137 I Will Love God Unto Eternity

1 Oh, God! Your words call me back before You. I accept training in Your kingdom each night and day. So many times, I was weak and negative, and Your words soothed and supported me. So many times, I fell into temptation, and You saved and guided me so wondrously. And so many times, I’ve been pursued and persecuted by the CCP. It was You who always protected and guided me in secret. You have led me through many hardships and dangers. You have kept me company through sufferings and tribulations. Only now do I see how real Your love is.

2 Oh, God! Through judgment, I’ve seen Your true love. I’ve seen how beautiful Your righteous disposition truly is. So many times, I worked for the sake of my status—You pruned and dealt with me. So many times, I was arrogant and self-conceited—You disciplined and smote me. Through trials and refinement, I have learned to obey You. Growing up in Your word, I live out a human likeness. Oh, God! I’ll love You for all time. Whether blessed or cursed, I’ll obey Your sovereignty and arrangements. I’ll give You my true love, and will not make You wait. I’ll give You my pure love, and let You enjoy my love. I’ll give You all my love, and let You have my love. I will love You unto eternity. To satisfy You is my wish.

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