113. The Principles of Leaders and Workers Resigning From Their Posts

1. All false leaders and workers who do not pursue the truth, who cannot do practical work and who long ago lost the work of the Holy Spirit must resign;

2. All those who refuse to distribute or implement work arrangements, sermons or fellowships, and who obstruct God’s chosen people from accepting the leadership and shepherding of the above must resign;

3. All those who go against work arrangements, who do as they please, and who incur major losses and disasters to the work of God’s family and to God’s chosen people must resign;

4. If a leader or worker transgresses or does evil, but is able to sincerely repent and guarantee that they will work well thereafter after undergoing being pruned and dealt with, then they may have a reprieve from resigning.

Relevant Words of God:

If you only speak of letters and doctrines without any reality and without a way of practice, you will only be able to get by for a short period of time. It may be marginally acceptable when speaking to new believers, but after a time, when new believers have had some actual experience, then you will no longer be able to supply them. Then how are you fit for God’s use? Without new enlightenment, you cannot work. Those without new enlightenment are those who do not know how to experience, and such men never gain new knowledge or new experience. And, in the matter of supplying life, they can never perform their function, nor can they become fit for God’s use. This kind of man is good for nothing, a mere wastrel. In truth, such men are wholly incapable of performing their function in the work and are all good for nothing. Not only do they fail to perform their function, but they actually place much unnecessary strain on the church. I exhort these “venerable old men” to make haste and leave the church so that others no longer have to look upon you.

from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Many people behind Me covet the blessing of status, they gorge themselves on food, they love to sleep and give every care to the flesh, always afraid that there is no way out of the flesh. They do not perform their normal function in the church, and eat for free, or else admonish their brothers and sisters with My words, they stand up high and lord it over others. These people keep saying they are doing God’s will, they always say they are God’s intimates—is this not absurd? If you have the right motivations, but are unable to serve God’s will, then you’re being foolish; but if your motivations aren’t right, and you still say you serve God, then you are someone who opposes God, and you ought to be punished by God! I have no sympathy for such people! In the house of God they eat for free, and always covet the comforts of the flesh, and give no consideration to the interests of God; they always seek what’s good for them, they pay no heed to God’s will, all that they do is not looked upon by God’s Spirit, they’re always maneuvering and plotting against their brothers and sisters, and being two-faced, like a fox in a vineyard, always stealing grapes and trampling over the vineyard. Could such people be God’s intimates? Are you fit to receive God’s blessings? You take no responsibility for your life and the church, are you fit to receive God’s commission? Who would dare trust someone like you? When you serve like this, could God dare to entrust you with a greater task? Are you not delaying things?

from “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Some have such an impudent attitude toward the work arrangements from the above. They think: “The above makes the work arrangements and we work on the lower levels. There are some words and some things that we can apply flexibly, that can be altered once they reach the lower levels, because the above only says things, and we lower down do them. We understand the situation on the lower levels, which the above does not, so we can work in any way that suits us. As those in the lower levels have been assigned to us, we can lead them however we want. It doesn’t matter how we lead them, and no one has any right to interfere.” They maintain this principle in their serving of God: “I will listen to anything that I think is correct but I won’t listen to anything I think is unsuitable. I can resist You and go against You. I won’t implement anything or put anything into effect for You. If You say anything unsuitable then I will alter it for You, and will pass it on only after it has been through me. If it hasn’t been approved by me, then it will not be printed.” Elsewhere, the arrangements from the above are passed on in their original form. But these people first alter the work arrangements before sending them onto the regions they lead. This kind of person always wishes to put God to one side and is so anxious for others to follow them, to believe in them. In their eyes, God does not quite compare with them in some areas, and they think that they have something that God doesn’t, that everyone should believe in them and that they are God. Their actions are of this nature. Do you understand? If you have understood, can you still weep? Can you still sympathize with these people? Can you still think that the above has done wrongly or has not acted righteously, and that those who can suffer so much are removed? Who do they suffer for? They suffer for their own status. Are they serving God? Are they doing their duty? Are they loyal to God? Are they obedient? They are the lackeys of Satan, pure and simple. Their work is the devil taking power, to destroy God’s management plan and to disrupt God’s work. What is their faith? They are the devils and the antichrists, pure and simple.

from “What Is Meant by ‘Offending God’” in Records of Christ’s Talks

The Man’s Fellowship:

Any false leaders and false workers who lack realities, who speak only letters and doctrines, who cannot use the truth to resolve problems, and who long ago lost the work of the Holy Spirit must accept responsibility and resign, to make room for workers and leaders who possess the work of the Holy Spirit.

from the fellowship from the above

Any evildoers who have committed any of the following seven acts, within two months of the date of the issue of this announcement, must accept responsibility and resign, both to admit their sins to God’s chosen people, and to ease God’s heart.

1. Any who lack the work of the Holy Spirit, whose fellowship lacks any realities of truth, who cannot resolve practical problems of entry into life for God’s chosen people, and who cannot do a practical work must accept responsibility and resign.

2. Any who have condemned the work arrangements of the above, who refused to distribute work arrangements, sermons and fellowship, who have limited God’s chosen people’s ability to receive work arrangements, sermons and fellowship distributed by others, and who have closed off the church must accept responsibility and resign.

3. Any district leaders and workers who have refused to carry out work arrangements or refused to allow church elections to be carried out, including being compelled to allow elections but forcibly appointing candidates must accept responsibility and resign.

4. Any who have mistakenly expelled or isolated many of God’s chosen people without consulting with the church, who even today have refused to reinstate them in church life, who have no love at all for God’s chosen people, and who do not ask or care about the problems of God’s chosen people must accept responsibility and resign.

