforts are directed toward the right path, and so the Holy Spirit shall look to enlighten and illuminate you, He shall arrange environments for you, He shall give you trials, and lead you—you understand this, yes? In the life of the church, God sees the motives and intentions of all, the path that is walked by all, the things that are done by all; as the unbelievers say, “There is a spirit above us watching everything we do.” And so if, in your heart, you always ponder the love of God, and pray for the love of God, then God will see this, He will see that this is your heart; and although there will yet to have been an effect, God will know, and so God will begin to act, He will begin to bless you, He will get to work in you, He will enlighten and illuminate you, allowing you to know His love. When your good intentions and good motives become apparent, you will be blessed by God, God will begin to support you. Is such practice not good? Are you not ardent? Today, most people probably wish to practice thus. Some think of it in their hearts—but once they have thought it over and there is no light, no feeling, they stop thinking. Yet why is there no end to your thoughts of the evil things of the flesh? Why are you willing to spend so much time thinking about them? And why are your efforts toward the reality of the truth so feeble—why do give it a little thought, then consider it no more? Toward positive things, people are indifferent; toward evil, they are always so ardent—is this not so? Thus is shown the depth of their corruption. You are so diligent in contemplating evil, crooked ways—there is no end to such thoughts—so why do give so little thought to the truth? When you can, spend more time contemplating the reality of the truth. In problems that have confounded you, search for how to solve with the truth. Spending more time contemplating God’s words is the proper thing to do! You say, “I am dark inside, I cannot see any light. There’s nothing to make me consider such things!” You misspeak. Let me tell you, there are two paths—two methods—that are most fundamental to practicing the love of God. Number one is eating and drinking the words of God, and number two is praying and communicating with God. These are the two legs for practicing the love of God, and both are indispensable; practicing the love of God starts from here, it begins from here. You try hard to eat and drink the words of God, and you ponder them; once within you there is enlightenment, illumination, a certain mentality, and knowledge, quickly pray and communicate with God. These are the two paths. You should practice thus. After you do so for a year or so, toward God’s words you will gain ever more enlightenment, ever more knowledge, and you’re there: The love of God is born. Is practicing thus easy? The first thing you need to do when you get up in the morning is to read a passage of God’s words, then in your heart you can pray to and search for God, you can search for the truth, and there shall be enlightenment within you, there shall be light, and you will find these words easy to understand when you read them, and will be able to find the way. Practicing the love of God begins from here. From now on, you must abide by these two paths, and then you must focus on practicing the love of God. So in which areas should you direct your efforts? Number one: practicing being honest and training yourself to perform your duty properly. Number two: focusing on practicing the truth to achieve obedience unto God in anything that relates to the truth. Number three: focusing on spreading the gospel and testifying to God. Number four: focusing on fellowshiping about the truth with your brothers and sisters more and learning to do real work. What does “to do real work” mean? It means supporting the chosen ones, providing to the chosen ones, providing to newcomers, fellowshiping about the truth and being supportive of the chosen ones, providing assistance to whoever has a problem and can’t solve it—this is real work. If you have two legs with which to walk this path, and concentrate on putting these four areas into practice, then the love of God will start to be nurtured, and the love of God will be born. Because you walk with two legs, eating and drinking the words of God, praying to God, communicating with God, these four areas of practice will be produced—and what do these four areas represent? They show that you love the truth, that you have a heart that loves God. When you train thus, you will receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and the blessings of God, and in this way your life of loving God will grow, little-by-little. If you do not train thus, then your life of loving God will not grow, and if your life of loving God does not grow, your performance of your duty will not be up to standard, there will be no real significance to your following God, and your obedience to God will be empty, not real. Thus, when you walk with two legs, focusing upon the love of God and pursuing the truth, and also have these four practices, then something will change in you every year; after half a year, you will already be able to see progress—and after three years there will have been significant results. This is key. In general, people who pursue the truth normally see great progress in the truth within three months. After six months, they see a little change in the life of their disposition, and their perspective on things changes. These are the kinds of effects they achieve. After a year, they have begun to gradually enter onto the right track in their performance of their duty, they see an effect in their performance of their duty, and at such times they taste the sweetness, and say, “I am able to really work, I can really perform my duty, and I can do real things for God’s work and the spreading of the kingdom gospel. I am not living in vain, but with meaning. God is indeed gracious.” If they had not spent several years seeking, suffering, and paying a price, then there would not be the effect of today; ultimately, they are able to do something real for God’s will to be carried out, they can do a little real work—and in this, they have grown up. Are you willing to focus on this? Are you willing to contribute real work for God’s will to be carried out and the gospel of the kingdom of God to be spread so that your work will be after God’s heart, and bring praise from the chosen ones, who say, “This person works with their feet on the ground, they do a lot of work that is real, they’re not just doing things for appearances’ sake, they’re not just following formalism and being fake; they do things that are real”? Doing things that are real means grasping what’s crucial when watering newcomers, properly watering them, guiding their entry into the church; it means properly watering those who are examining the true way, doing all you can to guide more people into entering the church; it means supporting the weak brothers and sisters, helping them to stand firm on the true way, strong and unwavering. Is this work not the most real of all? For example, a frail, elderly sister says, “I can’t go