III. Typical Testimonies Given by Some Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Seeing Signs and Wonders

16. Meng XX, female, aged 69, from Shaanxi Province, formerly a leader from the Justification by Faith Church. At past 4 o’clock on the early morning of April 9, 2001, my wall clock suddenly started to speak, “China’s flag will be lowered. There will be wars on earth. There will be disasters on earth. The people of the world will be destroyed.” Each sentence was said three times. The clock said the same words at the same time three days in a row. Seven days later, the clock spoke again at the same time, and it said the same words three days in a row again. From then on, I often came before God and prayed, “O God, you are indeed coming soon. May you save my whole family.” In September 2002, two sisters came and preached God’s end-time gospel to me. I felt brightened in my heart all at once and understood that God had long since done a new work in the end time. I felt that God loved me so much and did not abandon me. So, I accepted God’s new work and immediately preached this great gospel to my family. Now, all seven members of my family have accepted God’s new work.

17. Liu XX, female, aged 61, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a choir member from the Three-Self sect. On February 8, 1999, a sister came to my home and preached God’s end-time gospel to me. I doubted it in my heart and did not accept it at that time. The sister therefore left a book of Almighty God’s word at my home for me to read it. On March 8, I was going to Huaiyin to take care of my grandson, so I returned the book to the sister before I left. On the evening of October 20, when I was lulling my grandson, I accidentally found that three big-sized words “a great sinner” appeared on my left palm one by one and the writing was very clear. I felt extremely afraid and uneasy at that. After I returned home, I went to that sister and accepted Almighty God’s work. One evening in early February 2002, the words “Keep going forward without turning back” appeared one by one on my right palm, and the writing was very clear too. I realized that it was God’s revelation, so I was more steadfast in the faith by which I followed Almighty God.

18. Cao XX, female, aged 55, from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, formerly a believer from the True Jesus Church. Since I believed in Jesus in 1997, I had hated to see the jealousy and strife in my church. So I secretly prayed to God, hoping the Lord Jesus would return soon to purify the church. At about 2 o’clock on the morning of February 7, 2002, I suddenly felt hot all over, so I pushed the quilt up with my hands. All of a sudden, I saw a flash of light. It scared me so much that I covered my head with the quilt. At that time, I thought, “How could there be a flash?” Then, I pushed the quilt up with my hands and saw under the quilt something like a TV screen, which was very bright. Then I saw a white cloud drifting down slowly from the upper side of the screen, and on the white cloud stood a man, clothed with a long robe down to his feet. A few minutes later, the vision disappeared. I thought, “Could it be that the Lord has come for the second time?” On March 6, 2002, some brothers and sisters came to preach God’s end-time gospel to me. After listening, I thought it matched the vision I had seen, so I accepted it gladly.

19. Qu XX, female, aged 60, from Liaoning Province, formerly a Catholic.

In October 2002, I accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. Because I often got sick after accepting it, I had doubts about this stage of God’s work.

At about 8 p.m. on April 18, 2004, since my neck hurt and I did not dare move it, I was lying flat on the bed, looking at the ceiling. The light was on at that time. Then, I saw a ring of light appear on the east ceiling. It moved west quickly and stopped at the middle of the ceiling. The ring was about 20 cm in diameter, and its rim was golden. In the ring, a woman’s portrait appeared. She had the appearance of a Chinese, with straight black hair over her shoulders. She was looking ahead and was face to face with me; her expression was a little serious. Her right hand held a lamp beside her head. About three minutes later, the ring and the portrait disappeared together. Afterward, another ring of light appeared on the east ceiling. It also moved west quickly, and stopped at the place where the first ring had been. It was the same size as the first one and was yellow. Then, a man’s portrait appeared in the ring. He had the image of a Jew, with golden curly hair falling to his shoulders; his expression was serious. His right hand held something (I did not see clearly what it was) beside his head too. Three minutes later, the ring and the man’s portrait disappeared together. Afterward, still another ring moved from east to west quickly, and it was similar to the first one in size and color. But it stopped at the place about 10 cm east of where the first two rings had been. In the ring appeared a red cross, with four red characters for “Eastern Lightning” directly above it. The characters were in the ring too, each no more than 3 cm in length and width. They were next to each other closely and lined up from right to left. Two minutes later, a woman’s voice said to me seriously, “Don’t you always want to see ‘Eastern Lightning’? I am ‘Eastern Lightning.’ Don’t doubt anymore. Repent, repent, do repent!” The voice was not loud, just like the spoken sound of two people talking in the room, but it was very clear. After it said that, the cross, the characters, and the ring of light disappeared at the same time too. Seeing that vision, I became absolutely certain about Almighty God’s new work. Not many days after, I became much better.

