I. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Receiving Dreams and the Revelations of the Holy Spirit

18. Li XX, male, aged 42, from Anhui Province, formerly a junior leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. On April 6, 2002, God’s end-time work was preached to me, but I denied it without finishing reading the book of God’s word, because I had the notion that whatever departs from the Bible was not the true way. On the night of April 16, I had a dream in which I met my senior leader Chang’s father (who had died) on a bridge. He asked me to interpret a passage of Scripture, and I failed. So he threw me down under the bridge. Out of the dried-up riverbed water suddenly gushed, and it rose higher and higher. When it reached almost to my mouth, he told me to taste it. I refused and went out on to the bank. Then he grabbed me and said, “What was preached to you is the true way, but why don’t you accept it? After you finish reading the book, everything will be clear.…” The next morning I told the dream to Chang, and we both believed that it was God’s revelation. So we both became willing to read the book of God’s word. God’s word solved our notions thoroughly. Thus we both accepted the true way and brought to Almighty God one hundred and ten believers from the Hua Xuehe sect.

19. Huang XX, female, aged 57, from Anhui Province, formerly a steward in the Hua Xuehe sect. In late September 2002, I accepted Almighty God. After a person in our sect learned that, he kept disturbing me and asking me to give up. I was thrown into total confusion, so I came before God and prayed for him to inspire me so that I could have discernment. One night after my prayer, I dreamed that the person who disturbed me held a Bible, which was old; the brother who preached Almighty God’s gospel to me held a book of God’s word, which was sparkling. They stood before me, seemingly arguing about something…. After I woke up, I felt somewhat assured. Several days later, in another dream I heard a voice saying, “Follow that brother, you won’t go wrong. In the past you believed in a man, but now you believe in the Practical God.” As the voice had just died away, someone handed me a pen and asked me to write three Chinese characters for “Man, Son, Earth.” Through the revelation of these two dreams, I was entirely convinced that Almighty God is the end-time incarnated God. So I was certain about the way. And I also brought to God three brothers and sisters from my village.

20. Wu XX, female, aged 35, from Anhui Province, formerly a believer in the Pentecostal Church. On December 20, 2002, when God’s end-time salvation was preached to me, I was afraid to make myself certain about it. On December 21, I prayed to God for him to guide me. That night, I had a dream in which I was in a building to be torn down. Suddenly, it shook and its bricks kept falling off. Greatly scared, I prayed, “Almighty God! Please come and help me!” Right after I finished praying, the floor seemed to be carried and put down on the ground. I opened my eyes and saw that Almighty God appeared in the sky, his face radiant, his waist girded with a glittering golden sash, his hand holding a flame of fire, and his feet on a white cloud.… I knelt down on the floor and shouted excitedly, “Almighty God, welcome to reign on earth….” After I woke up, I was so thrilled that I most wished everyone to believe in Almighty God. In early January 2003, the leader in my former church came to disturb me. That night I dreamed that she pulled me into a room. In it there was a bed, under which was a grave. I was scared and took to my heels and ran. After waking up, I knew that God was revealing to me that if I followed my former leader, I would be led into the grave. This strengthened my faith in following Almighty God.

21. Chen XX, female, aged 67, from Anhui Province, formerly a believer in the Justification by Faith Church. In April 2002, I accepted God’s end-time salvation. Later I had some doubts about it because people of my former church disturbed me many times. One night in May, I had three same dreams in which I saw a monster. It had a body like that of a dog and a head extremely like that of a leader in my former church. With its hair hanging loose and its long tongue lolling out, the monster said it wanted to devour me, and I was frightened to death. That night, I woke up with a start three times in a row. The next day, the leader really came to my home three times to disturb me. Thank God for his revelation! It made me see the leader in his true colors and even more made me certain about Almighty God’s end-time work.

22. Qu XX, female, aged 48, from Anhui Province, formerly an unbeliever. One night in late April 2003, I had an unusual dream, in which an old white-bearded man said to me, “Believe in Almighty God right away! …” He said that three times in a row. After I woke up, I pondered the dream over and over but did not understand what it meant. So I went to an old man nearby who believed in the Lord and told him my dream. Hearing it, the old man asked in amazement, “Really?” I answered, “Absolutely true!” Then he said, “Alas, so many people preached Almighty God to me, but I never accepted him for fear that he might be a false god. It turns out that Almighty God is the true God. I will believe in him!” I said joyfully, “I will too, since he is the true God.” Thus, the old man accepted Almighty God, and my whole family also believed in Almighty God. I really thank Almighty God for uplifting me exceptionally!

23. Du XX, female, aged 56, from Anhui Province, formerly a Catholic. In June 2001, my mother and I and two other sisters accepted God’s end-time work successively. At first we were very zealous for it, but later, because of being disturbed by others, we had some doubts and believed in it without certainty. So, my mother and I prayed to the Lord together, “O Lord Jesus! We can’t discern whether this way is true or false. Please guide us so that we will have discernment.” On that night, I dreamed that before me stood a man with long hair hanging down on his shoulder and a long dark gray robe reaching down to his feet. He pointed at the sister who preached the gospel to me and said to me, “The God she believes in is just the God of your grandmother (my grandmother believed in Jesus) and the God who works in the end time.” With that, he disappeared. Early next morning, I told that dream to my mother and those two sisters. They were thrilled at it and said that it was God’s revelation. So we no longer doubted and followed Almighty God with our feet on the solid ground.

24. Lü XX, female, aged 40, from Anhui Province, formerly a believer in the Hua Xuehe sect. Since 1999, the brothers and sisters had preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me many times, but I had never dared to accept it. On the night of May 4, 2002, I dreamed that I went into a spacious house and saw two sisters in conversation. One sister said, “God does not show favoritism to anyone. New believers can eat and drink God’s word and enjoy God’s blessing equally with us.” No sooner had she finished her words than the other sister pointed to the sky and cried out in surprise. I immediately looked up and saw that in the southeastern sky there was a beam of light like a huge sharp sword, and a lady dressed in white, with a kind look in her eyes, was floating slowly toward me. At that time, I suddenly remembered that the brothers and sisters who preached the gospel had testified to me that “God is incarnated as a female this time.” And I immediately realized that the Redeemer was appearing to me. I felt both excited and scared. Just when I did not know what to do, knocks at the door woke me from my dream, and it was already morning. A sister who preached the end-time gospel was at the door, waiting for me to go with her and listen to a testimony. When she led me into a host home, I was amazed that its furnishings were almost the same as those I had seen in my dream. Then I was fully aware that all this was God’s wonderful guidance. So, I accepted God’s end-time work without any hesitation.

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