II. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Being Punished for Resisting Almighty God

45. Zha XX, female, aged 38, from Jiangxi Province, formerly a believer in the Head Covering sect. In late June 1998, my husband accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. I did not allow him to believe, and even less did I allow him to perform his duty. Whenever I hindered him, I either had a toothache or felt dizzy; I even passed out many times. Once, I scolded my husband for only knowing to believe in God and not going out to earn money. On the next morning, my mouth swelled like a pig’s snout. It had not gone down until two days later. Even so, I still willfully said many words of resisting God. On November 23, 2001, I broke my anklebones. I lay in bed for over 40 days, unable to take care of myself in daily life. Several months later, I could but walk on crutches. Then, I became afraid and realized that I was punished for resisting God. So I did not dare to hinder my husband from performing his duty anymore. And at the same time I also accepted God’s end-time new work.

46. Ke XX, female, aged 38, from Hubei Province, formerly a believer from the Three Grades of Servants Church. In August 1998, I accepted God’s new work. Later, I had notions about God’s word, so I returned to my former church. Moreover, I disturbed and deceived other believers. Right after I left God’s family, misfortunes happened to my family one after another. In October 1999, first 1,345 yuan was stolen, and then all members of my family got ill in turn. Our life ran into difficulties. On the night of May 1, 2000, my left hand was broken in half by a tofu machine, with comminuted fractures in my fingers. I had an operation, which cost me 6,500 yuan. On July 2, 2001, I got a loan to raise pigs. Unexpectedly, of the seven pigs I raised, three died. In February 2002, I got a loan again and bought forty-eight piglets. In less than two months, forty-five died, which resulted in a loss of 5,700 yuan. I had no way out, and only then did I come before God to seek. On the night of April 12, 2002, I dreamt that many believers in Jesus were crowded together and had no way to go on. I said to them, “Let me pass!” They made way for me with difficulty. I edged my way through them and stepped onto a big road. After I woke up, I pondered it over and over again and realized that it was God’s revelation to me. So, on the next day I withdrew from my former church and returned to Almighty God.

47. Wang XX, male, aged 58, from Hubei Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. At the beginning of March 2002, my wife accepted God’s end-time work. So I spared no effort to resist it and even informed the local police, hoping that those who had accepted God’s new work would be rounded up at one fell swoop. My wife dissuaded me again and again, but I did not listen. On March 8, 2002, I got ill. After an examination, I was found to have terminal stomach cancer. On March 20, I had a four-hour operation. Because a mistake occurred in the operation, it was prolonged for three hours, and my stomach and spleen were totally removed. When I was pushed out of the operating room, I was at my last gasp. At that moment, my wife’s words suddenly came into my mind: “It’s not a man that you have offended, but God Godself! Since you’ve offended God, God will certainly take your life. But if you repent, you’ll have God’s promise ‘As long as you have one breath, God will not let you die.’” At that time, I realized the truth and felt so regretful that tears streamed down my face, and I surrendered before Almighty God. Sure enough, I recovered exceptionally soon after the operation. During the period of chemotherapy, my hair did not fall out even though I had chemotherapy five times in a row. All the doctors said that it was a miracle I had escaped death.

48. Peng XX, male, aged 42, from Hunan Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. In mid-April 2002, I accepted God’s end-time work. A few days later, I was disturbed and dragged back by those from my former church. Together with them, I gave false testimonies to blaspheme and slander Almighty God. Moreover, I picked up a booklet that resisted Almighty God and read it to the people of my church. Thus, they were so frightened that they would not dare to accept God’s end-time work. After a few days, my abdomen swelled to such a big size as if I were pregnant. It caused me to suffer greatly. I could neither sit nor eat, and had to lie in bed. Tortured for a month like that, I was at my last gasp. In mid-May, my uncle and aunt came hurriedly to my home. My aunt said to me, “Don’t resist anymore. Confess and repent your sins quickly. Almighty God is the true God. You see, some time ago, I resisted and condemned God’s work, and God punished me. After I confessed my sins, I fully recovered from my illness.” At her words, I hurriedly knelt down on the floor, confessed my sins, and asked God for forgiveness and pardon. Right on the next day, the swelling in my abdomen went down, and I could eat. It has not recurred up to now. Having experienced God’s punishment, I became certain about the almighty and true God and did not dare to resist Almighty God anymore.

49. Zhou XX, female, aged 50, from Guangdong Province, formerly a leader from the Pentecostal Church. On December 9, 2002, after I listened to the testimony about Almighty God’s end-time work, I did not accept it. On the 15th, I even publicly resisted and blasphemed Almighty God in my preaching. At about 6 o’clock on the morning of the 20th, I went to Taihe market to do some shopping. On my way home, I was knocked down by a minibus. Then and there, my collarbone was broken, and I had a concussion and a brain hemorrhage and lost consciousness. It cost me over 20,000 yuan to be treated in the hospital. Having this accident, I realized that I had offended God. So, I immediately confessed and repented my sins, and accepted Almighty God’s new work.

50. Wen XX, female, aged 67, from Chongqing City, formerly a believer from the Praise Church. In June 2000, I got urethra cancer. Praying to Jesus did not make it any better. In October of the same year, a relative of mine preached God’s end-time work to me. After listening, I not only refused to accept it but also said many blasphemous words. Not many days after that, my illness got even worse. I went to the hospital and had an operation. Over 3,000 yuan was spent, but it did not get better. There was nothing left to do but leave it like that. By late October 2001, the doctor said to my family that my illness could not be cured and that all they could do was to prepare for my funeral. Then, I was in utter despair and just had to wait for death. One night not long afterward, I had a dream, in which I saw three gates that glittered with gold. An old man with a white beard stood at the gate and said to me, “If you can walk to the third gate, you can escape death.” At that time, many people around began to question, saying, “Could she in such condition walk to the third gate?” After hearing it, I mustered up the courage and strode up to the third gate. Then I felt great relief all over. I was awakened by this feeling, and I pondered over the dream for a long time but could not figure out what it meant. A few days later, a brother came to preach God’s end-time gospel to me, and I told him the dream I had several days before. At that time, the brother interpreted the dream for me and testified the three stages of God’s work to me, saying, “This means that God loves you and has given you a revelation. The three gates are the three stages of God’s work. ‘If you can walk to the third gate, you can escape death’ means that if you can accept the third stage of God’s work, you can be saved….” After hearing, I realized that it was because I believed the rumors and resisted and blasphemed God that I suffered such a consequence as to almost lose my life. So I immediately accepted the third stage of God’s work. After I accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, my condition gradually improved. Now I have fully recovered. I really thank God for his great love!

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