II. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Being Punished for Resisting Almighty God

12. Jing XX, male, aged 60, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Local Church. Since September 1995, the brothers and sisters had preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me many times. However, I not only disbelieved in it, but I always resisted, blasphemed, and condemned it, and drove them away. On June 24, 2001, I suddenly got blisters all over, which made me feel unbearable pain as if I were being burned. My prayer did not make me better, and the treatment had no effect. I was so tortured that I would rather die than live. In this condition I started to examine myself: “Why doesn’t God hear me despite my many prayers? Is it because I have blasphemed, condemned, and resisted the true God that I receive such a severe punishment?” Thinking of that, I hurriedly went to fellowship with the brothers and sisters who preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me. In December 2001, I accepted Almighty God’s work, and afterward, everything returned to normal accordingly.

13. Yang XX, female, aged 59, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Three-Self sect. From late July to early November 2001, my daughter preached Almighty God’s new work to me many times. However, I not only shut my ears to it, but I said many words that resisted and blasphemed God. Besides, I drove her away. On November 21, at about twelve noon, my nose suddenly bled. After I blocked nostrils, blood streamed out of my mouth. Although I underwent treatment in a local hospital for three days, the bleeding remained. At three o’clock on the early morning of November 23, I was urgently transferred to the People’s Hospital in our county. On the way to there, I suffered from shock several times, and my family broke down in tears. At this life-or-death moment, I kept crying in my heart, “God of my daughter! Help me! Help me now!” Soon I bled less. After arriving at the hospital, I was found to have rupture of nasal blood vessels. I stayed in the hospital for nine days and spent about four or five thousand yuan. All this coming to me, I knew that I had been punished for resisting Almighty God. Filled with remorse, I confessed my sins to God. On December 2, after I got back from the hospital, I eagerly called my daughter over, and she brought me a book of God’s word. Through eating and drinking God’s word, I understood God’s end-time work and even more knew God’s disposition that does not tolerate man’s offense. So I followed Almighty God resolutely.

14. Hu XX, male, aged 58, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Hua Xuehe sect. From October 1998 to January 1999, someone preached God’s end-time work to me many times. However, I not only rejected it but condemned and blasphemed it. In July 1999, my wife suffered from uterine cancer. Several days after the operation, her cut was still bleeding, so she had another operation. Her medical treatment cost over 3,000 yuan. Before long, I had a stomachache with nausea and vomiting, and every day I could not eat or sleep well. On September 25, 2002, the doctors diagnosed me with stomach cancer and had to perform an operation to remove part of my stomach. The medical treatment cost me another over 8,000 yuan. In December 2002, a brother testified God’s end-time work to me. When he talked about God’s disposition not tolerating man’s offense, I was awakened as if from a dream and accepted God’s end-time work right away. I really hated myself for being so blind and foolish that I had offended the true God but did not know it.

15. Guo XX, male, aged 61, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Praise Church. Since August 1999, some people had preached God’s end-time work to me many times, but I thought that I was senior and had believed in God for long and did not believe God could appear to them first, so I resisted and rejected it all long. As for their reminding and warning, I did not take them to heart at all. And I said to them, “Don’t come any more. I’m resigned to my fate. If I’m to be punished, I’ll take it!” On the afternoon of May 8, 2000, I suddenly fell to the ground and lost consciousness on my way home. After I came around, I found that I was lying in the hospital, unable to speak, and my arm and leg were numb. I was diagnosed with hemiplegia resulting from high blood pressure. From then on, I was confined to bed, being infused and taking medicines every day. Although I had spent over 2,000 yuan, I did not get better. But I was not aware that it was God’s punishment. In October 2001, another brother preached God’s end-time gospel to me. When he talked about God’s disposition not tolerating man’s offense, I finally knew that I was punished for resisting God, and I was overcome with remorse. Later, all my family accepted God’s end-time new work. Before long I was gradually on the mend. Now, I have been able to walk.

16. Guo XX, female, aged 53, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Three-Self sect. In August 2001, my younger sister preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me, but I rejected it and even said, “Don’t talk about it to me anymore. It’s none of your business whether I’ll live or die.” Later, she brought the sisters who believed in Almighty God to preach to me many times. In order to bring me to God, they helped me pick cotton and sell vegetables. They came in the morning and left in the evening, never having a meal at my home. In this way they helped me until all my cotton was picked. Yet, I thought, “Go on if you like. I’m just shorthanded anyway. But I won’t accept what you preach even if you help me with all my work.” On November 15, 2001, my husband and I took a three-wheeler with two of our fellow villagers to sell cotton. When we got near Luohe City, the three-wheeler suddenly collided with a van. I was thrown up more than three meters and fell heavily to the ground. At that very moment, a truck whizzed past me. I was still conscious then, but I only had the idea: “I’m finished!” After a long while, I slowly opened my eyes. I moved my arm, but it hurt unbearably. My chest felt very tight and my legs were hurt. After an examination by doctors, I was found to be the most serious among the injured. During my hospitalization, my sister visited me many times and warned me that the accident coming upon me was a discipline from God. At the time, I thought to myself, “You are trying to take this opportunity to have me believe what you preach. I’m not falling for it!” My sister made every effort to persuade me, but my hard heart was still not softened. On the night of December 9, 2002, I suddenly felt dizzy and could not control my arm or leg. My mouth twisted and my tongue stiffened. After an examination by the doctor, I was diagnosed with hemiplegia. Then I was reminded of my sister’s warning, thinking, “Is it really because of resisting God that I receive such retribution?” Later, when my sister fellowshipped with me again, I was fully awakened. So I tearfully prayed and confessed to God, “O Almighty God! I am too numb and too hard. I have sinned against you by rejecting your salvation time and time again. Not until today have I known that your disposition does not tolerate man’s offense, and I have also seen your love for me. O God! From now on, I will be dead set on following you.” I wish brothers and sisters to never act like me, who did not wake up until the punishment came.

