How to Know the Truth and the Value of Pursuing It

What Exactly Is the Truth?

How does one know the truth? What exactly is the truth? The truth must be known from five aspects. The first is that the truth is God’s word, the truth is what God has and is, and it represents His disposition in its entirety. If you understand this aspect, do you think all words that Christ expresses are God’s words? Only the words that are the expression of the Spirit, that express God’s disposition, God’s almightiness and wisdom as well as what God has and is, are uttered by God and are the truth. Knowing the truth must begin from this aspect. This is too vital! The second aspect is to know that the truth is the reality of all positive things. Only the truth is positive. Things without the truth are not positive things. We can see that everything expressed by God’s word is the reality of positive things. Look at what is practiced and spread in this world. Are there even a tiny bit of positive things in there? You will not find positive things there. Some say, “There are some things in this world which are correct, which are good.” But do they contain the truth? They do not. And if they do not contain the truth then how can they be a positive thing? There are some things which do not contain the truth but which are part of a culture, they have cultural meaning. They are of benefit to man, and so man sees them as something good, sees them as good culture, good knowledge. However, such things are not the truth. Man’s legacy and culture, no matter how great, are not the truth, and cannot compare with the truth. What can the truth bring for man? What can what people think of as fine culture bring humanity? The truth can change man, can become his life. But can good cultures change man? Can they make man better? Can they make him kind of heart? Can they save him? Or transform him? They cannot, right? Those who study in the highest educational institutes across the world, they all learn traditional culture. But have they changed for the better? Has their level of corruption been lowered? The leaders of the world are all high-level intellectuals, but have they made man good? Is man becoming ever better? Man is not becoming even better. In fact, man is becoming ever more corrupt, right? Man is becoming increasingly educated and cultured, but why is man becoming ever more corrupt, and the world ever darker? What is going on? Can good cultures save man? They absolutely cannot, because they are not the truth. Only that which pertains to the truth is a positive thing, and that which has no truth within is not. Therefore, the truth is the reality of all positive things. And from this perspective, we can know whether or not culture and knowledge is the truth. The world’s high-level intellectuals, writers and politicians, all they speak of is culture and knowledge, not the truth. Have you remembered this? And when you have remembered it, if they pass on the best culture they have to you, you can say, “This culture you have is pretty good, but it is not the truth. It cannot change man, it cannot become our life; it can only allow us to appreciate in our spare time or refine our character, but it cannot change the essence of our nature, it cannot save us.” So, no matter how good culture is, can it save man? Can it make corrupt mankind better? Can it make man know God? Can it deliver a bright life to man? They could not do any such things, could they? And since they cannot, they are not the truth, because the truth is powerful and can bear such fruits. The third aspect when knowing the truth is to see that the truth is God’s requirement for mankind. It is the reality which man must enter into, what God requires that man must achieve, and it completely represents His will. Now, we know that we are God’s creations. So, what demands does God have of us? And what does it mean to have a true life? What kind of life does God require us to lead? What is a true life like? This requires us to understand the truth. If we can understand the truth, then these basic questions on how to be a person will be resolved. Now, have we understood that the truth is God’s requirement for mankind, that it is something that man must achieve? The truth is indeed God’s requirement for mankind, it is truly something that man must achieve. Then what is contained within the truth? Within the truth we find the true life that we ought to live out, the model for us to live as a true human. The fourth aspect for knowing the truth is that the truth is a new life which God bestows on humanity, a new life which must be possessed for man to live out a true life. For a corrupt man to attain salvation he must understand the truth and enter into the truth, because the truth is the remedy by which a corrupt man will be saved. When corrupt humanity accepts the truth and grasps the truth, then the truth will become their life. When man can live by the truth, he will completely attain salvation and fully return to God. The fifth and final aspect is to realize that only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God incarnate expresses the word of God and expresses all the truth. The truth is the expression of God, it comes from Him. Only God is the truth, Christ is God incarnate, and He came from God, so Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. In order to know and confirm the truth, we have to first know that only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Aside from Christ, there are no others who are the truth, the way and the life, because only Christ is God incarnate and came from God. Aside from Christ, there are no others who are God incarnate or Christ. So, aside from Christ, no one else is the truth, the way, and the life. This is the fifth aspect for knowing the truth.

What Benefits Are Brought Through Obtaining the Truth?

What benefits are there to obtaining the truth? What does the truth bring us? Let us speak briefly and simply on the benefits that pursuing the truth can bring. First, only when we obtain the truth can our heart finally return before God, and only then can we live within God’s love and enjoy His blessing. With the truth, we can receive God’s praise and His blessing; we can live within His love, and finally, receive His promise. We have been deceived by Satan into completely betraying God, but with God’s grace and the working of the Holy Spirit, we are brought before God. This means His creations are truly brought before Him. This is the first effect from understanding the truth. Here today, we believe in God and accept His work. When we understand some truth, we will have true belief in God. The truth will make us never leave God, that is, our hearts can return to God and we will be brought before Him. This is the first fruit which is borne of the truth. Second, obtaining the truth makes it possible for us to know our own corrupt essence and see Satan’s evil visage. Finally, we could turn our back on Satan, which is forsaking the great red dragon. This is another of the fruits which can be borne of an understanding of the truth. Third, obtaining the truth will enable us to see the true face of the great red dragon and to discern Satan’s philosophy and all its poisons. In the end, we will be purified and attain salvation through understanding the truth. This is another of the fruits that can be borne of an understanding of the truth. It is a direct benefit that understanding the truth brings us. Fourth, obtaining the truth may bring about a change in our perspective and in our life disposition. In this way, we can throw off the extravagant desires of the flesh and obey that which God has arranged for us. Finally, we will be able to worship God in a normal way. Fifth, obtaining the truth will allow us to live by God’s words, thus living a true life, and living out the likeness of a true person. And then finally, we can worship God and enjoy His blessing. Sixth, after obtaining the truth we will never be troubled by Satan’s deceit and corruption again, and can become a genuine human being, a person who is after God’s heart, one who always worships God and who will never betray Him again. Then, in the end, we will receive His blessing, and have a real destination. Seventh, obtaining the truth will enable us to live forever in the light of God, and under the guidance of God’s word. It will also enable us to serve and worship Him for all eternity. These are the seven benefits of obtaining the truth, and are the true values of pursuing the truth. If we truly understand the truth, and the truth becomes our life, then we have obtained the truth. Obtaining the truth and understanding a bit of the truth are different. To understand a bit of the truth does not mean you have obtained the truth. To obtain the truth means that the truth has become your life. When the truth becomes your life, it is not something that others can take away, because it has become your life, the reality of your daily life, the guide of your lifetime, your guiding thought, and can direct your daily life. So, the truth is the new life you ought to obtain. The truth is the word of God, it represents what God has and is. When someone who understands the truth fully knows the truth, fully enters into the truth, and fully obtains the truth, they are living out God’s image. When one lives out the truth in full, they have God’s image and become a manifestation of God, and that is God completely obtaining glory from them.

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