out and spread the gospel. What real work can I do? I’ve heard there are two new believers who are always weak, so I’ll support them. I may bring them to my home and entertain them to dinner.” The newcomers go several times, and because of her watering and provision, there are improvements in them—and in this, does she not do real work? She is unable to go out and spread the gospel, but she can support and provide for new believers who are weak and negative. This is a case of “using the best steel to make the knife’s edge,” and no work is more real. Real work is when those who spread the gospel bring good people, who are truly able to accept the truth, into the church and before God. Some bring in a couple of pastors from a small religious church, and then bring in their flock, too; this is real work; they are making a genuine contribution to spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God. Learn to do real work, and stop doing external things, because no matter how many external things you do, none will have any real significance. If you do this work well, you will ultimately see an effect: You will be able to bring people before God, enabling them to accept the true way, and those who are weak shall be able to stand strong, their faith will hold firm. This is all real, concrete work. … When people who have the truth act, there is a purpose, a method, and they concentrate on real effects. And thus, when you practice the love of God, you must have a path. Once you have a path, when you truly love God in your heart, and know what it means to be mindful of God’s will, what God asks of people, what is most after His heart—the work that is most real, and most after His heart is what God asks—then you will do the work that God asks, and the result will be the promise and blessings of God. Such are people who have the truth. Everything people who have the truth does has a purpose and an effect; those who lack the truth act blindly, they act on blind impulse, relying on their imagination and desires—and in the end, they lose. The actions of those who lack the truth are not dependable, and so it is easy for them to fail, to fall down. Is testimony to God a simple matter? In whom does testimony to God have an effect? Who is to be gained according to God’s will? What kind of people must you spread the gospel to in order to be after God’s heart? And just what real duties does God ask that you perform? You must be clear about all of this. And thus, if you are to practice the love of God, you must grasp God’s will, and understand what God asks, and have the correct path to practice; when you practice accordingly you will be able to satisfy God. Acting blindly will not do. In today’s environment, today’s context, what is it most important for the church to do? What should we be doing at this time when Satan is at its most rabid? Most fundamental is the work of strengthening God’s chosen ones. The more severe the attacks and abductions of Satan, the greater the tests, and the more hostile the environment; helping God’s chosen ones to stand firm is what’s most fundamental of all. So why are you not doing this work? The more you do such work, the happier God is. God will say that you truly have heart! Satan will only be defeated when you can see what it is doing and determine what the work of the house of God should be accordingly. Satan wants to strike all of God’s chosen ones, to drag them all down, to make them leave God. But you help God’s chosen ones to stay strong, you communicate different aspects of the truth to them, enabling them to stand firm when they are tested, and resolutely live before God, and not be snatched away by Satan—and Satan will be shamed as a result. If you truly work in this way, is this not after God’s heart? God’s wisdom is exercised based upon the cunning schemes of Satan, and whatever cunning schemes Satan tries, you shall work in God’s chosen ones and spread the gospel based upon God’s wisdom and will, and the result will be that you not only preserve the chosen ones, but also bring shame upon Satan. If the essence of your work is not determined by what’s happening in the battle in the spiritual realm, then you are brainless and ignorant. … If you wish to bear resounding testimony to God, can you be without the love of God? Number one is that you cannot stand firm without loving God. Number two is that your performance of your duty will not be up to scratch without the love of God, in which case you cannot bear resounding testimony. If there is not the love of God, then it all counts for nothing; even if you do believe in God, and follow God, there will be no effect. Without the love of God, you have no humanity, and without humanity, no matter what you do it will never be anything more than giving service, it will never reach the mark, and it will never conform to God’s will.


Most important to seeking the love of God is being adept at identifying what is lovely about God. How can you find what is lovely about God? Sometimes you must learn how to compare and contrast, how to analyze; in this way there will be an effect. Let’s start with a comparison: What is the difference between when Satan holds power, and when God holds power? We’ll know after we compare the two. Secondly, comparing the consequences of when Satan and God hold power reveals what the truth is, what righteousness is, what evil is, what darkness is. This comparison is of the utmost importance. Thirdly, in comparing the heresies, fallacies, and philosophies of Satan to the substance, reality and principles of the truth, we see which is lovely: the fallacies of Satan and expertise of man, or the truth; and which is positive: the life philosophies of Satan or the principles of the truth. Such comparisons reveal the loveliness of God, they make you love the truth, and cause you to seek the knowledge of God, and the light, and righteousness. Is it not good to make such a comparison? In their written testimonies to God, some people talk about how they used to be an official in the satanic order, about what job they did, what they ultimately saw and experienced; and they talk of how they then started to believe in God, and what feeling they had after they entered the house of God, what the effect was. Such comparisons show that only in the church is there righteousness, fairness, and true love. When the truth holds power, it brings people enjoyment, peace, and contentment. The rule of evil in the world brings darkness, bondage, and pain; in the end, Satan causes them such suffering that they’d be better off dead. When people live in the outside world, when they live in the land governed by the great red dragon, they live in the devil’s prison, bereft of freedom, trembling and afraid every day, never knowing when disaster will strike. The misfortunes coming one after the other, they are without safety or contentment. Ultimately, after a few decades living in the outside world, they reach a conclusion: What is happiness? Happiness is peace and security. Because there is such turbulence, because each day brings disaster and calamity, they ultimately conclude that