II. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Being Punished for Resisting Almighty God

6. Chen XX, male, aged 47, from Henan Province, formerly a worker in the Three Grades of Servants Church. In August 1999, someone preached God’s end-time work to me, and I accepted it as the true way. However, because I could not give up my position, I still attended co-workers’ meetings in my former church and also read the booklets against Almighty God. On December 17 of that year, the brothers and sisters who preached the true way came to fellowship about God’s word with me, but I condemned it, saying, “It is man’s doing and is to deceive people. Take the book away. I no longer believe.” With that I roughly shoved the book of God’s word to them. That evening, my youngest daughter suddenly got a bellyache and was taken to the hospital by night. The next morning, my two sons were also sent to the hospital because of bellyache. My daughter died after all rescue measures failed. A total of over 5,000 yuan were spent on the medical expenses. However, I did not realize it was God’s punishment that came upon me, and I even went everywhere to seal the meeting places and condemn and blaspheme God’s end-time work.

At the end of March 2000, my father got ascites, but I was still not awakened and continued to frantically seal the meeting places. On January 2, 2002, in a co-workers’ meeting I was arrested by the local police station, detained for thirteen days and fined 3,800 yuan. During my detention, my father grew worse and died. It cost me over 3,000 yuan. Not long afterward, my wife also suffered from cirrhosis. This succession of misfortunes made me reflect: “Have I resisted and condemned the true God? If not, who could have punished me this way?” On June 25, 2002, the brothers who preached the gospel testified Almighty God’s end-time work to me again and fellowshipped with me about God’s disposition that does not tolerate man’s offense. Only then was I fully awakened to the realization that it was not a man whom I had resisted and condemned, but the true God. If I still refused to accept God’s end-time work, I would surely die. Thus my wife and I both followed Almighty God. Later, she was completely healed.

7. Hu XX, female, aged 37, from Henan Province, formerly a leader of a small group in the Three-Self sect. In the first half of 2001, someone preached Almighty God’s end-time gospel to me, and I refused to accept it, saying, “I believe nothing but the Bible.” I also said some words that condemned and resisted God. In late August of that year, a sister preached the gospel to me, but I refused to accept it again. Not long afterward, my husband’s chest pain worsened. He went to many places to see doctor, but he never got better. After that, all our pigs and sheep died, yet I was still not awakened.

On March 21, 2002, my facial nerves suddenly went numb, my mouth twisted, and my eyes slanted. And my eyes got so swollen as to become slits. My mouth was so twisted that I could not eat without dropping food. The skin on my right cheek peeled off and even my own child was afraid to look at it. I went to the hospital for treatment, and the doctor used a silver needle to pierce through my mouth from the inside, out of which flowed much purple-black blood. I spent all my savings on the treatment, but my condition still did not get better. I prayed to God, but it did not become alleviated. My ugly face made me feel ashamed to meet anyone all day long. I really lived in torment. On April 16, 2002, the sister preached Almighty God’s end-time gospel to me again and fellowshipped with me about God’s disposition. Then I was awakened as if from a dream and immediately accepted God’s end-time work. Afterward, my illness was gradually on the mend, and by May 13 I fully recovered.

8. Yu XX, female, aged 40, from Henan Province, formerly a junior leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. In the spring of 1998, eight sisters in our sect accepted God’s end-time work. After I learned that, I drove away the sister who preached the gospel to them. Besides, I sealed our meeting place, saying, “Without my permission, no one is allowed to receive those who preach Almighty God’s end-time gospel.” In early 1999, when I went out by bike to handle affairs for our sect, I fell off my bike, and I was wounded in my left shank, left with a leg ache. At the time, I did not realize that it was God’s punishment. Later, someone came to preach God’s end-time work to me many times, but I always shut him out. In September of the same year, my leg ache worsened, and from then on I was confined to bed. The sister who preached the gospel came again and reminded me, “Don’t resist God anymore, or you’ll receive a severer punishment.” But I still did not believe. In the following years, I spent almost 20,000 yuan on the treatment of my leg ache, but my condition got worse and worse. In July 2002, the doctor diagnosed me with bone cancer. Looking at the medical certificate, I was thunderstruck. In despair, I earnestly prayed to God for healing. Not long afterward, the sister who preached the gospel brought me a book called Typical Cases of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God. After reading it, I finally woke up to the fact that God had done a new work and his disposition did not tolerate man’s offense. If I still refused to follow, I would surely die. So I immediately accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. Afterward, I miraculously got better gradually. Now I am able to work.

