III. Typical Testimonies Given by Some Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to Almighty God Because of Seeing Signs and Wonders

(20 Testimonies Selected)

1. Wang XX, female, aged 59, from Chongqing City, formerly a believer from the Disciples Association. One afternoon in early August 2002, about 2 o’clock, my husband and I were sunning the corn at home. Suddenly we saw a red tablet about one meter square appear in the eastern sky. On it appeared three characters for “Almighty God,” and they were golden. We both felt very surprised but did not understand what that meant. At that time, this scene attracted many villagers, who gathered round and watched it. They all talked about it. One of them said, “This is the God the people from Shizhu County (which was under the jurisdiction of Chongqing City and was about 6 kilometers away) believe in. So, this God is true. We’d better watch our tongues in the future….” The vision lasted over four hours and then disappeared gradually. Half a month later, such a spectacle appeared again in the same direction and at the same hour. This time what appeared was the Chinese pinyin for “Almighty God.” They were the same in color and size as those characters, and they lasted over four hours too. Not long afterward, someone came to preach Almighty God’s end-time gospel to me, and I accepted it gladly.

2. Pan XX, female, aged 64, from Chongqing City, formerly a Catholic. At about 7 p.m. on August 19, 2002, I was having supper at home, when I suddenly heard someone shouting outside: “Come out quickly, everybody. Look at what’s appearing in the sky….” I ran out of the house and saw the eastern sky take on an expanse of a golden hue, which was just like the evening glow cast by the setting sun. After a while, three houses appeared at the place where the evening glow was cast. The one in the middle was in the shape of a tower and was like a church, with a cross on the top of its roof. The other two were two-story buildings, each of which was the size of a house on the earth. The main door of the house on the left seemed to be guarded by someone. After a while, a man appeared outside the door of the house on the left, who was standing. He looked very similar to Jesus in paintings. Gradually, another man who was sitting appeared beside Jesus. He wore a white gown and held something in the shape of a globe in his left hand. This scene was similar to the painting of “The Lord Almighty” in the Catholic Church. Then a woman appeared, stepping on a serpent. This was similar to the painting of “The Virgin Mary Stepping on the Serpent” in the Catholic Church. Immediately afterward, an old man with a white beard appeared, and around him there were many chubby children playing. Slowly, a big ship appeared. It was as big as a ship at sea. Next, there appeared some words. Since I was illiterate, I did not know what they were. Later I heard people say that they were “The Almighty….” Soon afterward, the whole scene gradually became blurry and disappeared completely. The spectacle was extraordinarily magnificent. This vision kept occurring in three days and appeared in the same direction and at the same hour. Many of the people who saw this vision took pictures of this unprecedented scene.

At that time, I thought to myself, “Among the people who appeared in the vision, there must be God the Father, the Lord, and the Virgin Mary. Maybe the Lord is going to come down to receive us.” Not long afterward, someone came to preach Almighty God’s end-time work to me, and I accepted it with great joy. Thank God for saving me.

3. Wang XX, female, aged 63, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. Before I accepted God’s new work, I had had a “hunchback” for over twenty years. Since my bent spine stuck out, I could only walk with my head down and could not lie flat even when sleeping. From October to November 2002, a sister came to my home to preach Almighty God’s end-time gospel to me five times, but I always half believed and half doubted it. At about 3 p.m. on December 22, the sister, bringing two people along, came to my home again to fellowship with me. She touched my shoulder, saying, “Sister, listen to our fellowship, you won’t be led astray. As long as you believe, the hunchback that you’ve had for so many years can be cured!” At that time, I did not take those words seriously. Afterward, when I was absorbed in listening to the fellowship, I suddenly heard a “click” from my lower back. The sound was so light that only I myself could hear it. Immediately, I felt that my body relaxed all at once. Then I tried straightening my back—it was actually straightened! At that time I just could not believe that the “hunchback” I had suffered from for over twenty years could really be cured, so I did not dare say anything about it all along. After they left, I tried standing up straight again and walked back and forth in the yard. I could hardly believe that my back really became straight! At night, I lay flat on the bed, too happy to sleep the whole night. I thought to myself, “Only God can perform this wonder.” From then on, I followed Almighty God unswervingly, my heart filled with joy.

