How to Know and Distinguish the Nature and Poisons of the Great Red Dragon

How to Know the Nature and Substance of the Great Red Dragon

What exactly is the great red dragon? What is the connection between the great red dragon and Satan? When Satan first corrupted mankind, it did so by means of an ancient serpent to test and speak with mankind. The ancient serpent was an animal, so how could it speak with people? It was Satan, an evil spirit, that attached itself to the serpent’s body so that it could corrupt mankind, and therefore the serpent was just like an incarnation of Satan. What sort of connection do we see between Satan and the ancient serpent from this incident where Satan attached itself to the serpent’s body to corrupt mankind? In the spiritual world, it is called Satan and it is an evil spirit. However, in the human world, Satan attached itself to an animal’s body in order to corrupt mankind, and so it is called the ancient serpent. In the spiritual world, Satan is an evil spirit, but in the human world, Satan attaches itself to a gang of demons, and that is the great red dragon. The great red dragon is the incarnation of Satan; they are one and the same. So when the evil spirit came into the bodies of this gang of demons, it became the great red dragon, but when it leaves their bodies, it becomes Satan again. In the spiritual world, it is Satan, and in the material world and when it is among humanity, it is the great red dragon; this is the connection between Satan and the great red dragon. More precisely, the great red dragon is the incarnation of Satan, this evil spirit, and the great red dragon is the true image of Satan. All that the great red dragon does is to resist and betray God and commit heinous sins; such are the conduct and deeds of Satan. Satan is the chief among numerous evil spirits and all of the evil spirits that follow it constitute Satan’s system. In this sinister system, the great red dragon is the head and it far surpasses evil spirits. It is the chief among countless evils and it is the source of all sins. This evil spirit has travelled to Europe, where it gave rise to the evil theories of the communism that brought disaster to dozens of countries throughout the world, as well as cruelly corrupted mankind over a century. This has resulted in mankind denying, resisting, and betraying God: the very apex of sin. The great red dragon is the primary culprit behind corrupting mankind; it is the main source that gives power to all other evils. From the following, we shall review several aspects that shall make this very clear: 1. The great red dragon has never worshiped Heaven. Instead, it perversely goes against Heaven, trying to make mankind worship it as God. All along, the great red dragon has been attacking justice and helping the wicked and it is the most evil reactionary force at work in the world today. The great red dragon has attempted to break away from God’s rule and arrangements and it has established its so-called “communist paradise” to deceive mankind so that mankind would follow it and regard it as a God to be worshiped. 2. The great red dragon does its utmost to deny God and promote atheism, materialism, as well as fabricate all manner of lies with which to deceive mankind. The great red dragon attempts to destroy the management of God and acts discordant with God and diametrically opposes Him. 3. The great red dragon has cruelly persecuted God’s chosen people and has sought to hunt down God and the people who serve God. It has attempted to exercise control over God’s chosen people and has tried to establish a region of godlessness from which to crack down on God’s work in the last days. 4. To proclaim itself a leader in world politics, the great red dragon has fabricated all manner of wicked and absurd reactionary theories to cheat the world at large as well as confuse humanity. It has attempted to be a leader in world trends and act as if it were a powerful overlord. 5. The great red dragon has relied on lies and violence to seize political power in the same manner that it still relies on lies to deceive mankind. Furthermore, it uses violent massacres to protect its political power in order to achieve its aim of permanent rule over mankind. Based on all of the things that the great red dragon has revealed about itself, can we see what its evil nature and reactionary substance are? From various aspects of the great red dragon’s deeds, it is not difficult to see that it is the incarnation of Satan; its inherent substance is just like Satan’s nature, which is to betray God. From the substance of how the great red dragon wields political power, we can see that it does so exactly the way Satan does. What will it be like as Satan wields political power? What will mankind be like as Satan wields political power? What will the outcome be for mankind? From the current state of the world and how the great red dragon rules, we can clearly see that as Satan wields power, mankind’s corruption grows ever worse and the world around us grows ever darker.

