237 I Have Now Awakened

1 All those years of faith in the Lord, I imagined salvation was so simple, thinking acknowledging the Lord with your mouth and believing in Him in your heart, your sins would be forgiven. I only focused on working hard but never put the Lord’s words into practice. I thought I was someone who loves and is faithful to the Lord. I frequently confessed my sins to the Lord but never knew myself. In gatherings I spoke of Bible knowledge but had no knowledge of the Lord. In hardships and trials I misunderstood and blamed the Lord. I was so rebellious and oppositional, yet imagined I could be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

2 Through Almighty God’s words of judgment I’ve finally awakened. In spite of my appearance of good behavior, it doesn’t mean my disposition has changed. Talking about doctrine doesn’t represent understanding the truth or possessing reality. Without knowing God, I still lack the truth and the life. In my faith I still conduct transactions with God, resisting Him, trying to deceive Him. How am I any different from the hypocritical Pharisees? If it weren’t for the salvation of God’s judgment I’d be doomed to perish. To receive God’s judgment and chastisement truly is God’s blessing.

3 God’s judgment made me see the truth of my own corruption. Remorse fills my heart and I fall to my knees before God. I’ve believed in God for years but never knew how deeply corrupted I was. Only thanks to God’s judgment and salvation am I finally living out a human likeness. By experiencing judgment and chastisement, I come to understand many truths and I see clearly how the devil Satan deceives and corrupts mankind. Satan is the root of all darkness and evil in the world, and only God, righteous and holy, can save mankind. I wish to praise and worship God into eternity!

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