212 Seeing God’s Love Within His Judgment

1 I’ve heard God’s voice and have been raised up before His throne. I eat and drink His words and attend the lavish feast. All God’s words are the truth, they are so precious. His judgment exposes man’s corruption, I am thoroughly convinced. I’ve undergone the judgment of God’s words and clearly seen the truth of mankind’s corruption. Only by understanding the truth have I seen how great my deficiencies are. All God’s words are a great treasure of life to man. Even more, they are God’s greatest grace and blessing for mankind

2 Trials and hardships reveal how paltry my faith is. I reveal negativity, I complain, I do not obey God. I’m full of corrupt satanic dispositions, I’m not worthy to serve God. I’m grateful for God’s judgment that comes to cleanse my corruption. After so much suffering I knew myself, I truly repented. Understanding the truth, I’ve changed and have tasted God’s love. I’ve seen how lovely God’s righteous and holy disposition is. I give thanks for God’s judgment and chastisement, which have enabled me to live out a human likeness.

3 Only through judgment of God’s words have I learned that loving God is most meaningful. I’ve gained so much through judgment and chastisement, it truly is God’s love. Through hardships and trials I’ve tasted God’s love, I love God even more. I’ve seen the great red dragon’s ugly, evil countenance, I hate Satan even more. I’m fortunate I’ve lived to this day and can bear witness to God; this is a blessing from Him. The bit of human likeness I have today is entirely because of God’s salvation and grace. I set my resolve to fulfill my duty to repay God’s love. I’ll pursue the truth, be a good witness, and always praise God.

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