How to Distinguish the Poisons of the Great Red Dragon

We can have a general understanding of the nature of the great red dragon, but how many of its poisons can we distinguish? If you are unable to recognize its poisons, do you think you’ll be able to free yourself from Satan’s influence? These poisons are precisely the poisoned hooks of Satan, which it uses to snag your heart and snag you. Will you be able to escape from its influence? Satan weaves all of its poisons into a vast net in which all corrupted people are caught. As long as you have the great red dragon’s poisons within you, you’ll be under Satan’s thrall and in its net, from which escape is impossible. You often create notions about God, so what is the origin behind this? It’s because Satan’s poisons are within you. When you see God’s work, Satan’s poisons react within you and when you hear God’s word, Satan’s poisons feel unwell and the notions come up within, which are due to Satan’s poisons affecting your heart. Satan’s disposition is revealed from its poison, so Satan’s poisons represent its disposition. We are a mankind that has been deeply corrupted by Satan and within us, without exception, there seeps a massive number of the great red dragon’s poisons. If we hope to achieve salvation from God and utterly forsake the great red dragon, we must understand its poisons. Some people have said, “We can’t distinguish the poisons of the great red dragon and we also don’t know exactly what its poisons are.” Below, we will now cite some examples of the obvious aspects of the great red dragon’s poisons: arrogance, lawlessness; hypocrisy; winning fame by cheating the world; propagating revolution; violence; playing politics; tyranny; machinations; slaughter of each other; eradication of dissidents; exterminating all and branch; rather to get one thousand killed than to get one missed; treason for personal gain; extreme viciousness; disregard for human life; widespread indignation and discontent; despotic regimes; terrorism, promoting the idea that those who submit will prosper and those who resist shall perish; destroying communities; and plunging people into misery and suffering. Aren’t these all things that the great red dragon has done? The great red dragon also: gives aid to oppressors and engages in bloody brutality; conceals the truth and engages in deception; makes oblique accusations and acts like a pot calling a kettle black; creates diversions and engages in surprise attacks; resorts double-dealing tactics and seeks to please all sides through duplicitousness; engages in self-promotion while belittling others; acts two-faced and does otherwise; is selfish, base and self-seeking; says every fine word yet commits every foul deed; performs petty favors to manipulate people; acts according to circumstances; pretends everything is going well with false prosperity; commits fraud and trickery against one and all; acts cunning and duplicitous; slanders and frames good people; craves for greatness and success and engages in flattery; is full of jealousy and therefore excludes dissidents; distorts the fact and gangs up against others; sows dissent to strengthen itself; scrambles for power and profit by any means necessary; is egotistical and self-righteous and defers to no one; engages in specious arguments and twists their words; acts bullying and domineering; is arbitrary and capricious. Hasn’t the great red dragon manifested itself in this way? Without exception this is exactly what it has done. In addition: it has sought to hunt down Christ and harm God’s people; it has fought against heaven and earth and become an enemy of God; it has fabricated lies and passed itself off as the truth; it has sought to shackle people’s thoughts and confine them; it has confused right from wrong and misrepresented the truth; it creates fabrications out of whole cloth and distorts the facts; it advocates evil and despises justice; it seeks to confuse public opinion and defends itself with lies; it holds murderous intentions and a beastly heart; it fools the people and blasphemes God; it acts perversely and goes against Heaven; it wields demonic power and eschews transparency. Aren’t these the ways that the great red dragon manifests itself? These are all examples of the great red dragons’ poisons and it has consistently done these things. Based on this consistent behavior and these poisons, it is not difficult to see exactly what its nature is. How else has the great red dragon behaved? One moment it pretends to be God, the next it acts like a demon; it commits all manner of hideous crimes but pretends to be just; when it is in a desperate spot, it would ensure mutual destruction; it believes that if a dictatorship won’t work then a successful democracy is unthinkable; it believes that if the CCP dies, then it won’t allow others to survive. This is an exact portrait of what the great red dragon’s nature really is; it is the root of all evil, represents all manner of ills, is a great conglomeration of all wickedness and a living manifestation of Satan’s true form. The great red dragon is truly a manifestation of Satan, this evil spirit. Without exception, every behavior it displays bears Satan’s face and image. … So, how does one know the great red dragon’s poisons? We are already quite clear on it. The examples cited above can be said to be the great red dragon’s poisons and the consistent actions it has taken. We have already been deeply corrupted by the great red dragon and its culture has thoroughly seeped inside our hearts. It is fair to say that everyone has been utterly poisoned by it. We have become the spawn of the great read dragon because its poisons and nature are within us. But now, God has come to free us from the clutches of its power so we must see clearly what the substance of its nature exactly is. To do so, we must first clearly see its poisons and only through a thorough understanding of how its poisons affect us can we use the truth to remove them from us and thereby fully have ourselves cleansed; this is the way to become a truly saved person. If we fail to see the substance of the great red dragon’s nature, we will never be able to turn against it. If we are unable to turn against it, you cannot achieve God’s salvation. Furthermore, God will not accept you as being among His people; failure to escape from the great red dragon’s influence proves that you still belong to it and are still under its power.

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