II. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Being Punished for Resisting Almighty God

37. Wu XX, female, aged 62, from Heilongjiang Province, formerly a believer in the Pentecostal Church. In 2000, there were already sisters who preached the end-time gospel to me. But seeing that the other sisters in our church did not accept it, I did not accept either. In late June 2003, the brothers and sisters came to preach it to me many times. I still did not believe or accept. I thought to myself, “If he is the true God, he can smite man. I don’t accept and I’ll see whether he can smite me or not!”

One day in late September, at about 7:30 in the morning, I went to feed pigs, carrying a bucket of swill. Half the way across, I suddenly felt a gust of wind behind me blew me down with a howl. (But it was windless at that time.) With one hand touching the ground and the other pressing on the bucket handle, I did not dare to make a single move and hurt so much that I did not dare to breathe. After a while, I slowly stood up and moved into the room inch by inch. But after I lay on the kang, I could not get up anymore. My family hurriedly carried me into a car and sent me to the city hospital. Through X-raying and radiographing, the doctor diagnosed me as lumbar muscle strain, which was not a serious illness. So my family brought me back. However, I just felt such a pain that I did not dare to make a single move.

I was thus made into a paralytic by a sudden gust of “wind” and was completely unable to take care of myself in daily life. By the fourth day, my condition did not get any better, so I started to be put on a drip. I thought to myself, “Is this God’s discipline or not? How could such a strong body of mine be so seriously injured by just a fall?” After I was on a drip for three or four days, my condition still did not get better. Moreover, the backs of my hands swelled up, and the medicine just could not drip into my veins. At that time, I thought, “Is this indeed that God’s smiting has come upon me?” I immediately prayed to God, “O God, if you have really been incarnated, please let the brothers and sisters come again. As long as someone comes to preach, I will accept!”

Not many days after, sure enough, the sister came again. I was overjoyed and said to her, “My illness is God’s smiting on me. I have to accept!” After the sister brought me the book and cassettes, I, lying on the kang, listened to the cassettes. I heard God’s word say: “Your faithfulness is on your lips. Your knowledge is in your mind and notions. Your labor is for the blessings of heaven. So what can your faith be like? Now when you are faced with these words of truth, you still take a disregarding attitude. You do not know what is God and do not know what is Christ. You do not know how to fear Jehovah and do not know how to enter into the work of the Holy Spirit. You do not know how to discern God’s own work and man’s deception. You only know to condemn any word of truth God expresses that does not agree with your will. …” Hearing this, I felt that they were indeed God’s words. My doubts disappeared, and I accepted gladly.

Over ten days later, I miraculously made a full recovery from my illness! I am really grateful to Almighty God! Although I was so disobedient, God did not treat me according to my disobedience but still gave me the opportunity to be saved. I must perform my duty properly to repay God’s love!

38. Liang XX, male, aged 38, from Heilongjiang Province, formerly a believer in the Three-Self sect. In July 2002, right after Brother Gao in our church accepted Almighty God’s end-time gospel, he came with excitement to preach it to me. I not only did not accept it myself but turned back three of the brothers and sisters who had just accepted it. Moreover, I said blasphemies to them such as saying that it was a heresy and a cult. With love, Brother Gao came to fellowship with me more than ten times, but I rejected it every time. He admonished me, “Even if you don’t believe, you shouldn’t blaspheme God. Otherwise God will punish you.” I said, “Let me be punished. I just won’t believe in it after you.” With my heart hard, I still often spoke some slanders and blasphemies.

In November of the same year, I suddenly got renal calculus. I received more than twenty days of treatment before it was cured. Then my son got hemorrhagic fever, and he also underwent treatment for over twenty days. But, unexpectedly, when he had just recovered from his illness, my renal calculus recurred. After the Spring Festival of 2003, I got hemorrhagic fever too. When I went to the hospital for treatment, the doctor found that my diabetes had developed into four “+.” Meanwhile, my wife and daughter got flu frequently. During that period, Brother Gao kept advising me to accept God’s end-time work, but I still adhered to my wrong way without awakening.

