How to Seek in Order to Receive Salvation

Criteria for Receiving Salvation Through Believing in God

What exactly are the criteria for salvation? If you really enter into the words of God and experience God’s work in His words, you should know exactly what the criteria for salvation are. Several criteria must be met in order to receive salvation. The first is that one must know one’s corrupt essence. If you really experience God’s judgment and chastisement, you will know your own corrupt essence. You will know that your nature is that of Satan and that you are a descendant of Satan, a child of the great red dragon. You will understand that the self is satanic, and that inside is the essence of Satan, outside is the flesh of Satan, and the heart is occupied by Satan’s toxins. If that is not satanic then what is it? If you have such an understanding of yourself, then you can really hate yourself. Can anyone who can really hate themselves not hate Satan and the great red dragon? That cannot be so, as they know that they can only achieve such corruption after being corrupted by Satan and poisoned by the great red dragon. Thus, he who really hates himself will be able to betray the great red dragon and Satan. This is the first criterion of salvation. That is, one must first achieve this result. This is the first result obtained. Second, all those who obey God’s work will certainly be able to achieve this result, that is, they will understand many truths through God’s work. The satanic toxins inside them will become cleansed and all of the theorems, philosophies and logic of Satan inside of them will truly be cleared. And if that which is of Satan inside people is cleansed, can Satan still bewitch people? Can Satan still corrupt people? And so, all the people who, because of understanding many truths, are cleansed inside of Satan’s toxins cannot be corrupted by Satan again, nor can they be deceived again. This is because they now understand all about Satan, and by knowing many truths they can distinguish all of those satanic matters. They see that all the philosophies and logic of Satan, and all the toxicity are negative and fallacy and that they are all things by which Satan poisons people, so they can then give them up, reject and abandon them. Such people have truly been cleansed. Because they understand many truths, Satan can no longer deceive or corrupt them. Such people have been delivered from Satan’s influence. Satan cannot control this kind of human being because there is nothing inside them that it can use to control them. Because they know the truth, this kind of human being has been released. The things that Satan has wrought into them have failed, do not work, cannot be used and cannot control them. So they have come out from under Satan’s influence and broken away. The third criterion is that people have a true understanding of God and can absolutely obey Him because they understand many truths. For all those people who can absolutely obey God’s work, that is, who are able to obey God’s judgment and chastisement, who can obey God’s pruning and dealings, who can obey God’s trials and refinement, they are people who can absolutely obey God. Upon death they do not give up on God, but are able to obey God. What is there that cannot be obeyed by them? And so, those people who can obey and satisfy God in all kinds of trials are absolutely obedient to God. This is not wrong at all. Such people shall no longer disobey nor resist, nor betray God. These people have completely received salvation. You could say that they have been perfected by God. These are the three criteria of salvation. Once you have met these three criteria, you shall certainly have received salvation. If you are of good caliber and thoroughly understand the truth, you shall have been perfected.

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