85 You’re With Me All the Way

1 I drifted and wandered in the world, and in my heart, I keenly felt I was aimless and adrift. Your warm words awoke me, and I saw the true light. Your words brightened my heart; all of them are the truth, and so real. Reflecting on my behaviors and actions, I realized they all revealed my corrupt disposition. I fell down, overcome with remorse, willing to repent and make myself anew. Trials and refinements show just how deeply corrupted I am; Your love is with me. When I’m distant, You call me and lead me out of temptation. When I rebel, You hide Yourself, and I am plunged into sorrow and pain. When my heart turns back toward You, You smile and hold me close. When Satan deceives and harms me, You quickly rescue me and heal my wounds. When I fall into the devil’s prison, You are with me and I don’t feel alone. You bolster my faith that the dawn will appear, and the sky will be blue as before!

2 Your words and work guide me, and Your love draws me to follow You. I relish Your words every day. You are my constant companion. When I am negative and weak, Your words are my sustenance and my strength. When I suffer setbacks and failures, Your words are the hand helping me up. When I am besieged by Satan, Your words give me courage and wisdom. When I encounter trials and refinement, Your words guide me to stand witness. Your words accompany and guide me, and my heart is warm and at ease. Your love is so real, and my heart is full of gratitude. I sing Your praises aloud; You have saved me from Satan’s harms. I sing out to You; You have purified and saved me. Without Your judgment, I wouldn’t be here now. Oh, practical God in the flesh, You have saved mankind. Almighty God, we will always love You. You are so worthy of man’s love!

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