II. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Being Punished for Resisting Almighty God

40. Wu XX, female, aged 37, from Liaoning Province, formerly a believer in the Local Church. In July 2001, my younger sister brought two unfamiliar sisters to my home and said that they’d like to have a fellowship with me. It happened that I had not attended meetings for a long time and felt rather thirsty, so I agreed to fellowship with them. A sister fellowshipped all the way from Genesis to Revelation. At that, I felt great enjoyment and was also quite convinced. Later, when she said that God had already come and done a new work and was a female, I was immediately reminded of our elder’s words “heresy and cult” and the female Christ of Eastern Lightning. Disregarding sisterhood, I spoke arrogant words, mocked and sneered at them, and drove them away. Later, they came to fellowship with me over ten times in succession, but I always contradicted them with the Bible and every time I also said some words of slandering and condemning God.

Three months later, I felt uncomfortable and my chest was swollen and painful. So I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that I got cyclomastopathy. I took medication for two months. However, it not only had no effect, but on the contrary, my breasts were filled with lumps, and they gradually turned hard and expanded to my armpits. I had no choice but to go to the hospital for an examination again. The doctor said, “You need an operation. Otherwise, they may become cancerous.” On hearing it, I was stupefied, and lost my wits so much that I did not know what to do. My breasts had swelled to the size three times as big as before. My lying down did not help, sitting up did not help either, and even praying to the Lord for healing was to no avail. But if I had the operation, 20,000 yuan might not be enough and I might die on the operating table. If I did not have the operation, my condition would deteriorate. … I was in anguish and felt sorrowful to such an extent that I lost the courage to live. I had no choice but to start preparing for my affairs, write down my will, and wait for death to come…. Later, in painful torment, I remembered the words that my sister said when she visited me: “How could you not examine yourself when suffering from such an illness? It is because you are too disobedient.” At this time, I felt suddenly enlightened in my heart and seemed to find a ray of hope. I hurriedly prayed to the Lord, “O God! I cannot discern whether the Eastern Lightning is true or false. Please help me! If it’s the work you do, I definitely won’t resist it anymore. Please give me one more opportunity!” Then, I anxiously expected and waited…

One day in June 2002, Almighty God stretched out his saving hand to me. An old sister in our church came to my home unexpectedly and invited me to go and listen to a fellowship. I agreed without any hesitation. Through a brother’s fellowship and by reading God’s word, I understood these: God’s three stages of works are the entire work in God’s six-thousand-year management plan, God’s second incarnation is what we corrupt humans need, and God’s being incarnated as a female is to counter our notions so that we will not circumscribe God. I dropped all my doubts, accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, and became certain about it. I thanked Almighty God that he disciplined me through the illness and tolerated my disobedience, saved me from the abyss of death to his presence, and gave me a second life. Then I made a resolution: I will repay God’s love all my life and do my best to preach the gospel and testify God! After accepting Almighty God’s end-time work, I stopped taking medicines. Only two months later I recovered from my illness, and soon I joined the ranks of the gospel preachers.

41. Liang XX, female, aged 38, from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, formerly a leader in the Justification by Faith Church. In late July 2001, my mother and two sisters came to testify God’s end-time work to me. When I listened, I felt it was quite good. However, I remembered our elder’s words “Just accept what you accepted in the beginning. Stick to your first faith…,” so I refused to accept it. What’s more, I condemned, slandered, and blasphemed God’s end-time work with our elder and several leaders.

From January 2002, illnesses came upon me one after another. At the beginning of that month, all my teeth suddenly hurt. They hurt so badly that I could not eat. For over ten days, I could only drink thin congee to live. On January 21, I came to Tongliao City to work. Suddenly I felt an unbearable pain in my belly. I had to go to the hospital for an examination. The doctor diagnosed me with hysteromyoma, for which I needed an operation. The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. I simply could not believe it, but it was a fact after all. On the 23rd, I had an operation. On the sixth day after the operation, my mother came to the hospital to see me. She advised me, “You should think carefully about why the illnesses came upon you one after another! In the future, if someone also preaches Almighty God’s new work to you, don’t reject it anymore!” I did not say a word but thought to myself, “You believe in yours and I believe in mine.” My heart remained hardened. In late February, before my cut had healed, I got a severe pain below my left ribs. I took medicines and had injections, but in vain. I had to go to the hospital again for an examination. The doctor diagnosed me as having gallbladder polyp and renal calculus, and the renal calculus needed to be taken out via an operation. So I was hospitalized again. After only four days of hospitalization, my money ran out. I was obliged to leave the hospital and go back home to recuperate.