peace is contentment. Is this not so? So compare: What has the rule of God brought? It has allowed us to enjoy God’s love. Number one is that God’s love comes upon us. Number two: We feel peace and joy in our spirits. We live in God’s love, and inside, we are filled with peace and comfort, and do not feel in danger. Number three: Because the truth and the Holy Spirit hold power in the house of God, we see what righteousness and fairness are. In the house of God, as long as you pursue the truth hard, and do some real work, and truly expend yourself, then God’s chosen ones will see, and they will elect you as a leader or a worker. Those who do not expend themselves for God, who do not truly expend themselves for God, who do not practice the truth, who walk the path of the antichrist, and always oppress God’s chosen ones—they shall ultimately be exposed and eliminated. In the house of God, you cannot stand firm without the truth, but the more you possess the reality of the truth, the more popular you will be, the easier it will be for you, the more God’s chosen ones will approve of you, and the more you will be beloved of God. In the house of God the truth holds power, righteousness holds power, the words of God hold power, and so light and righteousness shine in the house of God, and when people live in the house of God, they feel that they live in the light. Some of the chosen ones say, “There is a false leader or an antichrist in this place of ours, and they are always oppressing us.” Don’t panic—without the truth, they will not be able to stand firm. Because the kingdom of God has yet to formally come into being, life in the church is but a foretaste. Even during this time, it is not possible to stand firm without the truth; most of the antichrists, the wicked, and the evil spirits have been expelled, and there are fewer and fewer false leaders and antichrists at the leadership level, they are finding it increasingly difficult to stand firm, they have less and less status, while those who are honest and possessed of the reality of the truth are being promoted higher and higher, they are being put in an important position more and more—this is the way things are going. And is the occurrence of this trend not the result of the truth holding power? Is it not the result of the Holy Spirit holding power? Is it not the effect of God’s words holding power? When this is your view of things, when you make such comparisons, when you look at them in this way, the right conclusion emerges: What the power of the truth brings people is peace, happiness and fair competition. When the truth holds power, a day will come when all of the evil, negative things that defy the truth are finally exposed, eliminated and purged. Is the truth not lovely? Is God not lovely? In the house of God, need you worry about being harmed by any of the chosen ones? About them taking revenge on you? Oppressing you? If such circumstances really do occur—and they occasionally do appear in certain places—then this is because these chosen ones have only just entered the house of God from the world of Satan; most of them are newcomers (some are newcomers who have believed in God for three or five years). There are sometimes dark clouds, which is normal. These dark clouds won’t last long, they will finally disperse, the true light will surely appear, and the light will still shine in the church. Most of the time there will be clear skies and radiance. You see this now, yes? Also, most of the leaders and workers at each level are still in the process of pursuing the truth and being made perfect, and have yet to be completely fit for God’s use. When a day comes and the work of God is about to end, and the great red dragon is immediately brought to ruin, certain leaders shall be fundamentally fit for use; at that time things will be better. Things will become ever better, and the way will be ever brighter—this is completely true. In addition—and most importantly—the one who takes the helm in the house of God is directly used, directly controlled and led by the Holy Spirit. There are so many people in the church who have been deeply corrupted by Satan, but ultimately, the house of God is ruled by the truth, the Holy Spirit holds dominion, God’s words wield power, and evil shall never prevail. Some say, “Righteousness will only rule when all of God’s chosen ones are made perfect and gain the truth.” Wrong! Today we see this righteousness. People only see the might of the truth, and the almightiness of God’s words, when justice does battle with evil, when people have yet to fully gain the truth within, they still have the corrupt disposition of Satan, and they still live under the domain of Satan. Today, most of God’s chosen ones have yet to gain the truth; they understand a little, but most of them are still controlled by their satanic natures, they still live under the domain of Satan, and have yet to be set free and truly return to God. However, the church can bring this contentment, peace, and joy; it shows that the house of God is just, that in the house of God, the truth holds power. Such is the almightiness of God! If you say the truth holds power only on the day when the kingdom emerges, then you are not seeing things straight, there is a problem with your understanding. At that time, is there any need for you to speak? So keep quiet—man’s corruption shall be cleansed, and there shall be no more opposition to God. Today, most people have not been completely cleansed; they still have the disposition of Satan, and there are still times when they resist. Only when the truth takes power and shows its might shall the reality of the truth’s power be seen. Look at how licentious those false leaders and antichrists in the house of God used to be. They had so much power and influence. And what about now? Have they not all fallen? At least 50,000 of them were expelled and cleansed from the house of God. Most people in the church now concentrate on pursuing the truth and the leaders and workers have begun to enter the reality of the truth; before, they took the wrong path, there were much of the imaginings and ideas of man—but they know this now, and have begun to repent, and in the future things will get better and better. It is a fact that in the house of God, those without the truth cannot stand firm. And what does this fact prove? That in the house of God, the truth rules, righteousness rules. You must be able to see this. Some people in the church see that the leaders and workers have no truth, that they are oppressing them, and they say, “The house of God is filled with darkness too, it is also ruled by the great red dragon.” Are these words correct? Are these not the comments of a frog in a well? You should see the whole picture: The forces of the antichrists cannot stand firm in the house of God, those who are without the truth cannot stand firm there; this is the mainstream, the trend, the essence—is it not so? Are there still any churches where the false leaders and antichrists were not ultimately replaced and expelled? Even if there are some, they have only just been promoted or have only just