5. Any who have restricted the ability of God’s chosen people to fellowship on work arrangements and discern false leaders and antichrists, who have obstructed God’s chosen people in fulfilling their duties and practicing the truth according to work arrangements, and who have spread absurd theories to make people obey the church and leaders must accept responsibility and resign.

6. Any who have made excuses to defraud God of His offerings or who have betrayed the standard measures outlined in work arrangements and taken God’s offerings for themselves by force must accept responsibility and resign, and must fully confess the details of their sins, or God’s house will settle accounts with them after discovering their sins.

7. Any who have taken revenge or accused of sins those among God’s chosen people who have exposed false leaders and antichrists and stood up for what is right, or who have oppressed, persecuted, or pursued them, are in reality excessively evil devils, and must accept responsibility and resign.

God’s house will no longer allow any evildoers who have committed any of the seven acts above to continue holding leadership or worker posts at any level, because these people have severely disrupted and disturbed the work of God, they have no love at all for God’s chosen people, they have viciously harmed God’s chosen people, they have striven to prevent God’s chosen people from understanding the truth or obeying God’s work, and they have even accused and framed those of God’s chosen people who obey work arrangements and uphold righteousness. This is evil beyond measure, a sin beyond compare. God’s chosen people can no longer tolerate such evildoers in leadership and worker positions, and cry out to God for salvation. It is apparent that these false leaders, false workers, and antichrists have incited the people’s wrath and offended God’s disposition, so they must accept responsibility and resign. This is entirely in accordance with God’s will and the people’s desires. If today they accept responsibility and resign, and show they are capable of repentance, God’s house will grant them another chance, they will be allowed to retain their church life and assigned appropriate duties, and if they pursue the truth, they will also be able to attain salvation and be perfected, because when people experience failures and setbacks, it benefits their future entry into life. If, however, they do not accept responsibility and resign, and continue to resist God’s house, they can be defined as antichrists, and must be expelled and forever rejected by God’s chosen people.

from the fellowship from the above

False leaders and false workers who have been revealed amidst trials to lack the work of the Holy Spirit must accept responsibility and resign. As long as they are not evildoers, they should be given a chance to repent and treated as brothers and sisters. Any leaders and workers who resist or refuse to accept the work arrangements, sermons and fellowship of the above should accept responsibility and resign. If their evil is too excessive, and they show no signs of repentance, the people of the church should reject them, and the church should expel them.

from the fellowship from the above

If leaders or workers dare betray the work arrangements of the above and instead do something otherwise, do not carry out the meetings according to the management principles, and cause church life to be ineffective, they are the foremost sinners disrupting and disturbing church life. Such people should accept responsibility and resign to make way for those with the work of the Holy Spirit who pursue the truth. It is important to practice this way, because this is crucially important for protecting church life.

from the fellowship from the above

Now we are clear on the primary principles of resolving the problem of false leaders. False leaders and workers who do not pursue the truth, who do not accept the truth no matter how they are pruned and dealt with, and who do not practice the truth are to be eliminated and dismissed. If, after pruning and dealing, they can accept the truth, desire to repent, and can remake themselves, such people may be retained and tested for a time longer. Where all false leaders and false workers are concerned, we must practice according to this principle. They must not be absolutely banished once it is discovered they can do no practical work without considering whether or not they pursue the truth or have any hope of attaining salvation. That would be both incorrect and unprincipled. Some leaders and workers voluntarily accept responsibility and resign. Isn’t this a good thing? It absolutely is. For God’s chosen people, if this leader or worker truly is an evildoer, his voluntary resignation is a joyous occasion, but some leaders and workers have made missteps in their work due to a lack of experience, or because they haven’t experienced much pruning or dealing, or because they haven’t yet gained the truth, and perhaps they have exposed much of their corrupt disposition, or oppressed, excluded, or been envious of God’s chosen people, or even accused or framed them. If such people are willing to repent, capable of doing so, and are assured to be better and more effective at work in the future, then do you think such leaders and workers should be retained? If God’s chosen people say this person can never be allowed to work again, that he is too corrupt, has a bad nature, does not accept the truth or only does so verbally, and could not practice the truth no matter how he was pressed, if such a leader or worker offered to resign, should his resignation be accepted? These matters are to be decided by God’s chosen people, by a show of hands, and if a majority do not accept his claim of responsibility and resignation and believe he should be allowed to continue his work, then he should be retained. Does this method sound proper? All matters in the church should be decided democratically. This is how things will be done in the future. All matters will be decided through votes and elections, and if a majority agree, the matter will be done, it will be a decision of the church, and the above will not interfere in church matters.

from the fellowship from the above

Some of people’s transgressions can be forgiven, while some transgressions are unforgivable. What is that based on? It is based on the context that brought about this transgression, on whether you understood just what you were doing. If you knowingly transgress that is grave. If you commit the transgression before you have understood the truth, then undergo pruning and dealing and change after you understand the truth, that is a transgression that is forgiven. If you don’t change after dealing and pruning but repeat the transgression that is unforgivable. Therefore, God manages things in a principled way also. The work that He does is primarily in order to save people, to do the utmost to save people. Tell me whether anyone has not transgressed? Everyone has, but to varying degrees. Some people have transgressed to a lesser degree and then changed after they understood so they don’t do such a thing anymore, as in the saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.” They have learned their lesson, never to do that again, and in this matter have no transgressions. In this matter, if you seek the truth and practice the truth you can satisfy God.

from “One Must Have Principles in Serving God” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

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