I. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Receiving Dreams and the Revelations of the Holy Spirit

(50 Testimonies Selected)

1.Ji XX, female, aged 56, from Henan Province, formerly a leader in the Justification by Faith Church. Starting from 1996, some people preached God’s end-time work to me, but I never accepted it. At the end of 2000, God’s end-time salvation came to me again. Although I accepted it, I still had doubts about it in my heart. Not long afterward, several leaders from my former church came again to invite me to their meeting. I did not know how to choose, so I prayed to God and asked God to show me a way ahead. That night, I dreamed that I was walking in the street. Suddenly, I saw many monsters before me. They were in human clothes, but they had faces of tigers, leopards, wolves, insects, or the hanged men…. I was frightened and I darted into a hotel. A waiter came up to me, “You are back. You may have the same room you had before.” I entered the room and switched on the light immediately, but the light did not work. I cried out, “Waiter, why does the light not work?” “Oh, sorry, I forget to tell you that there has been no light in our hotel for a long time.” “Where is light?” I asked, puzzled. “Our general manager has long taken light to the new development zone and begun a new project.” “Did he take the usual path or a new one?” She said, “It is the new path he himself has opened up. Do you want to go there?” “Yes!” I had just finished my words when I heard a queer laugh from outside the door, “Ha-ha! There you are….” Greatly scared, I hurriedly pushed against the door with a table. Suddenly, I saw a big black hand reach in through the window. I hastened to cry out, “Lord Jesus! Help me! …” That monster laughed grimly, “Ha-ha! What an idiot! Today you still call the Lord Jesus. We’re not afraid!” I corrected myself in a hurry, “Almighty God! Help me! …” Then I heard the monster scream, “Run! She has called Almighty God!” Immediately, the big black hand disappeared. Then I woke up and found I was in a sweat…. I was fully awakened to the reality and became completely certain about God’s end-time work. And I brought back to the Church of Almighty God the four brothers and sisters who had given up God’s end-time work because of my disturbing.

2. Liu XX, female, aged 49, from Henan Province, formerly a junior leader in the Local Church. In December 2002, I accepted God’s end-time work. But before long I withdrew from the church of Almighty God because of my family’s hindering and my own doubts. One night in early March 2003, I had just fallen asleep when I heard a voice saying to me, “You are a member of God’s family. I give you a name ‘Pursue.’” I said, “I’m not a member of God’s family. I won’t pursue.” The voice said, “You see, how hard it is for God to do his work! It is even more difficult than to separate heaven and earth.” Then he held out his hands and formed a triangle, saying, “As soon as this little triangle is ended, plagues will be sent down.” He said it twice and also said some other things. When I woke up the next morning, the scenes in the dream were still very clear in my mind. That same afternoon, a brother came and read God’s word to me. No sooner had I said “I won’t listen” than I felt uncomfortable all over and babbled in spite of myself. I hurriedly knelt down and cried out, “Jehovah, Jesus, hurry up and help me….” Unexpectedly, the more I cried like this, the more violently my body shook, and I could not even keep on kneeling. Seeing this, the brother told me in haste, “Cry to Almighty God. Only Almighty God can help you.” In desperation, I immediately corrected myself and cried out, “Almighty God! May you help me! I believe in you. I won’t believe the others’ words anymore.” Right after the words fell from my lips, I felt relaxed all over, and my body no longer shook and was back to normal…. Instantly I was fully awakened! From then on, I was convinced that Almighty God is the last Christ and the only true God. When I told this to the brothers and sisters of my former church, fourteen of them accepted the work of Almighty God then and there.

3. Yan XX, male, aged 38, from Henan Province, formerly a leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. Starting from 1999, the brothers and sisters preached God’s end-time work to me many times but I never accepted it because I had a notion about the fact that God’s incarnated flesh is a female. In September 2002, another brother preached the end-time gospel to me. Although I accepted the book of God’s word from him, I still harbored doubts in my heart. One night in mid-October, I had a dream. In the dream I had just stepped outside when a neighbor said to me mysteriously, “I tell you a most amazing thing, and it is also a truest thing: God has become a female. She is just Almighty God many people have preached the gospel to you for you to believe in. She will reign and judge the world. Don’t hesitate anymore. Believe in Her!” I asked in astonishment, “Who did you hear from?” “Everybody is talking about it.” Then another neighbor came up to us and said, “You see, everything has changed now. Even God has become a female!” With that, she walked on. When she got to the crossroads not far away, she suddenly shouted to us, “Come on! Come on! Hurry up and look!” We ran there and saw many people walking in orderly ranks from east to west. As they walked, they ceaselessly shouted, “Almighty God reigns! Almighty God reigns! …” And they raised and lowered their right hands rhythmically with their shouts. At the time, I suddenly woke up and realized that this was God’s revelation to me. Then I told the dream to my wife, and she said guiltily, “The brothers and sisters testified to us that God’s incarnated flesh is a female, but we didn’t believe it. Now God has revealed it to us through the dream, so we shouldn’t define God anymore.” From then on, we were completely certain about Almighty God’s end-time work.

4. Li XX, female, aged 48, from Henan Province, formerly a deacon in the Three-Self sect. On December 16, 1998, a sister preached God’s end-time work to me. I not only refused to accept it but said that whoever did not believe in God in our sect was not right. On the night of December 27, 1998, I dreamed that I was taking a rest at one end of a bridge. Suddenly, a man of about thirty came up to me and said, “You are going back to your parents’ home, aren’t you?” I said, “Yes. Who are you?” “My name is Heavenly Army,” he answered. I was very surprised at that, “Heavenly Army?! Is he from heaven?” Next, I heard him saying, “Go. Let me take you there.” Then I followed him. At the other end of the bridge was a high and steep slope. Looking down from there, I saw a bottomless chasm. Heavenly Army climbed up dragging me. As we climbed, he said to me, “Don’t look down.” So I no longer looked back but went up after him all the way…. When we got to the top, I found with a pleased surprise that the path to my parents’ home had become a glittering golden road. I was awakened. The next day, there really came a brother who preached the end-time gospel. To my astonishment, the comer looked exactly the same as Heavenly Army I had seen in my dream. I thought that the dream was God’s revelation to me, so I listened carefully to his fellowship. After I heard that, I felt assured and brightened as if I had really seen a bright road to the heavenly home. Thus, I accepted God’s new work at once.

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