begun believing, so they must still be given the chance to repent, and if they are observed again and still seen to have a problem—if they walk the path of the antichrist and staunchly refuse to repent—then the chosen ones shall propose that they be replaced. This is the time of training for the kingdom, not the time after the kingdom has come into being. The period of kingdom training is a time when people begin to pursue the truth, and when God saves man; their satanic dispositions have yet to be entirely dispelled, and so during this time they reveal corruption. It is unavoidable that there are individual leaders and workers who are not fit for use, and who are ultimately eliminated, such things are normal. In the church, the antichrists and false leaders shall all ultimately be eliminated. Most already have been expelled, and only individual cases of false leaders and antichrists remain—this is fact. Do you now see what the rule of the truth brings people? Peace and happiness. What does peace mean? It is the absence of the torment and harassment of Satan. In the church, people need not be wary of each other: When someone evil is discovered, they will be immediately removed; when any person is revealed to be wicked, an evil spirit or an antichrist, they will be immediately eliminated. And so today, even though there are some people who are evil spirits, unclean spirits or wicked demons, they dare not show their faces, they have nowhere to stand firm. Even if there are those who come out and put on an act, these are their death throes, this is God exposing and eliminating them—yes? Who in the church still dares to make assertions about the work of God and the man used by the Holy Spirit, who dares say that the house of God is dark, and without light? Such demonic fallacies are no more. And what is manifested in the brothers and sisters? They are all itching to get to work in the pursuit of the truth, they are expending themselves for God, they are pursuing the truth with a hundredfold faith, gladly performing their duty—is this not the overarching trend? You must see this fact. It is clear to all of God’s chosen ones. How the above leads is now affirmed by the chosen ones: The leadership of the above is really the leadership of the Holy Spirit, it is truly the direction of the Holy Spirit, and the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit—this is not wrong. It has become the trend. There are those who, seeing no fellowship or work arrangements from the above for a time, feel that there is no path. They must try to search. Some of the chosen ones who have been expelled also perform their duty according to the arrangements of the above; they, too, search. They do not leave God, performing their duty and spreading the gospel even though they have been expelled. What does this show? This is the effect of the rule of the truth, it is the power of God’s words. When the truth holds power, the effects on the chosen ones are in several areas. First, it increases their hate of the great red dragon. They hate it from within their hearts. In particularly, after experiencing its persecution, arrests, and abuse, they begin to see through to its substance and nature, they see that the great red dragon is actually Satan the devil, and never again do they follow Satan, never again do they pursue it; they staunchly follow God, they staunchly pursue the truth. When they follow God they are able to walk toward the light, toward righteousness, and enter into the kingdom of God. Only when they follow God can they gain eternal life and true human life. Such is the effect of pursuing the truth, these are the true facts seen when people lead the life of the church. Number two, the more people eat and drink the words of God and try to pursue the truth, the more they know their own corrupt natures and substance, and the more they see the true face of their own corruption. As a result, they despise Satan and the flesh, hate themselves, and begin to focus upon obeying God, upon pursuing the truth, upon performing their duty to repay God’s love—and this is the beginning of the chosen ones’ entry into the reality of the truth. Number three, when God’s chosen ones enter the reality of the truth, what happens is they are able to loyally expend themselves and perform their duty; because they understand the truth and have entered its reality, their performance of their duty is up to standard, and in this way their life grows and becomes mature. … What does “resounding testimony” refer to? Does it not mean still being able to pursue the truth and perform your duty during the time of the great red dragon’s mania, still being able to stand firm, not bowing to Satan, even when you’re arrested and put in prison? Is this not resounding testimony? It is. If you do nothing but lead the life of the church, and one day you are arrested, then you will grow negative. Number one, you will not pursue the truth or eat and drink the words of God; number two, you will also not perform your duty; number three, you will hide, trying to save your own skin. Is there any testimony in such people? These people do not love God. They are without the truth, they have failed, they have become a coward, a craven, and they have been taken by the great red dragon. You were so passionate before being arrested by the great red dragon, you even dared swear to God, and you performed your duty without compunction, heedless of all else. So why have you so utterly fallen after being arrested by the great red dragon? What does this show? Those who do not truly love God are without the reality of the truth; ultimately, when persecuted by the great red dragon, they are taken captive, they are made to fall, they bow down to the great red dragon, and they betray God. Are people not incapable of standing firm without the truth? So why, after being arrested and abused by the great red dragon, are there those who are able to stand firm, who bring utter shame upon the great red dragon? They have a heart that loves God, they have normal humanity. Because there is the love of God in their hearts, as soon as the great red dragon shows its evil face they feel disgust, loathing, and indignation in their hearts. And because their loathing grows, and they loathe the great red dragon no matter what pain they suffer—even if they are tortured to death—such people are able to stand firm. Without the love of God, can people truly despise the great red dragon? That would be impossible. All who hate the great red dragon to a point, who despise it so much that they clench their teeth in loathing, are people who love God, and who love the truth, they are people with a sense of righteousness. From the testimonies of some brothers and sisters, I see that their understanding of the truth is by no means complete, but they love the truth, and they love God, and at the sight of the great red dragon blaspheming God, there is anger and disgust in their hearts. In my view, these people have human spirits, they are the very ones to be made perfect by God, they are capable of being made perfect by God, and they are those who pursue the truth.