17. Li XX, male, aged 35, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Hua Xuehe sect. Since 1999, some people had preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me many times, but I refused to accept it and even condemned and blasphemed it. Besides, I burned all the gospel materials given by them and hindered others from accepting the true way. At about ten on the morning of November 26, 2002, when I was whitewashing a wall for a friend, I suddenly fell from the scaffold more than three meters high. I screamed with pain and rolled on the ground. After an X-ray examination, the doctor diagnosed me with comminuted fracture of right heel and compression fractures of the first and second lumbar vertebrae. And he said that if my lumbar vertebrae protruded and pressed against my nerves, I would be paralyzed. At the time, I could only lie on my back, and my calf was so swollen as if it would split. Both infusions and medicines had no effect to me. Racked with pain, I really wished to die to put myself out of the misery. I stayed in the hospital for forty days and spent over 5,000 yuan on the hospital treatment, but I still did not recover. However, I was unaware that it was God’s punishment. One afternoon in late February 2003, another brother preached God’s end-time gospel to me. Through his fellowship, I realized that I was punished by God for resisting him and offending his disposition. And I felt grateful that God tolerated me again and gave me another opportunity to repent and start anew. So my wife and I immediately accepted God’s new work. Then I began to cooperate in preaching the gospel so as to make up for my past transgressions. Before long, my back and leg gradually mended.

18. Yang XX, female, aged 50, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a leader in the Head Covering sect. One day in 1997, I learned that a sister in our sect had accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. Then I pulled her back to our sect and took away from her the book of God’s word, the hymn book, and the relevant cassettes. Moreover, I drove away the sister who preached the gospel to her. After that, I told every meeting place not to receive any stranger. Soon afterward, in a meeting I suddenly fell to the platform and badly bruised my face. In late November 1998, while I was doing the cleaning at home, I threw into the garbage heap the book of God’s word taken from the sister. In mid-January 1999, I suffered from cancer. When I was hospitalized and had an operation, I was half dead with pain because the anesthetic did not take effect. However, these did not wake me up.

On June 2, 2000, a sister preached God’s new work to me, but I doubted it and did not dare to make myself certain about it. That night, I stayed at the sister’s home. Before I lay down, I tucked myself in the mosquito net. But a little while after I lay down, I itched unbearably all over, I kept scratching, and my eyes felt swollen. Then I sat up and found that many black gnats were biting me and my whole body was covered in small red spots. Just like that, I was too itchy to sleep for three nights. Later, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, I realized that I had sinned against God. So I immediately prayed to God, “O Lord Jesus! I know that I’m wrong. Now I am convinced that you are Almighty God and Almighty God is the Lord Jesus.” Two hours later, the swelling on my eyes went down, and all the small red spots disappeared. From then on, I no longer doubted Almighty God’s end-time work but followed Almighty God steadfastly.

19. Xu XX, male, aged 56, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a preacher in the Hua Xuehe sect. From October 2000 to February 2002, the gospel of Almighty God came to me countless times, but every time I rejected it. Besides, I said the way was false. At about nine o’clock, on the evening of February 27, 2002, I was riding my motorcycle home after the meeting. Suddenly, I fell off it. With a crack, I could not move my left arm anymore. After an examination in the hospital, my left arm was found to be broken. It cost me over 2,000 yuan to have a bone-setting operation. However, after the operation, my arm was getting more painful by the day. The reexamination showed that my broken bone not only failed to get better but the gap in it became even wider. So I was compelled to have another painful bone-setting operation. Not long afterward, I had a meeting with the brothers and sisters in my former sect in my home. When I opened the Bible, a verse, which I often read before but which I seemed to have never paid attention to, caught my eye: “For our Lord God Almighty reigns. …give him glory!” At this time I was suddenly enlightened, and I immediately realized that it was God’s inspiration: Almighty God is the only true God, and it was because I had rejected and resisted God’s new work time after time that I was punished. Filled with guilt and regret, I accepted God’s end-time salvation.

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