I. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Receiving Dreams and the Revelations of the Holy Spirit

25. Zhao XX, female, aged 32, from Anhui Province, formerly a believer in the Justification by Faith Church. I had never heard anyone testify God’s end-time work before. One night in mid-June 2003, I had an unusual dream: A large crowd of people were bowing down before a huge portrait. I was in the crowd, and felt as though someone asked me to bow down in worship. Just when I was about to do so, I suddenly heard a voice saying to me, “Don’t bow down. Go to Aunt Zhang.” Then I woke up, but I did not understand what the dream meant. After I got up, suddenly I had an urge to go to my parents’ home. So I took the bus to my parents’ home without even having breakfast. Unexpectedly, I saw Aunt Zhang when I had just gotten off the bus. Reminded of my last night’s dream, I hastened to hail her and told her the dream in detail. Aunt Zhang was delighted to hear it. Several days later, she brought with her a sister, who testified God’s end-time work to me. Only then did I understand the meaning of the dream: God has done a new work, so if I go back to my former church, it means that I bow down to an idol. Thus, I joyfully accepted God’s new work.

26. Qin XX, male, aged 51, from Anhui Province, formerly an unbeliever. In August 2003, I suffered from a brain tumor. Although I had an operation which cost me over 12,000 yuan, it was not cured. After I was discharged from the hospital, my condition got worse. My head hurt so badly that I could neither eat nor sleep, and my throat seemed to be blocked so I could hardly speak. I was really racked by the tumor. One evening, I suddenly remembered that someone had advised me to believe in God, so I said to my wife, “Let’s believe in God. Maybe I’ll get well after believing in God.” My wife agreed, and she invited over more than twenty believers in Jesus in our village. They prayed for me and asked me to confess and repent of my sins. My headache, however, did not lessen but ached more badly. The following day, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to see me, and they happened to hear of that. So my sister-in-law said, “God has done a new work. Only those who follow the new work can be saved and gain the eternal life.…” Seeing me puzzled, she added, “I’ll bring you a book of God’s word. After you read it, you’ll understand.” A week later, my sister-in-law still did not bring me the book of God’s word, but a believer in Jesus in our village brought me a Bible. Before I had time to read it, I dreamed on that night that I sat in a chair reading the Bible attentively. All of a sudden, a lady appeared before me. With one hand carrying a small black bag and the other pointing at the Bible in my hands, she said, “You needn’t read the Bible. It’s outdated.” Then she handed me her black bag and said, “Believe in this. It’s Almighty God’s new work.” With that, she disappeared. I woke up with a start but did not understand what the dream meant. Early next morning, my sister-in-law came with a handy black bag in her hand and brought me a book of God’s word. And she said exactly the same things as the lady did in my dream. I told her my dream in amazement. At that, she said excitedly, “That’s God’s revelation to you!” Not until then did I suddenly realize that God was guiding me to turn to him. So I accepted the true way without hesitation. Later, by eating and drinking God’s word and through the fellowship of the brothers and sisters, I understood God’s intention to save man and knew it was God’s love that the illness came upon me. So, I was no longer restrained by the illness. To my pleasant surprise, my disease was miraculously healed not long afterward. I was grateful that God saved me and chose an unbeliever like me. From then on, I was dead set on following Almighty God.

27. Zhai XX, male, aged 35, from Shandong Province, formerly a mid-level leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. On February 10, 2003, I was taken by my two friends (who had accepted Almighty God) to a sister’s home and listened to the testimony about God’s end-time work. At the time, I did not dare to accept it, because I had notions about God’s incarnated flesh being a female. So I said to them, “I’ll believe if God gives me a revelation.”

The next night (we stayed at that sister’s home), I had a dream in which I saw the hostess led a lady into the yard just after the others and I had breakfast. The lady was dressed in a light yellow Western coat, and was about thirty, fair-skinned, and with short hair down to her shoulders and a very gentle look on her square face. In her right hand she carried a handy black bag with seemingly quite heavy things in it. She talked with Sister Wang (who testified God’s end-time work to me) for a while in the yard. Then she handed her the bag and went away. After I woke up, I felt it unusual and thought to myself, “Is it God’s revelation to me?”

On the third morning (we were still at the sister’s home), when we were fellowshipping, suddenly there came a lady’s voice, “Anybody home?” Hearing it, the hostess hurried to open the door. The lady came in, and she handed a handy black bag in her hand to Sister Wang and left. The things in the bag seemed quite heavy. At that time, I was suddenly reminded of my last night’s dream, so I hurriedly ran out of the room to take a closer look at her. She looked exactly like the lady I dreamed about, whether in appearance or dress or hairstyle or skin color. Then I said excitedly to the brothers and sisters, “It was she whom I dreamed about last night!” With happiness and gratitude, I accepted God’s new work unhesitatingly.

28. Meng XX, male, aged 59, from Shandong Province, formerly a co-worker in the Praise Church. In mid-September 2003, someone preached God’s end-time work to my wife and left her a chart of the three stages of works. After I read the chart, I agreed with it on everything; only I had some notions about God incarnate. Besides, my leader disturbed me and his daughter-in-law even tore up the chart. So I was somewhat afraid and could not help having a counter-emotion about this stage of work. However, my wife and a sister in our village both said that it was the true way. Then I found myself in a dilemma. So, I prayed to God that he would give me a vision or a revelation if he had really come.

On the night of September 16, I had a dream in which someone said, “Whoever has bought a pass to go abroad must take the train first.” And I saw that many people were at the ticket barrier. My wife and the sister from our village both passed through the barrier, and I also wanted to follow them into it, but two sisters who inspected tickets stopped me. I said, “I’m with them.” One sister said, “Show your pass.” “May I buy a ticket?” I said as I took out my wallet. She said gravely, “We do not accept any ticket or money.” Then I hurriedly drew out the chart of the three stages of works (although it had been torn up, it was intact in the dream) and said, “I got this.” She took the chart and looked at it. Her manner changed, and she said, “This is it.” Then she told the other ticket inspector, “He has the heavenly Father’s permission to pass.” No sooner had I passed through the barrier than I heard people inside shouting, “Behold the heavenly Father!” I looked up and saw a person dressed in white sit on a seven-colored cloud in the sky (I did not see his face), and I cried. After I woke up, I thought to myself, “This is really God’s revelation to me. To accept God’s end-time work is a pass to enter the kingdom of heaven.” I was too excited to get to sleep for a long while.

The next day, I became certain about God’s end-time work right after the brother’s fellowship with me.

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