There are some testimonies that made me cry after reading them, that made me say, “These people are truly lovely, and they are beloved by God, and worthy of the love of God’s chosen ones.” Those who betray God and bow down to the great red dragon are certain to have no love for God. Regardless of how wicked and furious they see the great red dragon being, they still have no great loathing for it; at such times, in their hearts they think, “I must find a way out. I’ll betray God, stop believing in God, as long as I can save myself and not suffer.” In the face of death, those cowards who only think to save their own skins put their own survival above all else, and the ugly, wicked face of their selfishness and contemptibleness is revealed; some even sell out the church and God’s chosen ones, they sell out the leaders and workers—just how far does their selfishness go? They sell out the church leaders and workers, they even sell out offerings to God; at the critical juncture they choose life, they prize protecting their own life above all else. Do they take God into consideration? Does God have any place in their hearts? Do they have any fear of God? So what if they suffer a little pain? So what if they have to give their life? Is giving testimony to God not more important than their life? Such testimony is so glorious, worth it even if they die. After they have borne this testimony, when God mentions this person He is satisfied in His heart; their flesh may have died, but their spirit and true being will never perish, will never disappear, and they have the chance to live again. For those who betray God, not only does their flesh die, but their souls are also punished, and this punishment is eternal; the pain is everlasting, it is not ephemeral pain. No matter how bad the torture people suffer in prison, could it be worse than the pain that Christ endured on the cross? Such is the agony of crucifixion, yet Peter asked to be crucified upside down—such great pain, and yet Peter felt it glorious. The Lord Jesus asked Peter, “Do you still want Christ to die on the cross for you again?” Hearing this, Peter thought to himself, “The Lord Jesus must not be crucified for me again. I must be crucified upside down for the Lord, I cannot allow the Lord to suffer a second time.” What is proven by these words? That Peter loved God. His love of God surpassed his love of his own life, and, loving God, he was able to give up his own life—it was worth it! It was glorious! And so, can those without the love of God bear true testimony? Absolutely not. People who love God love the truth, they have a sense of righteousness, and they hate the wickedness and darkness of this world. When they look upon the world, they say to themselves, “I’m not interested in living in this world. I must find the house of God, I must run toward the light, I must find an environment with the truth to go and live in.” The world is too dark, too wicked; particularly, officialdom is the eighteenth floor of hell: The bargainings of officialdom are enough to leave good people shivering with fear as soon as they get involved; it is all intrigue and scheming, nothing but revenge slayings, insidiousness and evil, it is too dangerous there, you don’t know how many murderous plans are hidden behind a single look or hideous smile. Those fiends even make people worship them, and pay their respects to them, and make pilgrimage to their images. How shameless and contemptible they are! They make people treat them as God, they make them sing their praises and applaud them—they are truly shameless! Those who genuinely love and worship God do not make people worship and obey them; you are asked to obey God, to worship God, to love God—only loving God is glory, only loving God is living in the light, only loving God is having the reality of the truth. When people love God, what ultimate sweetness do they taste? It is contentment, peace, happiness. Ultimately, they find true rest. Thus, those who love God end up without fear. Death is unimportant to them, it’s the love of God that is most meaningful. Suffering means nothing to them, they can suffer any pain; the more they suffer the more they love God, and the more sweetness they feel, and so it matters not what environment they are in. When you love God, you can suffer any pain, and be in any environment. In a dark environment, the more you love God, the greater the revelation of the light, the more the light guides you, and the more you love the light, the more you love this illumination, and righteousness, and ultimately, the more you are made perfect. This is the effect of loving God, and the blessing of loving God. Are you now able to compare and contrast? For example, you take a principle of the truth and compare it to the philosophies of Satan, and when you compare them, you know which is positive, which can be your life, which can be the basis of your existence; it is the truth that has value—the philosophies of Satan have not the slightest benefit, they are all a disguise, a deception, they are all false. And what are their consequence? Nothing but pain, failure, and exposure. In the end, you will be damned. That is not the life, it offers no destination.

