239 It Is God Who Has Saved Me

1 Having incarnated as a human, You have gone through so much wind and rain. You are humble and hidden among mankind; no one has ever known You. You judge and expose mankind’s profound corruption; You chastise my unrighteousness and rebelliousness. Though I’ve undergone such suffering and refinement, I have been cleansed of my corrupt disposition. I used to be arrogant and full of self-righteousness, and was so selfish and despicable that I tried to get something in return in my interactions with You; I always wanted to gain the blessings of the kingdom of heaven in exchange for my effort and suffering. What kind of conscience or reason is that? I thought that with a bit of good behavior I could be in line with Your will, and even dreamed of entering the kingdom of heaven. Deeply corrupted, I am full of satanic dispositions. If I had not accepted Your judgment, what would my outcome be?

2 Your judgment has cleansed me; Your work has transformed me and given me a real life. How could I not be grateful to You from the bottom of my heart? Though I still need to be cleansed of much rebelliousness and unrighteousness, I have seen Your lovable qualities. No matter how great the trials I might face, I won’t ever leave You. In the past, I did everything for myself, and I never loved You. I hurt You and brought You pain. Who knows how many tears You shed? Thinking of Your love for me, I loathe this corrupt disposition of mine even more. I wish to pursue the truth to bring You comfort! It is You who has saved me; without Your judgment, I would not be here today. I have basked in Your incredible grace; it truly has been by Your love and mercy. Oh God, it is You who has saved me. Seeing that Your disposition is righteous, I love You from the bottom of my heart. Oh God, it is You who has saved me. I will always give thanks and praise for Your love!

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