952 Humans Are So Lacking in Reason

1 People do not demand much of themselves, but they demand much of God. They ask Him to show them special kindness and to be patient and forbearing toward them, cherish them, provide for them, smile at them, and take care of them in many ways. They expect Him not to be strict with them at all or do anything that would upset them even slightly, and are only satisfied if He sweet-talks them every single day. Humans are so lacking in reason! People are not clear on what they should do, what they should accomplish, what viewpoints they should have, what position they should stand in to serve God, and what position is suitable for them to place themselves in. People with a little bit of status think very highly of themselves, and people without status also think quite highly of themselves. People never know themselves.

2 Currently, you have too many requirements, and they are far too excessive. Your many intentions prove that you are not standing in the right position, your position is too high, and you have viewed yourself as overly honorable, as though you are not much lower than God. Therefore, you are difficult to deal with, and this is precisely the nature of Satan. You must come to a point in your belief in God where regardless of how He speaks to you, how strict He is with you, and how much He might ignore you, you can keep on believing without complaint, and continue to fulfill your duty as usual. You will then be a mature and experienced person, and you will truly have some stature and a bit of the rationality of a normal person. You will not make demands of God, you will no longer have extravagant desires, and you will no longer make requests of others or of God according to your own preferences. This will show that to a certain extent, you possess the likeness of a human.

Adapted from “People Who Always Have Requirements for God Are the Least Reasonable” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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