9. Wang XX, female, aged 38, from Henan Province, formerly a mid-level leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. Since 1998, so many people had preached God’s end-time new work to me. However, I not only refused to accept it, but I did my utmost to resist and condemn it and hurled insults at them. Besides, I hindered the brothers and sisters from accepting it and sealed our meeting places. As a result, the gospel work in our area could not be carried out. On February 9, 1999, several other people came to preach God’s new work to me and asked me to read God’s word. I immediately blasphemed it in a very disdainful manner, saying, “This is not God’s word. It’s so common and easy to understand that any ordinary theological student or a believer of several years can write such a book….” At that time, I purposely made a mess of the situation. On that very day, I received a call telling me that my husband died in a car accident. After that, I was not awakened, but I resisted God more madly. Thus I received heavy blows one after another: My creditors gathered at my door every day, crying and shouting. I was sued by them, and my house worth over 200,000 yuan was taken by the court as a mortgage…. During that period, I had thought, “Could it be that I’m punished for resisting God?” But I deliberately avoided thinking this way. Later, my family’s business worth nearly a million yuan went bankrupt within only two days, and all my property was “ransacked.” For this reason I got seriously sick. And a strong sense of fear arose within me.

One day at the end of July 2001, through my mother’s introduction, I heard the testimony about God’s end-time work. Inspired by God, I finally woke up to reality and knew that the one I had resisted was the very God Godself. And I also came to understand God’s kind intention behind his smiting me time and time again. With joy and sorrow, I accepted God’s new work.

Today, although I have lost my husband and my property, I have received Almighty God’s great salvation—gaining God’s the end-time salvation. And I believe that the blows I have suffered are all due retribution for my resisting God. They are God’s righteousness coming to me, and also make me experience that God’s disposition is majesty and does not tolerate man’s offense.

10. Chen XX, female, aged 48, from Henan Province, formerly a deacon in the Praise Church. In December 1996 my son was married, and my aunt took this opportunity to preach God’s end-time work to me. However, I instigated my daughter-in-law to drive her away. One month later, some brothers and sisters came to our church to preach Almighty God’s end-time gospel, but I rejected it and even spoke many blasphemies. Besides, I brought back to my former church all those who had accepted God’s end-time work. In January 1997, my husband got a gastric perforation and had three operations within a month, which cost me over 20,000 yuan. In August 1999, my son was divorced. In August 2000, I had a cerebral hemorrhage. Treating it cost me another over 20,000 yuan, and besides, it left me with a sequela—hemiplegia. The successive misfortunes in those years made me realize that I had been punished for resisting God. In October 2001, God’s new work was preached to me again, and I did not dare to resist it anymore but accepted it obediently.

11. Zhao XX, female, aged 39, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Three-Self sect. Since 1995, God’s end-time work had been preached to me (I cannot remember how many times it was preached to me in all), but I rejected and resisted it all along. On the morning of August 16, 2000, when I went into my kitchen to cook, a box of detonators (100 pieces) on the top of the kitchen range suddenly exploded. I was thrown out four meters from the door and left in a coma for a day. After that, I not only failed to be awakened, but on the contrary resisted God’s end-time work even more. Two months later, when I went up the hill to work, someone was ready to blast away a rock, so others and I hid in a cave. Suddenly a stone flew in and fell right on my foot and immediately the blood streamed out. To my surprise, there were so many people standing at the mouth of the cave, yet the stone fell exactly on my foot. The two accidents made me think involuntarily that what the person preached might be the true way and that I had been punished for resisting it time after time. Several days later, the one who preached God’s end-time gospel to me came again, and this time I no longer dared to refuse. After I listened to his fellowship, I understood everything and accepted God’s new work.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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