When you accept the truth, and have the truth as your life, your destination will be good. It will bring you the true life of man, it will enable you to live before God, and enable you to live out the true image of man. It is the truth that saves people, and acts as their life, bringing them the true life of man. What do people gain the more they live in truth? Real peace. Real peace means that there is nothing Satan can do to you. You live before God, and God protects you. No one can harm you; anyone who wants to must have God’s consent, and when God does consent, you are tested, and when you are tested because you have the truth, and you bear resounding testimony to God, this is followed by the blessings and the promise of God. Without being tested, you would not receive such great blessings or the promise of God. So what is accomplished by these tests? Blessings. The promise of God. Does anything have greater meaning? And so, it is a fact that those who love God may face pain and suffering, but this is of benefit to them, it becomes the blessing of God, and makes them perfect. Look at how, when Peter was faced with danger, the Lord appeared to Peter. Seeing that a trial had befallen him, Peter did not run away, he did not do the work of the church according to his own ideas; when the time of God came, when it was time for Peter to bear testimony, he was crucified upside down for the Lord, and ultimately he was glorified, he walked the path of glory. Thus, nothing is more critical than knowing the true meaning of the love of God: Those who love God can be made perfect. What does it mean that they can be made perfect? God will surely make them understand the truth, make them have knowledge, give them His promise and allow them to live out a life of the greatest meaning. This is God’s promise to those who love Him. If you do not love God, you cannot receive any of these blessings. In 1992, God said to us, “If you truly love God, then everything is real, all of God’s promises and blessings are true, and will surely be fulfilled in you; if you do not love God, then even when you see God’s promise you will not receive it, and nothing is real; reputation, occupational titles, status—they are all empty.” God said those words back then, and even today they are still etched in my heart. From that time, I began to focus on what it is to love God, and I would contemplate this when I could, focusing on practicing the love of God. When you practice the love of God, the truth is revealed to you, the Holy Spirit begins to enlighten and illuminate you, and so your love of God becomes ever truer, ever more real. And when, with your love of God, you act upon this love of God, you are blessed by God to understand the truth, and when you understand the truth, you become someone who truly loves God. In the beginning, your love is too paltry, and what little love you have is produced by your conscience. But this love is the seed of life, it can grow and shine with great brilliance, it is blessed by God, and thus will ultimately grow into the life of loving God, and there will be produced the image of loving God, and you shall become a witness to God. The love born of conscience is of great importance. Today, most people’s love for God is through their conscience, and they say, “God has blessed me greatly, I have lived for all these years in the world, and God has brought me to the house of God step-by-step, and finally, after experiencing the work of God, I have come to understand certain truths. God is indeed very lovely.” When you say at this time that God is very lovely, such love is too simple, too superficial; when you seek the love of God and fully understand the truth, when you truly know God, and say that God is very lovely then, how much better will it be than the loveliness you saw at the beginning, which was through your conscience? Thus, when you possess the knowledge of God and you say that God is so lovely, these words will carry weight, they will be much more meaningful than when you said God was so lovely several years ago. Right now, are you able to say that God is lovely? Try testifying to the loveliness of God, see how much you can say—see if you can keep going for five minutes, or ten, or twenty. Can you do it for two hours? Suppose you speak for a while, then nothing. What do you say then? There is nothing else, that is all you have to say. Is such knowledge not too superficial? If you pursue the truth and seek to experience for several more years, when you then speak of what is lovely about God, you will be able to speak of much that is real, of knowledge that is true, and when you testify to God then, everyone will be convinced, and say, “Through your testimony, I see that God truly is lovely. I must seek to love God—loving God is so important.” And so you are able to lead people in their love of God. If your testimony and fellowship can make people say, “There is such meaning in loving God, God is so lovely. I shall seek to love God, I believe in this path,”—if there can be this effect—then you are a witness of God. … Thus, when you seek the love of God, if you always reap the harvest and see continual progress in your understanding of the truth through eating and drinking the words of God, fellowshiping about the truth and others’ testimony, in the end, your life will ultimately grow up. What does it mean that your life grows up? It means you can attain the true love of God. And what is the effect when people are able to truly love God? Number one, they think to themselves: “I should be mindful of God’s will. I must do my duty well, and not waste time.” They focus upon performing their duty, upon doing real work, and say, “I realize that time is short, I cannot mess around when performing my duty. I must perform it according to God’s will, I must think of a way to properly perform the duty that God has commissioned of me and asked that I perform.” In this way, they will be able to really perform their duty, they will be able to perform the duty that is asked of them by being mindful of God’s will—which is what is meant by doing real work. Number two, they say, “When something happens to me, I must practice the truth, and must not betray or oppose God in case I bring hurt to God. Living before God in this way, I will be happy and at peace within.” This is what those who love God must possess. Number three, when genuinely faced with tests and troubles, they say, “In my heart, I love God, I must stand firm in my testimony, I must not do anything that brings shame on God, I must not speak anything that rebels against God and causes God hurt.” When you love God, these are achieved with the greatest ease, and you don’t miss the chance to fellowship about the truth and spread the gospel to those whom it is fit to do so, and there is benefit to such testimony. The brothers and sisters go back and say, “Today I met a brother (or sister), and when I heard them fellowship about the truth I saw that there was the love of God in their heart.” You give people the following impression: “From the tone with which they fellowshiped about the truth, I saw that they worked and spoke for God in all things, that they were able to fellowship about God’s will in all things; they were an intimate of God, they truly loved God, and their words reached the depths of my spirit, they cut to the essence of the problem, and truly provided to me and nourished me. This was someone who loved God.” When you are mindful of God’s will in this way, and perform your duty thus, you will become an intimate of God. The intimates of God do what God wishes to be done upon His chosen ones, they speak the words that God wishes to be spoken to them, they provide for the chosen ones and solve the problems that exist among them as God wishes, and so when you perform your duty thus, you invisibly act on God’s behalf, for God, and what you do is exactly what God loves to see, and it earns the praise of God: “This person knows My mind, he speaks the words I wish to be spoken to the chosen ones there, providing to them and supporting them. What this person does is after My heart.” Are such people not the intimates of God? They know God’s heart, they know whom God loves, how He supports, comforts or exhorts certain people, whom He prunes and deals with or judges and chastises with words, so that they may ultimately repent. They do all this well, and after God’s heart, and they do precisely what the Holy Spirit wants, their actions directed by the Holy Spirit. Such people are the intimates of God, and they truly love God. Thus does God say that all who truly love Him are His intimates. When what you do is after God’s heart, and exactly what the Holy Spirit wishes to be done, exactly what the Holy Spirit directs you to do, then you are invisibly used by God. Is what I fellowship not exactly what you need? Is it not what you long for and seek to gain? And does this represent the will of God? This comes from the Holy Spirit, it comes from the work of the Holy Spirit, from the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and it is the very effect achieved by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Thus, if you are able to perform your duty in this way, and can do it based upon the will of God, then you, too, shall become an intimate of God. And, having become an intimate of God, though you will not be one used by the Holy Spirit in name, you will be in training, the Holy Spirit will be making you perfect, and without realizing it, there will be many times when you are used by the Holy Spirit, and you will be able to fellowship about the reality of the truth, and can really provide to God’s chosen ones, and water them, and lead them, just like me—so although you are not used by the Holy Spirit in name, you are, in fact, used by the Holy Spirit. When a day comes and you are made perfect, then God will likely testify to you, and you, too, shall be used by the Holy Spirit, and shall be a priest in the next era. Is it not glorious to be used by God? There is nothing more glorious.