20. Yang XX, female, aged 36, from Heilongjiang Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. In September 2002, my daughter and I accepted Almighty God’s new work, but we always doubted it in our hearts. At about 3: 40 p.m. on February 7, 2003, my daughter (14 years old), who was lying in bed looking at the southern sky, said to me in surprise, “Mom! It’s a little strange. How come the sky looks like an exercise book with squares?” I looked up and found that the sky was indeed different from usual. Several strips of white clouds crossed each other and formed many squares in the blue sky. I said, “Let’s take a good look. It may be that God is going to show a vision!” We watched carefully. The strips of white clouds moved slowly from north to south and gradually formed two words “China” and “comes,” each of which was half a meter square. After a while, they became bigger and paler and disappeared. About five or six minutes later, a word “God” about one meter square appeared in the southwestern sky. To its right appeared a word “female,” under which appeared two symbols of lightning. About five minutes later, the symbols of lightning disappeared. At this time, a word “to” appeared to the right of the word “female.” Following that, the words “God” and “female” disappeared, and a word “today” appeared at the place where the word “female” had been. As the clouds moved south slowly, the words “to” and “today” gradually disappeared too. The whole vision lasted about half an hour in total. After my daughter and I saw that vision, our doubts were thoroughly removed, and we became completely certain about Almighty God’s new work.

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63. The Bible says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, then why do you say that the Bible isn’t fully the words of God?

“The Bible is not entirely a record of God’s own utterance; rather, it is just an account of the first two stages of God’s work. Part of it consists of the words of the prophets, and part of it documents the experiences and knowledge of people who were used by God down through the ages. Unavoidably, the writers’ own opinions and knowledge are mixed in their experiences. Many books in it are colored by human notions, prejudices, and erroneous understandings... "

21. We have been forgiven our sins and justified through faith in the Lord, and furthermore, we have given up many things, expended ourselves, and labored tirelessly for the Lord. I believe this type of faith will allow us to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. Why do you say that this won’t gain us entry into the heavenly kingdom?

“‘Righteousness’ does not mean giving alms, it does not mean loving your neighbor as yourself, and it does not mean not fighting, arguing, robbing, or stealing. Righteousness means taking God’s commission as your duty and obeying God’s orchestrations and arrangements as a heaven-sent vocation, regardless of the time or place, just like all that was done by the Lord Jesus. This is the very righteousness spoken of by God."

55. How did the Bible take shape? What type of book is the Bible exactly?

“The Old Testament, which describes Jehovah’s work in Israel, and the New Testament, which describes Jesus’ work in the Age of Grace, are both records of God’s work in two different eras. The Old Testament records His work in the Age of Law, and so it is a history book. The New Testament is a product of God’s work in the Age of Grace, and when the new work has begun, both testaments are out of date. So the New Testament is also a history book. Of course, the New Testament is not as systematic as the Old and does not record as many things.”

27. We believe that when the Lord was nailed to the cross, He bore and forgave our sins. Therefore, we have already been distinguished as holy and are no longer of sin, and we do not have to accept God’s judgment and cleansing work of the last days. Why is it wrong to say this?

“You only know that Jesus shall descend during the last days, but how exactly will He descend? A sinner such as you, who has just been redeemed, and has not been changed, or been perfected by God, can you be after God’s heart? For you, you who are still of your old self, it is true that you were saved by Jesus, and that you are not counted as sinners because of the salvation of God, but this does not prove that you are not sinful, and are not impure."


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