4. Wang XX, female, aged 59, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a believer from the Local Church. In early December 2001, I accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, but I had doubts in my heart all along. One night in late January 2002, I could not fall asleep, so I got up and read God’s word. It was not until past one o’clock in the morning that I put the book of God’s word beside my pillow and was ready to sleep. When I was just about to close my eyes, I suddenly saw the book of God’s word emitting light. I was greatly surprised, and immediately opened my eyes wide and watched closely. I saw that the whole book emitted light about 30 cm high, white and bright. This scene lasted about one minute and then disappeared. At that time, I was extremely excited and thanked God for enabling me to know that Almighty God’s word was exactly the truth, the way, and the life, and was the light that had come. From then on, I was certain about God’s end-time work.

5. Sun XX, male, aged 34, from Shandong Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. At about 7 a.m. on September 22, 1999, I went out to work, when I found that there was a young lady in the red sun which was rising in the east. (It was over 40 cm in diameter, and its light was not dazzling.) She wore her hair long over her shoulders, had a white flat hat on her head, and was clothed with a pure white dress and with a long sash around her waist. I saw that she walked down slowly from the upper side of the sun, passed its lower right-hand side, and went to the back of it. This vision lasted about 20 minutes. Seeing it, I suddenly had a thought: “Could it be that God has really come to China?” I was so excited that I immediately went back home and told that to my mother. My mother said that she had just seen it too. From then on, we often prayed about this matter. And we waited every day, expecting to hear the good news of God’s coming to China to work. One day in June 2000, two sisters came to my home to preach the gospel. They said, “God has already been incarnated in China to work, and as a female.” Hearing it, my mother and I were extremely excited. The day we had been longing for had finally come!

6. Gui XX, male, aged 56, from Shandong Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. In the first half of 2002, I heard Almighty God’s end-time gospel, but I doubted it all along and could not be certain about it. And I went back to my former church to attend the meetings many times. On February 5, 2003, at noon, since my ewe was about to lamb, I kept watch beside it. At about 12:30 p.m., the ewe suddenly opened its mouth to speak! It said this three times in a row: “God has come! God has reigned! Whoever resists will be destroyed!” It was said very clearly each time. At the ewe’s words, I no longer doubted and became certain that Almighty God was the only true God.

7. Xia XX, female, aged 34, from Shandong Province, formerly a junior leader from the Hua Xuehe sect. On January 13, 2003, I accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, but I always had notions about God’s being incarnated as a female. At about 8:40 a.m. on February 8, my son was watching an animated cartoon broadcast by Shandong TV station, and I also stood in front of the TV set, thinking, “How nice it would be if God’s work could be broadcast on TV!” Right at that moment, a miracle occurred: The TV screen suddenly changed from color to black and white, and the animated cartoon disappeared. A man of over 30 appeared on the screen. He, standing in midair, said majestically, “I am Almighty God. I can become a male and can also become a female. When I came the first time, I was a male; when I come this time, I am a female.” After saying that, he suddenly disappeared. Immediately afterward, a lady of some 30 appeared on the screen, whose long black hair was blowing in the wind. She said, “This time, I do my work by my word and save all mankind by my word. I am the Almighty who was, and who is, and who is to come….” At that time, I immediately called my second elder sister and told her this exceptionally good news. She hastened to ask which TV station it was on. When I turned my head and looked, the TV had returned to normal. The whole thing lasted about one minute. I really thank God for solving my notions through such a miracle so that I became certain about God’s new work.

8. Ma XX, female, aged 67, from Anhui Province, formerly a believer from the Justification by Faith Church. From December 2002 on, a sister came to preach God’s end-time work to me many times, but I never dared to accept it. Later, I sought God in prayer, saying, “If it is the true way, let the sister come again.” On February 25, 2003, there was really someone who came and preached God’s end-time work to me, so I accepted it. The next evening, at about 8:30, I had just turned the light off when I suddenly found that a piece of white paper appeared on the wall. On the white paper, I clearly saw two lines of black words. The upper line said, “I am the Beginning and the End forever and ever.” The lower line said, “I am Christ; I am Almighty God. It was me whom you believed in at the beginning; it is still me whom you believe in now.” Thank Almighty God for giving me the revelation so that I became more certain about God’s end-time work.

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