Of chief importance to practicing and seeking the love of God is always being close to God. There are two main ways to do this: One is eating and drinking the words of God, and one is praying amid His words. These are the two best ways. See how, when God is not in your heart, when you are weak and negative, when there is darkness within you, you have but to open up your heart and pray a few times, and your state is guaranteed to return to normal. To be close to God, you must pray, and not leave God; eating and drinking the words of God is what’s most important—and what is the effect when you do? Amid the words of God, you are enlightened; having understood God’s will, and having understood the truth, there is light in your heart, after which comes prayer. If you don’t eat and drink the words of God, there will be a limit to your prayers, they will be nothing more than the words of man, there will be no depth to what you ask, and you will not truly fellowship from deep within your spirit. Number one is eating and drinking the words of God; when you do that, you will have words to say when you fellowship with God, your fellowship will be true, and from deep within the spirit. Thus, true prayer is produced through eating and drinking the words of God. Number one in being close to God is eating and drinking the words of God. Number two is truly praying to God and communicating with God as a result of eating and drinking the words of God. These are the two chief means of being close to God, and the foundation of seeking the love of God. You walk with two legs, and then practice the following four things: Number one is being honest, and focusing on doing your duty properly; number two is practicing the truth and obeying the words of God; number three is focusing on spreading the gospel and bearing testimony to God; and number four is focusing on the work arrangements, preaching, and fellowship of the above—these are the light of the present—and then doing more real work. Properly practicing these four things, in addition to the two foundations (the means of being close to God), which are eating and drinking the words of God, and praying to God and communicating with God—these six things are the six main avenues for training yourself in entering the love of God. Do not stray from these six areas of training; if you seek for half a year there will be an effect, and if you seek for a year you will see results. If you seek for three years, you will be transformed.

All who pursue the truth can ultimately become those who truly love God. This has been determined by God. Such people shall become those who truly bear testimony to God, which means they will have been made perfect by God, and is a sign of their success in pursuing the truth. So what is your ultimate aim—what goal should you achieve—in pursuing the truth? Number one is becoming someone who truly loves God, and number two is becoming a true witness to God. These show that you have been successful in pursuing the truth. If you have not accomplished these two things, then you have not reached the end of your path of pursuing the truth, you have yet to be successful. Is it not appropriate to use these two standards to measure how effective you have been in pursuing the truth? When I ask you now whether you are someone who truly loves God, you reply that you are not, and toward whether you are someone who pursues the truth, you dare not answer. You may reply, “Right now I have resolved to pursue the truth. In the future, I am sure to become someone who pursues the truth.” If this is what you’ve resolved now, why can’t you guarantee that you’ll be someone who pursues the truth in the future? It’s because your resolve is not pure, yes? If you are truly possessed of such resolve, then starting from right now you would be bold enough to say, “I am someone who pursues the truth.” Is this arrogant? This is not arrogant: If you say, “I guarantee that I can do this, for real, I’m not lying. I really mean it, I dare swear by it,” then you are someone who pursues the truth. Right now, you have yet to become someone who truly loves God, your pursuit of the truth has yet to be successful, you are still in the process of pursuing—so do you have the conviction to become someone who truly loves God? You swear not to stop until you achieve this goal; if you do not become someone who truly loves God, you will feel that you are not fit to live. You must possess such resolve; if you truly do, will you not be successful in pursuing the truth? So right now, what is the most important principle of practice? What does it mean to walk with two legs? It means eating and drinking the words of God every day, spending time eating and drinking them each morning, spending a while eating and drinking them during the day when you have time and your mind is at ease; when it is not, sing some of the hymns of the words of God—is this not also eating and drinking the words of God? If, each day, you find several opportunities to be close to God, to truly be close to God in your spirit, will this not cultivate ever greater love for God? Sentiment between people is something that is nurtured, so is the love of God not also cultivated thus? One of the ways of being close to God is eating and drinking the words of God, from which are born prayer and the communication with God, from which comes the love of God. When a day arrives when you feel you cannot be without prayer, that your heart is empty, you have no path, and living has no meaning if you do not eat and drink the words of God, is this not the love of God? If you do something that opposes or saddens God, you feel remorse, you hate yourself, and in private you slap yourself in the face—and is this not the manifestation of the love of God? If, in all things, you feel remorse when you hurt God or go contrary to His will, and make sure you come before God and pray immediately, and admit your mistakes, and hate yourself, and set your resolve toward God, and ask for God’s discipline, and even ask for God to curse you, is this not the love of God? Moreover, as you practice, you have love for your brothers and sisters. However God loves people, however He treats a certain type of person, however He acts toward another type of person, who God likes, who He hates—how you behave toward people and the chosen ones is based on the will and disposition of God; and do you not live out the love of God, does the image of loving God not emerge? In addition, if you are capable of absolute obedience toward God—if you say, “Whether it be the