In March 2003, my diabetes got worse and worse. Every day, I drank three or four thermos bottles of boiled water. I ate a lot and digested fast, but my body visibly wasted away. My eyeballs hurt, and I could not watch TV and dared not look at fluorescent lights. Within only more than a month, I was reduced to a skeleton. My limbs were feeble and I was even too tired to get back when walking 50 meters away from my home. My eyes bulged, my vision became blurred, and my skin all over came off in large pieces. I hardly looked like a human. Everybody in my village talked behind my back, saying that I could not get well but was only waiting for my funeral arrangement.

One day, Brother Gao came again and urged me, “Accept at once. You’ve offended God’s disposition. If you still don’t wake up, you’ll die.” I said, “Let death come upon me.” But I thought back to this period, throughout which my family of four suffered from illnesses one after another, our medical bills cost nearly 10,000 yuan, and our debts came to more than 30,000 yuan with the old debts. I started to regret believing in God, “How come I believe in the Lord but have no peace?”

A few days later, Brother Gao came to fellowship with me again. At the time I had no way out already, and I thought, “Since I’m dying now, I might as well listen.” Listening to his fellowship, I felt it was very reasonable and there seemed to be nothing wrong. So I said, “I’ll read the book.” From the beginning of April 2003, I started to read God’s word. Unexpectedly, the more I read it, the more I liked to read it. I saw that God’s words of disclosing man drew blood with one prick and could by no means be spoken by a man. I felt greatly supplied in my heart. Finally, I became certain about God’s end-time work.

After I read God’s word for four or five days, I did not feel that thirsty and my vision somewhat recovered. I felt gratitude and remorse. So I read God’s word every day; accordingly my condition gradually improved. Twenty days later, I went to the city hospital for a reexamination, and the result showed that my “blood sugar” and “urinary sugar” both returned to normal. The specialist in the Diabetes Outpatient Department was very surprised, “How could you recover so quickly? Whoever gets this illness can’t be radically cured and can never live without medicine. But how could you completely recover in such a short time?!”

The doctor’s words caused me to understand everything. When I had just got home, I prayed to God, “O God, my illness is actually your discipline, but it is just your love for me. Otherwise, I, a corrupt man, could not come before you. In the future, I will make much effort to preach the gospel to others and tell them my experiences of resisting God, so that more people may come before you.” Two months after I accepted Almighty God’s new work, my constitution was completely restored, and I could do any of my chores again. In that year, thanks to Almighty God’s blessing, our land, which was the worst in the village and was abandoned by others, produced the largest amount of grain in the village. In that year, I paid back the debts of 30,000 yuan. I was very grateful for God’s love: Although I resisted and blasphemed God like that, God not only did not destroy me but gave me the opportunity for me to be saved. From now on, I will perform my duty properly and expend for God to satisfy God!

39. Chen XX, female, aged 63, from Liaoning Province, formerly a preacher in the Local Church. In June 1999, a sister of my church came and preached to me God’s end-time new work. I not only did not believe but turned her back. What’s more, I prayed and cursed God’s end-time work with her every day. In September, my daughter’s family had an accident, and then my son’s family. In mid-September, another person preached God’s new work to me several times. Although I had numerous notions about it and felt aversion to it, I wanted to see what was written in the book, so I accepted the book with curiosity. After reading it, I denied that it was God’s word and wanted to give it back. On September 23, my belly suddenly hurt badly and began to swell up. Within only five or six days, my waistline increased from 25 inches to 35 inches, and I even had difficulty in walking. I was half dead with the pain. Besides, my private parts bled. After an examination, I was diagnosed with terminal uterine cancer. My husband shouted abuse at me and even cursed me to die. And I also thought to die. When I was in despair, another sister came to fellowship with me and said that I had sinned against God. At that time I was shocked in my heart. Thinking of the misfortunes that happened to my family successively, I felt dread, and I no longer dared to remain hardened or return the book but prayed from the heart, “O Lord! I’m confused now. Is this book the word you say to the churches? Is it really the Holy Spirit’s utterance?” Then the Holy Spirit inspired me: He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. I was touched in my heart and I prayed again in grateful tears, “O Lord! Thank you for being with me. This book is truly your utterance.” From then on, I accepted God’s new work and determined to follow Almighty God to the end without change. After three days, I got better and no longer bled. One month later I fully recovered from my illness.

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