After I got home, unexpectedly, the brothers and sisters were very cold to me and their former love could no longer be seen. I felt extremely disappointed. At night, I could not fall asleep, thinking, “Was it because I not only did not accept the true way preached to me but resisted, slandered, and blasphemed it that this series of illnesses came upon me?” The more I thought, the more I became distressed in my heart. I felt that I was really cornered. On March 9, with a seeking heart, I went back to my mother’s home and started to read God’s word. When I read “The Testimony of the Holy Spirit,” I was moved to tears and became certain about God’s end-time work immediately.

On March 20, with two sisters, I went back to my former church to testify Almighty God’s new work. I recalled and told of how I had the illnesses, and confessed that I got them because I resisted, slandered, and blasphemed Almighty God’s new work. Since all these true experiences of mine were what they personally saw, twenty-three of them accepted God’s end-time work one after another. Now we are all performing our duty actively in God’s family.

42. Gao XX, female, aged 39, from Beijing City, formerly a pillar in the Three Grades of Servants Church. During the period 1995 to 1999, the kingdom gospel was preached to me many times. I did feel my heart touched and knew that it was the true God’s work, but because I could not put aside my vainglory and face, I refused to accept it. What’s more, I went to seal the meeting places and hinder the brothers and sisters from accepting it. I also sneered with disdain, “Female Christ…” Once, I even picked up an iron strip and drove the brothers and sisters who preached out of the door. As I drove them, I shouted, “I won’t accept. Don’t come to me anymore….”

On May 9, 2000, when I was riding a three-wheeler in the street, I saw buses and jeeps madly rushing at me. I was so scared as to lose my head, and the three-wheeler overturned. Although I was not hurt, my mind was shaken by excessive fright. I went to many hospitals but was not cured. Gradually, my whole body became unbearably painful, so that I lost my reason, letting out wails as of a wild beast and roars as of a ghost, which were bloodcurdling. I was sent to the hospital as a lunatic, but the hospital refused to accept me. Later, I was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Tens of thousands of yuan were spent, but I was still not cured. I was bound by doctors to the bed, unable to move. The “pillar” who could preach, sing, and dance in the past was no more but now turned into an immovable “monster.”

The torture of the illness made me forget all of my Bible knowledge. Lying in bed, I only knew to call on the name of God in my heart. One day, suddenly a voice said to me, “If you still stay here, you will die. You should leave here quickly.” Then I thought to myself, “I cannot stay here anymore. I should listen to the Lord’s words and leave here quickly.” At my repeated urgent request, my husband brought me home to recuperate. Later, my condition was a little better, but I still had difficulty walking.

In mid-February of 2002, when the brothers and sisters preached the kingdom gospel to me again, I woke up and realized it was because I resisted God that I suffered such a punishment. So, I accepted God’s new work immediately. Soon afterward, I made a rapid recovery. Thank God for giving me a new life. I regret waking up too late and grieving God’s heart too much. I only wish to actively cooperate with God and properly perform the duty that I should perform, to repay God’s love in the future.

43. Yang XX, female, aged 68, from Shanghai City, formerly a song leader in the Justification by Faith Church. From the second half of 1999 to the first half of 2001, a sister preached God’s end-time work to me many times, but I always refused it and also said some words of resisting God. Not long afterward, my left leg suddenly hurt unbearably, and half of my body could not move. I could only lie in bed, and my left leg became much thinner than the right one. At that time I was extremely scared, but I did not realize that it was God’s discipline. On the morning of December 26 of the same year, when my son was chopping wood, suddenly a piece of wood hit me on the head. Blood immediately gushed out of my head, and in no time did I become a “bloody person.” When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I learned that the wound was as long as 7.5 cm. The next day, people of our church came to pray for me. Before they prayed, I was all right; but after their prayers, I immediately felt an unbearable pain in my lower belly and could not pass water. Not until on March 20, 2002, when a sister preached the end-time gospel to me again, did I realize that all these misfortunes were the punishments I suffered for resisting God. So I accepted God’s end-time work without any hesitation.

44. Wu XX, female, aged 34, from Zhejiang Province, formerly a believer in the Justification by Faith Church. One day in early March 2002, a brother preached Almighty God’s end-time gospel to me. I did not accept it and even said it was false and deceptive. From that night, I could not fall asleep for several nights and suffered all over as if being roasted over a fire. My complexion turned sallow, and my hair fell out wisp by wisp, leaving my head white and black. The medical treatment did not make me better. Soon, a sister came to fellowship with me, and only then did I realize that God’s punishment had come upon me. So, with weeping and tears, I prayed and confessed my sins before God. After I became certain that Almighty God is the only true God, I recovered from my illness completely.

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