leaders, workers, or the above, if what they say conforms to the words of God, the truth, and the will of God, I shall obey. Even if what a three-year-old child says conforms to the truth, I will accept it and obey. Such is my obedience to God,”—then will your love of God not have grown? It will have grown up. Is this the path to practicing the love of God? When you seek in this way, is there not hope for you becoming someone who loves God? You are 100% sure of being successful—have you remembered this? When you practice thus, it would be odd if you did not see great results within a year. Coming before God to pray, you execrate yourself for not loving God: “If I cannot love God, then I am not human. What am I if I don’t love the truth? Am I not a devil, a beast?” When you curse yourself thus, damning your flesh, the love of God is born, bit-by-bit. When you hurt God, when you do something that opposes God, in your heart you have great hate for yourself, you feel great remorse; it’s as if you’ve eaten a dead fly, and you slap yourself in the face—and do such things prove that you love God? If you unwittingly do something hurtful to someone you love, do you not feel pain and remorse in your heart? When such a state occurs, it proves that you have a heart that loves God—and if you have a heart that loves God, and there are still times when you are unable to practice the truth, that is because you are still in the process of progression. What should you do to train yourself to practice the truth? “I shall practice all the truth that I understand, and if I don’t, I shall pray, and curse myself. I am not human if I do not practice the truth.” With such resolve, you will be able to practice the truth. Some people say, “This brother or sister said hurtful things to me, but they pursue the truth, and so I act with love toward them. Were I to retaliate, I would not be human; were I to retaliate against them, I would have no humanity, I would be an animal; were I to have no love for them, I would not be fit to enjoy God’s love. They have shown themselves to be corrupt, but I must love them as God does.” When you practice thus, does your love of God not emerge? Do you not live out the reality of the love of God? Ultimately, you are able to obey all that comes from God, and regardless of who is fellowshiping, if it conforms to the truth, you are able to obey, and accept; you can treat others positively, and even when they transgress, you can still use love to help them—and do you not live out the image of loving God? When you live out this reality, are you not someone who truly loves God? And when you fellowship about the truth then, do you not bear testimony to God? If, everything you fellowship about is the experiencing of the life, and testimony to God, and the manifestation of God, then you are someone who loves God. Faced with those toward whom you are most prejudiced of all, with the person you despise most, should you accept and obey when they say something that conforms to the truth? This shouldn’t be affected by your own prejudices and conceptions, yes? At such times, if you are able to turn your back on the flesh very easily, unaffected by your own emotions, and you say, “If what they say conforms with the truth, I will listen and accept. Regardless of how they showed themselves to be corrupt in the past, or what mistakes they have made, no matter that people think poorly of them—there was truth in the words they spoke today, and so I shall accept, and applaud, and agree,” this is what it means to hold to the truth, and to principle. The more you hold to the truth and principle, the more you are able to treat others based upon the truth, and upon the will and love of God. Such are those who truly love God. No one can deny it. They love God, and can live out the reality of the love of God. Seeking thus, you are sure to become one of those who love God, and who testify to God. When you become someone who loves God, the reality of the truth that you live out is so real, it has such worth, such meaning. People, society, the outside world, Satan, the great red dragon—you see everything clearly. Toward all things you have principles by which you practice, and in any issue, you stick by the truth and principle, and you obey God, and exalt God and testify to God, and in this, you are made perfect. These are the people who shall govern the next mankind, the next era—so do you know what the prospect will be of those who experience the work of God today and seek the love of God? In the next era they shall serve God—so glorious! However much hardship you suffer, this is God’s love coming upon you. God uses this hardship to make you perfect, and so you must be sure to accept God’s blessings, you must see things from a different perspective. Do not fear suffering—suffering is good. There is no sense in living in ease and ever coveting the warmth and happiness of family, you will forfeit your life. There are some husbands who want to perform their duty, but their wives hold them back: “Don’t go. Leave it until later, stay here with me.” When some parents try to leave, their children say to them, “Stay with us, give us the love of a father, the love of a mother.” Without the love of God, what use is the love of parents? Do not blindly stay with them—that is not good. When you seek the love of God, should you perform your duty properly? Should you truly expend yourself for God? Without this, loving God is but empty words, it is vacant, not reality. You fulfill God in what you actually do, when you perform your duty and practice the truth, when you hold to principle—only this is the true love of God. You do something real to satisfy God, to bring comfort to God’s heart, and when hardship and pain befalls you, you do not shun God, you do not turn your back on God, you do not hurt God—this is truly loving God. Bearing testimony and satisfying God, bringing shame upon Satan, making Satan acquiesce—this is the most resounding testimony of all, and is sure to make God most satisfied of all, it is the love of God. Thus, those who truly love God are sure to bear resounding testimony, and bound to bring shame upon Satan. The more resounding your testimony, the more you suffer, the greater the blessings you shall ultimately receive, and the more you will be made perfect by God; such people are glorified together with God. During the next age God shall make important use of you, He shall allow you to serve Him—and what a great elevation this is, what great love, how meaningful!

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